State of the Union

He sounds like he took a public speaking course from Fidel Castro. I'll bet you that none of you listened either, oh well another 75 minutes in the toilet. Fuck him.  As an add here, the brewing firestorm over the Anointed One's attempt to mug the Supreme Court on National TV because a justice DARED to nod his head in disagreement, is notable for several reasons.  This was a public attempt to intimidate the court and the resulting revelation that our Messiah, a former professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago, did not know the contents of the Constitution before he blasted off on a decision that reversed a section of McCain Feingold banning corporations and Labor Unions from contributing money to elect somebody.   President Narcissus was factually wrong. The Court's ruling in Citizens United concerned the right of labor unions and domestic corporations, including nonprofits, to express their views about candidates in media such as books, films and TV within 60 days of an election. In short, it concerned freedom of speech; in particular, an independent film critical of Hillary Clinton funded by a nonprofit corporation.  He was wrong in both his citation of the case and the details of the law.  God also said that the floodgates to foreign money contributions had been opened up by the decision.  Fact: the decision does not open the floodgates for foreign dogs to send money to our scumbag politicians in order to aid in their election or reelection, the ban on those activities is a part of the Constitution, McCain not withstanding.  My add here is that fully three hours after the NY Times and a few other lib outlets had published the facts, CNN perpetuated the St. Obama myth of infallibility and blasted Alito as if he were "another" one of THEM.  His Majesty is a thug with a PhD, just one among many so qualified in our Political Thuggery Class.

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If you think the SOTU speech was bad see if you can find a tape of the Tampa speech. Without all of his words preloaded in a teleprompter he shows what a stumbling, bumbling idiot he truly is.