USC at the half. They are playing back to the team they were during the season. Booty cannot pass well beyond ten yards, the team is undisciplined with the penalties, and overall they are a mediocre team with supposedly great talent. Really too bad the Oregon qb got knocked out. The PAC 10 does not have a top ten team in the entire conference.

And at the finish.
They stink. Booty cannot throw an accurate long ball, they have no back who can break away, and no back who can be counted on to pick up one yard when needed. To say they are playing the best ball right now is just another bunch of Eastern sports writers who don't actually watch any games past the Central Time Zones.

Pitt beating West Virginia.
Another Stanford beating USC, meaning a nothing team with nothing at all beat a team that thought they could win by just showing up.

Not another slow and pathetic Big Ten team. Yes, and I think almost any of the eight or nine teams from other conferences will beat them. Funny thing is, a real playoff would leave almost the same taste in everyone's mouths since all the top teams have lost a game. Blame everything on Global Warming, George Bush, or those fucking Christians.

NFL Anybody but me notice the huge number of empty seats at almost all NFL stadiums? I think it's because there are only two good teams in the entire league and a cast of thousands.

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