Coup Rymes with Poo

The control of government has already passed into the hands of the unelected bureaucracy of our government and their labor union entities.  Note that none of this could have happened without the compliance of the media which now (surprise) find themselves the targets of a gangster government.  Well, let's elect Republicans,  you say?  If there was ever a political party with less backbone, less anchored into any unifying political point of view than these so called "constitutional" cripples, I'd like an example please.  Babbling about balancing a budget that nobody cares about, a God nobody knows or is afraid of, and a patriotism that serves more often as a shield for criminality and laziness than anything else.  So while these slobs wait in line for their face time on the Sunday morning "news" shows that almost nobody watches or cares about, the hardened political criminals just keep on keeping on with smiles on their stupid faces as they loot the Constitution of the "protections" we used to have.

A Chicago street thug and his supplicants now rule and it may be too late to stop him.


Anonymous said...

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