GOP To Take House. Not

The same tired old Republican liars that we kicked out in '08 are the ones sticking their cracked up beaks to tell us they're running in '10.  Another way of saying that they're ready and able to lie and steal once again.  All we have to do is stupid up and vote for them.  The Republican Party has no leadership at all right now and to suddenly anoint a "Scott Come Lately" just because he won one election in a Blue State as our leader just goes to show how thin things are within the party.  Scott is almost certainly going lose his seat right back to a Blue State hack next time.  Look around.  The same tired old (and I mean old) white assholes that fucked both us and the country the last time they had power are still slobbering their banalities  on TV.  Fuck me once shame on you, fuck me twice....etc.


Anonymous said...

so what the hell would you have us do? our "choices" seem to be limited to A) the group of incompetent clowns who'll screw us over and rob us blind, but they'll do it *slowly*.....or, B) the group of ruthlessly greedy scum who'll rape us and steal everything that ain't nailed down *as quick as they can manage it*.

if you get stuck playing russian roulette, do you wanna play with *one* bullet, or *3*?

yeah, the republicans suck. no shit, sherlock. now take a look at the last year of profound democrat presidential incompetence, trillion-dollar slush funds, and the politics of bribery, chicago-style. suddenly the GOP doesn't suck quite so much, seen in that light, do they.

so - if you can't stomach voting for the GOP, what would you have us do? vote a 3rd party? we tried that in '92 and '96, and all it got us was 8 years of clinton and the neverending campaign. you wanna give barry and harry and nancy another 6 years of unlimited power? see what mischief they can cook up if they REALLY apply themselves? no thanks. i'll take the incompetent crooks any day over the ruthless, efficient ones.

Anonymous said...

I wish Scott Brown the best in his brief career in the US Senate. The Massachusetts scum that returned T Kennedy to his seat election after election are still there. "If it's close, they can cheat", and they will.

Xiaoding said...

What to do now?

Run conservative, Tea Party candidates, in EVERY election. Target weak RHINOS, TAKE THEM DOWN. Infiltrate and eliminate Republican State organizations, take them over from the inside. Take down every mayor, councilman, selectman, currently in office.

The two dictators (the parties) have made it immposible for a third party to form. Fine. Take one over, rename it the Tea Party! THAT is what we can do now.