Some Links to Laffs:
Iraquis Call for Oil for Hookers Program
Phone Call From Saddim to Chirac
Iraqis cut some local country hits

An Email regarding the Jet Blue post below Explains why Jet Blue probably bought more airbus aircraft. "Jet Blue - they were buying Airbus A320s (I designed some controls that fly on it) 10 years ago when France was still OK. Once you buy a model it is cheaper from a maintenance standpoint to keep only that model in your fleet if it performs satisfactorily. There is also Brit and American pieces in the plane. Not all the money goes to France/Germany."


DOES ANYBODY BUT ME SMELL A RAT IN THE JET BLUE AIR BUS PURCHASE? I suspect that France underwrote the low bidding. I think Boeing got screwed as did American workers. Why no questions being asked here?

WHY WE GET ANGRY AT ACTORS (Written before they shut down a site they didn't like)
We created them. We buy the tickets. When they hate us, we react

I have the right to say George Bush is a psycho, Al Sharpton a moron, Bill Clinton a scrote, and lots of other nasty things. HOWEVER, when you and I say stuff like that we have no impact beyond a small circle of friends. Actors of note make comments that reach a huge audience. The purpose of their political utterances is to affect you, "their" audience. To change your mind. Hopefully to get you to vote their way.

But "their" audience is only available because of YOU. Your admiration for their talent and an appreciation of it expressed in the purchase of tickets over time. Actors have completely forgotten who made them. Your views don't count. You are a low life. Only their views count. Views from Beverly Hills, the back seat of a limo speeding to a NBA game with $500 tickets purchased with your money, or a $10 million house purchased with like currency. They can buy things with our money we cannot hope to buy.

What is occurring with a growing boycott bothers me. There is something "not right" about trying to rally a mass boycott based on what people have said no matter how much I despise what they say. Yet there is something "not right" about these celebrities we have created with purchases of movie tickets using that celebrity to attack our country, the president, and the things I believe in. To say those awful things and get wide dissemination of those views because of their status with a press that is clearly on the take. (Entertainment Tonight, the Gossip columns, etc.).

Many of us are very angry that the people we have endowed with "stardom" are now "stabbing us in the back" with their big mouths. In many cases they have actually said some things in foreign countries that could have killed our troops by rallying local anti-war sentiment. This anti-war sentiment acted to delay our entrance into Iraq til summer was near. This is critical because as we now know the Russian designed a defense that hoped to string us out in the desert heat much as the Russians had strung out Napoleon in the Russian snow. They hoped we would die there. Stars created by us, and only us, assisted in this effort.

Jessica Lange actually did say, "I hate (President) Bush, I despise him and his entire administration" while in SPAIN not in the U.S. Susan Sarandon spoke out in London and actually bought and wore while in Canada a "Bush is a Psycho" T-shirt. Woody Harrelson said so many despicable things while in London that it would fill two pages. People like these who mouth off in foreign countries really deserve to be trashed by us. But audiences have boycotted a lot of these dopes for years. Harrelson is a total box office loser, Lange ditto, Sarandon has had one hit in the last five years, and so on. I defy you to name more than one movie any of them have appeared in over the past five years. They've made movies. Nobody went.

I don't join boycotts. But I don't forget either. Some of the things these people have said really are unforgivable, TO ME. I don't want you to join with me. Do what you choose. Just know why you feel the way you feel. It's like the dog I bought as a useless puppy turns on me. Me? I'm getting rid of the dog.

RESPONSE TO EMAILS RE; LA GAS PRICES It is true that an amazing number of gas stations are still selling gasoline at $1.99 a gallon while a limited number of stations sell it at $1.87. The cheap stuff I saw was in the South Bay on Crenshaw south of Sepulveda. Cheap stuff is also at the corner of La Brea and Olympic in LA. $1.89 is the price in many stations all over. I have no idea or opinion on why Mobil, Exxon, and Union have high prices. A few Union and Exxon Stations are competitive. I don't get it.

So what does this have to do with the rest of the country? Just check to see if your gas prices have dropped 12% in the past three weeks. Also gasoline prices in LA are important only in that more than 30% of interstate trucking starts in LA ports of Long Beach and LA. Almost 50% of our food is shipped from California farms (excluding wheat and corn). At last look 28% of all air travel starts at the four SoCal airports. The gasoline prices here mean a lot to you. Your cost of living should go down. Is it?


ANTI-WAR LEFT ACTORS IN HIDING These gutless wonders continue to show their mettle. They are now hiding out because the public doesn't share their anti-war and in many cases anti American views. Stories about the hideaways are HEREy=2003&dt=0429&pub=Utusan_Express&sec=Entertainment&pg=en_02.htm">HERE, and HERE. There should be no surprise at the cowardice. Most of the older ones are draft dodgers from the Viet Nam era. Many of the younger ones are sons and daughters of same. Their courage was shown after 9/11 when they were "afraid" to go on tour to plug movies and then refused to hold charities to account for misspending 9/11 donations that they had played a major part in raising.

The real story is the fact that they whine about being "black listed" for their views. A total lie. There is no black list in Hollywood. What does exist is a "Red List", a list of left wing actors that will be hired no matter what and paid as much as possible. Most of these "Red List" actors have little or no box office appeal. People like Jessica Lange, Woody Harrelson, Tim Robbins, and any number of others have no value. Check HERE for just one link if you want to discover grosses. The rationale for paying these people big bucks is that they will carry water at the box office, do interviews on TV shows that are entertaining, and will cause a "buzz" in the bribed press. If Hollywood ever gets taken over by real business people who demand performance in return for money spent, these Lefties will mostly be SAG day players.

LEFT WILL NEVER STOP ATTACKING U.S. Here are multiple links to the War Crimes Trial against Tommy Franks in (shock, awe) EU capital Brussels. They hate us. We have to face it. I presume that Tim Robbins and company will appear as witnesses. HERE HERE and especially HERE This is more than mischief. This is the way France will wage war against us.

Gasoline down EIGHT CENTS in one day In LA from $1.95 to $1.87. Talk radio topic this AM in LA is "Chirac is a ho". BTW the only way you knew of this story for almost ten hours after it broke was if you logged on to Drudge. Not only has FOX become a news joke, MSNBC which did a really great job on the war was just as far behind. These "news" channels are not news. They are personality driven special reports on tape. CNN Headline News DID report the bare bones story but CNN did not. IMHO people trashing FOX ought to take a look at their failure to report news, but then they'd have to trash themselves too, and that'll be the day. Too bad CNN has tarnished its own reputation because the original concept which is "Headline News" is still a good one, IF they only did the news.


A juicy sex link to the Brit MP and his various mistresses etc. He took the bribes OK. For sure.

MEDIA ESTABLISHMENT ATTACKS EMBEDDED REPORTERS The elite is now in full swing attacking the "embedded reporters", accusing them of every form of corruption and incompetence. I hate to link to Robert Fisk, but naturally he is leading the charge so here, click away. A bitter New York Times "embed" appeared on (what else?) PBS and he moaned that the tanks wouldn't stop so he could interview in depth the people at the side of the road. Keep your eye on this because the need to discredit the "embeds" permeates the Left Media and they won't stop. Trashing a reputation or two won't bother them.


COUNTRY MUSIC TAKES OVER IN IRAQ Perhaps as a result of the American troops or perhaps because the people can now listen to any radio station they choose, Country Music has taken over. Local bands and local singers sing in Arabic with a country twang.

The Baghdad Top Ten
1. If this is where civilization was born how come the beer ain't cold?
The Infidel Molesters

2. If Mohammad had seen you naked baby, he'd a written a different book
B.J. binAri and the Bedoin Drifters

What started with the UN, Russia, France, and Germany being involved in shady business dealings has now spread to UN corruption on a grand scale, French treachery, bribes to a Brit MP, and now bribes to news people all over the world. The Standard is running a piece hinting at the depth of it. We must just let it play out before we accuse every leftist of being on the take, but the take could be in the millions per person. Courtesy of Glen Reynolds for part of link. A million buck bribe is hard to turn down, and you can bet many did not. This explains the "Arab Press" since they were all on the take. Does it explain the Brit and French press? Ours? This is a bomb that WILL go off very soon.

Link to brief note below This goes beyond "duplicity", France is now our enemy. And enough about the failure of Powell's diplomatic efforts. You can't negotiate with a total liar. You can't expect a marriage proposal from a boy friend who is only interested in sex and is lying to you. If your wife is cheating on you there cannot be honest dialogue. France is our enemy.


Would you have tolerated an ammunition dump next door to your house? Nuff said. Whoever is responsible for this stupid decision should be fired. I don't think the Army gets it, or at least that part of the Army doesn't get it. Stupidity by this asshole could cost us plenty. Not one city code in the U.S. or anywhere else in the known world would allow such carelessness as to place an ammunition dump NEAR any structures or population of any kind. We are liable to find out that the Army is great at fighting but there are a lot of dim bulbs when it comes to anything else.

Times of London breaks story. Nothing on our networks except Laci Peterson and old stuff. None, like in zero, of the cable news people are reporting it. Thank you Drudge. "France gave Saddam Hussein's regime regular reports on its dealings with American officials, documents unearthed in the wreckage of the Iraqi foreign ministry have revealed" You need cumbersome and intrusive registration to read entire article. FOX may have it by Monday. Update Fox now has story on its website. Keep reading Drudge, he has it all with links. Best story so far and it's 9PM PDT is here.

Just asking. Looks like we better be ready to do a surgical strike everywhere, 'cause from what people say this guy is nuts.

Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going into a garage makes you a car

Similarly, saying that you care about people doesn't mean you really do. Just means you care about "the right" people.

Imagine this. Tomorrow morning a government rep comes to your door and takes you and your family to the "farm" you have been awarded because you are white and related to a high government official. You have been "given" this farm because the previous owners were non- white. Sounds like a good deal because your country is one of the leading agricultural countries in the world and can grow anything. You are told that now you are a farmer. You are greeted by an army of migrant "farm workers" of tough white union labor who have been guaranteed "work" by the same government who just hustled you onto the farm. It turns out that the farm you have been given is too small to grow more food than can feed your own family. You are told by the Government to plant the available seed and no other seed. Particularly you cannot grow seed that will produce four times the yield per acre than the seed available. You don't know what you are doing. You have no money at all to pay the workers who have been guaranteed a job. The workers get pissed. They kill you and your family and take over the farm. They attack one another and this fighting ends when they all join a political party that is in opposition to the government. They are tough bastards. The government responds by cutting off all food and most medical care to the farm workers and all sympathizers. The farm workers and their families suffer nutrition problems, they become so weakened that AIDS becomes an epidemic that can't be slowed down because the medicine assigned by the UN is not delivered. Farms no longer grow food so the UN is assigned to send food in to both the cities and countryside. The government won't allow food to be delivered to areas that oppose it. The country is slowly being starved to death unless the farm workers support the government. Naturally the people opposed to the government now hate the government. Civil War is near impossible because the government opponents are so hungry they cannot fight.

Add to this the usual UN corruption which allows all food to be delivered to "friends of the Government" who then re-sell the free food to others for sale later. The free UN Food is so expensive that few in the rural areas can afford to buy it. Annual income a year ago was $450 and inflation rate was 100%. Closer to $250 now. A bag of 4 apples is priced at Z$320; if you can't afford that choose instead an Z$80 weekly newspaper whose front page story is of the latest government pay rises. All the country's uniformed forces have been awarded a 100% pay rise effective from the 1st of January. This includes police, army, air force, prison service workers and war veterans.

Everybody connected to the government is making money while the people starve. People are arrested and tortured, arrested and disappear, beaten to death in public by police and army.

Saddam's Iraq? No. The races in the above story have been switched, but change the color from white to black and you have Zimbabwe and the government of Mr. Robert Mugabe. The first in memory to use "selective starvation" to take over a country. The first in memory to use "selective medical care" to reduce population size in areas that oppose the government.

Why hasn't the US done something? Look no further than the magnificent Black Politicians in Washington D.C. and their constituency that cares about nothing other than themselves. Influential Blacks run ads expressing "shock, anger, and concern" in the usual places, endorse sanctions, mumble once in a while about the problem but none will stand up and demand action to end the genocidal murder of more than a million blacks so far. All actions in Congress by African American leadership are cries for more welfare, more subsidies for their constituencies, and accusations that all money used in wars or international activities are being "stolen" from the poor.

The EU? Gosh, they are sooooo angry. They won't invite Mugabe to dinner. They have imposed sanctions. But not to worry, Mr. Chirac of France invited him to a conference in Paris, shook his hand warmly, and promised to "explain" his concerns. Other African governments would have boycotted the conference had Mugabe not been invited. France loves Africa. If a million starve to death it's "c'est la vie" and other French stuff like that.. Other African governments also back Mugabe, sort of.

It has been said by many that Mugabe could be toppled by less than a division of American forces. But not to worry, without Black support and demands for action more than a million people will be deliberately starved to death while America stands on the sidelines. Let's hear it for the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, and all the other groups of "color" in the U.S. Complicity to murder? Not them. They are a caring people. Just listen to them.

Nice going guys. Again.


DIXIE BIMBOS ON TV When people as stupid as they are get into politics this is what happens. Manes just joins the band of celebrity high school grads like Garofolo, Streisand, Baldwin, and the rest who think they have brains. Consider the arrogance and the stupidity of people who will spend months to get a three minute song "right" but spend zero time on a subject as complex as world affairs. To top it off Manes had months to prepare for the TV interview and still showed she is an airhead. I half expected her to take her clothes off to get attention. Could any 28 year old high school graduate command a public forum as they have done? They confuse celebrity with expertise on everything. YUK!

What complicates the careers of singers and actors who decide to pontificate about politics is that we lose the ability to concentrate on their music or their movies when we attend or view their artistic efforts. They become their politics not their talents. A friend of mine went to a sneak of the new Hoffman movie and told me that several people were shouting out things like, "tell us about the war, Dustin", "March in Berkeley" and stuff like that; outbursts from movie fans that disrupted the movie.

Manes ain't no kid. She's twenty eight years old. She was in England pandering to an extreme left anti-war audience and was willing to trash her own country to get into their good graces. The hell with the Dixie Chicks; and the rest of the Hollywood Left.

FOX IS GOING SQUISHY SOFT Once upon a time this was the network to watch for cutting edge news, stuff that nobody else would report. Once Upon A Time the same could have been said of CNN. No more. FOX even ignores their own breaking stories. Oil for Food? Zero, even the so-called "pit bull" O'Reilley soft balled an interview on the subject last night. Zero on the Turkish Special Forces incursion into Northern Iraq; featured story on MSNBC. Really superficial coverage of the "million man march" to Kabala; focusing on the "mobs" of less than 100 wildly demonstrating anti-American factions and ignoring the fact that 950,000 had nothing to do with that stuff.

For many of us, it's back to the web to get news again. BTW anybody notice that MSNBC has taken a very hard turn to the Right? I think they are going to cut into FOX in a major way. Their coverage of the War was vastly superior in every way and NBC has vast resources that when used as they were in the War have very few TV competitors.



Can't Make a Movie out of This Because all the Big Stars are Vacationing in Damascus

WHY NO DEAL BEFORE THE WAR? The Oil for Food corruption made it impossible for Saddam to make a deal. Neither the UN or the EU thugs could afford to let go of their golden goose, to let the world find out what pigs they are. So they did what the suits always do. They "supported" Saddam with everything except their troops, their blood, and their open commitment. All Saddam had going for him in the end was useless Hollywood movie stars, phoney "human shields", rock stars, ads in the New York Times, "puke ins", and the world's slimy Left Wing intellectuals.

Leftist media ground out stories of Viet Nam, Quagmire, and Arab volunteer armies massing to defend Iraq while the New Imperialists with the UN continued their plunder of Iraq. Nobody could stop the robbery. They loved what were doing. They fairly ejaculated over the money. Finally one of them had to give Saddam some tangible support. It went to the Russians, an old time Imperialist in the region with a reputation for cruelty every bit as awful as Saddam's. They hit it off right away.

The Russian plans to defend Baghdad and defeat the USA were carbon copies of their historic defenses of Moscow against Napoleon in 1812 and then Hitler in 1941. Stalingrad didn't figure into the plan because at Stalingrad the Russians massed an army of a million men plus air power to defeat the Germans. The Russians were bigger and better at Stalingrad. Weather was only a factor. Iraq needed to win with weather.

MOSCOW 1812: Napoleon's legions, their supply lines stretched beyond limit, marched on Moscow planning to eat the Russian food and live in the Russian houses. The Russians burn the city to the ground. Napoleon's troops are left with no food and no shelter. Freezing, they retreat across the frozen steppes and one half of Napoleon's army freezes to death. The legend that every Russian schoolboy learns is that nobody can beat the Russian Winter.

MOSCOW 1941: The huge German army bore down on Moscow much as the French had done more than a century before. The Russians lost 3/4 of a million people in the battle but the Russian Winter once again triumphed. The Germans were left freezing on the steppes, their guns frozen so they couldn't fire, their tanks slipping on the ice and out maneuvered by the wide tracked Russian tanks. The disaster was total. Once again the "Russian Winter" had won. Every schoolboy learns this battle too.

Germany and France decided to work at the UN, secretly supported by Kofi Anan who as Schlockmeister General was stealing even more than the "Axis of Weasels". It was France that carried the water at the UN with the help of good old Kofi. The Germans just nodded.

While this was happening, Russian Generals tried to duplicate the two Battles for Moscow in the desert of Iraq. Instead of snow the Americans would face searing desert heat; their troops would be thirsty, unbearably hot inside of their tanks, and unable to move without huge quantities of fuel. The Russian plan was to allow the Americans to drive up to Baghdad where they would face overwhelming firepower (the stuff we have unearthed all over the country). The Americans would be fighting in the 110 degree heat, their supply lines stretched 500 miles across desert (can't you just see a New York Times Best Seller and two Hollycrap movies starring the usual suspects). These supply lines would be attacked by Iraqi troops (led by Martin Sheen and Sean Penn). The MIGs they had concealed from Hans Blix would enter the fray "from out of nowhere" and destroy the American supply lines before carrier based aircraft could stop them. Iraqi troops would then "clean up" the Supply lines and isolate the American Army around Baghdad. Instead of burning Baghdad to the ground the Iraqis would poison both the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers rendering the water undrinkable (something the Iraqis decided not to do).

So the French and Germans led the charge at the UN with Russia in a supporting role there working in concert to delay the American assault as long as possible, hoping for a killer summer, sandstorms, and panicked troops along the supply lines faced with poisoned water and attacking Fedayeen. They further convinced themselves that the American troops had been "Holywoodized": "pretty boys" with no heart, soft and flabby, ready to quit at the first sign of real casualties. Arab "manhood" would triumph.

Great thinking.

We beat the best minds in Russia, the most duplicitous minds in France, the pathetically weak minds of Germany, the UN kleptocracy, and the stupid dictator who hired these guys. As we begin to see the depth of the corruption in the Oil for Food program we will see that The European powers had no choice but to "help" Saddam or be revealed as the horrible sponsors of starvation they really are. Their only way out was to get America to lose. But they weren't frightened enough to stand up and shed their blood. Their contaminated rules of conduct are now visible for all to see. They've been Imperialists looters of weak countries for six hundred years. Now everyone knows they still are.

Glad we could help.


France is NOT ending sanctions. What they propose is a temporary easing, called "suspending", said suspension to be reviewed later by the usual suspects. I'm not positive what "suspension" means exactly, but when I got suspended at school I was back the next day. France has not changed. They want "proof" of Iraq disarmament, by the UN of course. The purpose of these thugs is to rob the people of Iraq as they have been doing for the past ten years. As this "Oil for Food" scandal is unraveling everyone will see what they are up to. These are all "Old Europe" Imperialist powers who have spent the last 600 years robbing every country they could subdue, trick, or bribe. They will never change.

GREAT NEW WORD to describe our total joy at the mis-predictions of those on the Left about the Iraq war. It is at this link. The word is Fehlervorhersagefreude and credit Glenn Reynolds for the link.

This once superb search engine is now almost junk. Try to find anything on the Oil for Food and you find absolutely nothing. The same is true with much of their "search". Either they have sold out to advertisers or they have simply gotten too large. This is good news for the private search engines to whom people have to subscribe and a few of them might be good stock buys. Google is going south...BIG TIME.

OK, left or right, give Limbaugh credit; he gets a lot of stories dead right, but none more dead right than this. Click here to read the source. The details will continue to be revealed by a few, and I mean a very few, media outlets but the extent of the corruption would amaze even jaded New Yorkers and Chcagoans. Profiting illegally are France, Russia, Germany, and Kofi Anan himself. The Iraqis were starving and it is no longer our fault, except to the Left. Read it. Also read the New York Times piece by Claudia Rossett (but you may find this site requires registration). This story is huge and an indictment of France, Germany, Russia, and most especially the UN and with the New York Times actually reporting on it we may find it has legs with the Left too. Also Safire as a piece here. Very bad.




They are the first eight entries on the Google PRINT PAL page and they have a paid green ad on the right.

They are the fourth entry on the Google PRINTER CARTRIDGE page and one of the paid ads.
They are the fifth entry on the Yahoo PRINTER CARTRIDGE page

My experience: they take your money and don't ship. They respond to nothing you send when you complain. They took $42 of my money. Do not let them do the same to you.

Company name: PRINT PAL

TELL YOUR FRIENDS If you have been cheated too here is the link to a guy who sued them and won. It's important that all of us who have been cheated by this company act. Take a look. It's simple.

They ain't no pal of mine.


She has been box office nothing for her entire career, see my earlier post on details. Instead of "proof" of an anti-war backlash, this is just more of the same lackluster appeal she has always had. She ain't no star.


My post of 3/12 has disappeared from the archives along with the entire month of data, apparently a price of doing business with Blogger; as well as down time for the entire system when nobody can log on. What I said back then was that the market was in a trading range of roughly 7600 to 8500 and that the war would NOT help anybody out; that the market wants to see real profits with real companies now, and not to look for any more magic.

Nothing has changed. EXCEPT------falling oil prices are like a tax cut and the fall will be at least 25% from the high of $2.12 (in Los Angeles where we have $.46 cents in taxes added on). This means retail sales will look very good in a month. The big question is: will business start to see new opportunities? The Democratic Party will do everything it can to see that the economy is in bad shape by election time because they have no other issue. Don't look for a tax cut, a dividend tax cut, or anything that might help; anything that passes the Senate will be luck. The Democratic core constituency (the one that votes in the primaries) is the Welfare/Education/Entertainment Complex, one that includes all government workers, and they don't give a dam about tax cuts of any kind; lots of of them don't pay ANY federal taxes anyway and this bunch only wants to RECEIVE the tax money you and I pay in to the system. Most of the ones that do pay taxes are in the highest of the high brackets, they can afford to pay taxes, and think the rest of us are pigs because we want our taxes as low as possible..

I hope you have all learned to stay away from those touts on CNBC, the Wall Street Journal (show me one stock tip they have given you in the past 20 years), The New York Times (always wrong) and the like. If you use IBD you know that is where you actually get market information. I hope you have used the two years to learn an investment system. You should now use that knowledge to really watch the stocks you have selected for future investment. A very good base has been built, interest rate spreads are now attractive for stocks over bonds, and capital will become available for start ups and IPOs (much more if there is a tax cut).

I still want to see the averages rise on rising volume BUT so much money has left mutual funds I wouldn't look for big volume compared with "the old days". Mutuals still present a problem in that their trading habits skew the markets. Things look much better than they did back on 3/12 but don't look for the Dow to be at more than 9500 by year end, the S&P will still be below 1,000, and the NASDAQ, an index that is far too broad, won't do a hell of a lot; I suggest you chart the NASDAQ 100 for a better feel.

Have a system. Use it. I am a follower of Bill O'Niel at Investors Business Daily and that system has worked for twenty years; it is not easy to learn and you have to spend an hour a day watching the market. Don't ever use the "free" charting services available on the web and do your homework. If you have a broker, good luck. There is a fundamental conflict between being paid a commission on every trade and client well being.

Opportunity is not knocking yet, but its knuckles are poised to rap on the door. Be ready.

If you harbor any doubts that Germany actively worked against us read Steven den Beste today. Steven den Beste link here


Their names sing out from a writhing past that will never be silent: Lee, Longstreet, Jackson, Beauregard, Johnston, Grant and more than a few others. What they experienced in an "easy and quick" war helped cause a catastrophic conflict less than ten years later.

I'm not some jerk off liberal who is afraid of every future. I welcome the situation in which we now find ourselves and see it as a challenge. My concerns revolve around something else. I look back one hundred and sixty years to the Mexican War. The similarities to the Iraq war are only spiritual. Times change. But the few similarities to the Mexican War and the conclusions drawn by the participants are large and potentially dangerous for our future a decade hence if we are not aware. Our daring strategy and spectacular executions won big. We are right in being proud of the accomplishment. But there are echoes.

Dangerous ones. Let's quiet down and listen to them. Once Mexico was invaded in 1847 we conquered Mexico in barely more than a year. A quick and easy war.

Mexico did not have an inferior army
The Mexican War was won using daring tactics created and executed by General Winfield Scott. An amphibious invasion at Vera Cruz and subsequent march to Mexico City that resulted in an "easy" victory over superior numbers with little loss of American life. Most people look at the war from the Texas border point of view and think the tales of the Alamo with names like Sam Houston, Jim Bowie, William Travis and the like were it. The real war was fought deep inside Mexico and the junior officers in that war, an encyclopedia of later major players in a terrible conflict, would include the likes of Lee, Longstreet, Jackson, Beauregard, Grant and more than just a few others. Many of these junior officers and some enlisted ranks took dangerous "lessons" away from the Mexican war; the worst being that war could be quick and easy if you were daring enough. It was also "different" than history ponderously instructed.

This opinion that war was easy and quick helped lead us into the Civil War with it's huge loss of life. That War taught us once and for all that war was anything but "easy". After the "quick and easy" Mexican War far too many Americans in Congress, in the Military, and in the general population thought wars were affairs that ended quickly; that quick hits with daring cavalry tactics coupled with good old American "Know How" could pave the way for easy infantry conquests. Ten years after the Mexican War, nobody thought much about going to war against the South or North. War was quick and not too painful. Let's get it on.

Two similar wars. Two similar endings
There is great similarity between the Mexican War and the Iraq War. In Iraq our amazingly quick armored slashes through an Iraqi defense structured by Russians that were light years out of date created a quick victory. The tactics of Winfield Scott in Mexico used quick cavalry hits into a Mexican army trained in French warfare that were a half century out of date. The Mexicans had greater numbers but inferior technology. They were led by an ego driven second rater and his troops lost confidence in him. The peasants felt they were not fighting "for Mexico". Many saw the Americans as liberators. Therefore once they lost, they lost. They went back home without a continuing fight on our supply lines. The Mexican war was a "cakewalk" because of American technology and tactics; as well as terrible Mexican leadership by a self-centered egotist named Santa Ana. Santa Ana was man who refused to believe news of defeats, eventually blamed his own troops for losing, and suspected that traitors in his officer corps allowed the Americans to win battles. He was out of touch with reality.

We did not beat an inferior army in Iraq. We beat the Russians.
This similarly historic win in Iraq can give us a "war is a cakewalk" mentality that could lead us into a Civil War type of disaster if enough of us believe it. The Russian tactics in Iraq were "old school". As we look at the thousands of tons of ammunition being uncovered by our troops it is easy to see how someone schooled in the Russian defense theories based on past experiences with sieges in Stalingrad and St. Petersburg thought he could stalemate any attack for years. The Russians (and let us not suppose for a moment that we weren't fighting the Russians) thought they were dealing with Napoleon or Hitler. They theorized that spreading enemy troops in an unbearably hot and hostile climate with their supply lines stretched out over hundreds of miles of desert would end in the usual way. Those MIG fighter bombers that were hidden from Hans Blix would sneak into the fray and decimate the supply lines before carrier based American aircraft could stop them. That's the way it was at Stalingrad (they had land based planes 50 miles behind the lines). That's the way it wasn't at Baghdad. The Russians now know that speed kills. And high speed combined with superior technology kills absolutely. Let no one suppose that we beat an inferior army in Iraq. They had the guns and they had the numbers. We beat an inferior battle plan and inferior leadership.

Easy wins can be dangerous
The danger for us in these two "quick" wars is that many of our junior officers and people in political life will think that this is what "wars of the future" will be like. That every leader will be a Saddam or a Santa Ana. Will our current Robert E. Lees and Stonewall Jacksons take lessons from this war that will lose the next one? Lessons that may start the next one? The American public may come to believe that wars are contests where we lose less than a hundred and the enemy loses tens of thousands; wars where we lose a few tanks and helicopters and they lose hundreds of tanks and thousands of tons of ammo but nothing else of value; wars are now "humane" as well as quick. We may develop a "don't push us around or else" attitude toward everyone.

Our elites will be pacified if we conduct "humane"wars
The furor raised by our draft dodging elites over the poor reporters at the hotel, the "treasures" at the museum, and the animals in the zoo are satire in real time. Their idiotic values speak to the "humane" angle of new warfare: soldiers don't count with our elites, only the trinkets and icons of the moment. They will go along with war as long as animals, reporters, and art remain in pristine condition. They will run ads in the New York Times, march around in the streets, stage "puke ins", and lecture our government from stages in foreign countries, but they won't do anything serious.

Combine this thinking with "easy and quick" and you see a potentially dangerous future. If this thinking takes hold, the next war could be like the Civil War, only atomic, totally destructive, and not humane at all. It will be "old school". While we savor our victory we should remember it came about because of vastly superior technology not because of some God given power that nobody else can ever possess. When China has the technology, when Russia gets the technology, there won't be any "cakewalks" to victory. We cannot rely on stupid leadership every time out.

Let's be realistic. Remember, we cannot afford to lose a war with terrorists.

Addendum to above essay
My comments in the above essay regarding the Russian strategy and tactics in the Iraq war deserve a deeper look.

I mentioned that "The Russians (and let us not suppose for a moment that we weren't fighting the Russians) thought they were dealing with Napoleon or Hitler. They theorized that spreading enemy troops in an unbearably hot and hostile climate with their supply lines stretched out over hundreds of miles of desert would end in the usual way. Those MIG fighter bombers that were hidden from Hans Blix would sneak into the fray and decimate the supply lines before carrier based American aircraft could stop them."

That was the plan. The Russians were meeting with France and Germany who were helping Saddam as well. I submit that all the delay at the U.N. was designed to make sure that our forces would only enter the war at the worst time of year, the deadly heat of summer, to assure success of the Russian defense plan. This heat would fit into the Russian plan of long supply lines and troops dying of thirst in the desert perfectly. France and Germany conspired with Russia to create a defeat for us.

Of course what they didn't know was that the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles is as hot as any desert in the world. The Cochella Valley and San Juaquin Valleys are even worse. We had troops training in Death Valley, the Mojave Desert, and Arizona; places that are hotter than Iraq; places where Patton trained his third Army before going to war in the Sahara in WWII. We were ready for that, but the "Axis of Weasels" plan was to make sure we entered at the worst possible time. It is time we realized that France, Russia, and Germany are our enemies now. They really want to get us.

Europe has not changed. They are still an imperial bunch of criminals intent on sacking the rest of the world for their benefit. Their main thrust right now is to keep Africa as poor as possible, to tie them into agricultural agreements that assure continued starvation in parts and dependency upon the EU for any money they earn. They have forced African agricultural countries to sign pledges that they will not grow Genetically Engineered crops of any kind; if they do the EU will refuse to buy anything from them. The excuse given is of a health risk, a risk that does not exist. This means that American seed that would assure the end of starvation in Africa in a single growing season are banned.

If Africa could feed itself France could not sell anything to them. France could not make money out of starving people. That is how low they are. Africa feeding itself would ruin France.

They will do this to every country they get their hooks into. This is what they have been for six hundred years and they haven't changed. They will line their pockets with the production of other countries til the end.


Two weeks ago today unleaded was at $2.12. Today it was selling for $1.96. It is headed to $1.49 or lower. You better start checking your stocks and watching the charts. Whatever it is you do because good companies are going to make money.

They are trying to blame horrid box office performances of their movies on Anti-War. The truth is that they are both losers at the box office

The whining by these two are just self serving crapola. They are box office losers and always have been. Neither Susan Sarandon nor Tim Robbins have had box office appeal for years and years. Here are their grosses since 1997. Robbins was an UNCREDITED bit player in "The Spy Who Shagged Me", the only hit in which he has appeared. Sources
First number is opening weekend, second number is US gross, third number is world gross. The name after the title is the role played. Not counted were voice overs in cartoons. Sarandon's anti- war and anti-American utterances have nothing to do with the fact that she has never been a star. Nobody likes her anyway. Robbins is even worse, it might be said that people actually find him repulsive.

These are Sarandon's numbers:

Released Movie Name Role 1st weekend US Gross Worldwide Gross
9/27/2002 "Moonlight Mile", JoJo Floss $1,882,703 $6,830,957 $6,785,939
9/13/2002 "Igby Goes Down", Mimi Slocumb $306,705 $4,777,465 $4,777,465
9/20/2002 "Banger Sisters", The Lavinia $10,037,846 $30,306,281 $30,306,281
7/4/2001 "Cats and Dogs" Ivy $21,707,617 $93,375,151 $200,700,000 actual hit
4/7/2000 "Joe Gould's Secret" Alice Neel $38,760 $641,117 $641,117
12/8/1999 "Cradle Will Rock", Margherita Sarfatti $168,295 $2,899,970 $2,899,970
11/12/1999 "Anywhere But Here" Adele August $5,607,137 $18,653,615 $18,653,615
8/6/1999 "Illuminata", Celimine $53,264 $836,641 $836,641 ever heard of this??
12/25/1998 "Stepmom", Jackie $19,142,440 $91,137,662 $91,137,662 profitable

Tim Robbins: his directing is not included. This guy has never been anything. He can't blame this on his anti-war anti-American statements. These tiny grosses are real. Movies that haven't even grossed more than a million dollars. He wasn't the star of things like "Mission to Mars". He was a uncredited bit player in The Spy That Shagged Me which has been listed at the end only in the interests of honesty. My conclusions from all this is that Robbins' whining might actually improve his pathetic box office appeal. Below are his numbers:

10/25/2002 "TheTruth About Charlie", Mr. Bartholomew $2,270,290 $5,303,000 $5,303,000 4/12/2002 "Human Nature" Nathan Bronfman $297,340 $695,876 $695,876
1/12/2001 "Antitrust", Gary Winston $5,486,209 $10,965,209 $10,965,209
3/31/2000 "High Fidelity", Ian $6,429,107 $27,277,055 $27,277,055
3/10/2000 "Mission to Mars", Woody Blake $22,855,247 $60,874,615 $60,874,615
7/9/1999 "Arlington Road", Oliver Lang $7,400,000 $24,419,219 $24,419,219
7/18/1997 "Nothing To Lose", Nick Beam $11,617,767 $44,480,039

He did appear in "Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me" as an uncredited bit player.
6/11/1999 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me President of the United States (1969) (uncredited) $54,917,604 $206,040,085 $309,600,000 BUT I think Sarandon is unarguably one of the ten best actresses on the planet and maybe one of the top five. I am a fan of her talent and one of the few who actually loves a move called "Light Sleeper" (World Gross $1.1million) in which she was sensational. I think Robbins stinks. He is always "above" his material like he is commenting on it and not involved. He could tke acting lessons from her, but I'll bet he'd never listen.

Another email worth posting
Subject: Things That Took Longer Than the Iraq War

-It took less time to take Iraq than it took Janet Reno to take the Branch Davidian compound. That was a 51-day operation.

-It took less time to find evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq, than it took Hillary Clinton to find the Rose Law Firm billing records.

- It took less time for the 3rd Infantry Division and the Marines to destroy the Medina Republican Guard than it took Teddy Kennedy to call the police after his Oldsmobile sunk at Chappaquiddick.

-It took less time to take Iraq than it took to count the votes in Florida in the year 2000!

Email from someone who was there
I was a dependent teen age child in Germany 1946 through 1948. I will restrict my comments to the de-Nazification program as I remember it. EVERYBODY had been a Nazi. The Nazis had a policy of killing "kith and kin" if you messed with them. Meaning they'd kill you, your immediate family, your extended family, and all their children. The result was that the Americans had to "interview" every single person, trolley car operators, gardeners, etc., etc. What happened was that the army guys assigned to this task got bored interviewing and "deNazifying" people who were starving and who had lost the war. Americans don't carry grudges. The army guys assigned to "de-Nazify" the Germans had fought across Europe, had most of their best friends killed by the Germans, and one would think they carried a lot of hate around with them. Hate wears out quickly. The result was that after catching the big shots everybody else was let go because the alternative would have been to jail millions.

Talking with people who were in Japan right after WWII indicate that the Japanese were so stunned by the fact that we weren't cannibals, as they had been taught, and so terrified of us in general that mollifying them was easy. They also had a past where the trappings of democracy had been in place. And then MacArthur was given total authority to run the place. He set up the current state. We have a different problem here.

This is what we will find in Iraq with the Baath Party. Everybody went along because they had to. De-Baathizing Iraq will be difficult. We will find the big fish but nailing cab drivers, teachers, and lower level apparachiks won't happen.

One major difference: in Germany a guy named Konrad Adenauer who had opposed Hitler and lived. He became the leader. Germany also had a past with some democracy, a legal system dating back to Bismark, and a history. Iraq has none of this. Democracy is totally alien.


Research index on the Atkins diet. Go here for totally independent study on the health effects. One of the nets is doing diet special comparing all diets showing Atkins is far and away the most effective. I'm losing like crazy. That's all I can say.

An email circulating far and wide claims to quote Rush Limbaugh regarding the disparity between the compensation being paid to the victims of 9-11 and the soldeirs killed in the Iraq war. What Limbaugh actually said is here. He is pointing out the bogus points in the letter on his website.

MUST READ Today's Best of the Web. Details what many don't want to know about our goals and policies in the Mid East. I am totally for the policy. It entails costs and risks but I think all of it is worth it, if we are to survive. Nobody can do it but us, and do it we must. Read the links in the piece as well.

Just like Atkins below, the same types of people ignored tons of knowledgeable people regarding the Arab "Street", Arab attitudes, the ways the leaders would react and so on. People like Pipes, Lewis, Kaplan, Emerson and some others were ignored by the Left. Instead they followed a completely discredited Leftist named Edward Said who has spread his BS into almost every college classroom in the U.S.

Today's WSJ editorial is only a surprise to the followers of Mr. Said. Completely predictable to the rest of us.

That's ten cents since Tuesday and fifteen cents since ten days ago. This is like a tax cut folks.

Using the Atkins diet and now he is dead. Atkins is a testament to horrible non-research by the usual suspects who KNEW his diet was bad for everyone for almost thirty years, UNTIL. Until actual research was done, then suddenly it not only became OK, it became healthful. I'd like to say this is a recognition of persistence but it is more a realization of just how bad our entrenched special interests are around the world. Especially the FDA/AMA and so on. Read the latest stuff before you try the diet, but it's good for you AND it works.

BTW if you try it there is a chance you will get carbohydrate withdrawl, meaning you are like an addict and will crave carbs. I solved this by using Coral Calcium from the Bob Barefoot formula (be careful that you buy the right formula there are a lot of frauds in the busines) link to just ONE of the legit places. Here's another.


Falls eight cents in one day. Below $2 for the first time in months. Of course I put $20 in my car yesterday at $2.07. Right now we are looking at a drop of thirteen cents in less than two weeks. That's a lot of money going back into the economy.


A work of fiction because France is an ally

1. They have no military.
2. They have no exports other than weapons and subsidized farm products.
3. Unemployment rate near 8% and climbing.
4. Nobody wants their cars, films or Internet products.
5. They pretend that wine, cheese, chocolates, truffles, and perfume are somehow big time exports. Trust me, they aren't.
6. They pretend that their vicious Anti-Semitism isn't really. Trust me, it is.

I submit the French are like every other loser on the planet. No loser will work to get better in order to effectively challenge and eventually compete with the competition. Losers "compete" by attempting to pull down the strong by lying, cheating, backstabbing, and other well known tactics. They try to feel good about themselves by befriending other losers and convincing one and all that if it weren't for the successful people everything would be OK.

What the French are doing now is befriending Putin, a huge loser as a result of the war, his oil reserves worth half of what they could have been had Iraq won; cozying up with Syria, enough said there; and being the "best friend" of Germany, a country that is an economic basket case with unemployment nearing 11%, no military, and nothing to offer anybody but the highest labor costs anywhere. Another "best friend" is Belgium (don't laugh). And another is, wait a minute I'll think of one; there must be a despicable dictator somewhere that France wants to be best friends with; North Korea? China? Oh yeah, the Sudan.

So these loser states in Africa that the French would gladly sack one more time if they could, have joined with France to pull the U.S.A. down. To tarnish all we do, all we accomplish, and all we want to do. The goal of the French is to be number one in Europe with influence over Africa and the Middle East. In order to accomplish this they must freeze out American farm products and seeds that are genetically engineered; these seeds could end starvation in Africa in a single growing season. If that happened France would lose exports. That's why they sponsor the propaganda lie that genetically engineered food is bad for health. In order to gain an edge with their inferior technology they must freeze out American technology on the Internet, American computer services, and American software; so they rally the "World Court", the EU trade commission, etc., in an effort to shut down American web sites and American marketing, not to mention free speech. France needs to come as close as possible to converting our victory in Iraq into a defeat or a "quagmire". To accomplish this end they will sneak war criminals into France, WMD scientists into France, and try to sue us in the World Court for War Crimes; this latter activity will garner broad support among the American Left who hate America even more than does France.

Another thing France might work on, if they were our enemy: Iraq "owes" nearly $300 billion. These loans are to all the usual suspects: big banks, France, Germany, Russia, and assorted rich guys around the world who put up the bucks for the gold guns, lavish palaces, and personal handouts to Saddam. Now they want to be paid back. France, if they were our enemy, would lead all these dictator loving scumbags and would rally the UN, the World Courts, and what ever other countries they can so they can "stick it to" the New Iraq to keep them down and get even with us.

This is what we are dealing with. Just another pathetic loser doing what pathetic losers do.


Complete R Rated (for language and nudity) Transcript here


In National Review by the nearly always superb Victor Davis Hansen... READ IT but have a barf bag handy. These people are not just ethically challenged.


We who oppose Hate America speeches made in France and Germany are not Nazis

Don't fall for this latest "guilt trip" being laid out there by the Left Wing ESPN (owned by the usual suspects who employ Peter Jennings). Ask yourself this: Do celebs like Sarandon, Robbins, Lange, Harrelson and a ton of others have the right to spew their anti-American, hate George Bush speeches in foreign countries like France, Germany, and England without being punished? These disgusting Hollywood Left "personalities" use their celebrity status to whip up anti-American hatred in precisely those countries who have either stabbed us in the back or, in the case of Britain, had populations who would have. Their purpose in spouting off in those countries was to destroy the foreign policy of this country precisely in those places that were working to kill our troops. ESPN, joining the Hate America Liberal Left, has now decided to attack the Baseball Hall of Fame for kicking both Sarandon and her husband out of the ceremony.

Baseball made the correct decision.

There is a major difference between Barbra Streissand who spouts off from Beverly Hills, Garofolo who also speaks out in this country, and most of the other Hollywood Left celebrities who speak their minds HERE. Many oppose the war but shut up while the troops are at risk. They are cool too.

We are looking at Celebrity Traitors actively involved in activities that can only result in the death of American Military people. We who decide to act against these people are not Nazis, vicious Right Wingers, or intolerant beasts. We are thinking rationally. It is correct to stand up to Dixie Chick attacks made from Europe. I say pay them back.

What You Do Hear are the Cries of Respect
"Name one war Germany has ever won" is what you hear whenever the Germans get uppity. This can be applied to the Muslim world ever since they failed to capture Vienna back in 1683 and were forced to negotiate the first war time settlement that wasn't in their favor since they began their military rampages in the 8th century. Since Vienna it has been all down hill for the Arabs. A 200 year period in which this backward and violent society could only use western weaponry, western tactics, and their own poisonous philosophy with which to wage war. The only thing the Arab Street respects is force. Absolute force applied violently and quickly. This Arab "attitude" has been pointed out by Bernard Lewis and more than a few scholars who are not allowed in the halls of Ivy or other "superior" academic settings; those places are happy to have Left Wing ideologues headed by Edward Said, a completely discredited "scholar", oraculate to students who cannot challenge him.

Don't worry about the Arab "Street". What you hear right now are the cries of respect. Love us? They don't even love themselves. Read the seminal work by Bernard Lewis if you haven't already done so.

As a personal aside here, many of us live by a mantra that goes: What you think of me is none of my business We cannot control what others think of us and it is stupid to run around trying to get others to "love us". The Democratic Party has the "Please, please love us" foreign policy goal. To put that moronic goal into being we would have to gut our Constitution and Bill of Rights of those things that the Arabs, Chinese, Castro, and every other tyrant on the face of the earth hates about us: Separation of Church and State, Freedom of (everything), and most especially the part where it says that every individual is "entitled"to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", something that exists in no other Constitution in the World. NOBODY wants their people to pursue happiness. Pursuing Happiness? You can't do that. That is trouble. I think we all have to realize how low the Democratic philosophy would have us stoop.


They will Fight, really fight, to have UN in Iraq
Hard to believe that we will have a major political party demand that France, Germany, and Russia together with those bastions of democracy, Lybia, Syria, China and others have a major role but that seem to be their latest plan. Get ready. Here they come. Together with the news that Russia actively planned the defense of Baghdad . Prior link to Glenn Reynolds who has other links. Russia also gave weapons to Saddam very recently. I think Steven Den Beste at USS Clueless was the first to suspect that the business dealings were behind the French, German, Russian obstructionism but not even he suspected the lengths that these governments had become actively involved in sustaining that regeme.

I just don't see how the Democrats remain a powerful party. They aren't moving to the Left, they are moving to outer space, which is where the San Francesspool city limits begin; it is also where the brain power of Barbara Boxer (Dem Marin County) and Nancy Pelosi (Dem. San Francesspool) has been for the past ten years.


Liberal Groups charge only Iraqis stopped in Baghdad???...Full story here.....


Penis Too Large? Go HERE

It's about cats and....spare me. Link here to Lucianne


Where are the MPs?
Military Police battalions are what is needed but where are they? This is stupid. Supposedly the rioting is "good" according to the Military. BS. This obviously slipped from the planning. MPs should be there and are not.


Journal Opinion Page regarding the disgusting Hollywood Left fawning over Castro as he imprisons 75 people for the crimes of writing and talking. More and more I just don't want to go to movies of any kind. Supporting these Left Wingers who support dictators and thugs all over the world becomes immoral. I'll go back to baseball, Arena Football, and um, er, oh and maybe sex with my wife......


According to media Iraq can't sell oil unless the UN recognizes the government. The French will do all they can to stop recognition til they get their way. World Markets are afraid to buy Iraqi oil unless they are sure there is a rightful owner. ANY MORON can figure out that the U.S. government could buy all the oil it wants and then resell it here. Oh yes, that's socialism, but get ready for it because the French and Russians are playing for keeps and ruining Iraq with WWI style reparations is what they intend to do. These old time EU thugs would leave Iraq they way they left the contenent of Africa; uneducated, robbed, and helpless. We have to handle it. It's easy.

For an example of what kinds of deals these EU thugs would make for themselves if they get the chance link to this example courtesy of Bill Quick. EU cartels without any accountability to anyone anywhere will do this.


Penis Too Large? Go HERE
Just as full of it as Johnny Apple. Two weeks ago 3/31 totally wrong. 3/31. My archive is missing, a usual practice with Blogspot. so take my word for it. Totally stupid.

Those women at MSNBC who hate having the horrible, ugly AMERICAN flag flown anywhere in Iraq. Makes me boil.


War is Repeat Of Bernard Lewis Analysis
All of us who have read Mr. Lewis know that this war is more and more of the same. Superior Western technology and force wiping out the best that Mid East military can offer. This has been going on since the Brits kicked Napoleon out of Egypt. So again today the once supreme Arab military might has been reduced to rubble in record time. If you haven't read Mr. Lewis I suggest you hit Amazon and buy "The Middle East--A Brief History of the Last 2000 Years". The first chapter encapsulates the feelings of a modern Arab anywhere sitting in a coffee shop with nothing around him, including his clothing, of Mid East creation or origin. Everything he has, everything he uses, and everything he wants is Western. Once again this society that has created nothing since 1500 sees itself humiliated. Add to that the army that is winning has women in it. Women who are actually killing MEN.

Will this, at long last, cause change? That is the question. Right now nobody really knows. All the Usual Suspects have Opinions. But nobody knows.



The stock market: still the same as my post of last month. War won't help. BUT falling oil prices are a tax cut that go into every pocket in the U.S. immediately and weekly. The economy could get a big boost so I'd have some bucks ready. Keep in mind that Saddam lost this war but so did Putin. This war has a result of hurting Russia badly because their oil reserves will drop in value. Further, he has lost Bush as a "friend" so we won't help.

Iraq: See my post on April 3. Today Muslim Clerics from the south said they wanted to set up a Shiite state similar to Iran. Biiiiiggggggg trouble. Mullahs are the antithisis of democracy.


The people who say this war was all about oil are wrong. The PEACE was all about oil. Or more accurately oil money for Saddam and the Weasels

Can anyone doubt what the leaders of Russia, France, and Germany will be up to when they meet this weekend in Moscow? As if to make it perfect they will be joined by Kofi Anan. The old saw "follow the money" could not be more true. These thugs intend to rally world support (read UN) to sack the Iraqi people of their oil revenue. Is there any doubt that the purpose will be to attack the U.S., perhaps attempt to "kick us out" of the world community, refuse to recognize any new government in Iraq, and refuse to seat them at the U.N. These old time Imperialist powers, and Russia under the Tsars was Imperial in the Mid East, will once more attempt to rob a country of their raw materials and leave the population as they did Africa. This is indeed "The Old Europe", in the worst sense of the term.

When people say this war was all about oil, they are wrong. The peace before the war was all about oil, or more accurately oil money. Nobody seems willing to pay attention to what is going on this weekend in Moscow.



FOX in a tizzy fit. Both miss the real story

There is someting else aside from the obvious fact that the pistoleros at FOX sat on their collective fat buns for 45 minutes NOT reporting a story. There is something much bigger. It is the fact that somebody at Defense or in the Army itself is on the take. Somebody leaked highly classified info to NBC News and to nobody else. This is really dangerous. There is somebody somewhere who is on the take. What else will that person leak, and to whom?

Those egotists at FOX keep harping on the fact that Saddam may be alive and that the story may be false, proving that they are just as big a bunch of masterbatory slugs as the rest of the media.

The STORY is who leaked? Of course don't expect anybody anywhere to rat out on the Media Elite.


5,000 hits since April 1st and I'm a brand new blog just ten days old. Thank you all very much.

Today's news conferences were a display of journalists me me me

Everything that anyone can write that is good about these self centered narcissists would fit on the head of a pin with room left over for 121 angels. The Saddam regime (sorry Senator Kerry) is using children as shields, that didn't work; women as shields, that didn't work; civilians as shields, and that didn't work. Now they know what will work: these stinking journalists as shields. The entire press will now turn against us if so much as one shot is fired in their direction. They don't care how many of our guys get killed because they provide cover for Iraqi snipers. We must never hurt one of them. This is just one more demonstration of the self absorbed actor/media aristocracy exulting in their own concerns.

I don't want to hear one more stupid press conference from this self-worshiping bogus elite.

How about you?


First the Brits and now the Americans show how it's done these days

Liberals, finally tiring of comparisons to Viet Nam, quagmire, and Mogadishu brought up (horrified tone) the ancient battle of Stalingrad as a reason we would fail in Iraq; as if anybody still alive knows what they are talking about. Liberals always have reasons why things can't be done and ancient historical examples to "prove" their points. What those "anal ists" fail to note is that overwhelming force and weaponry always win. Especially when used with vastly superior tactics.

You can't escape the fact that the Brits lost five soldiers and the Iraqis lost several thousand, and by the way the city of Basra as well. Same with the Americans in Baghdad. You can win it with overwhelming force applied with patience, as is the case with the Brits, or with audacity and repeated jabs with superior forces as has been the case with the Americans.

The Brits and U.S. used "Special Forces" (a story waiting to be told) to infiltrate and then allowed them to pin point targets. Long range missiles then hit specific targets. The purpose with the Brits was always to lure the defenders out into the open. WWII was 70 years ago. Stalingrad has nothing to do with war today. Had Hitler had the weapons we have the Germans would not have bothered going into Stalingrad back in the 40's either.

Bottom line: He who has the most guns wins. Always. What counted too in this particular war was the manner in which we won.

The real lesson here is that once again the Left was wrong. Once again they reveal themselves lacking in the courage to take any initiative on any level to accomplish anything, and always because "it's too risky". They don't deserve our votes or our attention any more. Everything they said would happen didn't happen starting with the humanitarian crises in the countryside where "millions" would need aid, the starving people of Basra (another ruse to get the UN thugs into the mix), the impossibility of getting Saddam, and always the stupidity of our generals and president.

Thank God they are on the sidelines for this chapter in history.

Today's "Protest" in Oakland was an act of a Foreign Power

Let's tell it like it is. Today a bunch of traitors attempted to stop our troops in Iraq from getting supplies. They should be put on trial. This is a "Fifth Column" of San Francisco Left Wingers who have decided to oppose our government, our armed forces, and all policies of our government by acting in concert to destroy our war in Iraq. This was not "peaceful protest". This was mob action, directed and disciplined. This is a Fifth Column within the Democratic Party in California.

We have to recognize what is going on in the Left. We have to look at their acts. They should be arrested and put on trial, but the reality is that in the San Francisco Bay Area all of them would be let off. They represent San Francisco and you have to live on the West Coast to understand how wild these people are and how much they hate their own country.

That is what is serious. This view is shared by more Blacks than most of you who don't work around them and hear what they say can possibly know. The news we see on TV is just for the white folks, folks. We have serious problems here at home, caused in part by our refusal to recognize the traitors among us.


Andrew Sullivan makes a case today that many are making:
The reporters who report for big media are afflicted with Viet Nam syndrome; that they have been scarred by this horrible experience.

Hey! Andrew! You want to see people horribly scarred from Viet Nam? Drop by a VA Hospital and take a look at the guys with missing limbs, scarred faces, or just sitting in wheel chairs staring out at what might have been their lives.

You'd almost think these reporters had actually served in the armed forces in Viet Nam. What we have are a sorry bunch of people who have spent their adult lives spinning Orwellian fantasies in which bravery is cowardice and cowardice is bravery.......because they say so. Because they must say so.

For the most part these reporters are the draft dodgers of the Viet Nam period. Scarred only by their cowardice, their deal making to "beat the draft" and send somebody else in their place, or their flight and hiding til the war was over. Today they writhe in guilt over what they have done, and what they did not do.

These guilt-ridden phoney moralists only see evil in the U.S. Government because to see anything else would mean they have to face their cowardice, as well as their murder by-proxy of their peers. It was they who sent the sons of mostly working class families not "smart enough" to go to Berkeley, Yale, or Columbia into terrible combat; and it was they who then called these brave guys who were serving in their places "baby killers," murderers, war criminals and the like in order to make their own cowardice look like acts of bravery. These reporters and their sons and daughters will continue to seek justification for their lily-livered perversions of duty, honor, country. Never forget that they ran their brave evasions from the life threatening halls of whatever university was sponsoring the anti-war line at the time. Something that explains our anti-Semitic, fascist leaning, gutless faculties today.

This crowd of draft dodgers would have all of us believe that somehow lying to draft boards, hiring lawyers to play games for them and fleeing to foreign countries is somehow brave. They try to make the case that somehow risking life for country is somehow cowardly, evil, and criminal. They have to. "They can't handle the truth."

Much has been said of Red Diaper Babies, referring to the sons and daughters of the 1930's Communists who were among the principal leaders of the Viet Nam protests. We have in the American arts and media many of the sons and daughters of that slithery mob. We have tended to label them The Hate America Left. That is wrong. They hate themselves; for what they have done; for what their parents once did; and because keeping the fires of hate burning bright make thinking of the past impossible. Both for them, and most especially for us.

It is probable that the "embedded reporters" will bring back a different set of values about their war experiences. That they will have enormous respect for the sons and daughters of the mostly working class families we see fighting this war. We can hope that they emulate what a lot of us have done in relation to our parents, which is to reject their parent's ideas and develop new ones. I hope I'm not just lighting matches at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier hoping the fire of truth will somehow start but it is a possibility. Tales of bravery will do that to people.

Anyhow, so much for the reporters being "scarred" by Viet Nam. You want to see "scarred by Viet Nam"? Drop by the nearest VA Hospital or Veterans grave yard. Don't look to big media reporters.

For a lighter view of the discovery of WMDs


r e t r a c t i o n
Libs now attack impossibility of occupation
We don't have to go back to thinking, thank God. Sixty Minutes led the liberal charge tonight with two segments on the impossibility of handling post war Iraq. They are attacking on all fronts with the usual suspects leading the charge. Real problem is that the Left is in the position of "crying wolf". There is no enterprise anywhere that can possibly succeed, no war that America can possibly win, and no idea coming from President Bush worthy of anything less than contempt, according to the Left. There were several other guests on War Coverage on MSNBC and FOX (I can't bring myself to watch CNN) and they were saying much the same thing.

This will be the new thrust in the New York Times starting by Tuesday. Oh well.....

Taaa Daaaa

Only opposition is the Movie Star-Media elite, Frisco Bay Area Whackos, and CNN
If this is true we won't have anybody else to ridicule. Could mean we have to go back to thinking. Latest satirical view on Jessica

Latest PC word is sick

Has anybody noticed that we are "sending folks" into places like Basra or Baghdad? That we "killed some folks" in this place or that place. Folks? We are sending in troops armed to the teeth who's job it is to kill those other armed to the teeth troops; kill like in shoot, bomb, and strafe. We are killing other troops who are armed to the teeth whose sole purpose is to kill our troops.

It's another way of PRETENDING for the PC crowd who just can't stand the fact that we are in a WAR and the purpose of war, as somebody else always says, "is to kill people and break things". Even FOX is calling troops "folks".


Our own population would not accept the U.S. Constitution in its entirety if put to a vote today.

My premise for doubt is that most people in almost every country would rather not make most decisions about their own lives. They would much rather be told what to do, what to choose, and how to act by some "Higher Power". That "Higher Power" can be government, Allah or God, or the police. All they know is that they just want to be "taken care of" and they don't want to "think" too much. Thinking is too much work. You can be wrong if you think. Nobody likes to be wrong. Dumb people are always wrong.

Real Democracy is emotional, not intellectual. Jefferson, Burke, Plato, and all the rest mean nothing to most people, they cannot understand what these philosophers and intellects wrote, and are too lazy to try to understand them, discuss them, or think about them. People will take a sentence like "All men are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness..." and say they want it. but they will never work to achieve the type of society that will embrace the concept. Ten to one that 90% of the Chinese population don't give a rats ass about the students who died in Tiananmen Square. It would be their view that the students got what they had coming for thinking they were better than everybody else. People have a gut dislike and resentment toward those who think and act on their own thoughts.

We need no further proof of this thesis than segments of our own society. We are communicating over the Internet right now but most people can't or won't utilize this tool. Most will just "read" whatever they want (pornography is their overwhelming choice) and just let it go. Curious of nothing higher than their collective penis wanting nothing more than instant gratification.

We have an Entitlement Class that just wants their government hand outs and will support nothing that interferes with this process. That means that all people on Social Security, Welfare, most students at most universities and their faculties, and all who work in any government entity don't want a system of choices and rewards. They just want a subsidy with no evaluation of their input or "eligibility" (means test, grades, physical condition, or results).

The people in our own society who actually take advantage of all our freedoms represent a very small portion of the overall population. Poll after poll indicates huge majorities of people would eliminate those portions of the Bill of Rights and portions of our Constitution that inconvenience them. In other words, We would reject our own freedoms.

So why do you think Iraqis want them?

The Iraqi people have had 30 years of being "taken care of". Housing, medical care, food, and income was "handled". All you had to do was go along. Most of the population went along just as most of the population of Germany went along with Hitler until it didn't pay to do so; til their country had been destroyed. One need to look no further than East Germany today. Communism was good to them. They were taken care of. They didn't pay the price of disagreeing. Everything was OK. They demand the Welfare State.

I sincerely doubt that more than ten percent of Iraqi people want to think about anything. They don't know what thinking is, what having choices is, what being "free" means. The concepts are from Mars. I don't think they want it and what they will end up with is another Islamic State dominated by Mullahs, Imams, and enforcers of "Shiria Law".

That's how this will end.


Heard in Ralphs on Third and LaBrea
If it's possible to have a Left Wing market then this market is it. Market draws from three income groups and you get to hear things. Liberal to Hate America would cover it. A half an hour ago, around 9PM, as the word spread that there are 100,000 enemy dead while our losses are 50. The talk here is that we are the biggest war criminals in history. This will be the party line by Monday morning and I can guarantee it. Many people here are totally sad and angry at our victory. Women with dead faces and guys with angry eyes. You have to see it. This is The Left and it ain't pretty tonight in LA. It's like they paid $100 to see a close fight and got robbed. Another view on the death of Chemical Ali from Hollywood

Charges of "Slaughter" are already being hurled at us.
FOX has now reported this figure twice. Again, where are the bodies? Jesus, 100,000 against 60 for us and 25 for the Brits. This is one of the biggest military victories in history. The charges of "slaughter" are already being heard from the usual sources led by our old buddy Gorbachav (sic). The French and Germans will come next. You can bet your asses that we will be charged with "War Crimes" in the international court. Get ready! The French want the oil, the Russians want the oil, and the Germans will go along for their unfair share.

Opinion Journal, the source of story declares it a hoax 4/4/03
I am a vet and I am at least touched by what is at the very least unusual acts of kindness.

What I notice most about our troops is the absence of malice toward their officers and the respect officers show toward their troops. NOT when I was in. We didn't like the officers and they lorded it over us like we were shit. I'll bet a lot of the fragging in Nam had something to do with that. Also the Navy is famous for having duty officers "vanish" in the night, always presumed pushed overboard by an angry enlisted man.

I think there has been a major change in the officer/enlisted man relationship. For the better.

A video Game War on the News Channels
There have to be dead Iraqi military, somewhere. Glen Reynolds poses this question and refers to a Brit article. During one of those discussions on FOX 4/3 one of the usual guests flashed an email from a friend at the front alleging the bodies were knee deep on the battlefield. There was agreement from a second guest, and then.....tampon commercials.

We are seeing a video game war right now. All booms and no bodies.


It is now a Hard Left Anti-War pacifist Party.

Why mess around with clever lingo? You have to live on the West Coast to experience the hate toward President Bush that fulminates from all portions of the Left here. Tenants in my building were cheering the downing of a U.S. helicopter where seven soldiers died. Hate America is actually in practice. San Francesspool Bay Area is a Hate America cauldron. The Democratic Party is their home. It won't change.

The old liberals can't become Republicans because they still believe the "old" liberalism is still the heart of the party, even though the evidence (remember evidence???) clearly shows that campus anti-Semitism, fascism, suppression of all dissent, and a press that tells outright lies is now the Democratic Party face. Black anti-white and anti-Semitic racism is part and parcel of the DEMOCRATIC representatives only "Congressional Black Caucus" and the NAACP. These are facts.

The Liberal Party is now the Republican Party. I know you can't stand it but it's true. Everything the Republicans of the 50's opposed is now opposed by the Democrats. Almost all of the agenda of the old line liberals is now the agenda of the Republicans. Sure there are some weird exceptions in both parties to this trend but this is the fact.

The Democratic Party is the home of the tired Viet Nam hate the military protestors, the isolationist anti-Globalization crowd, 95% of all blacks, 90% of all Jews, and all the rest. The only plank left from the 50's is the UN and big spending for what has become entitlement programs, only the spending they advocate today is spending without any responsibility or accountability. The party is a prisoner of the Public Employee Labor Unions, the Lawyers, the Welfare freeloaders, and the huge entertainment interests which include the desire to invade every home in the U.S. to spy on what we download from the Internet just to name one odious Hollywood goal; the other being to hold on to their French and German box office and CD receipts even at the expense of American lives.

The CD is heading socialist. Their huge Government Workers/Entitlement Recipients constituency cannot exist without unending tax increases to pay their salaries and benefits. Anti-war because the military gets the money they demand. All Democrat.

That's the truth. If you can handle it.

Description of Iraqi Defense Around Airport
The Arab News describes an "impregnable" defensive alignment around the Baghdad airport: slit trenches, tunnels, etc. etc. and surmised that there was no way to beat this defense easily. Anybody who has read casual tactics knows that you merely flank fixed defenses and attack from the rear and from the air. Trenches went out of style with the development of tactical weapons that can "pinpoint" a target and wipe it out from great distance without risk to the attacker. That "defense" proves that the Iraqis have no functioning leadership and that Saddam is probably dead.

It also proves that Arab News reporting is on life support.

Tina Brown shows what a despicable piece of shit she is in this article in the Times of London today. Get ready to puke over the narcissism. Another of the world wide "artistic/media elite". Compare this slime ball with Private Jessica or the guys from "Where Do They Find These Kids" piece. The wrong people on our side are dying.
Read what poor Jim Carrey's wife thinks she should have starting with a $200,000 pilates studio. She probably opposes the war too.

Does anybody else get the feeling that this is another feminist hustle? If Jessica was a man nobody would pay much attention? Glad she's out but enough already.


If Bush lets this happen he would lose all popularity
According to an article in the Times of London there is a State Department push to allow the thugocracy dominated UN to take over the administration of Iraq. This means Lybia, Syria, Egypt, Russia, and all the rest of the bums of the world would have their boots on the Iraqi people. They'd trade one thug for an organization of thugs. Anyone who had helped us might find their lives ruined. Bush has got to stand up to this. It would be a tragedy and if it happened I'd never support Bush again.

But at least they busted themselves on the fake picture before everybody else jumped on them. Those of us who live in LA ask a deeper question: why would a hate America Left photographer think he could get a picture showing American troops as vicious savages into the LA Times in the first place? We all know the answer. None of us read that piece of shit paper any more so we really don't care.

MADONNA and her new video
Ultimate entertainment pig. Declining sales, flop tour, flop movie, flop sales. So she, like all the rest of these sagging former stars, tries to get publicity attacking this country and the President that all these Hollywood Lefties hate. See my earlier post on the whole crowd.

According to reports today, Hollywood may get behind the War in Iraq (now that it's over) because so may Americans support the war. They worry that they "cannot be left behind" on this. What pigs. It's only money. Link to the below from the war zone if you want to read something to be truly proud about. Boycott these stinking Hollywood pricks. They suck.

Declared a Hoax by source Opinion Journal on 4/4/03

From CNN apparently but posted here. Thanx to Opinion Journal. A must read.

Nobody Reads it except the West Side Elite, Many of Whom are Members of the Hate America Left

The paper used to dominate from San Diego to Santa Barbara. No more. They have no San Diego Edition, they have been run out of Orange County by the Register, and they are now having problems in Ventura County to the North.

Why? Because it's a left wing rag? No, that's only the number two reason. Circulation is down but that is by design. Out of a metro population of nearly ten million their circulation is not quite a million. New York Times with a population of 20 million in metro is a joke, and with the paper at $1 it will remain so; only the upper crust reads this paper at all

There have been editorial decisions made all over the country that circulation among undesirable income groups is not wanted. The Hollywood Left and the Academic Left and the high income techies spend more money at the malls than do working class Americans in LA. That's it.

Nobody living in New York reads the Times, ditto for every metro daily in every big city except San Francesspool which is 90% Left Wing. Check all the dailies. All are Left Wing papers catering to the upper income elite who have the bucks to spend with their trendy advertisers.

Movies cost $58 per couple including parking, baby sitter and popcorn; $38 for a date; who can afford them? So all these daily rags devote an entire section to Left Wing slobbering about movies. Ditto the editorial pages. And in most cases the news too.

It's a Blue State Thing.




courtesy of my friend, Carol Hamlin

Betcha You Didn't Know This ...................

Ever heard of Lagardere SCA? No? Well maybe because its a French company. OK.... have you ever heard of Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S.? Probably not, but Hachette Filipacchi publishes some magazines you may have heard about. Those magazines would be Elle, Car &Driver, Women's Day and others. Now its getting familiar, isn't it?

OK, so we have Car &Driver which is published by Hachette Filipacchi which is owned by Lagardere SCA which is a French Corporation. Read on. It seems that a man who has been in the news quite a bit of late owns around ten percent of Lagardere SCA. About $90 million dollars worth.

His name?

Saddam Hussein. Ain't that cute?