View from a Pot Dream

The election issues as seen by a semi-literate sort of conservative possible voter in SoCal.  The budget deficit means nothing at all to the average (and not so average) lib (65% of the population) who have no intention of paying back their mortgages, any and all freebees they get from the government, or any other debt not incurred to the Mafia or drug gangs who might kill them or one of their bastard kids.  Nobody has the foggiest idea of where exactly the money comes from to build highways, schools, crooked labor unions, rapacious stock brokers who kick back tons of money to both political parties, and so on.  None understand that everything built during the last century before WWII was funded by foreign capital provided by human beings and governments sure that they would be paid back because our financial system would never let them down.  No more.  We are Greece without Aristotle, Germany without Confucius, Italy without Caesar afraid to state our past and our accomplishments.  Afraid of our excellence ashamed of our selves.

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