And this time it has cost you a fucking fortune.....
Home Sales:
I was too busy yesterday to actually analyze what the published reports said. Good thing. MSM reported that new home sales rose. Ridholtz notes that:

New Home Sales data did not improve. In fact, they were not only not positive, they were actually horrific. The year over year number was a terrible down 41%. Sales from this same period a year ago have nearly been halved.
Whew, that's why the market went up (never ever assume the causes for market moves. Nobody ever really knows the whys). Ridholtz has access to better data than any of us and one of his snitches tipped him off. GO HERE if you care. This means Roubini is probably right today when he says to hide in your storm cellar 'cause it ain't over.

BTW I've suddenly got a condition known as "Benign Vertigo," which I caught from this woman I met in a bar in Santa Monica, and let me tell you Benign Vertigo is a mother fucker and I'd hate to have the non benign. All this this means the room starts to spin if I stand up or lay down too quickly, a condition most street addicts would pay thousands to experience. Anyway it goes away but it is debilitating (whatever that means).


Bill said...

Better link to new home sales:


Howard said...

Already posted

Anonymous said...

How do you catch Benign Vertigo? An office mate has something that sounds like this. He was told that it's some kind of inner ear problem. What's the cause or your case?

Howard said...

I don't know how you "catch" it but the symptoms and probable cures are on the web if you Google it. It is an inner ear infection, usually a virus, and the symptoms will go away with the correct exercises.

Xiaoding said...

Vertigo-I get dizzy just thinking about it. Try dealing with it on a 20 ft. ladder!