The Criminalization of Political Dissent.

Just a heads up. It's clear that the left, particularly the Lame Stream Media, is branding all criticism of Obama and the Dems as hate speech. Bogus of course, but just read carefully. Among the hate crimes in my neck of the woods where punishment can be as high as 30 days in the slammer, is calling anyone anywhere "a faggot;" hurting anyone's feelings caused by any utterance is grounds for arrest; opposition to virtually any "liberal" cause will almost always result in justifiable retribution (not punishable) that includes almost any property damage imposed (slashing car tops, tires, and other goodies), opposing the effort to repeal Proposition 8 (which bans gay marriage) is a hate crime if somebody's feelings get hurt; and so on and so forth. I don't know if "cocksucker" uttered with contempt instead of approval or calling a poor prostitute a "whore" is a crime ("sex worker" is now the term), but you can imagine. I prefer licensed "Love Therapist" or "anal message practitioner (any tool can be used) for those too sensitive for the term "butt fucker."

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