Contempt for the Value of Education

Conversation: pay college athletes cash because they are getting cheated. The cries come from the Black "Culture" whose so called "icons" claim the current system in which college athletes get a complete education including books and lodging "slavery." The latest survey indicates that a four year ride costs 400K and up and this ain't enough money for the "slaves." It's Whitey who needs to be taught another lesson, as if a trillion in handouts over the past half century ain't enough, this under-performing academic clan of intellectual invalids wants money atop of tuition, as if tuition is somehow a right. Study is slavery, knowledge is a mark of Uncle Tom, and accomplishment is crime. This latest form of "pressure" may or may not work, but if all athletes are paid then you can bet that the best ones will want more and more and more and more, a new system that will end football first--thirty five players per year-- (the only sport that pays the way of all the others) and then basketball wages for these academic geniuses and the house of cards will collapse. Just think: a system where only scholarship will count, oh the horror. Just ask any "Black Studies" graduate with a PhD in same how tough it is to get a job when a person gets a useless degree from a useless program of study if they should now get extra welfare.........

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