This is NOT a Tax

"O m'gosh, they're threatening me."
"Those Tea Party thugs are phoning my house."
Lame Stream Media is shocked. All media urges us to obey the law and never ever mention the possibility of violence. Remember the law. We are reminded that we lost both the election and the votes in our freely elected representative bodies. Sure, and we're supposed to forget the cluster fuck of outright bribery and back room special deals that Congress engaged in to pass this Non-Health Care thing. Our taxes won't go up, they told us. This in the face of world refusal to buy our bonds for the first time anyone can remember thus raising the costs of borrowing for everyone. But this is not a tax but the horrible free market that we are desperately trying to kill once and for all that is doing it to you. But the rise in rates is NOT A TAX.

It's the first of many as the initial IRS Agents spread across the land like an Ivy League corps of KGB thugs making sure we comply. If we don't they will seize our refunds, lien our bank accounts, and go through our lives like janitors through dirty rest rooms.

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James said...

I cannot read your site anymore, all I get is a black screen showing headlines, posted by, etc. but no body......