What's the Matter with California?

This is a totally politically incorrect analysis of our now bankrupt situation.  It ain't Left or Liberal per se' instead it has to do with a huge population of people who consume more than they contribute.  This open sore of a population votes in most elections and naturally vote themselves more and more benefits derived from taxes without any consideration of costs.  Most pay no income or state taxes at all, the very definition of "freeloader," and this dependent unproductive majority of our population won't give in.  

Won't.  Give.  In.

This sector is composed of people who have no true education (functionally illiterate), no skills that anyone wants to buy on a long term basis, are undisciplined in their personal lifestyles unmarried but shacked up, drug and alcohol abusers, casual criminals like small time drug dealers, activities that prevents them from getting a real good job even in the best of times.  Add to this the horde of pensioners from state government, Social Security recipients, the handicapped, the sick or disabled, plus various "entitled" group members, especially including college students.  Worse, the number of people actually working for parts of the state (prison guards, DMV etc.) who contribute zero "things" people can actually consume (soap, cars, and so on) also want and always consume at all costs who won't give in either.

Nobody will give....and they are the majority of the voters in this state by a wide margin.

The temporary solution is  bankruptcy wherein all union contracts and pensions will be "renegotiated" by the courts.  Then wait for the riots.  California is powder keg and all it needs is a spark.  We are the debtor who won't pay no matter what.  And as another aside there are a ton of municipal governments across the country that will file for a Chapter Nine bankruptcy, something that will ruin the country loaded with people who invested in tax free municipal bonds believing in the solvency of the system.  This will bust the financial system wide open.

Keep thinking it will all work out folks.....

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