Olympics: Romney was Right

WHERE ARE THE CROWDS? As we watch endless panning shots of empty seats and hear endless commentary about how large the "sell out" crowds are and how unhappy the Brits scream about being denied access one has to believe that the Brits Biggie Class has miserably failed to manage the games.  I live in SoCal and get DirectTv and find that one Olympics channel is not available at all (USC) and the content pages are useless so I missed lots and lots of NBC's "sensational" coverage.  Face it, Romney handled a failing games in Salt Lake near perfectly.  This may be the last games held by governments with open bank accounts and closed eyes.  NBC's bias has helped kill them.  And we missed Lochte's big win in the IM.  Failed to know about the IOC demanding he not wear a stars and stripes grid under penalty of being denied his crown at all, whilc all the other athletes from fascist third world countries wore what they pleased was also covered up.

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