The Truth About Bin Laden

Not even read his Miranda Rights before execution........

The unidentified now dead Arab was an unarmed civilian murdered in cold blood.
He was not even read his Miranda Rights, making his demise a first degree murder case, one which will involve "you know who."  Since the alleged death was first degree murder the Navy Seal will pay dearly for the dastardly deed.  So now we can drag the fucking case before the Ninth Circuit where we can stage a fake jail break should things not go as planned and then do him in "Democratic Style" with poison gas and a new atomic test weapon.  Best, our hands remain clean leaving us free to lure an unsuspecting Canadian fisherman come down here during baby seal season and with a club let him beat a fucking baby seal to death (dressed in a white polar bear fur, oh how I hate them Polar Bears) for us so we remain guilt free, and we all know that the Ninth Circuit would throw out a conviction within an hou r anyway so there will never be a trial.  We cannot abandon our liberal values, ever. meaning we can continue to scour the globe for a seven foot Arab with an atomic bomb.  Did we kill the wrong guy?  Impossible.  Of course we found him.   Did John Wilkes Booth kill George Washington?   Did Sherman lead his Northern Army through the heart of the Confederacy  straight to Robert E. Lee's infant son?  In this case a Right Wing judge refused to release the secret Sarah Palin phone taps so certain facts will have to be withheld but we can all rest assured: Justice has been served, and will be served again if one of them Tea Party bitches decide that they're qualified to do something not in the kitchen.