Baseball: opening game between Red Sox and Yanks couldn't have been much better. If you love baseball you loved this game; if you just like it you liked it a lot and only channel surfed away for a few minutes at a time.

NCAA tourney: the semi-final game between Butler and MSU was horrible. Shooting percentages under 32% with MSU shooting just 23% in the first half. Ten minutes without a field goal for MSU and something like another ten for Butler. Horrible game. The later Duke game was never in doubt. The only new thing is that Duke's size plus speed kicked the shit out of just plain speed and quick. Face it, every playground in the country has at least one lightning fast kid. When everyone has speed you need something else. Duke has big and heavy that can shoot the outside jumper.

NBA: Look for LeBron to go to......Brooklyn. The Russian mega-rich owner of the former horrid New Jersey Nets has 17 bil to piss away any way he wants to. He's already offered coach "K" of Duke an unheard of $13mil per year and my bet is that he'll take it. Just too good to pass: Big Market team; total control; already has respect of NBA players from the Olympics; and a new world to conquer. Plus the "one and done" and "two and through" college players are more than too much to take forever.

NFL: McNabb goes to the Redskins. Is he as good as the press says he is? The rap on him sucks. Payton Manning has won how many Super Bowls? Elway won how many? But Bart Starr, at best a pretty good quarterback, won how many? Two NFL championships before Super Bowl invented; when Super Bowl came into existence he won one; none after Lombardi left. Both Bradshaw and Montana won four with superior teams behind them. If Redskins get a big left tackle to protect him McNabb might take the Redskins to playoffs.

NCAA Women's Basketball Championship:
You. Must. Be. Kidding.

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