Hooray, All of us can Now Carry

Guns that is. All I know is that at least 25% of the so-called "students" in any CA JC are nothing more than gang guys learning better ways to steal. They look bad, they are bad, and they mob up against whites far too often. Give these shitheads an actual "right" to carry a gun and the murder, rape, and aggravated assaults will soar. This stuff about "we" being armed is a defense against violence is bullshit. Let me tell you an actual story that happened in broad daylight a few years ago. I'm on Venice Bl., a twelve lane street in LA, and I noticed an old Cadillac loaded with young black guys tail gating me. I assumed they were gangbangers and slowed to five mph and forced them to pass me. Both of us stopped at a stop light, me with nothing in front of me while their car was lodged  behind a single car which separated them from making a quick getaway. Crossing the street inside the pedestrian lines was this cute little black kid of around 12 years old. As the kid crossed in front of me I noticed this tiny little smile on his adorable face. Once the kid was past my sight I heard the roar of an automatic weapon, saw windows shatter in the gang car, and as I was ducking their car  managed to swerve into traffic and take off. The kid doing the shooting was the cutie pie referred to above and he was casually trotting away. All this happened within a second or two. Had I had a gun in the seat next to me there wouldn't have been time to react. I called the cops the next day and they told me a young man had been dumped near a local hospital with multiple gunshot wounds and would probably die. When I told him the age of the shooter they weren't surprised because there was a "problem" junior high school nearby. I only relate this to show you how safe you won't be if you carry a gun.