Is Lindsay Lohan taking the Fall for Corrupt Eurpean Banks??

Face it: the bailouts are not for Greece or the Greek people, they are for the European Banks and countries who own Greek debt.  Greece is not at risk but you can bet some of the biggest financial institutions are and Europe wants to save THEM, and their own deposits in weak banks, not Greece.  The rioters are right.

Don't forget that every western democracy has spent money they didn't have and just "put it on the plastic"  when doling out the deposits of other countries to a country with no industry at all, no raw materials, and an Acropolis needing repairs  Now like any deadbeat citizen the corrupt European Banks want to crawl out from under without losing their credit rating or their money.

These TV talking heads are full of it once again, preferring shots of riots, car crashes, and Lindsay Lohan, a vicious deadbeat who owes $2,500 for stealing a necklace and then giving it back (how's that for a Hollywood cunt?);  Giving it back??? Jail for her and new Rolls Royces for the corrupt bankers.

Oh, and this is Obama's fault.  But things would be worse if either Palin or Bachman were president so we can thank our stars for Obama.  And we'd be destroyed already if Jesus Christ was prez......(think about that one).