The VaTech slaughter hasn't escaped my attention, it's just that I can add nothing to the bullshit on the Left and Right, nor can I add to any thoughtful "debate." These things can happen again and no amount of police presence in the community can stop it. Nor can you "turn in" every kid who writes a violent story or play.

And now from a psychotic's POV: as a former maniac who totally beat all the testing even though I was not controllable at the time, as full of rage and hate as one could imagine; and had actually planned to kill one of my psychiatrists. I had a toothbrush all sharpened and ready to go, and was only stopped because the motherfuckers put me on a gallon of Thorazine an hour which kept me lethargic. All maniacs can not only beat a test, they look upon the tests as a challenge to overcome; us maniacs used to sit in the TV room and plot how to do it. I would suggest that a maniac who can't pass a test is so far gone as to be obvious to everyone but a Liberal. I'd further observe that if all maniacs knew their college writing would be examined by psychiatrists they would just write calm bad stuff. I was interviewed by three top psychiatrists and I just thought they were morons and I lied like a corpse. I passed, and they all recommended I be set loose. However the fucking Left Wing shrink who was in charge of the asylum declared me suspicious and insisted that I be put on meds or he wouldn't sign off, so I had to go into therapy and drugs...which saved my ass and maybe the asses of others.

From my experience, the only thing that is similar through the range of maniacs is a self absorption that is all consuming. Nothing matters but me, me, me. If you ain't talkin' about me, I ain't listening; if you're not thinking about me I hate you and want to attack you so you will goddam well think about me; if you're not looking at me it means you are ignoring me and deliberately putting me down, and I'll get you for it.

A good maniac will always beat the tests.

That's the end of any comment I might have on the subject. And, yes I'm on meds and been on them for twenty years.


Xiaoding said...

All true. I was shouting at the cops to go in on the tv, but they don't get paid enough fot that, I guess. Only way to fight a psycho is to Rambo your way thru the building, take him out by suprise. Of course, there will be causuties from such an approach. And parents are all pussies.

But you are behind the times on the testing thing. We CAN test, and we CAN spot psychos now. You can't beat a brain scan. Even the written test's are much more clever. We need a national center to do it, it's very capital intensive. MRI, PET, and secret lab stuff can do it easy.

In a perfect world, everyone would be scanned in childhood. Problem solved. This will happen, eventually.

Anonymous said...



Howard said...

Re; brain scans and shit. If you have a guy who is so nuts that you need to do a brain scan to confirm, he has already been diagnosed. What do you do randomly brain scan the entire student body? And things being what they are I don't think you can do a scan without a court order, and then if the guy twists and turns do you have anything. As far as written tests go, you can count on it: the ways to beat it are known in every nut house in the country. Crazy people stop being crazy when it is in their best interests to do so; they can focus like you wouldn't believe. There was one guy in my cell block (for lack of a better term) memorize entire pages of the telephone book; and that mother fucker was scary as hell.

There may have been advances in the shrink community but I bet there are equal advances in the crazy one too.

Xiaoding said...

re:scans: at first, we scan the obvious nuts. We get some experience in it. Then we widen it up to everyone. Why do that? To build a totally crime free society...no child molesters, no thieves, no murderers. Instead of being full of crimminals, jails will be full of potential crimminals. Shit, they got one scanner now, it can spot terroists, just from showing them pictures of things a terrorist has seen! Not perfect yet, but it's getting there. There's a revolution coming, mental science that actually works!

Anonymous said...

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