Suspicious Thoughts

Search the want ads for the magic job: "Lay Around and Make Big Money."  The polls continually show a very close election in spite of near record unemployment and a failing administration on almost all fronts.  What to make of all this?  Try this one on: with nearly half the population on the dole in one form or another this class "on the dole" is fearful of losing their billions in undeserved benefits should His Sponginess gets the boot and his replacemnet cut them off.  Vote for the Lackey in Chief and continue not earning what income the government gives out seems to be the storyline.  Why work when you can get all you need by lying around on your ass? 

Vote for Obama, Lay around and make Big Money...........


Roux said...

I may just do it.....

Xiaoding said...

You make some small point, yes.

But the bigger point is, we are ALL headed that way.

Machines are replacing the labor of people. Within thirty years, THERE WILL BE NO JOBS. Too soon? Then you can argue the time, but not the result!

Foxcon, the Chinese manufacturer, in the next three years, will install ONE MILLION robots in it's factorys. Chinese people are too expensive. And Chinese people are cheap!

We have reached the end of the process, where we just use cheaper people to do the work. Robots are needed now, to maintain quality levels. There are no "cheaper labor forces" anymore. It will all be handed over to the computers.

This is the real reason Conservatism, and the Tea Party, are failing. They have no answer to this problem. They do not see the future. They are in denial. The Democrats are smarter.

Money, as a store of value, is obsolete. It's only use, is to facilitate the distribution of resources in the economy, thru individual decisions.

We need to design a future, where we get most stuff, for free. From robot factories. No one will have much money, because no one will get paid.

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