Marijuana Facts


The Drug Policy Alliance Network lists marijuana myths and facts along with links to respected sources to support each point made. Among the facts listed are the following:

  1. Marijuana does not cause mental illness. The effects of marijuana are temporary.
  2. Marijuana is not highly addictive. It is not physically addictive and less than 1% of Americans smoke it on a daily basis.
  3. Marijuana is not more potent today than it was in the past. Of course there are varieties with high THC levels, but the average marijuana sold has the same level of THC as marijuana sold in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
  4. Marijuana does not kill brain cells.
  5. Marijuana use does not impair memory or cognition. While under the influence, users do have a diminished capacity to learn and recall new information, but they have no difficulty accessing information previously learned and experience no diminished capacity post intoxication.
  6. Marijuana does not increase crime. Marijuana use decreases aggression.
  7. Marijuana does not cause infertility or delays in sexual development, nor does it have either a feminizing effect on males or a masculinizing effect on females.
  8. Marijuana does not impair the immune system.
  9. Marijuana is not a gateway drug. Most of the people who use marijuana never use other drugs.
  10. Marijuana does not cause an amotivational syndrome. “Among working adults, marijuana users tend to earn higher wages than non-users. College students who use marijuana have the same grades as nonusers. Among high school students, heavy use is associated with school failure, but school failure usually comes first.”
Go here for some goodies and a movement with brains to bring legality to the pot wars. Tip 'o the cap to (click) Extra Good Shit..... A really good NSFW site.


Malcolm said...

Good article re: drugs

Theodore Dalrymple


Anonymous said...

Point 5 contradicts point 10.
This list was written by a pothead.