Tea Party Target of Well Funded Loons

ONE of the problems with a leaderless political movement is that total nuts claim membership when in fact they are independent radical loons.  The Tea Party movement/party is now being hijacked by people rumored to be funded by George Soros, others by radical right wingers (Posse types and secessionists)  and still others by well known lunatics.  The Tea Party must become organized and structured or they will be destroyed by the very people they are fighting.   The really dangerous John Birch Society has suddenly surfaced as a sponsor of CPAC, a meeting that all GOP bigwigs small wigs and wannabe wigs will stupidly attend.   So if you think that the assholes are just liberals, take a long look at the John Birch Society an organization that features, among other tactics, anonymous  members infiltrating other groups.   

Later add: Nevada paper reporting on the leaderless movement.  As an observation take a look at the Muslim religion where every bum on the desert issues fatwas, interpretations of the Koran, and so on.  

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