A few more notes on the movie, Hurt Locker, the one I've been touting for a few months now.  Kathryn Bigelow, The woman producer/director who is now known as the ex wife of Avatar-Titanic creator James Cameron, is a person who has earned her chops on her own in a couple of other really good movies, Point Break, Strange Days and nine others in which she either produced, directed, or wrote (a few were co-written with her then husband).  She vanished from sight because of the no grossing Harrison Ford staring vehicle K-19: The Widowmaker  (AKA The Career Tanker) which grossed bupkis.  So she's got an enviable  track record in action movies going way back but that one "failure" sidelined her for seven years.  Hurt Locker was actually made several years ago and shown at the 2008 Venice Film Festival to raves and raves but nobody wanted to touch it.

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