This observation on the Twelve Steps of AA is for people just starting out or thinking of "quitting".
Andrew Sullivan has posted the stupidest letter on Recovery I've seen yet. Apparently just being "Gay" is all it takes for Sullivan to treat as Gospel any moronic opinion uttered. The latest homosexual insight is a letter by some jerkoff who is "recovering" from meth addiction and has solved things after 60 days.

Here is "recovery" one day at a time for 12 years, without the bullshit. A copy of a letter I sent to Sullivan, who I believe becomes more and more trivial every day. His page has become one long homosexual diatribe and increasingly disconnected from anything remotely connected with the 95% of us who are not gay.

"Been in "recovery" ten plus years. That letter you printed is a total joke. I'm sure other "recovering" people have also written to you. That man (who wrote you) doesn't have a clue. I'd like to know who is sponsoring him. An enabler I'll bet. I "sponsor" about three people. I've seen that guy many times in the past. Forget him. If he's not still using he soon will be. If he spoke like that at a meeting he'd get a huge laugh. From everybody who knows exactly who he really is.

The Twelve steps cannot even be worked in less than 12 months. Recovery takes about five years. The process involves a Fourth step inventory and then making amends. This asshole has done nothing. To get any clarity about the damage caused by our rampages takes many Fourth through Ninth steps. A really painful and arduous process.
A psychiatrist laid it out for us thusly: think of your life as a circle. In the center of the circle is the core of what you have come to be, or believe yourself to be. Always it is fear, hate, rage. We are possessed by it. We fear being "found out" and we have rage directed at anyone who tries to "get to us", to find the dark. The "dark" is the surrounding circle of stealing, lying, cheating, violence, etc. with a little piece of the pie reserved for some really good things about ourselves. The challenge in the Twelve Steps is to shine a light onto the dark areas, that can only exist in the dark (criminality etc.), and allow that tiny portion of "good stuff" to expand and replace the bad stuff. The good stuff thrives in the light, we want people to see that part of us. This process of expanding the light so that we expose most of ourselves to the light takes five years. It is spiritual. God is involved (Higher Power) and it is God that shines the light. Our core of hate, resentment, anger, and fear is gradually replaced, allegedly by love but more likely by a desire to help others, a feeling good about ourselves for helping others, and so on. We no longer fear being seen and so the rage and hate generated by the fear of being found out is replaced.

That letter is too ridiculous for words and is most likely to have addicts think they can "recover" in a month or two. Anybody will tell you, and I hope they have, the truth about recovery. For EVERYBODY. It is serious business."

That is what I wrote. Pass this along to those starting in Program or to those involved in Program. The Twelve Steps work, if you work them.

Charles Bukowski Poem for a Saturday

I met a genius on the train
about 6 years old,
he sat beside me
and as the train
ran down along the coast
we came to the ocean
and then he looked at me
and said,
it's not pretty.

it was the first time I'd


In response to emails proclaiming my "genius". No. I am a follower of William O'Niel at Investors Business Daily. I've read and studied his book and I rigorously employ the CANSLIM system. My commentary has always been for the small investor ($5,000 to $50,000) and the rules for small investors preclude taking "shots" at stocks. You invest by certain rules and bail out on certain rules and you never deviate. You don't catch bottoms and you do catch a lot of tops, and when you miss "tops" you certainly get out with most of your gain.

You cannot follow people like Jim Cramer, although good he has always worked with a customer base of millionaires who can afford to lose 50K and come back for more. You cannot listen to any of them. Using the CANSLIM system you are always in the game with a company with the prospect of huge moves. My recommendations were all based on only investing when the broader indexes were positive, meaning your chance for loss was reduced exponentially and chance for gain increased substantially.

That's it. Invest, don't trade. Have bailout signals and buy in signals. That is it. A guy with 25K or less should be in no more than one or two stocks. Screwing with the indexes is neither hedging or investing. Buying options is speculation. Writing them is the same.

OK? I'm not a genius. Just a guy who learned from the best and follow the rules laid out.

Oh, one other thing. A small investor MUST "scale out" of winning positions. This means that when a stock has risen 25% you sell part of the holding just because. You repeat the process at 50%. This means that you are now in the market with a risk of zero and have capital to look at another stock. Why is this critical?

A tale from my poker days: I played poker in the Navy and made some bucks but when I used to go to the card rooms in Gardena I was losing overall, and losing to mental midgets. I knew all the odds, all the percentages, everything. One day I asked one of the winners I had rapport with to lunch and asked him what the hell I was doing wrong. He leaned over the table and whispered like he was telling me something nobody in the entire world knew but him. "Money management, my friend. Money management. You see me leave tables in the middle of the day or early in the morning? That's because I have lost my gambling capital for the day. I go to the movies. I go to the beach. I play tomorrow with gambling capital." That gambling capital "system" changes everything. The system is to establish your absolute limit of gambling capital and never risk more than ten percent of it during a single sitting. This system means you have never risked everything you have and so your brain concentrates on the game and not winning or losing. Your bluffs are sharp your calls are sharp and you are never cowardly. You never add to your gambling capital other than once a year. You invest 50% of your winnings in something else (Real Estate, art, or CDs), at least 10% goes to fun and things you absolutely don't need, and tithe.

Same with stocks. Have investment capital. Manage that capital. The investment guru of all time is still Benjamin Graham. Old Ben said you should have half your money in bonds. Even at 3%? He had his in bonds at 1%.

MSNBC SMOKES FOX AGAIN---Just sitting around while Rudolph was caught. Fox, stuck in their endless format of "personality" shows, was completly blitzed on this coverage. Fox is losing it and I predict a surge for MSNBC with only one really weak spot right now, and that is the insufferable pair of Press and Buchannan.


The campaign is a "flood the zone" one and coming exclusively from the Left. It is 95% fallacious. GE food could end starvation in the world in one growing season and is completely safe. The Left is starving Africa. Period.

FACTS: All our food is Genetically Engineered. The first case is of corn starting more than 3,000 years ago. Go HERE for a complete and easy to read history starting before writing. Also go to Laura Crane who is very good on this topic. "Better dead than GM fed" is the cry of the EU thugs who are killing the Africans, who are cooperating in the effort to murder them.

Here's a list of some of the opposition: GE Food Alert, Organic Consumers Association, Global Issues, Friends of the Earth, Green Peace, Mothers for Natural Law, and a hundred or more groups. What they do is write things and then republish each other's mis-information. The purpose here is to hurt the big corporations at the expense of the starving populations around the world. Hit Google and see the mass of sites republishing their own lies. Just awful. And people are starving to death because of them.


  • Brit press breaking story of Brit prisoner torture. May not be accurate because pix being run may have been staged. But prisoner treatment way outside the lines. HERE, more reliable link HERE, and a kinky link to the New York Times requires registration. later add MSNBC, the always credible Ashleigh Banfield (ho ho), is reporting the pictures as fact, the Brit press says it looks like the pictures were staged, meaning that the sex acts weren't actually happening. A guy tied up and hanging from a forklift real. Again, don't trust the media.
  • New Game Show in Britain---See, here's the concept: these foreign laborers and stuff seeking asylum are captured and put on a game show. The audience votes whether to deport them or not. HERE
  • As California faces bankruptcy, spending INCREASES Here's just some of the spending proposals being discussed, while state has a $35 billion deficit:spend millions to change the date of the statewide primary election, $1.3 million to protect coho salmon $300,000 to study the effectiveness of HOV lanes, $250,000 to study the impact of legalizing and licensing pet ferrets, $4.3 million to save "Heritage Trees", $150,000 to stuff voter registration cards into income tax forms, $250,000 to form a commission to trim bureaucratic fat, and $45 million so California can hold two primary elections every four years instead of one. And you can bet California will be coming to the Feds for money.
  • And now it's Vanity Fair with a fake story deliberately misquoting Wolfowitz. Do any of us believe anything in the main media? They are all liars and they are all on the Left. Particularly upsetting on this one is that the author, Sam Tannenhaus, is a truly great writer, a Pulitzer winner for "Whittaker Chambers" and a long history. That he would deliberately lie sucks.
  • Modern Drunkard Magazine is a must read. Link courtesy of Common Sense.



And I mean RIGHT

  • Voted for the War
  • Voted to raise wages and benefits for Military
  • Refuses to endorse removal of Rick Santorum
  • Supports occupation
  • Making nasty sounds about Iran; in fact watch her announce support for action against Iran.
  • Totally silent about WMD in Iraq
  • Didn't fight the tax bill and didn't even fight for the child benefits for poor people.

She will serve on the Armed Services Committee and will get to know every General, every Colonel, every military wannabe and she will make dam sure they get what they want. Watch her support help for Military families. If and when she runs for President she will have friends in the Military. The Republicans will not be able to tell all spies to run for cover because she will expose them, or tell the country she is weak on National Security. She will put herself forth as a Margaret Thatcher of the center.

Watch. She is in the process of divorcing herself from the Left. She doesn't appear at any of their functions, doesn't write for The Nation, The New York Observer, or even The Village Voice. By 2004 she will be seen as a Conservative Democrat.

Get ready.

New Emails Surface in New York Times Scandal-----for laughs, natch.



Talk about Left Wing spin. At least ten newspapers plus TV headline that the poor got "cheated" on the tax refund. The poor don't pay taxes, stupid. Of course they don't get a tax credit. Only the top 50% of wage earners pay Federal Income Tax. The people who pay the tax get the tax cut. What these dope liberals seem to want is a check for $400 be sent to everyone who doesn't pay taxes. What is that? Forty million people times $400? Isn't that a lot of money? Naw, it's only $1.6 Trillion. That's insane. No, no, wait a second---it's only $16 billion. $16 billion? Hell write the check.
Thanx to emailer Bob Thomas for the math check



  • The core group's sworn membership core has been identified; only 180 true believers are left.
  • Bin Laden's personal fortune is all but gone.
  • Donors have been identified.
  • Captured al Qaeda operatives helped target their comrades
  • The CIA listened in as a terrorist made a phone call that led to the assassination of a top al Qaeda leader.
  • Half of its key operational leaders are out of action.
  • Other top leaders are increasingly isolated and on the run.
  • Al Qaeda's Afghan sanctuary is largely gone.
  • Its military commander is dead.
  • Its chief of operations sits in prison
  • 3,000 associates around the world are in prison too.
  • They are so short of money that one recent intercept revealed a terrorist pleading for $80
    This is a total trashing of the Left attacks appearing in U.S. News and World Report. Read the whole thing.
    LINK courtesy of Hugh Hewett

    1. "Covert Operations" to begin against Iran. How the hell can we be covert if we put it in all the papers? This is either a Rumsfeld breakthru or a "shot across the bow" for Iran. "Covert" like the Super Bowl.
    2. Bloggers "got the attention of the LA Times". In a pig's rear end. The Chicago Tribune owns the LA Times and it will be the advertisers that advertise on their megamedia empire that "got the attention" of the LA Times, maybe. So what do we call this gang of Blog egotists? Blogomaiacs? No, a combo of diarrhea of the ego and blog: Try Blogarrhea.
    3. Page One story in the NYT about lower income people getting no child tax credit. BULLETIN Like "Hello"! Lower income people pay NO Federal Income Tax so how do they get cheated?
    4. Bob Hope is 100. Does anybody really want to get that old?


    THIS IS A PRICE WE PAY FOR A POLITICAL PARTY THAT HAS DRIFTED OUTSIDE THE MAIN STREAM By this I mean the ultra Left Democratic Party cannot do the job an opposition party is supposed to do because none of us trust them, or their motives. The complete lack of planning for the Post War "occupation" becomes more obvious every day, but with no honest pressure from an opposition party we trust, more and more of our people get killed. There is no excuse possible for this other than a total breakdown in planning and what is called "contingency planning". A month and a half later there are still no military police, meaning we had no plan for using them at all. Combat troops are being served up on a platter. Hillary Clinton couldn't possibly do worse, in fact you can bet she would have done better. This couldn't happen if we had a real Democratic Party. This is what happens when either of our political parties is captured by their extreme Left or Right wings.

    Dead guys. Ours. Nobody there to force a quick change. Thanks to Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, Charlie Rangel, and the rest of the jerks on the Left who have taken over the party. Yes I'm pissed. Aren't you? The Democrats oppose terrorism only because Hammas and their ilk have interrupted the focus on more welfare spending. Period.


    "Is he a good writer?"
    "Not really. He writes what intelligent people already know about and what stupid people don't care about."
    That exchange is from "Uncle Vanya" a play by Checkov. Sums up most of the writing in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and many other "tree pubs". Think about that when you read this blog and others.

    DO YOU CARE, I MEAN REALLY CARE, ABOUT THE NEW YORK TIMES? Every blog, every newspaper, every half baked "columnist" piles on. Anybody with a brain knows that it is the publisher and only the publisher who is at fault. He is a Left Wing ideologue who has turned a liberal paper that has been slanting the news for decades into an obvious Left Wing hack job. Period. Any of us who have done serious research, meaning really digging into multiple sources for a piece of writing, has known that you cannot rely on the New York Times. They supported Stalin back in the 1930's for Christ sakes to name just one result of my own research of long ago. Getting the truth without frills is very difficult if a paper is paying for "volume", how many words you produce, interviews you conduct, colorful background you supply. These "writers" all think they are writing a daily novella, their readers want daily novellas, and for that crowd The New York Times is the result.

    Cutting to the chase: The paper is corrupt. Their reporters are left wing, the editors are left wing, the publisher is left wing. Period.



    It's not like an awakening in Lord of the Rings or a Matrix special effects Armageddon. More like soccer moms sighing and clucking after catching their darlings playing football. The usual slobbering of the Left has given way to "support" of the Iraq occupation. OK, "Support" might be too strong a word here; Democrats "synergize"; Liberals "nurture"; much of the base will "smile upon" a policy; the feminist wing will "be present" for things. This potpourri of "phlegmatic support for the President" is garnished with "serious misgivings", buts, goshes, and even a red radish warning or two. Their restrained passion leads me to believe that they are really afraid to do anything anywhere. AFRAID is the operative word for the Democratic Party. No matter how much they PRETEND to care, they are too afraid of everything to have a policy that might protect this country.

    Even more interesting is their sudden interest in Iran. Not that they would support war, oh my God no. "Talk". Negotiation. Third party cooperation (France, Germany, and Russia come to mind although Russia is bad news in this situation). Guys with names like Vladimir, Alexi, and Andrei are running around the country giving advice on how to build nuclear weapons, evidence of heavy water, big labs, missiles, and things like that are still not enough for Democrats to actually advocate doing something, but they are paying attention. Watching people like Lanny Davis, Joe Biden, and some of the usual suspects actually talk about looking at Iran is a change. Iran is a serious business. Bush and his people are finally paying 100% attention to them. Many of us believe that Iraq was just the first step in our Mid-East policy. It is right in the middle of the bad guys: Syria and Iran. The big difference with Iran is that at least half the population hates the regime and almost 70% of the young people hate it. This is an entirely different game than Iraq and one that is even more serious for us.

    The Democratic Party was behind the curve on the Iraq War. They will remain behind the curve in whatever happens in Iran. Their only hope, once again, is for U.S. failure. Oh, and Hillary's book.

    MORE ON RACE As a follow up on my piece on race, be sure to read the outstanding article by Peter Wood. We are dealing with a most serious situation, one that must be solved and soon. The one thing he leaves out of this outstanding essay is the success of children in schools run by the Military that REQUIRE parental involvement.

    THE LEFT WILL NEVER CHANGE First of God Only Knows how many lawsuits to be filed against individual U.S. service personnel was filed today in Spain. Because a God was killed, a journalist. We will see what we will see. Almost all "journalists" in the Palestine Hotel were either on the take from Saddam or paying Saddam bribes to slant the news. They all say there were no snipers in the hotel, (big surprise). Keep your eyes on this one, it could be the first of thousands of Left Wing attacks on us in EU courts.

    CHECK OUT FRONT PAGE, THE ENTIRE ISSUE--Of particular interest might be a review of a book called "Lives of the Party". The book was written by a former hard core Communist Hollywood writer. Any thought you might have of the "benign" Commies in Hollywood will be cast aside. There is also a very good piece on Robert Scheer, another..... Well just go there. Some very good stuff.

    BIG BIG Q OF THE MOMENT----are Bill Quick of Daily Pundit and Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit secretly using Blogspot? I ask this because neither site is accessible this AM.

    Tired of the superficial New York Times journalism gossip? Go here to the Wall Street Journal for a true example of what happens to journalists in China who dare to tell the truth.



    Dollar Trading at all time low is Crap

    CURRENCIES The panic headlines about the Euro trading at an "all time high" against the dollar are crap. The Euro has been a currency for less than seven years. The only measure for the dollar right now is against the Swiss Frank which has a history of options and exchange trading going back to 1985; has been traded against the dollar since God invented the exchanges. The dollar is nowhere near lows against this currency (or the DM which is now too lightly traded to matter). Watch the Swiss.


    The Economy

    Unleaded gasoline prices are down forty five cents per gallon from six weeks ago, at least in SoCal where 40% of cross country trucking starts, where there are seven million registered cars. Just in SoCal if seven million people use just ten gallons of gas per week (low) that equals $4.50 x 7,000,000 gallons. That is Thirty One Million dollars per week going back into people's pockets for them to spend on something else. Almost a hundred million dollars per month just in The Greater Los Angeles area (Orange, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Ventura counties). Projected across the nation using API data the money put back into every driver's pocket, is a staggering one hundred forty four million dollars per DAY. Multiply this by 30 days is $4.3 BILLION DOLLARS per month going back into our economy (and I am using 40 gallons per barrel of gasoline and not 45). Paired with the tax cut this has to be major league bullish for this economy. Again check the commodity charts (refer to my piece at HERE). Deflation is in the minds of Bush bashing liberals. We have all just received a double tax refund and you can bet a good deal of the Matrix Reloaded business is some of that extra money, to state one example. If you're not invested now you never will be. Even the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index which is weighted for energy is up from 140 in 1999 to 240 today. By any measure--no deflation.
    And the tax cut? It will help capital formation and this capital is need to expand business. The combination with falling energy prices fueling a consumer spending increase in retail stores and other places is super bullish for the economy. Still wondering why the Dems didn't want to cut taxes? They need failure and bad times.


    The really good news is that there IS another way. Completely fed up with pop up ads I switched to Netscape and gave it a try. Aside from pop up elimination and a few inside goodies I found the system cumbersome, hard to use, very hard to set up, with an email system from 1989. Then Blogspot clued me in to Mozilla. Put very simply: everything right about Explorer and everything right about Netscape is in this browser. Their email works like Outlook Express with a goodie or two thrown in and the browser only has the problem in that some websites will not work with it.

    If you are pissed at pop ups and MSIE and frustrated by the needless complexities of Netscape, give Mozilla a try. Don't start with any beta versions, natch. ONE PROBLEM and ONE PROBLEM ONLY: you cannot import Favorites from MSIE no matter what Mozilla says. The address book imports your addresses from Outlook Express in one key click.

    HEADING TOWARD 100 HOURS DOWN---In what has to be a record even for Blogspot they have been down since Saturday AM at about 8AM PDT. Most of us can now post but have no templates. A sorry lesson. It looks like Google purchased a small time Enron or AOL; it seemed like they had a going concern and it seemed like they knew what they were doing. Oh, well.


    CONTEST: Name the top three at the end of the first round of the Colonial Open. Now name the person who finished 96th, didn't make the cut, and is being declared "Winner" by the usual suspects (Front Page picture at the LA Times). She didn't play in a single PGA qualifier and admitting her is going to prove a super problem for the PGA. Now every minority complainer in America (20,000 of them) is going to whine and sue. She "won" only to another under performing victim group, this time a bunch of women who claim they are equal but aren't, and the PGA is going to pay for this big time. Either you have honest qualifying rules or you don't. Pretty soon every minority and sexual group will have to be represented in each and every tournament according to their percentage in the population and the PGA really has it coming.

    UBER SOLDIER A LONG WAY OFF Before you hear too much about the MIT research and development about this stuff that will be touted hither and yon, go HERE for an assessment by an MIT graduating student. Any time somebody gets a grant from Uber Uncle they hype the shit out of whatever it is they got the grant to do. The "Uber Trooper" ain't happening soon, if at all.



    Florida Black adults protest the competency test for high school graduation. The test is so simple that failure means you cannot function in society. Parents want their stupid darlings to get diplomas anyway. There is an article in Front Page by a teacher in the Memphis school system that depicts the rampant quasi-criminal behavior of the non-students in his classes. We always need to be wary of the authenticity of these "first person" pieces, but his observations are echoed by three teachers in Los Angeles that I know personally, two of whom tell me things are even worse. However a fourth tells me that the absolute criminals in his classes behave perfectly, until they get off the school grounds; then God help you if you happen to ride any of the MTA busses that pick up these "children" who terrorize passengers, assault busses with fists and books, and behave as aggressively as media describe. Police park across the street from the school to make sure the "kids" actually board busses and don't vandalize the neighborhood.

    ANOTHER REALITY---I work in an inbound telephone call center. The sales force is about 50% black, no more than 25% white, the rest being all other racial groups. Here's some thumbnails on a few of the blacks: He works an eight to ten hour shift and also works as a diesel mechanic for the MTA, he sleeps four to five hours a night; She works a four hour shift, a four hour shift as a guard, and goes to school at night where she is completing her work on a Masters Degree; He works twelve hour shifts for three days per week and is going to school on a scholarship; Another works an incredible six days per week 12 hour shifts per day and is saving money to go to school on matching grants and he is three months away from having the requisite $25,000 of his own that will be matched by three other sources; A thirty something woman works as a guard, as a salesperson at my firm, and part time at another job, she is also a mother. I could go on but you get my drift here. Many black people work their asses off, do not deal drugs, pimp, prostitute, or behave in any way other than exemplary. They see opportunity to better themselves and are "going for it".

    ARE THERE TWO "BLACK AMERICAS"? I think there may be two or three in the formative stage. People like the ones working in my firm cannot be kept silent by the bums and thugs in their communities forever. They voice contempt for the "you know whats" (a direct quote) in Florida protesting the competency tests. Two were actually surprised, really surprised, that the Iraqis welcomed us into Iraq; the subtext here is that a few now suspect the "Black News" they rely on for information. Several listen to Rush Limbaugh "once in a while", watch FOX "sometimes", BUT they hold to the usual Black reaction to everything. This country stinks, has always suppressed blacks, is a racist society that owes them money, always picks on them, and so on; the talk in the coffee area is outright hate for this country.

    We may be seeing the start of some change, but a change we might not like. The start of a much smarter racist black class, one that will spot the fakes among them (Florida protesters) but will continue to be an angry anti-everybody else minority group. I say this because in addition to the positives about the people in my firm, their racist attitudes, particularly toward Asians and "Latinos", are vicious. Mexican and Asian race jokes pour forth. The young guys have the attitudes toward women that are as bad as publicized. Their politics are still as an entitlement class that demands more and more. There is never enough. Everything should be free. They see conspiracies everywhere: the lotto is fixed, against them of course; LeBron James, in spite of walking away with a $100 million dollar payday at age 18, will be cheated, although they laugh with joy that "whitey" had to come up with the scratch; Shuge Knight is a martyr; Mike Tyson has been lynched by White America because whites will always bring a successful black man down; etc., etc.,etc. The fantasy world they create for themselves transcends education. I don't know what the result will be, but it doesn't look good for them. Dreams come true. Fantasies shatter.

    WHAT WOULD I DO? I'd just give the Florida morons their diplomas. The parents don't give a dam about "no child left behind". I'd absolutely ban all racial graduations at all institutions in the country. Demand that either you compete or you lose, the people like the ones in my firm can compete and prove it every day. Basically I'd just stop fighting with the NAACP and the rest of the fakes. I'd tell these parents that you better admit that the school failures are a result of your failure to hold your kids accountable. I'd stop paying attention to blacks at all. Give them what they want; fake diplomas, fake college degrees in fake subjects; no tests; give them all the phony paper they want. Life will take care of the rest. Bad kids should be kicked out of schools (of course the parents won't tolerate that). A civil suit on behalf of the parents of kids who actually want to learn should be brought; sort of a right wing "Brown vs Board of Education". Then see what happens........Talk about fantasies!

    Some inner city blacks are learning and maybe they will change things down the road. Maybe.



    CAN DEMS CHANGE, REALLY CHANGE? Not a chance Donna Brazile's editorial in the 5/21 Wall Street journal crying for Democrats to become what their fathers were, a party that put the security of the U.S. first, is hypocrisy at it's best. What she really means is that the Democratic Party needs to PRETEND to put the security of the country first.

    Brazile's record on the subject including her support for Jessie Jackson, her Sharpton like accusations that the senior Bush had an extra-marital affair (Dukakis fired her for that), her racist attacks on both J.C. Watts and Colin Powell (before Harry Belafonte) , her depiction of the current president as "a White Cracker" at the Democratic Convention, her declaration that "The emerging constituencies are environmentalists, gays and lesbians, and those with physical disabilities.", her alliance with The Congressional Black Caucus that has opposed each and every defense appropriation since time began, and I could go on but you get my drift.

    The Democratic Party is the Entitlement Party and as such MUST oppose all defense spending, wars, and everything military. They see military spending as money that is taken away from their entitlements bonanza: hand outs, government work, medical care, free this and free that, etc. They oppose intervention in the Mugabe starvation campaign in Zimbabwe, the slave trade in the Sudan, and anything to do with Israel. The drug like dependence on hand outs of their voting constituencies mean they MUST oppose defense and just hope the UN will take care of everything.

    Unless and until Blacks in the Democratic Party wake up to concerns past themselves nobody is going to believe they really care. And really caring about National Security is what counts. What they really care about right now is obvious

    OH THOSE BRAVE ACTORS----Flee Morocco because of those awful Terrorists. Pitt, DeCaprio, lead other Hollywood "hero" actors to first class flights out of town. What do you expect? Stand up guys?

    DOG PILE---ON THE LA TIMES, AT LAST This left wing rag of a paper won't change but maybe the "full court press" or the "flood the zone" rotweiler attack by some major BLOGGERS might cause a mild reaction downtown, though I doubt it. Sullivan, Reynolds, Hewitt, and others are all over them now. HERE for an overly long FISKING of a major liar, Robert Scheer. Hewitt is shorter if you don't live in LA. I live in LA. I stopped reading that rag years ago and now refer only to the Sports Section once in a while. This is a paper that referred to the Battle of Midway, the battle that turned WWII in our favor at huge loss of American life, as "the infamous Battle of Midway. Twice. Hewitt spells out another false story this morning.

    But in an example of how corrupt the entire paper can become because of "top down" editorial positions all you have to do is check the LAT sports section, once the best in the West. They became total whores for women's soccer, so much so that the entire section was devoted to it. Once the readers DID rebel they have no mention whatsoever of that stupid sport. They jump on every left wing politically correct issue they can, but never do they trash a black athlete unless they can find somebody white to trash too. God help any athlete who says something right wing. The Movie section is honestly a propaganda section for the Left Wing of the Democratic Party.

    This is the way they WANT things. It's no accident.

    This paper long ago did what the New York Times has done: disposed of the blue collar readership of their entire distribution area in favor of those wealthy enough to shop in the high end malls, $10 and up movie houses, trendy restaurants, expensive foreign trips and so on. This readership is Left Wing in LA and no doubt loves Scheer. And besides, just like the New York Times the circulation is under a million in a distribution area that tops eight million. Three percent of the population reads it; no men under 45, some women, and a ton of older people.

    But it's nice to see the rotweilers move.

    WE HAVE TOTALLY SOLD OUT IRAQ ----The UN deal we have made allowing Russia and France to collect the debts run up by Saddam is as bad as selling out to Hitler in 1940. I trust, and hope, this will come back to bite Bush in the ass. This is the dirtiest deal I can remember. Wait til Rush and the gang gets through with this one. In fact count the Left in at last. Now they have something to really raise hell about that has validity. Keep in mind everyone who died in Iraq died for France and Russia. Every dime spent on the War was spent to keep France and Russia in the "game" of sacking this country. STINKS. This may go down as this Bush's "No new Taxes".

    HATING HOLLYWOOD: HOLLYWOOD CAREER MELTDOWNS AREN'T NEW—CALL IT THE "ARBUCKLE" FACTOR. Fatty Arbuckle was the biggest Hollywood star ever. Arbuckle was the only movie star ever who was so big he had complete artistic control over everything he did. Only Orson Wells ever had that, and then only for one picture. Arbuckle's $1 million per year salary for three years back in the no tax days of 1920 is still an inflation adjusted record. Arbuckle is still the symbol of what can happen if you cross the line. Major careers can end in a nanosecond whenever public activities are opposite the performer's "image" of gentleness, kindness, patriotism or morality. "Don't cross that line" is the 11th Commandment for a star.

    Many Hollywood careers have been nuked in nanoseconds. Career fragility is a constant. Starting with Arbuckle in 1921 who had the image of a harmless pie in the face comedian til he was brought down by the accusation of the rape/murder of a bit player and prostitute (he was acquitted), many careers have ceased to exist when the line is crossed.

    Charlie Chaplin was another silent superstar who had his career go south after a series of dalliances with women, his (wrongly convicted in a paternity suit), notorious cheapness, and his supposed Communism (False charges; he was refused re-entry into the country anyway) ended it, but by that time he had completely lost his "touch" and his audience. Ingrid Bergman was a superstar who had portrayed rigorously moral women and nuns for years, but when she started a public adulterous relationship with an Italian movie director her huge career was ruined.

    Robert Mitchum, famous as a bad guy, got busted for pot and easily survived. That's because he was a lesser actor and the pot bust "fit". Portraying the good guy can be dangerous as hell if the public believes that is who you really are. James Cagney HAD to do "Yankee Doodle Dandy" because the "perception" that he was "Red" was hurting his career. Many careers were in jeopardy back then, but most who had screen personas of either outsiders (Garfield and Bogart) or outright gangsters triumphed. Their "outsider" image made them "Teflon" personalities. The modern sex freaks (Lionel Ritchie, Rob Lowe, Madonna) who have done despicable things have public personalities as horrible people, so nothing has happened.

    There hasn't been a major star career "event" since Bergman. Til now.

    There is no doubt the Dixie Chicks are major talents. They were atop the charts. They were superstars who actively cultivated an audience composed of military families, police families, Americans who are patriotic, have lost family members in war, and who value "tradition". When Ms. Maines chose ENGLAND to slam the President on the eve of war it was like Bergman or Arbuckle throwing feces in the faces of their fans. It's over. It now looks like the only way they can save their careers is to "cross over" and become an anti-establishment Republican bashing pop act.

    This is why so many "stars" are gutless when it comes to standing up as individuals for acts like the charity rips after 9/11. They are terrified of the "Arbuckle" factor. They aren't afraid to act in a mob of Left activists because they feel they can hide in the "cover" of numbers. At least that is what they have come to believe. Yet did the really big stars take a public stand against the war? Kidman? Cruise? Roberts? Crowe? Not a chance. They know the score.

    It's not likely the Dixie Chicks can "cross over" to the drug sodden sex crazed pop side of life but we shall see. And what about the "careers" of the rest of the Hollywood "gutless weasels"? Most are in career holes anyway: Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Tim Robbins, and the rest are so far removed from stardom that further decline will go unnoticed (check their box office grosses). Personalities like Danny Glover and George Clooney will be hurt because every time one of their movies is released many will bring back the old quotes. The Arbuckle factor will prevail.

    Things, as they say, happen. Nothing is as fragile as stardom.

    Link HERE for the full Fatty Arbuckle story. Very long read, very interesting


    BAGHDAD TODAY Revenge killings may have started: Two gunmen shot and killed a senior Ba'ath party official who appeared regularly in uniform on Iraqi state television singing anthems praising Saddam Hussein; just trickling out is news of Iraqi Muslim fundamentalist groups killing two people and wounding four when they fired missiles at four distilleries outside Baghdad; good news is US troops launched night raids on private homes and mounted patrols and roadblocks across the capital as they tried to stem the lawlessness that has left many of its five million residents too scared to venture out. A first raid by a new military police taskforce resulted in 15 arrests and the confiscation of eight Kalashnikhovs, $US30,000 ($46,000) in Iraqi dinars and some fake passports; in another night operation on two homes suspected of harboring gunmen loyal to Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party netted 3kg of Semtex high explosive, Kalashnikhovs and pistols. Eight suspects were detained; workers of the Baghdad Electric Administration are on strike another stupid mistake (we should have Americans in there doing the work and doing it fast); most observers say "Lotsa Luck" getting Iraqis to turn over their weapons (duh!!); in Basra where things were very bad long before the war it is getting better. The planning, as I've said in many posts, has been just awful. The State Department is getting the blame. Somebody should get the blame but somebody better get off their collective asses and fix things.

    WHY? Is the BBC on PBS? Why is our tax money used to subsidize this anti-American Left Wing Network? Before you reply that 75% of their money comes from donations, THINK. Every donation is tax deductible. Every donation is taxes not paid. They get donations from tax free foundations, grants from every fake charity and so on. WE are subsidizing the anti American BBC with our tax money. WHY?
    We also subsidize all British television with those Brit shows that permeate the network. Why?

    JUSTICE AT LAST----Six French journalists detained on arrival at Los Angeles, sent back to France. Reporters Without Borders today protested against the detention of six French journalists on arrival a week ago at Los Angeles international airport to cover a video games trade show and their forcible repatriation after being held at the airport for more than 24 hours.
    "These journalists were treated like criminals (The French? Criminals?) - subjected to several body searches, handcuffed, locked up and fingerprinted," Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Robert Ménard complained in a letter to the US ambassador to Paris, Howard Leach. LINK Reporters Without Borders wants the U.S. to allow anybody who speaks French into the country without Visas. In fact they are near to being a pro terrorist organization and their desire is to encourage the free transit of every terrorist in the world. Reporters without Borders is 44% funded by the EU, and you know how they feel about us. UNESCO supports it and other usual suspects support it too. The only thing they care about is knocking the U.S. in every way they can. They rated the U.S. 17th in Press Freedom behind, surprise, France and Norway, and other anti-Semitic countries. Right now they are busy accusing U.S. Military of deliberately firing on journalists; you know the ones who were paying bribes and taking bribes from Saddam so they could live in luxury at the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad.

    The Current "Campaign" whine about Bush failing to act on Terror is bogus
    It's awful to say but that is what the Dems actually hope for. They want the economy to fail or they want a terror attack on our soil so they can win. Either occurrence puts them in line for a victory in 2004. The Democrats propose nothing that will improve on the things the Bush Administration is doing and has proposed doing.

    One hundred fifty two cities, all Democratic strongholds, passed resolutions AGAINST the Iraq War. All range from Left to waaaayyyy Left. Among the 152 are Washington D.C., Berkeley, Los Angeles (Gore by almost a million), Santa Cruz (so far Left they don't have opposing thumbs), Malibu (give me a break), New Haven (Yale), Atlanta (Black and Democrat), Chicago, Amherst and Cambridge (how left can you get?) And so on.

    The entire Congressional Black Caucus backed a resolution like that. Now they complain the Republicans aren't doing enough to fight terror? LINK Now they attack The Patriot act, an act which empowers government to find out who is reading stuff on bomb making in libraries and using computers to research nuclear sites, bomb making, reservoir diagrams and the like; allow wire taps WITH A COURT ORDER; and many other tools to fight terrorism. Cities controlled by liberal Democrats voted against enforcement. They include San Francisco (surprise surprise), Eugene Oregon (nothing as left as this college town),Burlington VT (home of a Socialist and a Republican turncoat), Oakland CA, and on and on with 83 cities on board ALL Democratic strongholds.

    So what do they offer instead of the Patriot Act they hate? Absolutely nothing other than to attack President Bush for doing "nothing". Not one Democrat has offered one resolution that would assist the domestic "War on Terror" that would be more effective. Even more revealing is the involvement of the Communist Front National Lawyers Guild in almost every city and town; (details HERE) The National Lawyers Guild is one of the oldest Communist organizations in the country, a group actually started by Joseph Stalin. LINK HERE Also involved in virtually every city council vote against the act in each city is CAIR, ANSWER, and so on.

    Conservative groups who oppose the Patriot Act also offer nothing. Not even a sunset rule on the current act.

    Now Democrats pray for terror so they can win the election. Nice.

    Nicole Kidman's public smoking sparks furor

    The Bitch SMOKES
    Hysteria over Nicole Kidman smoking is one more witch hunt after nothing. This will actually be big news today.
    "Anti-tobacco groups were fuming with Oscar-winning Australian actress Nicole Kidman Wednesday after she publicly smoked during a press conference at the Cannes film festival." Even though her movie supposedly is three hours of not much I'm tempted to go just because.....


    FINALLY--after thirty days U.S. started garbage pickups in Baghdad. The Brits did everything right in other cities. Many say the U.S. is hampered by the Byzantine bureaucracy of the U.S. State Department that was running things. The Brits are successful because sergeants can make decisions while the U.S. forces need a state department jerkoff in Washington D.C. to decide after holding meetings. How many people are sick because of rodents, flies, and airborne bacteria from the rotting filth in the streets is anybody's guess. BTW, the UN is still trying to stick its nose under the tent, this time to "investigate" looting of the non-existent nuclear facilities. LINK HERE. Child drug abuse is also reported, but where people get the money for drugs is a mystery. The Brits aren't doing everything right HERE.

    CANNIBALS AND TERRORISTS----Reports from Africa about rampant cannibalism as tribes filled with hate victimize other tribes (Two of 20 LINKS), and HERE.. Reports from the Mid-East about tribes (Hammas etc.) filled with hate that bomb and victimize other tribes (all Jews). You cannot bargain, negotiate, or have a roadmap to peace with people who don't want it. There will be NO peace in Africa or the Mid-East in any foreseeable future. You can't bargain with a spouse who wants a divorce, a business partner who wants out, or a DA who wants to hang you. There are forces in the Mid-East who just want Jews dead or out of there. Period. The same is true in Africa where tribes just want others dead. Cannibalism is terrorism for people who can't afford bombs. Our impulses are to "fix things". We can't. Yet. Talking with hate fueled people is like trying to reason with a hard core drug addict; they say all the things you want to hear but they really intend to go out and get another fix.

    MARKET TANKS---SO WHAT?---If you've done your homework you know everything is OK. Deflation is still zero, gasoline prices are down thirty five cents per gallon in Los Angeles ($1.77 everywhere from $2.12 everywhere), more in Northern California in some places, and I have no idea what the newscasters are smoking when they say prices are only down twelve cents. The real problem inside the markets is Mutual Funds that don't perform, haven't performed, and won't perform any time soon. We think Mutuals invest, meaning they buy good companies and hold them for us collecting the dividends and giving them to us while charging a management fee. What they are doing is speculating on short term plays and collecting huge trading commissions while we end up with zilch. You cannot afford to stay ignorant. It doesn't work.

    MORE ON AOL/TIME WARNER--- Matrix won't save this stock. Here's the grosses for their other movies over the past six months. They have no market feel. Matrix is a "sequel". They have but one origial hit movie.
    Here are the WB grosses excluding Matrix etc.-- horrible and one or two pictures which are recycles won't save them:
    Malibu's Most WantedTotal Box Office: $33.011---what passes for a good idea in Malibu
    A Mighty Wind 2003-04-16 Total Box Office: $12.100----could be a story of AOL management
    What a Girl Wants 2003-04-04 Total Box Office: $35.489
    Dreamcatcher 2003-03-21 Total Box Office: $33.685
    Cradle 2 the Grave 2003-02-28 Total Box Office: $64.692
    Gods & Generals 2003-02-21 Total Box Office: $13.006 Ted Turner's baby---a stinker
    Kangaroo Jack 2003-01-17 Total Box Office: $66.667---cheap movie, made money
    Two Weeks Notice 2002-12-20 Total Box Office: $93.308---May have made a profit??? Something different.
    Analyze That 2002-12-06 Total Box Office: $32.071 ---a flop sequel
    Chamber of Secrets 2002-11-15 Total Box Office: $261.925---a hit
    Femme Fatale 2002-11-06 Total Box Office: $6.600
    Ghost Ship 2002-10-25 Total Box Office: $30.079
    WB is a creative zero with nothing to offer that is new. This stock is not a buy.


    RIYADH BOMBING SHOWS SAUD FAMILY NO LONGER IN CHARGE That is the true "message" of the bombing. This family is on the ropes, everybody hates them and they may no longer control their own police force. Don't short oil without protection.

    NETSCAPE OR EXPLORER? Due to the maddening pop ups I switched to Netscape. Here's the deal. No pop ups so browser use is faster. That's it. The entire system is cumbersome, hard to use, hard to learn to use, and their email compared with Outlook Express is terrible. Want help? Netscape CHARGES for email help. I'd say if you can live with the stinking pop ups you stick with MSIE. This is another business lesson: Netscape invented the browser but they were so nasty and rude to customers early on that most of us left and went to MSIE. Now they have an inferior product. Their lawsuit against MSIE was bogus. Their product isn't as good and as soon, or if, MSIE offers pop protection I'll return to using a superior system in all other respects. And BTW, there are many sites that are not compatible with Netscape, Mozilla, etc.

    WHY IS JUSTICE AFTER THE NYT AND BLAIR??? The jerk liberals seem to think that a fake story about the sniper that obstructed justice is just freedom of speech. Obstruction of justice, which is what Blair's story MAY have done, is a felony for any of us.

    DEFINITIVE NYT BLAIR PIECE Newsweek does the job HERE The fish rots from the head and the head is totally rotten. Another Trust Fund Baby squanders his inheritance. Blogs ain't nothin' because the pros are doing their jobs. Link and learn.

    TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE SEE MATRIX RELOAD OVER THE WEDNESDAY SUNDAY WEEKEND That's why nobody cares about the Baghdad screw up. "R" rated, which means parents take their kids to it, a great way of keeping the old farts out of bars and drug rehab meetings. What kills me is the "reviewers". I mean, why bother? It's like reviewing the sun. AOL/TIME WARNER STOCK??? I heard that jerk stock hustler Cramer on Kudlow and etc. touting AOL over this movie. Proves you don't listen to these two bit hustlers. Check the grosses. WB is sucking wind on almost every other movie. If Matrix does $500,000,000 they may be in profit since the movie cost in excess of $300,000,000 including advertising costs. The claim, from the company that has lied and lied and lied about everything for three years, is that BOTH new Matrix movies cost $400,000,000. Of course they leave out the costs of advertising, prints, print distribution etc. The video game is something else. But with the traditional "Hollywood accounting" combining with the "Accounting Noir" of AOL I doubt you can depend on too much honesty. DON'T LISTEN TO THESE STOCK HUSTLERS. Cramer bought at very high prices and didn't get out so he touts that stock every chance he gets.

    DUH! U.S. endorses weaker dollar. After it hits 1998 lows U.S. admits we want a weaker dollar. You just know it's a slow news day. There is nothing anybody can do about it because we are the 800 pound gorilla in every respect. This, combined with the huge influx of money due to falling gasoline prices is going to show some big economic numbers starting at the end of the month. The dollar dropped to multi-year lows on major currencies (the dollar is valued against a "basket" of currencies), bringing the Euro within grasp of its debut level on Monday, after U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow cemented views that Washington backed a weaker dollar. So there.


    A SHOCK READ "We should fire at them and take out a few of their cities—Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta," he said. "They should fire back and take Karachi and Lahore. Kill off a hundred or two hundred million people. They should fire at us and it would all be over......." Mutual nuclear suicide hoped for by a Pakistani. Read the whole thing HERE A referral from Zogby at Zogby Link. The Atlantic Monthly link may not work forever so go there NOW.

    DEFLATION IS TOTAL BS Commodity prices are UP. Check the futures charts, bacon prices, and beef prices. This is more negative stuff from a liberal press that just HAS to find fault with America and the Bush Administration wherever they can. Corn is at $2.60, a year ago it was UNDER $2. Wheat prices are at $3.40; a year ago they were $2.60; Soybeans are at $6.40, a year ago they were at $4.40. It's the same with the meats: UP; bacon has almost doubled in price since last summer. Gold is up. Copper is up. These writers are flat out liars. No deflation. Check some charts HERE The only prices that are down are energy. Gasoline prices alone are down 15% in five weeks. Jet fuel is down, Natural gas is down, and down from very high prices. But they are still high by historical standards but EXACLY where they were a year ago. Ditto for crude oil.

    There is almost certain to be anti U.S. violence now and we have caused it, make no mistake
    First a pretty good job from Newsweek this morning HERE. Much of the blame is being placed on the criminals Saddam let out of jail as the U.S. forces approached Baghdad. According to a very brief piece in the NYT this AM, 300 have been arrested and 92 other criminals were arrested last night. The water situation there is still very bad, but it seems it has been bad for a very long time and this is what is causing much of the malnutrition among children there. Bottom line is that we ain't fixing it.

    The UN (I know thugs waiting for a payoff but now actually doing work) is bringing in fresh water. They say they have found an acute malnutrition rate for children of 7.7 percent for children younger than 5, compared with a figure of 4 percent in February 2002. Poor water and sanitation, exacerbated by the destruction and looting of water treatment facilities, are blamed for a rapid increase in cases of diarrhea among children, which can be followed by dehydration and malnutrition. More than one in 10 children in Baghdad is in need of treatment for dehydration, the UN study found. UNICEF said it was trucking more than two million liters of clean water into Iraq each day, as well as importing supplies of chlorine gas and tablets for water purification. The bad water is causing cholera in Basra, not our fault because the cases have been occurring since 1989, but it is one more thing our "Intel" didn't tell us. Fixing the water supplies will take time since what is needed is brand new equipment something the oil money can pay for starting right now. Additionally, Mosul and other areas of Iraq are reporting high levels of diarrheal diseases, which are one of the three main killers of children in Iraq,according to the World Health Organization. One concern is spread of dysentery caused by bad water bacterium. The VOA lays it out along with Drudge audios HERE.

    U.S. refusal to stop the looters is mostly responsible for the situation now and we could blow the entire thing. Electrical plants have been looted of computers, cable, cable splicers, and all the stuff needed to fix things and after three weeks the U.S. hasn't bothered to send anything over there. This is a failure. And as I said in another post, if the Democratic Party wasn't controlled by the Hate America Left Bush would be in serious trouble. As it sits right now bureaucratic inertia is going to cost us the entire deal. Mullahs making noise will be effective.

    A detailed accounting HERE. This is not more Liberal spin.

    BROKERAGE FIRMS TO SMALL INVESTOR: "DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ASS ON THE WAY OUT." Lots of reports today on what has been the policy at most firms for well over a year concerning the "small investor". Small is $10,000 at some firms and as high as $30,000 at others. Goldman Sachs has long had a minimum account of $2.5 million and most brokers want $5 million. LINK HERE At least now you absolutely KNOW what they think of you so now you can do your home work and really make money. There is no better way than Investors Business Daily, O'Niel's books, and his CANSLIM system. Takes time to learn, and you need to spend forty five minutes per day looking at the market unless you are fully invested, and the word is invested, but you'll make money. There is an unavoidable conflict of interest between broker commissions based on the number of executed trades and client profiability anyway. Now you are free.

    If you use tip sheets, TV crap, the WSJ, and reports from friends, you are a hopeless loser and you will retire on how lucky you get. Today I heard on one of the tout shows of a stock selling at 27 times earnings as a "buy" because it's going higher. Jesus Christ! 1. It will take 27 years at current earnings to break even; 2. Not a word about company debt; 3. Not a word about how many quarters the company has been profitable; 4. Ditto about their competition and how well their competition is doing relative to this 27 times earings company; 5. Nothing about whether the company has any new products, management, or anything else to differentiate it from their competition'; and 6. On and on and on. If you listen to these TV jerk offs you will lose. Buying an overpriced stock at 27 and selling it at 29 is too stupid to discuss.

    Anyway, you don't HAVE to stay a small investor.


    New Jersey Mafia Declares Baghdad Safe This and other news at El Laffo Grande

    ...."He has spent his entire life marrying a succession of heiresses and living off the fortunes amassed by other men."..... It's the rotweiler of the Right herself HERE. There is nobody who goes after anybody, Left or Right like what's her name. Thanks to Bill Quick for waking me up to it. Kerry is pretentious as hell. And doing the Left waltz by tossing his Viet Nam medals onto the White House lawn like all the rest of the Anti-War vets only having it turn out that he didn't toss the medals, only PRETENDED to toss them, assures one and all that he will be a great president of France.

    A WOMAN OF NO ACCOMPLISHMENT: What the esteemed Ms. Coulter left out is the stuff about Kerry's zero wife. Just a taste: Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry, the lady of the $550 million net worth (of which she earned zero, as in nothing) and the administrator of the Heinz philanthropic operations with more than $1 billion in assets, is one of the most boringly liberal lady of absolutely no personal accomplishment to hit the political trail, ever. Her father had money, she married money, and now is the "wife" of a presidential candidate. She will personally kill his chances. A feminist icon? A person who has never done anything in her life but inherit money? Get real. Mrs. Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes_Ferreira Heinz Kerry (the Dakota Souix call her "Seven Names") is the prototypical Trust Fund Baby who has never worked a day in her life, and full of liberal bullshit mainly about the "poor in Africa". If you are a Dem, look somewhere else because she will totally turn off everybody but the Left in Marin County.

    The capture of one of the country's major parties by the extreme left is hurting the country in more ways than you can imagine. Looking at what has to be admitted is the monumental screw up around the "occupation", IF the Democrats were the old time party you can bet they'd be all over this "occupation" like the New York Post was yesterday. LINK below When either of our parties gets so far to the Left or Right they lose the ability to oppose idiotic policies of the other, WE lose the benefit of honest opposition and debate. Can you imagine, if you are old enough, Scoop Jackson, Robert Kennedy, even Pat Moynahan allowing this chaos to happen without a daily attack on Bush, Powell, and Rumsfeld? The way it is now when Hillary, Pelosi, Rangel, or any of them say something I just turn off knowing they are empty suits just fronting for The Hate America Left.

    THEM POOR FRENCHIES, CAUGHT AGAIN? OR IS IT STILL? Giving passports to Iraqi war criminals has still got legs. Bill Gertz has been on this for a while TODAYS LINK. Investigation is STILL going on. Now the EU may take a look. "Earlier intelligence reports indicated that Iraq was able to obtain French military spare parts for its Mirage jets and Gazelle attack helicopters in violation of U.N. sanctions." and that one is still alive and kicking. This is not going away.

    BAGHDAD TODAY At long last we seem to be making an effort, link here, but plenty of damage has been done. And it looks like we continue to put Iraqi police on the streets despite the fact that Iraqi people hate Saddam's cops, are afraid of them, and have a reputation for accepting bribes. This is still too stupid for words. No garbage pick up, still no electricity in spite of the fact we could put American contractors on the ground and get it done (this is too difficult for the State Department to grasp), no Military Police until the END OF MAY, and to re-cycle an old WWII saying: SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up).


    Two studies, one at UCLA the other back east and appearing right now in British Medical Journal. LINK. HERE too. And from the Guardian, you know how they lie but it's HERE Addendum Saturday May 17: As of this moment there is not one single American news outlet reporting this. Talk about PC, if it weren't for the web nobody would know at all, except in Britain and to Rush Limbaugh listeners.

    BAGHDAD IS BAD, GETTING WORSE, AND THE PROBLEM IS US These are links to conservative publications blasting what we are doing. Everybody is upset; our troops, the Iraqis, everybody except our State Department. Get ready to be pissed off. LINK, a hothouse and sympathetic military newspaper , ">LINK another hit piece LINK, LINK and you can bet there will be more and more stories as the day passes. This could cost Bush big time, but the Democrats are so far off the reservation I don't think they can take advantage of this monumental mistake in both judgement and planning. Various blogs are all over this too so the press around the country will finally report it; figure noon PDT.
    More ugly stuff: Baghdad Airport is STILL closed LINK, another tale LINK, and I'll stop here but this is worse than bad. One of the links above is to MSNBC which might get on this story big time. FOX will not and you can bet on it. It is now Noon plus 30 Pacific Time: Drudge is running the stories, as are several other outlets; FOX has nothing. They are becoming a news joke.

    READ THE WHOLE THING at National Review Online HERE. It's dynamite.
    Re: the Roadmap: Those in the State Department who did not wish to retaliate for the murdering of Marines in Lebanon, who were willing to let Kuwait remain Iraq's 19th province, who balked at going to Baghdad in 1991, who shrugged when thousands of Shiites and Kurds were butchered, who sought to pass on Milosevic, who raised the possibility of a coalition government with the Taliban, and who were opposed to Iraqi freedom — now would entrust the security of our only true Middle East ally (and the only real democracy in the region) to the pledges of an Abu Mazen. The latter, known for his Holocaust-denying "scholarship," shares power with an autocrat and terrorist, and only haphazardly reins in a "street" that cheered 9/11, rooted for Saddam Hussein to kill American soldiers, and praises killers who slaughter innocents, among them Americans, across the Middle East.

    TAX CUT SCHMAX CUT Dividend break mean anything to you? Well, maybe it does. You may not know this but many companies are sitting on billions of dollars in CASH. They don't pay shareholders so much as a dime in dividend profits. The tax cut may actually force CISCO, Microsoft, and others to actually pay dividends. The way it is now if you buy one of these companies you are making a pure speculation play; hoping the price of the stock will go up so you can sell it to another sucker later; there is no other reason to buy a stock that won't pay shareholders. If companies now HAVE to pay dividends or see their share prices fall, this tax cut will be one of the best things to happen in a long time.

    Commodity prices are rising. VERY GOOD NEWS.
    Europe heading into recession, besides schadenfreude, there is nothing good there because the cheapo dollar is only good if Europe can buy our products.

    Liberals have no news but the New York Times story, except for THIS:
    Bush guilty of conspiracy to restore the economy Daschle vows fight against secret plan designed solely to defeat Democrats in 2004.

    One talk radio show reaches more people than all twenty major metro dailies put together.
    Who reads it? Do you read it? If you care go HERE for a NRO hit job detailed and in living color.
    Total daily circulation is just over one million. Population of the greater New York area is pushing 11million. Circulation includes out of town figures. Nobody reads it. This Blair story is about nothing anybody outside a liberal elite cares about. In fact people don't read newspapers any more. Their penetration is about 10% of metro markets skewed toward older people. Younger people use TV, the internet, and radio (talk). Put in perspective Rush Limbaugh reaches more people per day than all 20 major metro dailies. Since there aren't twenty major dailies you get my drift. Sean Hannity reaches more people than the top ten major dailies.

    Put more clearly: the people who read the major metro papers number around six million people out of a total adult population of two hundred million so what we have is three percent of the American people grossly misinformed. And they know it.

    Blair story is strictly inside stuff for insiders who mean nothing.


    JAYSON BLAIR'S last article for the New York Times, unpublished but available only HERE for laughs, natch.

    A VERY GOOD SITE I HAVE BEEN VISITING FOR SOME TIME. Hollywood Half Wits HERE The focus is on the Hollywood brain power but he seems to have a handle on lots of stuff. He says today that the Michael Moore/Disney romance is over and done with. Take a look, it's worth bookmarking.

    OUR PALS THE SAUDIS Revelations that the Saudis ignored our warnings thus costing the lives of eight Americans and thirty plus other nationals, is just more of the same. The Saud family is scared to death. See HERE. I sincerely doubt that the Saud family can last the decade and their demise may be closer than that. They cannot continue to walk the tightrope.

    THE FRENCH CIRCA 1789 During the sea battle between John Paul Jones (the Bon Homme Richard) and the British ship the Serapis, Jones only attacked because he had the support of four French ships. Guess what? When Jones attacked, the French turned the other way; they (gasp, surprise) retreated. Then, after Jones attacked the Brits anyway the French came back and shot at Jones. This in a new book about John Paul Jones by Evan Thomas and talked about this morning on Imus. Long review HERE

    REVIEWS, AND REVIEWS I'D LIKE TO SEE Writers who absolutely MUST run off at the mouth (or word processor) when they write reviews totally bore me. A great example is the diarrhea of the mind published in The New York Observer HERE by Andrew Sullivan. Jesus, just say the dam book stinks, has not one insight, is a propaganda tome for the Clintons, don't buy it, and then let it go. I'm reminded of the old Oscar Levant quote. When asked his opinion of a play by one of the literatti old Oscar simply said, "It stinks."
    "Who are you to say the play stinks?"
    "Who do you have to be to say it stinks?, snapped Oscar.
    Exactly. But I guess people read reviews instead of the book and then pretend they read the book.


    THE NEW YORK TIMES AND HOWELL RAINES---------WHO CARES? The paper has become a Left Wing propaganda rag without Jayson Blair. Blair will now be the scapegoat for all the bad reporting (32 stories about Augusta National, the reams of deadly wrong reports on the Iraq War etc., etc. etc.). Blair is NOT the problem, the management of the Times is the problem HERE. It is they who are ruining the reputation of one of the great newspapers in the world.

    OIL FOR FOOD----US VERSION----HERE What? Give Iraqi farmers the oil for food?
    First step in getting the money to the Iraqi people. Iraq grows a lot of food. This deal will assure that they grow more and more. Contrast the US effort with the UN "Oil for Scum" program HERE Major quote: "The U.S. General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, estimates that Saddam Hussein accumulated more than $6 billion from illegal oil smuggling and kickbacks from the program between 1997 and 2001." That's kickbacks folks. From the UN.
    AND THEN THERE'S GOOD OLD RUSSIA, HERE A big fat "nyet" unless they are compensated for stealing, helping Saddam to steal, and flat cheating. They are the same old Soviet; KGB thug Putin is as bad as the French.

    Pat Buchannan was attacked by everybody to the left of Benito Mussolini for his Western population decline analysis; he was called a racist; a Nazi; and wrong. Now everybody is saying what he said only not referring to him at all. The prediction now is that Europe will be in the toilet because they will have a disappearing population


    Smaller population with the smaller work force available might mean that they will automate all industries and will surpass any competition on the planet. A new Japan.
    Nothing is written in stone that says populations might not rebuild, especially if opportunity for wealth and happiness are apparent to the child bearing population; meaning they can afford to have lots of kids.

    Large industrial Labor Unions can only exist in conjunction with large industrial corporations. Europe has cartels and huge auto and telecom companies. The U.S. has the auto companies and of course government, and nothing gets bigger than that. The U.S. unions have only organized those two "industries" plus segments of interstate trucking and the building trades that include high rise construction; also all government contractors. There is nothing that says the EU unions may not go into decline when the pension funds suddenly dry up because there aren't enough employees to fund them (as is happening in France right now). A result could be a sudden loosening of work rules and shrinking of benefits, like the six week paid vacation, "tea" breaks, and the right to challenge each and every order. EU productivity could explode.

    A principal purpose of the EU is to try to "save" an economic system that supports huge labor and huge business while punishing small business. They are trying to build a "fortress Europe" that dictates what others can grow in order to do business with them and so on. But how long will Africa be run by thugs who let their people starve as a price of doing business with France? There is nothing written in stone to say this has to continue, particularly if Asia and America start to truly kick their asses.

    Europe doesn't look too good right now but things can change. I wouldn't count them out just yet.

    SHOOTING LOOTERS IN IRAQ I'm a vet. Trained to kill. No way will soldiers start shooting unarmed civilians. Never. Oh yeah, I know Mei Lai but that was a case of hysteria and actually believing that the civilians were an enemy (see Kent State below). Being told to go out and shoot down unarmed civilians whom you know are not the enemy is not the same. I was in a similar situation and thank God I was never called upon to shoot but I can tell you that neither I nor my comrades would have pulled the trigger. We are not trained for that. This is a further example of the failure of planning for this circumstance. Soldiers do not shoot unarmed civilians. At least not our soldiers. Rummy better come up with something else, fast.

    If any of you think of Kent State, check this: these were weekend kids from the National Guard totally untrained for the "mission" they were assigned. Nobody should have ever given untrained kids live ammo. When I had a similar assignment a hard assed Marine Sergeant let us know that HE had all the ammo and if HE thought we might need it HE MIGHT let us have some. We were all scared shitless but nobody died, nobody got shot at, nobody had a photo op because a PROFESSIONAL was in charge of kids.

    Again: our troops are not going to shoot at unarmed Iraqi citizens. Period.


    SAUDI ARABIA, A SIMPLIFIED LOOK If a guy named Jones had stumbled into Southern California a century ago because Spain gave him the area, subdued the local populace, and then called the place "Jones California"; then divvied up all the land, farms, ports, and so on among his extended family and then that family kept passing down the wealth to their families completely freezing out everybody else, you'd have what "Saudi" Arabia is today. A single family put in place by the Brits almost 100 years ago who own everything.

    The Saud family was assisted in the subjugation of the locals by a religious cult known as the Wahabi. So that's where it's at. The Saud family is hated by everybody and it is just a question of time until they are killed, most likely by the Wahabi faction they allowed to flower within "their" country.

    That's it. Could just as easily be "Jones" Arabia.

    Time for a big time reality check because the Saud family is on the ropes. They cannot survive another twenty years. There is a story in the LA Times HERE but if you have to register to read it, don't bother because their "registration" is simply a survey that will leave you open to every spam, telemarketing scam, and junk mail drop off point in the country. Pick it up later from somewhere else.

    STOCK MARKET I posted since March 1 HERE , then later on HERE and finally HERE about what to do. Everything has panned out as I said in all my posts. I have nothing more to add. Look for a Dow of around 9500. Invest, don't speculate. There are plenty of other indicators out there that are a positive for the economy as a whole. We won't be seeing any interest rate hikes any time soon, falling energy prices are like a huge tax cut HERE and especially HERE that will stimulate the economy as well as blanket any other inflation for a while; and BTW we need some inflation. The storms will be a big plus for the construction industry and look for Military Spending to remain above normal. I probably won't comment on the markets again for a long time. As I pointed out before, there isn't just that much to say at any given point in time other than buy, hold, sell, or stay out of the market which BTW is taking a position in the market. CURRENCIES Currencies tend to trend for years at a time. The "Clinton" dollar rally started in late 1995 and continued til April of 2001 when the first "inverted head and shoulders began to form. Since October of '01 when the right shoulder failed the dollar has been in straight decline. It is unusual for a currency trend to last only 1-1/2 years. The EU can't act as quickly as our central bank and they seem to be caught in a bind there. The cheaper dollar will rally our economy (it is doing so right now) and this trend could continue for years, not months. There is no record of trading the Euro so you have to take a look at the Swiss Frank (always a money spread with the old DM) with a glance at the pound. Right now the focus is on the yen but remember that the dollar is traded as an index with a "basket of currencies" and that trend is DOWN. BUT that "basket" has changed with the coming of the Euro so the past as a guide isn't necessarily meaningful because we just don't know about the Euro. One more point is that one country buying dollars or selling them does bubkis. When the G-7 moves they can stop a trend for a while, but usually trends last for years. Check the charts; EURO and Swiss Frank which duplicates the Euro right now. Long term dollar chart is HERE

    ONLY ONE THING TO TALK ABOUT TODAY, EVERYTHING ELSE IS BOGUS That is the Terror Attack in Saudi Arabia. Nobody knows anything so I'm not going to speculate based on the suppositions of others. Americans are dead as a result of a deliberate attack; that is all we know. The war on terror will be a long one. We can predict that the Left will say we "have it coming" and it's too bad people had to die because of our aggressive policies. Let's see if we can go after them.


    DISNEY WILL FUND MOORE HIT PIECE ON BUSH If any of you doubt what is going on now with the Democratic Party being funded in total by the Entertainment/Trial Lawyer/Education complex, this ought to end it. Disney is the stalking horse for the entire business, because they have a squeaky clean image with kids and moms. Make no mistake about this one: The Entertainment Business wants to invade our homes and restrict what we can see and how we see it. They seek a monopoly that will freeze out everyone else. Hollywood money is now the dirtiest money out there; well OK it's not Terrorist money or drug cartel money but among the "legit" sources of money Hollywood is right there with the Trial Lawyers.


    OUT OF CONTROL VIOLENCE IN BAGHDAD IS NOT A STORY INVENTED BY LIBERALS The replacement of both Bodine and Garner just the entrance to the cave. This is a major miscalculation by everyone involved and now threatens everything we accomplished. There are now literally hundreds of stories, this one by the New York Times, which detail the out of control criminality which is taking over there. We have to assume that Rumsfeld was in charge and he has made a serious mistake. No Military Police at the ready, no plan for occupation, and clearly not enough men on the ground NOW. Interesting take HERE. The problem with you and me finding out is that the press has published so much misinformation that was politically motivated that we don't believe how bad it is. It is bad. We should pay attention. Firing Garner and Bodine is like changing managers on a losing baseball team that is losing because top management failed to provide the team with the right players. In this case the right players are more troops on the ground.

    FRENCH CORRUPTION SCANDAL Like so many massive business and government frauds this one has so many players even a program won't help. A juicy tid bit quoted by UPI in their story: " Asked to explain some $100,000 spent to equip Le Floch-Prigent's kitchen, his former wife Fatima Belaid shrugged. "My ex-husband loved cooking.," This reveals another world of such massive corruption that $100,000 for a kitchen means zero. The Guardian is doing a job but I don't trust their bias. Best stuff is HERE. But there are so many people involved and the tales are so complex that many suspect the trial is in itself a cover up. Nobody can follow so many people, so many government officials, so many complicated names from so many different countries. There is suspicion the French wish the whole story to vanish and they have chosen this type of prosecution so everyone will be confused. Bottom line: whenever there's free money plenty of people will go for it, no matter what it takes to get it.


    Bill Quick's blog thread got me going on this one and Glenn Reynolds also got me thinking.

    Communism, the kind that was going on from 1900 to 1980 IS dead, but there is a new game in town and this new game explains the Hate America Left, the Hate America Hollywood Left and why they like dictators and sympathize with Radical Islam. I'll try to make it short. References for very heavy reading are at the end.

    The nexus of the original Marxist Theory was that Marx had a "scientific" method for achieving socialism. He called it "Scientific Socialism" (Das Kapital is a dam math book); all other methods people were trying to bring forth at that time were "fantasy" conceptions (no math). It's very important to know that Marx had contempt for fantasy. It's well to keep in mind that fantasy is the nexus of the New Communism.

    Why Communism Failed to Catch On.

    Real simple. Capitalism was supposed to make people totally and completely miserable, eventually. The script went that once profits started to fall the workers would become completely miserable (the term used is "immismerized"; im-misery-ized), they would respond to the misery by revolting against capitalism; not out of some intellectual conception of Communism, but because they were pissed off. A Dictatorship of the Proletariat would take over. Cutting to the chase: when the Great Depression hit, the script looked right out of Hollywood. And for a few years it actually looked like it was going to work. A very few years, after that things started to get better and by 1939 workers were owning homes and cars. After WWII it got better still; workers added pools, golf club memberships and stock to their homes and cars. You ain't overthrowing capitalism from the third hole overlooking your hotel in Hawaii.

    One thing here, and it is very important: the Communists of the 1930's were POSITIVE they were on the "right side of history". They knew that Communism was inevitable. KNEW! The hate the Left possesses now is largely a result of the failure of that "knowing". Their God failed them. Not that they didn't try to keep the flame burning for the misery story. The Left even invented something called "The Misery Index" to try to prove to the workers that even though life seemed pretty good for them, they were actually miserable when COMPARED to Bill Gates, Madonna, and the President. The Left Press stayed with the "Misery Index" for decades. Zilch!

    So it's the mid-fifties. Anybody with a real brain knows Communism ain't gunna happen, at least not in the way Karl Baby figured it. So in 1957 a book comes out by a guy named Baran and he blew the walls down for Marx. He said that the poverty in the Third World was caused by capitalism. He further said that the workers in the U.S. and the owners had become one and the same. Workers and capitalists together were responsible for the poverty all over the world and had to be killed along with the capitalists. Now this book didn't exactly fly off the shelves, but it was read by the usual suspects who KNEW THEY WERE RIGHT, who knew they were "on the right side of history", and Communism quietly began to shift. Nobody had ever thought before that Capitalism caused Third World poverty. Especially not Marx, Groucho maybe, but not Karl.

    Now, remember fantasy. When you want to believe, you find reasons to believe. This is where Communism veered into fantasy. Entire populations being "immiserized" by the U.S. is the fantasy. Fantasies beget fantasies. Hollywood Lefties, who like all artists just must be loved by everyone, created movies showing the downtrodden striking back at their oppressors; the Broadway Lefties created plays, the arty novelists and columnists filled their pages with bile about the horrible country that is causing misery throughout the world. Now this new theory grew in (where else) academia (Berkeley, Yale, Stanford) until the mid-seventies when another huge book came out by a guy named Wallerstein that really galvanized the Communists. This huge book not only backed up what Baran had said but "proved" that America became rich by making other countries poor. Think about this for a second: our success as a country is based upon making others poor, period. Think about that for a second and you realize fantasy.

    But to the Left? Oh wow! That book was a gift from the Gods themselves. Just what every old Lefty, every whacked out Viet Nam protestor, college teacher, guilty actor, and Red Diaper baby wanted to hear. It's all America's fault. Everything bad in the world is our fault. All the Chomsky bullshit, the Hollywood Left (the old line Communist propagandists), the Castros, Saudi Princes, up and coming Terrorists, slave Traders in the Sudan, in short every bad guy in the world could blame the U.S.A for everything. This stuff grew like Jack's Beanstalk. Communism was baaaaaakkk. And in a new twist, all the sensitive artist types could get sensitive about truly miserable people who had an added benefit of being 10,000 miles away.

    Blame America for everything. That is Communism today. The poverty in Muslim countries is not only our fault, but we caused it so we could get rich. We literally strongarm the people in Africa to be poor, SO we can get rich. Mugabe can blame us. The Communists will back him to the hilt. American Black Congressmen have totally bought into this concept, so much so that not a one of them will lift a finger while their "victim" starves a million of his own people to death----"because it's our fault." In their party line view an intervention by the U.S. can only be to cause further poverty in the country so the "Mult-Nationals" run by Americans can make money. Further proof that the greatest enemy of black people is the leadership they choose.

    Even cooler for the New Commies: since modern Communism blames capitalist workers (oh, this is beautiful), today's Communists don't have to pretend they like workers. Remember how many Lefties outside of this country said the 3,000 in the Towers deserved to die? (as well as plenty of Lefties inside this country). They deserved to die because they are joined with the Capitalists. That's why today's Communists are elitists. Academia, Hollywood, Media, all the right people don't have to feel bad because they find workers too stupid to talk to; the workers are criminals too. There is a whole world of misery out there that those workers, together with their corporate pals, created. But those people "over there", who live in the poverty we created so we could get rich, must now be saved (big sound track music with all the big stars). And just like in every Hollywood Movie, the criminal workers and business types will oppose saving them. Only the Left will be brave enough to try. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade with credit cards, BMWs, and Lear Jets.

    But "Me go to war?" War? Like in shooting at the victims we created SO we could get rich? This concept is tailor made for the Draft Dodgers of the 60's and their babies. They get to be anti-War, or at least anti any war the U.S. becomes engaged in. There is no excuse for it because they know the real reasons people hate us. The reason why the Hollywood Left, and the Left in general, opposed our Military actions is that they know, absolutely KNOW, that every military action we take is against a country WE deliberately impoverished so we could get rich. Get it? The opposition to the war in Afghanistan was all about "we created the Taliban and the poverty". And Iraq? Terrorism is what the victim is entitled to do to the oppressor. Saddam is capitalism's fault, we created him. He is our mirror image. Our tool. The capitalist/worker alliance made money on his oil. Hollywood knows "the truth", we just wouldn't listen to them this time. We created the misery in Cuba, not Castro. Danny Glover is a Communist, the new kind.

    This explains all the phony writing about "quagmires", huge casualties, and impossible battles. Anything the Left can do to keep the fantasy of the brave victim and the evil capitalist/worker alliance alive they do. That fantasy is the title of their latest movie effort called "The Third World Will Rise up and Smite their Oppressors", the victim will turn on the predator, a movie all the actors have done in one form or another.

    This is light years away from classic Marx who saw a class struggle within a country. This new Communism sees it between two worlds.

    9/11? It was the inevitable striking out of the impoverished Third World victims against the people who caused their poverty and profit from it. I'll add to this in another post regarding the new fantasy of the Communists being similar to the old fantasy of Islam, but suffice to say that these two fantastical movements are real tight in an unconscious way. Both movements believe in something that cannot be. They seek to restore a "vision" that failed; one born a hundred years ago, the other more than a thousand years ago. It's crazy. America is not going to be destroyed by a bunch of Third World farmers, subsistence workers, and dictators. Terror will not beat us. It's not going to happen. At least two hundred million of us won't let it happen, no matter what. Iraq is just a taste of what we will do to countries who harbor terrorists. Movie stars running off at the mouth and buying expensive ads in the New York Times aren't America. And ads and speeches won't end poverty in the Third World.

    I hope this little piece gets you hip to what is happening.

    I urge you to read the very long essay on this subject which I liberally plagiarized throughout. This terrific, and very long piece, appeared in the Policy Review and was written by Lee Harris if you want to get a much deeper feel. He is brilliant. You can also read the volumes below and the Wallerstein essay which I also stole from. Or you can smoke a joint and watch the game.

    1. The Political Economy of Growth, Paul Baran plus reams of papers written about this book. Important to note that entire courses are taught at all the best places (Yale, Illinois) based on his "work"
    2. Immanuel Wallerstein, The Modern World-System, The Eagle has Crash Landed, America and the World; The Twin Towers as Metaphor (a long essay HERE) also teaches at Yale. In fact Yale seems to be the New Communist factory.
    3. Important to note that this New Communism is actually taught as truth in all the best places. College students are taught to believe that all this stuff is true and has basis in fact
    4. I am sort of a junkie on this subject so I left out the usual suspects like Fritz Fanon and the rest