Secret Employment Data

I came upon this market quite by accident. I lost my job selling heroin to grammar school kids in November of the year in question. Months before Christmas is the worst time to lose a job because Santa was near and my blood sucking kiddies needed gifts or they'd stop loving me and then where would I be? What to do? An actor pal of mine had a gig selling cases of glasses door to door to factory workers. He sold them for $20 a case and bought them for $9 a case from a warehouse in town. I interviewed for the job by just showing up with a station wagon and my friend's endorsement. There were twenty or so of us (mostly actors) who lined up each and every day to get our inventories, and each and every day we paid cash earned from sales made the day prior. I could only fit 18 cases into my wagon but at a profit of $11 per it meant I'd pull in $198 per day (times five days equal $1188 per week) in cold hard unreported cash. After paying for gas and whores I took home a thou per week for each of the six weeks left before Christmas. But I'm nothing if not nosy as a woman sniffing out sales and in looking around the area where I picked up my inventory I noticed lots and lots of other vans and station wagons pulling up to lots of warehouses. I started talking with a few of the drivers and found that all were selling something or other to factory workers

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