Weekend Violence are Economic Riots

Check the ages.  Young men under 30 with no jobs and nothing to do and no way to prove their manhood simply exploding in front of us killing and burning their way to fame and no fortune.  The economic situation in this country is as bad as any in my experience.  It's going to get worse and worse as the totally useless Republicans argue arcane philosophy and the Democrats offer nothing but failed policies.  We could have a burning country by October.  This is a failure of our entire political class one that includes academia, labor, business, religion, and any other group you can name.   We, conservatives and liberals, are arguing about how many angels can stand on the head of a pin and are ready to die for our useless ideas.  It's going to take burning upper and middle class neighborhoods in order to finally solve this.  Our population contains more than half the Ph.Ds in the world, all with cushy jobs in academia and business who see themselves immune to the damage going on or the damage they are causing.  I hate to say it but we need to destroy most of the elites and start over.  The Great Experiment is now over.  So now what?