HERE I AM, October 16

I'M BAAAAACK.  5/16/12.....After three months plus of being frozen out of my data I can now email and post.  So this disaster doesn't happen to you let me explain:  Take down your access codes and URLs to sites like your blog and write them down (on paper with a pen like you can buy at Staples) and put them in a safe place.  My computer partially froze me out of almost everything other than current news and I simply could not get on.  I had a computer genius tell me he couldn't find them without replacing my hard drive.  I finally relented and paid the prick a hundred dollars and now it works.  This is the price I paid for not backing up everything.  And I mean everything especially including the listings for all my whores, sluts and drug connections.  Yes, I'm an asshole but you already knew that.  As a super back up for codes and shit simply email them to yourself and actually print them up so you too can blog real insightful shit like "Obama sucks, the Dems suck, the Republicans are far too stupid to solve anything other than keeping the occasionally careless faggot who might dare to run for a school board somewhere from offering blow jobs to our helpless teen aged boys off any ballot", and so on.

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