OMFG, crude oil is down $1.39 as this is posted. I'd point out that it is now $19 off the high while retail gasoline in LA is very near the highs. In fact it was up another two cents per gallon yesterday. If this is multi-national capitalism let's get rid of it. It's only serving as a vehicle for industrial piracy. The disgusting Feb Crude is above at 8:55AM on 1/16.

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Random gasoline inspired musings:

I left Orygun for holiday a month ago. Gas was around $2.40-$2.50 a gallon. Spent the first two weeks in Georgia. Gas was barely 2 bucks. Was told that just a few years ago it was $0.70, yup, 70 f*cking cents per gallon. Holy shit Batman!

Then my holiday takes me to Kalifornia, the Sacramento area. Gas is $2.40 to $2.60 a gallon. I thought all you commies charged bookoo bucks for the s*it? Guess not.

Get back to Orygun it's the same as I saw in Kalifornia almost to a penny. And we don't have a single refinery in the entire state? Why the f*ck don't we pay more? Dunno. Voodoo ekonomiks perhaps? We don't have all the regulatory claptrap that the Kalis have but we pay the same?

Just a random observation...