Meg Whitman Another GOP Slug

For those of you not blessed with CA sun and moon there is a former self described business tycoon running for governor out here on the (ho ho that's rich) Republican side in the upcoming primary for governor. Her entire campaign (thus far) is "run CA like a business; I ran a business; I know how." Like what business? Enron? AIG? The auto failures? And on and on and on. The disciplined business model is lying about the universe in tatters. Further, we have on going total failures like MSNBC, Citi Bank, the entire newspaper business, virtually all manufacturing, and so on that continue with incompetent management in charge in spite of total failure staring them in the face. Candidate Meg Whitman is out of it and she cannot be elected. Thank God. EBay, her "business" success story, benefited from no competition at all and is now on the edge of going broke because efficient competition has moved in. The Republican Party in CA is as potent as the Communist Party and maybe even less relevant. CA is safe for whatever socialist asshole runs as a Democrat, including Jerry Brown.