Don't try to buy an IPad at a Verizon store

Stealth Anti Apple campaign inside Verizon Stores????

That's right, yesterday I was trying to buy another wireless phone to replace my Verizon Samsung unit.  I went into my local Verizon Store and the person waiting on me basically refused to sell me an IPad.  All she did was show me the Verizon shit and kept telling me the IPad was too expensive ($800 quoted) and didn't perform very well.  She went so far as to stand between me and an IPad unit so I couldn't see it.  I've been in sales for years and know the "commissions rule" law in all retail stores and was hip to this clown from the first 30 seconds.  Note that no prices were posted anywhere in the store other than for Verizon stuff.  This is bad news for Apple because their sales will be hit very hard by this stealth attack on their products.  If Apple thought they made a score by landing Verizon, they will find themselves bent over a desk with their pants down.