Actually a really good choice, one of the few honest to God intellectuals who can act on what he believes.  The Lefties haven't attacked him yet over that rape of a ten day old puppy, his insane urges to urinate on homeless gay men, and his sworn oath to destroy all homeless shelters containing homeless pregnant women, but give the assholes time.  Maybe Ryan can light a fire under what's his name so he'll respond like a human instead of a fucking robot when attacked.  The problem for me is that I think Romney is a great choice for Prez but he may be such a pussy campaigner that he'll lose.  Best GOP ticket in my lifetime, let's hope we will all be off our asses and work for them.  Problem with Romney is he's a typical trust fund baby who has no idea what it's like to fight to the death for his beliefs.  OK, now for the downside, Ryan allegedly wanted to have sex with Ayan Rand for years and anyone who would want to fuck somebody that ugly is not suited for public office.  And have you ever studied the Ayn Rand philosophy of "objectivism"?  This is what sunk Greenspan because when applied, this philosophy is for priests and comatose right wing writers.

AND don't forget these fuckers are MORMONS and claim they believe in God or some other motherfucker who is all powerful and not a part of the government.  The slime on Mormonism will start by the weekend and will be on the Progressive TV Network (Current TV) night and day.  These guys have no moral compass that points in any direction other than straight down.

Be ready everybody, especially if you happen to be a Mormon.