The Face Book IPO was a total scam only allowing bids over the opening price and only in quantities in 100 share lots with firms buying early for a million or so shares and selling at the opening for thirty or forty million or so.  So much for the fiction of the "little guy" getting in and becoming a new millionaire.  The millionaires are culled exclusively from the wealthy elites who bought "early" at prices as low as $5 per share through their elite brokerage firms or investment banks who were loaded up courtesy of the system and allowed to resell at whatever price was posted after the opening.  It's another example of our "fuck you" so called free market system that allows only the rich to buy low and guarantees a huge sell high profit.  Q: Do you really think that any Wall Street asshole gives a rats ass about how any company can honestly grow, increase sales, create new products?  Or do they care only about how much money they make?  These shitheads increased the number of shares being sold on the opening by several million shares not giving a shit that they might be flooding the market with shares for which there was no demand so long as they could rake in more money in commissions.  We have a corrupt system run by corrupt people, corrupt  because all they care about is making money.

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