Reality on Health Care

Face it: this is a freeloaders bill and since more than half the society pays no income tax at all and is freeloading this bill cannot be repealed and any party running on repeal loses.
1. The half of the population who pay no income tax at all actually receive almost all taxes collected. Looting the people who pay the forced collection of tax is what is in play here. Lowering the "pay" of this freeloader class won't happen, in fact more welfare for doing nothing is what is in the cards.

2. The gutlessness of our corporate scum in not telling one and all the scale of extra taxes foisted upon the job creation engine before the bill was voted upon just goes with their corruption, and our corruption. They lie to all of us on every advertisement, on every sales call, and at every other opportunity.

When everyone believes that someone else will pay their way for everything there is no limit to their demands. I think we are fucked, unless we are among those who pay zero. When does it end? When the money runs out and as our debt grows closer to 100% of GDP the money will have run out.

In case you believe my observations to be harsh, let me further comment that many of my older relatives are on some sort of dole other than SS and that I owe my life and my medical survival on the fact that I'm lucky enough to get my medical care through the VA (on your dime). I probably should never have been qualified to receive this VA assistance but if you (taxpayers) took it away from me I don't think I could survive because of the seriousness of my physical limitations. I'm one of the army of freeloaders.


Xiaoding said...

Income tax is almost irrelevant. What about sales taxes, registration fees, excise taxes, real estate taxes? The income tax WAS NEVER MEANT to pay for the government. When it was enacted, less than 1% of the population paid it. And hey, I thought you LIKED lower taxes! You may think sales taxes are small potatoes, but remember what Sonny said, the two dollar window pays the bills!

The term "Freeloaders", likewise, not cutting it anymore. You mean, like my aunt, and my grandma? Members of my family, who can no longer work? And, even if they could, there are no jobs? And forget hooking, that's not going to happen.

You got to contemporize, man! The jobs are GONE, they AIN'T COMING BACK!! The machine age is here, we got to figure out how to run a society...WITHOUT JOBS. WITH ZERO EMPLOYMENT. Because, that is the reality now.

We are all one computer chip away from losing your job. Does that make us freeloaders?

Howard said...

Overall a good comment, I'd only point out that all my relatives free load too (I don't count SS as freeloading), and I can't point the finger because my medical coverage comes via the VA. I'm freeloading too. My point is I should never have been allowed to start but once started I can't do without it.

John Stephens said...

I dunno what's wrong with you, and it's none of my business, but if you've got VA coverage you've earned it. Those guys don't give away jack, in fact there's people who should be getting it that don't.

As for freeloading, I've earned what I've got, with the scars to prove it. I have a standing offer to anyone who feels otherwise: I'll put up my pension and all my benefits, including the medals. All I want in return is a large intestine. I no long have one, and I miss it. No one's taken me up on it yet.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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