"......let there be no mistake: Rachel Carson and the worldwide environmentalist movement are responsbile for perpetuating an ecological genocide......"
A must read at Front Page regarding the horrendous damage ENDING DDT spraying has wrought. Malaria is up 1,000 percent in South Africa as UN sponsored spraying fails to kill mosquitos and fleas;

"Malaria perpetuates poverty by debilitating people. Unable to work, its victims cannot afford to feed themselves or their children. Sick and malnourished, they are prone to a vicious cycle of future infection and debilitation," said Dr. Roger Bate, author of When Politics Kills: Malaria and the DDT Story. "To break the cycle, to save lives, it is imperative that we have all the tools, including DDT, that work to help control malaria, protect health and ensure development."

Sujatin, a resident from the Irian Jaya province Indonesia, told Smithsonian Magazine what it is like to live with malaria. "My husband works as a logger in the jungles. He's gone for weeks at a time and he gets malaria. It is a terrible thing to have. Sweating. Very bad headaches. High, high fever. You vomit. You are so weak...when malaria comes every few days, you feel like you want to die," she said.

"Malaria keeps Africa down, and down is where the rest of the world wants us to be. If this was a disease of the West, it would be gone," Mamadou Kasse, medical editor of Senegal's largest newspaper, Le Soleil, told Atlantic Monthly's Ellen Ruppel Shell for her August 1997 article, "Resurgence of a Deadly Disease."
Under fire is the junk science employed by Rachel Carson in her book "Silent Spring" which has been trashed by almost every reputable scientific group in the world, except for the environmental lobby. Disease......
slaughtering millions, mostly children and pregnant women -- one child every 15 seconds; 3 million people annually; and over 100 million people since 1972
Then there is this:
"This is like loading up seven Boeing 747 airliners each day, then deliberately crashing them into Mt. Kilimanjaro," said Dr. Wenceslaus Kilama, Malaria Foundation International Chairman.
Read the whole thing because Malaria has now returned to the United States after more than forty years and the only thing that kills the mosquitos is DDT. But the enrovos will back junk science over human life every time.

BOB HOPE'S LAST JOKE A couple of weeks ago when asked where he wanted to be buried Hope replied, "Surprise me." Thanks for the memories Bob, and there are a ton of them. All good


Oxblog and Reynolds are reporting the facts: twisting quotes, distorting reportage, and so on. What they fail to note is the extent that the U.S. taxpayer is subsidizing this journalistic and political sewer through PBS. Our tax money, whether tax deductable contributions or direct government subsidies, keeps this anti U.S. outfit in business.



Libertarians without a clue, Dynamists with philosophy but no smarts, and Objectivists with no objectives are just full of it.

Virginia Postrel and the rest of the PNWI (Pretend New Wave Intellects) actually think this was a good idea. They are so full of it their eyes are brown. In THEORY, and only in their half baked free enterprise theoretical brains, the money attracted would pinpoint what really was in store. Like futures contracts predict the future prices of soybeans and hogs.

Total bullshit. The future prices of farm products are all "weather bets". PERIOD. Weather causes more or less farm product. Sometimes there is a total SURPRISE like a disease. When this happens market prices SOMETIMES explode. But just as often they fall like stones in water. That's because the disease makes the entire meat or crop undesirable; even the good meats or crops are tainted. Weather bad: prices rise; weather good they fall. As proof of this I direct you to beans: In May the FUTURES were at $6.40, today they are at $5.40. Futures do not predict prices.

Futures markets on metals depend on many things but always on industrial production and demand for same (gold and silver have huge industrial uses these days and silver is now an industrial metal).

Now we get to currencies and Index Futures. All currency bets are really "spread" plays; you are betting on the difference between one currency and another, or in the case of the dollar you are using a "basket" of world currencies. What does a currency market "predict"? Jack Shit. Currencies trend for years and they "predict" that sooner or later they will "turn". A word about energy futures, they are a hysteria index. People speculate on their fears. Oil hit $100 per barrel in Hong Kong back before Desert Storm in 1991. Check the cash prices in the Journal or IBD to see what today's prices are. You can bet there is an absolute ton of "stops" under this market because the players and hedgers know today's price is bogus, BUT IT IS NOT SHOWING IN THE FUTURES MARKETS. Current contract is just above $30 and November is just below; this is normal because oil always trades an inverted market (called contango by the Mensa jerks).

INDEX FUTURES: futures contracts on a stock index like Dow, S&P 500 and so on. These contracts never predict anything. Ever. They are usually a day trade (in and out the same day) or a hedge. A hedge is simply a position opposite holdings in another market; if you own (are long) Boing and IBM you might "sell" an index at a certain stop point based on a certain formula or buy puts or write calls. This activity has nothing to do with anything except stating that people can't dump the huge amounts of stock they own without collapsing the market.

The single market that does do a job of predicting the future is the Bond Markets (interest rate futures and options) because the volume is so huge banks participate. But even here genius Greenspan left everyone holding the bag with his comments, which he then withdrew. His sad performance (he is well into his senior moment phase) has caused interest rates to soar; they will drop over the next few weeks as the banks lick their wounds.

In all markets the exchanges take the "other side" of every trade, thus an imbalance of longs or shorts will always be covered by the exchanges. Sounds good but there can be no short without a long and vice versa. Somebody buys from somebody and somebody sells to somebody.

MARGIN CALLS: This means your position is so far into the toilet that you have to put up more money. If you do not you are liquidated by the Exchange. In reality you never "make" a margin call unless you are a moron. You let the exchange liquidate you. When we talk about the Terror Futures I may mention this.

So now we get to TERROR futures. First, understand that the main risk in any futures market is TIME. All contracts expire eventually. You buy (or sell) March corn or February bellies and these "bets" expire on a date certain. So let's say you buy (go long) a Terror Future for December in the month of August. There is no price, just an event. Because of the time you will have to put up huge margin. It goes without saying that there will be ten shorts for every long, meaning ten people will bet there will be no terror attack for every person that "goes long". In each and every month. The Exchange, in this case Uncle Sucker, will be paying off all the shorts with tax dollars because there are not enough longs to cover; the GOVERNMENT took the other side of the trade. But people aren't stupid, as the month of December gets to day fifteen the longs will sell, or maybe they will sell in November, or October. Maybe they will "roll over" to another month like January. As the months go by the shorts are making a killing because they are right every month. How are they paid? Well, knowing the government they will "adjust" the price downward for short players as to "encourage" long players. Are you going to tell me that this will predict a terror attack? This is bullshit. People are trying to make money, not do a good deed.

Now corruption. You are not allowed to be long and short the same contract in the same month in the United States. But people do it all the time by "spreading" in London or Hong Kong or somewhere; they do it here under different names or have another company do it for them. Why? It's called "arbitrage" a fancy word that means whenever there is a price discrepancy you take advantage of the "spread difference" (see below) that you know will change back. Once it changes you liquidate both sides of the trade. So the Terror Futures will open on other exchanges around the world and people will go long and short the same market for the same month because they want to make money, not because they think an attack is coming.

NOW OPTIONS. If you think you can trade any futures today without the options market you are drinking way too much of Postrel Dynamist wine. Options were invented by the guy who fixed the 1919 World Series, a math genius and crook by the name of Arnold Rothstein. He invented options on horses in races. Because of his terrible reputation U.S. options trading was not legal until 1984 (London options were a staple for a long time). Now options are huge all over the world. Other "Exchanges" would have options on Terror in a micro second. How would they work? Holy Shit, all these genius brains ought to be able to figure that out. What would the "strike price" for a Terror attack be for April? You got me. But you can bet a Rothstein out there will figure it out.

Notice I haven't mentioned "margin calls"? I know some government jerk off would figure a way to have them, but I don't know how.

This idea of Terror Futures Contracts should have been thought of. We want people to think "outside the box", but I will bet that nobody who knew futures markets was involved in putting this idea into motion.

Arbitrage or "spread trades": Say the historical difference between A and B for the months of December and March is always $5 +/- ten cents favoring B. Suddenly the price of B "spreads" (rises while A remains the same) to $6 over A. A spread trader will immediately bet that the price will return to it's normal difference; either B will drop, A will rise, or each will move so the historical difference will be restored. If you sell B and buy A one or both ends of the "spread" will make you money. These trades are among the most basic and common in the "futures" business. BTW nothing on the face of the earth can cost you more money than both "ends" of a spread going against you. Most times you can't get out and you have to offset. I was once stuck in a lock limit move on both ends of a cattle spread (feeders and live) for two days. I'm still sick. Very bad news.


People I know who have seen it think it's corny, pretty boring, and when all is said and done is just about a stupid horse. Maybe the word of mouth got out and hurt the box office and maybe people figure a bunch of Hollywood suck up critics are full of it.


She does a real Ann Coulter on OPEC and the Saudi Oil. Not as funny but her points are super. Go HERE if you haven't read it already.


When every pub in the U.S. has the same story you know the usual left is behind the stories. This time it's a hard Left group called EWG (Environmental Working Group). These scumbags run a web site that doesn't even list who is on the board. So it's up to real watchdogs like Undue Influence to smoke them out. Undue Influence has petitioned the IRS to revoke tax exempt status. Check out the highly paid jerks on another Left Public Interest (think Muslim Charities) group. They seem to advocate organic farming and are out to hurt in any way possible American farmers who don't comply with their agenda. Read the whole thing but this is an example of a well funded Left Wing group out to change our economic system, not save lives. The project appears to be aimed at creating a Farm Bill that will eliminate America's industrial food production and replace it with subsidized "organic food" production. They also profit. What they are doing is clearly influencing markets in a way that Enron, World Com, and all the rest did.

There is no separation between Joyce Foundation executives handling charitable and investment duties: four Joyce staffers spend part time investing the foundation's money and part time deciding who gets the profits from those investments. Joyce Foundation has the capability to target its donations to help their investments - and harm companies they disapprove of.
Other foundations donating to Environmental Working Group have similar situations.
Naturally their latest hit piece is being circulated by all Left Media. Oh, BTW the foundations also own big holdings in vitamin companies, Canadian Wheat Companies and other money making schemes that will benifit from harming American farmers. Read it and then buy salmon.

Catholic Guilt? Sullivan sources his letters today and yesterday.

No guilt and no shame from the New York Times. Their obit for Bob Hope was written by a guy who died two years ago (Vincent Canby).



Bill Quick is doing a fund raiser. I'll cough up a few and go there if you want.


Another killer letter from the front, this time from prisoner interrogation unit in Iraq. These guys are sucking it up. Read the descriptions of how they have to live.

Where is the Red Cross, ensuring that we can see our wives and husbands at all, much less weekly? Thousands of soldiers have spent the war and period thereafter without any means to contact their loved ones, relying solely on a mail system which may or may not deliver letters within two months of their mailing date....
It's interesting to note that today's soldiers hold the Red Cross in the same contempt that we did way back when.
At least the Army gets the mail to its soldiers eventually, whereas the Red Cross more often than not fails to transmit the correspondence between prisoners and their families at all. Until I and those with me can see our wives and husbands again, we'll keep fighting to protect the ability of the prisoners here to see their own.
The indictments of the press riddle the letter, part of which is....
I am deeply concerned, dismayed, and often angered by the personal, skewed agendas which taint so many of the articles written about this war.
Then there is this...
The only words for the journalist's work are willful deception, misrepresentation of information, and deliberate intellectual sabotage.
Go here because this is good stuff. I am continually impressed with the intellectual vigor of our soldiers, soldiers who are being trashed by our media. This guy, going under the name of Orpheus, is really sharp. Hope you read it.


The Braden files is running a little survey he took at high end research to discover who was there and who wasn't.

Here is a pattern I've noticed in countless organizations at the high end of the research spectrum. In the personnel lists, certain groups are phenomenally over-represented with respect to their appearance in the general American population: Chinese, Koreans, Indians, and, though it doesn't show in the above lists, Jews.
So when it's plain ability you find no blacks, no Hispanics, no Native Americans and almost no women. Think the bean counters will dare move in on this. No, because the research will leave this country in a microsecond.


Bill Quick has a great debate going. Lots of good points being made. My prior take on Gay Marriage is here


The guy who lashes out at the New York Times over ethics has very few himself. The letter he publishes today as if it was written to him (certainly one would infer the same from reading his site) was on the web yesterday at one of my favorite Iraq links . Sullivan is becoming a "man" who is less and less to be trusted for being an honest reporter. Maybe that's why Howell Raines fired him? I, and most other bloggers, always try to source our stuff, but of course we don't collect $70K from our readers who might not appreciate postings stolen from others without attribution. Add 7/30Sullivan sources letter this AM and letter I linked yesterday. I hope you have both Braden and Chief Wiggles on your favorites list.


The announcement that the Clintons will campaign for Davis in California means that the Left will lock in and Davis will win. This means nothing to people outside of California other than Clinton will campaign for whomever the Dems run in '04. This will be a test to see if Bill can still deliver a punch. My bet is that he can.


Majority Of New York Women Are Single, Study Finds Could it be that even New York men are fed up with the snotty bastards? Just asking. Links also to thrilling NY stories of a nine year old being raped, rape case against state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's longtime chief counsel, a guy being pushed in front of a subway train etc., New York , New York.


Meaning that the Eagles, the last NFL team to have all personnel in camp, are all in. Every NFL training camp is in full swing. Our football fixes are 35 DAYS away. Actually the college game goes into full swing on August 30 which is only 33 days away.


At least once a week you should visit some foreign blogs to see what is happening. You could do a lot worse than hit Merde in France which today is reporting on the chaos in that country. Riots, parts of the country that the government is afraid to enter, and things like that. Take a look. God knows you won't know about this stuff from main stream media.


“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer
soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the
service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love
and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily
conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder
the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too
cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every
thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its
goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as
FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”

NOT BAD FOR A DEAD WHITE GUY, and Howard Dean and the boys
could never come up with it.



This from an intel officer at a prioner of war camp:

The one bad general I have been working for the last month and a half, lets just call him dark eyes, is now ready to be yanked around like a puppet on a string. He is so hammered from this prisoner experience that he is ready to do just about anything. We have him eating out of our hand now. It has been a long road but he has totally come around, now finally ready to cooperate with us.

He actually has great value to us because of his high position in the Ba’ath party, meeting with Saddam Hussein and his sons on numerous occasions. If we are able to work with him as our partner, he might become our eyes and ears on the street at a very high level. It is amazing what you can do with the right amount of psychological pressure, the right strategy and the right conditions. Never at any time have I used force, torture or pain to accomplish my goal.
From HERE. Read the whole thing, he posts on a regular basis. He has other posts too. A very articulate guy.


Wow! Can you see our wives tossing pictures of available hookers under the bathroom door hoping to cash in on our guilt??? In my case all she'd get is a cigar band from a Cuban Cohiba.


Can you see what would happen in California if this true fruit cake won? She has been on both sides of every issue except Cigar Affacionado. Go here to The Mickster for all the dope and links. One thing he leaves out: she has mucho dinero, which ain't Mexican for "a great ass".


The entire article printed below was written, hopefully for sale to the New York Times, back in June. Naturally the Left won't print this stuff so the AIRFORCE LINK printed on JUNE 30.

Christy Ferer is a 9/11 widow who recently was a member of a group of celebrities (including Robert DeNiro and Kid Rock, among others) that took an Armed Forces Entertainment Office and USO-sponsored trip to Iraq to show support for the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines still over there. Following is an e-note she sent her escorts about the experience. In her cover note, she said she intends to submit it to the NY Times for publication. It is really powerful, and very moving, and will make you proud that you have chosen to serve your country, and proud to be an American. Enjoy...and thanks as always for all you do for America's Air Force!

Brig Gen Ron Rand

A Note of Thanks to Those who Serve

by Christy Ferer

6/30/2003 - NEW YORK (AFPN) -- When I told friends about my pilgrimage to Iraq to thank the U.S. troops, reaction was underwhelming at best.

Some were blunt. "Why are you going there?" They could not understand why it was important for me, a 9/11 widow, to express my support for the men and women stationed today in the Gulf.

But the reason seemed clear to me: 200,000 troops have been sent halfway around the world to stabilize the kind of culture that breeds terrorists like those who I believe began World War III on Sept. 11, 2001. Reaction was so politely negative that I began to doubt my role on the first USO/Tribeca Institute tour into newly occupied Iraq where, on average, a soldier a day is killed.

Besides, with Robert De Niro, Kid Rock, Rebecca and John Stamos, Wayne Newton, Gary Sinise, and Lee Ann Womack, who needed me?

Did they really want to hear about my husband, Neil Levin, who went to work as director of the New York Port Authority on Sept.11 and never came home? How would they relate to the two others traveling with me: Ginny Bauer, a New Jersey homemaker and the mother of three who lost her husband, David; and former Marine Jon Vigiano, who lost his only sons, Jon, a firefighter and Joe, a policeman.

As we were choppered over deserts that looked like bleached bread crumbs, I wondered if I'd feel like a street hawker, passing out Port Authority pins and baseball caps as I said "thank you" to the troops. Would a hug from me mean anything at all in the presence of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and a Victoria’s Secret model?

The first "meet and greet" made me weep. Why? Soldiers, armed with M16s and saddlebags of water in 120-degree heat, swarmed over the stars for photos and autographs. When it was announced that a trio of Sept. 11 family members was also in the tent it was as if a psychic cork on an emotional dam was popped.

Soldiers from all over our great country rushed toward us to express their condolences. Some wanted to touch us, as if they needed a physical connection to our sorrow and for some living proof for why they were there.

One mother of two from Montana told me she enlisted because of Sept. 11. Dozens of others told us the same thing. One young soldier showed me his metal bracelet engraved with the name of a victim he never knew and that awful date none of us will ever forget.

In fact at every encounter with the troops there would be a surge of Reservists -- firefighters and cops, including many who had worked the rubble of Ground Zero -- wanting to exchange a hometown hug.

Their glassy eyes still do not allow anyone to penetrate too far inside to the place where their trauma is lodged; the trauma of a devastation far greater than anyone who hadn't been there could even imagine. It's there in me, too. I had forced my way downtown on that awful morning, convinced that I could find Neil beneath the rubble.

What I was not prepared for was to have soldiers show us the World Trade Center memorabilia they'd carried with them into the streets of Baghdad. Others had clearly been holding in stories of personal 9/11 tragedies which had made them enlist.

USO handlers moved us from one corner to the next so everyone could meet us. One fire brigade plucked the three of us from the crowd, transporting us to their firehouse to call on those who had to stand guard during the Baghdad concert. It was all about touching us and feeling the reason they were in this hell. Back at Baghdad International Airport, Kid Rock turned a "meet and greet" into an impromptu concert in a steamy airport hangar before 5000 troops.

One particular soldier, Capt. Vargas from the Bronx, told me he enlisted in the Army after some of his wife's best friends were lost at the World Trade Center.

When he glimpsed the piece of recovered metal from the Towers that I had been showing to a group of soldiers he grasped for it as if it were the Holy Grail. Then he handed it to Kid Rock who passed the precious metal through the 5000 troops in the audience. They lunged at the opportunity to touch the steel that symbolized what so many of them felt was the purpose of their mission -- which puts them at risk every day in the 116 degree heat, not knowing all the while if a sniper was going to strike at anytime.

Looking into that sea of khaki gave me chills even in that blistering heat. To me, those troops were there to avenge the murder of my husband and 3,000 others. When I got to the microphone I told them we had not made this journey for condolences but to thank them and to tell them that the families of 9/11 think of them every day. They lift our hearts. The crowd interrupted me with chants of "USA, USA, USA." Many wept.

What happened next left no doubt that the troops drew inspiration from our tragedies. When I was first asked to speak to thousands of troops in Qatar, after Iraq, I wondered if it would feel like a "grief for sale" spectacle.

But this time I was shaking because I was to present the recovered WTC steel to Gen. Tommy Franks (U.S. Central Command commander). I quivered as I handed him the icy gray block of steel. His great craggy eyes welled up with tears. The sea of khaki fell silent. Then the proud four-star general was unable to hold back the tears which streamed down his face on center stage before 4,000 troops. As this mighty man turned from the spotlight to regain his composure I comforted him with a hug.

Now, when do I return?

(Editor’s note: This commentary is printed with permission from Christy Ferer, a New York native whose husband, Neil Levin, was killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Ferer was part of a recent United Services Organizations tour to Iraq.)



Latest candidates for Democratic Poster Victim are here Look for full page spread in NYT, LAT, and of course CNN.

The latest stupid Hate America statement from Hollywood is from Kate Hudson, another total loser who gets work because she is the daughter of somebody who used to be famous (Goldie Hawn). This moron's last movie cost $45 mil into theatres and grossed $14 mil which gives her the right to hate Americans. Let's all make her next movie a similar hit. Remarkshere Let all the lefties be bored with another Ivory movie starring nobody.

Mel Gibson's "The Passion" has got the usual paranoid Jews going insane without even seeing the movie. The Anti Defamation League causes more anti-Semitism than the Nazis do. The facts are: the Jews set Jesus up and the Romans killed him. So what? He was a revolutionary, a threat to Rome and the Jewish establishment money at the time. People who have actually seen it seemed really moved by it. Now all Gibson needs is an endorsement by CAIR.

Helpless Kobe Bryant is being framed by a nineteen year old psychopath. On every channel, every news paper, every web log. My takes are below here and then here

Markets and Economy

Aimed at the Small Investor (5K to 25K)
Hillary Clinton a sell signal. But do not Despair, there is Great News out there too.

With the single exception of unemployment it is hard to find a negative number in the economic data unless you are a Liberal. The market action this week gave the timid who have been on the sidelines an excuse to get in. And in truth there are lots of good buys out there for people who do their homework. As I've commented here many times, I'm a follower of William O'Neil at IBD and if you pick the right New America stocks you stand to make a killing. And I mean a killing. O'Neil is a big volume guy and index volume is good on the upside and weak on the downside: this is a Bull.

NEWS: While you can't trade on news because it is always "in the market", there is always the "Big Surprise" and you better be aware of two potential bombshells out there; one bearish and two bullish. That Bear bombshell is named Hillary Clinton. If she runs and people think she can pull the Democrat Party with her, the stock market will collapse 3,000 points. The Dems will repeal all the tax cuts; investors using dividends as criteria will be crushed; and the drug companies might sink to depression lows. To correctly play this bull: pay attention every day, scale out of positions as your stocks profit, and just be alert. Nothing is as dangerous to your financial future as her candidacy.

The potential TOTAL BULL NEWS events will be the capture of Saddam and the discovery of WMDs. Mainly because either will almost certainly delay the Clinton presidential run til 2008. But psychologically each will be dynamite. Scale out anyway, Clinton still might run. You never know what these feminists will do. When (if) WMDs are found the Dow could go to 11,000 in two days. Even without those bullish happenings look for the Dow to be well over 10,000 by Christmas.

CURRENCIES: As I have posted here many times, currencies almost always give you two to three chances to get in. The down trend of the dollar cannot reverse in one or two weeks. If you will check the charts, this is about the sixth bottom we've had in the last year and we had four bottoms in the July December period alone. I will be a dollar buyer (short the Euro) only on a confirmed change in trend, since these trends last years I'm not going to lose any sleep "missing" something. The cheap dollar is one reason we have positive manufacturing data. You need to be aware of the currency markets.

WHY THE GOLD RALLY IS GOOD: We need some inflation badly. The betting on gold is that the dollar slide is not over and that the Europeans cannot get together on any financial cures for their own economies. Silver is also roaring. $5 silver hasn't been seen in an awfully long time. I'll publish an interesting post on siver mid-week; this metal has more industrial uses than you can imagine. It is not a "precious" metal any longer. BTW lead, zinc, nickel (used in stainless steel) and copper are flying too.

UNEMPLOYMENT: this weeks figures were NOT unemployment, they were the Jobless numbers. It's great news that this figure is getting better for the third straight week, but we need to see unemployment (the Jobs Rate) similarly dropping to feel super confident. However, Jobless improvement is a leader if things are getting better; unemployment is now the only major indicator looking bearish, but as I've said before it's the only indicator that matters to the Democrats, their media bed partners, and the the sweat guys. Durable goods are UP, new home sales are UP, hotel bookings are WAY up (confident people travel and don't sleep in their cars), airline ticket sales are up marginally, manufacturing is up, some good techs are making money, computer orders are up (110% adjusted over the past 13 weeks,) the chips (watch INTEL) are up; UPS reported increased deliveries for the first time in a long time.

The economy has turned which is proved by the bond market

the ten year is at 4.25 and as I polish this piece some stupid woman "expert" on FOX is claiming the rise in rates as a negative for the markets; the rise is the MOST positive sign of all. Listen you stipid bitch and anybody out there listening to this "expert", the reason PRIVATE demand for money is rising is that there is DEMAND, like for business expansion, new construction, new factories. The only reason an "expert" like this gets a job is that she's got big tits and gives great head. There can be no other reason.
. The only people who dont' know what rising rates in this enviornment mean are in the the media and on every channel in every city. The Liberals needed a bad economy and the media liberals will attempt to sell "bad economy" to the American public til unemployment is below 4per cent, the Dow is at 12,000, profits are at record highs, and Donald Trump enters the ministry. The data is the main reason the Democratic crazies are campaigning against "the sixteen words"; they have absolutely nothing else to talk about. Don't listen or read the "news" to make investment decions. Corporate profits for Q1 were REVISED UP by $20.1 billion; profits mean dividends. Buy.

CAUTION: this is NOT 1994, morons will not make money. Keep in mind that dividends are the engine moving this market. Companies missing profit targets are being savaged. Lexmark dropped from around $73 to $59 in ONE DAY with a gap opening down of $10 because they missed their profit estimate. Lexmark was one of scores of companies that were similarly hit. BTW that was NOT a company any small player should have been in anyway.

The "Sophisticated Small Investor", meaning the bozos who have been on the sidelines "studying and watching" a 40% market rally, started getting into the market this week. God only knows where they'll put their money, but pay no attention. These people have an uncanny knack of waiting at the train station for their flight to Miami. Have your own rules and stick with them.

FINALLY: Things look very good. We could see a growth rate of near 5% heading into next year. The worrisome things you see in the news are problems that must be solved politically; lost jobs in the factory area, the jerk EU stopping Genetically Engineered food into Africa, the Wahabis in the Democratic Party, or the Goddam French winning the Super Bowl are all things out of your control. Don't think about them. If you buy on fundamentals and get out on technicals you'll be fine. This is not the 90s where any stock will work. Stocks that miss their profit targets will go in the toilet in a day. But Happy Days are Here Again, if you work at what you are doing.

BTW if you want more bullish news, the tax rebates are in the mail.



It ain't politics.

Aside from the fact that Bill Press is obnoxious and Pat Buchannan is almost unbearable, or that Chris Matthews is such a big mouth nobody talks but him, and that Joe Scarboro is boring, aside from all that, think about the "news reporting"? At least half of my acquaintances are liberals and many of them watch FOX. The totality of the news when the day is done is the same on both nets. But MSNBC is a prisoner of the academic theory of reporting news. Like the Los Angeles Times novella "news" stories. Or the endless New York Times convolutionary reportage.

Here's the liberal university idea of reporting. The story is that the Nazis have invaded Poland and the Poles are being run out of town. MSNBC will report the story as follows:

Nazi troops stormed into Poland this morning on all fronts, seizing territory and wiping out entire divisions of Polish troops. Some in Poland welcomed the advancing Germans regarding them as liberators from their oppressive government, aggressive police force, and bad food. The Germans.....
Nobody at MSNBC (NBC) understands that a report like that is telling two different news stories. FOX on the same TWO stories:
Nazi troops stormed into Poland this morning on all fronts, seizing territory and wiping out entire divisions of Polish troops....etc.
FOX will tell the Polish reaction to the invasion as a distinct and separate story, and place it later in the show.

The structure of the MSNBC type story has the appearance of propaganda, burying a point of view within a story when what they are doing is supplying balance within a story. FOX has the structure of "Fair and Balanced" because they separate the two stories. I have no idea why the "brains" at NBC can't figure this out but I guess liberals educated at the same universities around the country cannot conceive of doing anything other than what they have been "taught" to do.

FOX rules.


LETTERS supposedly "from our military in Iraq", defending our policy and warmly describing American soldiers, are appearing all over the web. Some are bogus. For REAL stuff go here and make THIS ONE a perma link for yourselves. Starts like this:

You may read many things about the recent deaths of Sadaam's two sons here in Iraq. Let me tell you, as an eye witness, what occurred here in Baghdad.
The reporting from Iraq is a disgrace.
Then there is this must read from the same site by a 9/11 widow who went to Iraq just "to say thanks"
When I told friends about my pilgrimage to Iraq to thank the U.S. troops, reaction was underwhelming at best.

Some were blunt. "Why are you going there?"
Our elites are just dispicable.


Steven Den Beste of USS Clueless wrote a very interesting piece in the WSJ on 7/24. I think he hit a very good point regarding our real purpose in invading Iraq, but I don't think he went deep enough. Den Beste:

The real reason we went into Iraq was precisely to "nation build": to create a secularized, liberated, cosmopolitan society in a core Arab nation. To create a place where Arabs were free and safe and unafraid and happy and successful and not ruled by corrupt monarchs or brutal dictators. This would demonstrate to the other people in the Arab and Muslim worlds that they can succeed, but only if they abandon those political, cultural and religious chains that are holding them back. (emphasis mine)

We are bringing reform to Iraq out of narrow self-interest. We have to foster reform in the Arab/Muslim world because it's the only real way in the long run to make them stop trying to kill us.
OK, but I think it goes much deeper. Without a doubt the two main sources of active Islamoterror are Iran and Syria, with a weak and threatened royal family government of Saudi Arabia funding everything and spreading Wahbism, seated just below. We have stepped between Iran and Syria. We stand to destroy both . I think destruction of both governments was the deep purpose of taking Iraq. Iran is very likely to give us a cause for actively intervening in their internal affairs. Our deeper purpose is to create this cause and we do it by "creating a secularized, liberated, cosmopolitan society " in Iraq. Each day that Iraq grows is a threat to both Iran and Syria. And a menace to the Saudi family. We can imagine a free Iraq with an army trained by us and with our weapons.


The real problem in all this is that in election after election the fundamentalist Muslims win. Does anybody doubt that if an election were held in Saudi Arabia that the Wahabis would win? What we really need to do is change, or cause to change, the Wahabi influence which has spread to South East Asia, India, Pakistan, and could be taking hold in Turkey. I wrote a piece about our atheist elites and that by definition people who don't believe in God are hostile to the concept of a God centered life anywhere. We are faced by 1.8 billion people who believe in God, who actually pray to God five times per day each and every day. We have a major political party that is actively engaged in stamping out religion in our own country.

In my opinion a secular democracy has very little chance of staying in power in Iraq. Our elite leadership's hostility and contempt for those who believe in God is going to trap us. The Democrats will win eventually. They will always say that a government based on religion (except for the PC Jewish religion) is bad, run by stupid people not worthy of our respect. The ACLU will win here at home, succeed in stamping out all vestiges of religion, and give the future to the Muslims. Read my post, the stats on the rise of religion are beyond challenge.



Their entire nuclear infrastructure is decaying day by day and the regulators have been effectively castrated. This means another deal signed by Bill Clinton with the best of intentions is about to go down the tubes.

it is nearly impossible for Russia to move ahead with the 2000 Plutonium Disposition agreement, signed by former US President Bill Clinton and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Inside Russia they are dumping radioactive waste into lakes and rivers poisoning their own people---AGAIN. Putin is a KGB thug and more and more it looks like Russia is headed to the tank. The story contains bombshell after bombshell
Most recently?—and perhaps most embarrassing to Minatom and the Russian government?—Vishnevsky last January refused to renew the SNF reprocessing license for the Mayak Chemical Combine in the Ural Mountains because of the facility?’s decades-long history of repeated waste dumping into nearby water sources. Mayak is known as the most radioactively contaminated place on earth.
For the whole story go HERE


It's easy: plant lies in the media and shape public opinion
Kobe Bryant's $20 million in loose change is being spent on an effort to plant ideas in the minds of the public at large and especially the jury pool in Eagle County. What does Kobe Bryant need? First, he needs a press corps that is either so lazy, so biased, or so incompetent that they won't check sources, nor will they demand a second source. Secondly Bryant needs the guts to plant lie after lie without flinching. And then of course he needs a "team" of scum bag lawyers and equally base public relations people who will do anything for money.

Here's how it works. Plant any story, the latest bogus story about the woman making a false sexual harassment charge at the hotel is an example, and have the scum bag press pick it up. This is done by planting the story in a libel proof Internet web site or throw away paper and then "your guys" in the press are tipped so they can "quote a story that appeared today in............." Worse, when the story is proven false all the press will repeat the charge when they tell everyone that the charge was untrue; they will do this ten times a day on radio. The effect is that false charge is repeated ten more times while "retracting it". This double tactic repeated over and over again creates the idea in people's minds of a liar and a slut because of the number of fake stories.

Now the jury pool: In this particular case the jury pool is 99% white. So all you have to do is go to the liberal press and start talking about racism and how poor black Kobe can't get a fair trial from the bigots in Eagle County. This makes all the people in Eagle County feel guilty and makes them far more likely to demand an extra burden of proof before convicting. It also polarizes the rest of the country around race and not around rape.

As I said all you need is money and the compliant media and you rape the victim again, this time of her reputation, her soul, and her mind. If we haven't learned by now how rotten and corrupt the media has become, we will never learn. Today we have proof that Reuters changed a story written by Deanna Wrenn to a totally anti- American rant against Jessica Lynch from what she originally wrote. Plus the NYT, CNN, and on and on.

I can't tell you what to think, I can only urge you TO think.


"THE HOWARD DEAN campaign was forced to cancel events this week in response to events in Iraq. Donations to the Odai and Qusai Hussein Memorial Fund can be submitted directly to the Dean campaign." Ann Coulter has some funny lines in this weeks missle attack and makes some dam good points too.l


There is major significance in the speeches by Bill Clinton supporting Bush and the War. Whatever you think of Clinton, he is a hell of a politician, which means he has a nose for success. He took the party to the center, he won, and governed. I think he has made the decision that the Democrats are headed to one of the worst election losses since the Republicans lost in 1932 if they continue hard Left. He is staking out the middle for Hillary. Hillary will then step up to "save" the party or, more accurately, rebuild it from scratch.

The Democrats are likely to lose thirty House seats and seven Senate seats as Bush wins by a Rooseveltian margin. The party will lose Kerry, Dean, Gephardt, and others. Worse, in a landslide envisioned by Bill Clinton, they will lose most of the state legislatures, even more governorships, and be left with only hard core leftists from states like New York, Massachusetts, and California. Democrats in every other state will be looking for new leadership and that leadership will come from Hillary Clinton, espousing centerist politics.

Lately she has spoken only occasionally and when she has she has supported the war and implied support for the transformation of Iraq. She is going to emerge as THE centerist of the party and the strongest Democrat in the Party. Bill Clinton would like to stem the bleeding if he can knowing that if the party is wrecked like the Republican Party was wrecked in 1932 they could be out of power for half a century. There is also major significance in the support for school vouchers by centerist Diane Feinstein of California who up to now has been a die hard Teachers Union supporter. When this Left Wing suicide charge is over you will have Lieberman, Corzine, Clinton, the 70 year old Feinstein, older than God Ted Kennedy, and a few others wandering in the wilderness.



KOBE BRYANT the target of vicious 19 year old gold digger

Kobe has about $20 million in cash to throw around but he can buy the LA media for a smile. LA woman hater Tom Leycis blew the lady's anonymity yesterday on his quasi-nationally syndicated (60 outlets) radio show. You can bet the house that Kobe Bryant's money (at least $20 million in cash) is fueling the Internet and press trashing of this young woman. His mega millions are nourishing an army of private detectives seeking to damage her beyond endurance.

It isn't hard for us men to understand. Suppose any of us were dragged into a room by an NFL draft pick type who outweighed us by 200 pounds and had 3% body fat. Think Ray Lewis (not convicted of murder) or the scary Dennis Rodman (arrest record longer than his NBA career). A guy that size could twist us up like a pretzel, pin our arms up to our shoulder, and do it. What would any of us do if that happened? Tell all our pals? Drive right to the office and tell our co-workers? Maybe tell one of our parents? Run downstairs and yell, "Call the police I just got fucked in the ass,"? I doubt it is something anyone would do in a hotel lobby. It would be one hell of a situation.

When we are young we think we are bullet proof. That's the purpose of young. "Don't tell me why I can't do it," is the mantra. Nothing would ever get done if young people listened to the advice from adults who couldn't do it. All 19 year olds are stupid in certain situations. The woman may have been stupid, it certainly looks like it, but being stupid shouldn't mean you get raped by a professional athlete who is huge.

I am astonished at the lack of support from the rape victims advocates. The Enquirer has offered a Vail Teen $12,500 to trash the victim, Jameika Williams, Bryant's ex-girlfriend, magically appears on Larry King Live to, what else?, praise Mr. Bryant (how much money there???), every show depicts the woman as a gold digger, explains the machinations of "that kind of woman who preys on vulnerable millionaire athletes", how poor Mr. Kobe Bryant is an innocent target of vicious blondes with upper torso endowments out to cash in, and so on.

Just keep your eyes open. Ask yourself if even ONE so-called reporter asks one of these "friends of the victim" with a trash story for any kind of a sign of being flushed out by Kobe's army of dicks, being paid in some manner, and cross examining them. It won't happen. The media is in the tank.

As a final observation, since the NBA will be the big loser do not discount the fact that they will use their sports coverage to pressure all sports writers to cover this story "fairly" and maybe slant it. The NBA is on the ropes financially and they need Kobe Bryant. Their ratings are in the toilet in every city, for every game, for the playoffs, and for the championship. This is big money about to lose big money, and these kinds of people will do ANYTHING to avoid losing money.


I was driving when the Husseins were killed yesterday. Rush immediately predicted the Dems would attack. He was right. The Loons are decrying the "murder" of these helpless victims claiming they should be tried by the ACLU or the wimps in Europe. The media press conference going on right now shows us the Hate America Left Media attacking us for "murder" , assassination, slaughter, and so on. The Left Media is in full flower at this "Press Conference", which is nothing more than a venue for the Left to attack George Bush, America, and this war.

So we are murderers. We are evil. Vote Democratic. As Rush said immediately after the report: this is bad news for the Democrats and they will attack our actions. I guess that's why his ratings are so high.

LETTERS FROM IRAQ--Are Phony Demonstrators Posing For Media TV?

Andrew Sullivan is soliciting letters from people actually in Iraq who don't have to prove they support the gay agenda before writing. The letters are dam good. Go to the letters here Don't look for any positive news from the media. However I think the Democrats are finally running out of hot air and the Left will be left as the Last Man Standing. As any current blogger will tell you, all our traffic has soared exponentially over one issue and one issue only: KOBE BRYANT. Bryant is dominating all media attention, for a while. Now when people focus back to events, the killing of the Hussein Rap Group allows them to also see the positive side of what we are trying to do there. Extract from part of one letter posted by Sullivan which may disprove my commentary of universal bad morale there. Glenn Reynolds is also publishing same. I know from my Site Meter that a lot of you Military guys read my site and I hope you write to me too; I'll publish. From Sullivan site:

The only reason the GIs are pissed (not demoralized) is that they cannot touch, must less waste, those taunting bags of gas that scream in their faces and riot on cue when they spot a camera man from ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN or NBC. If they did, then they know the next nightly news will be about how chaotic things are and how much the Iraqi people hate us.
Some do. But the vast majority don't and more and more see that the GIs don't start anything, are by-and-large friendly, and very compassionate, especially to kids and old people. I saw a bunch of 19 year-olds fromthe 82nd Airborne not return fire coming from a mosque until they got a group of elderly civilians out of harm's way. So did the Iraqis.
A bunch of bad guys used a group of women and children as human shields.The GIs surrounded them and negotiated their surrender fifteen hours later and when they discovered a three year-old girl had been injured by the big tough guys throwing her down a flight of stairs, the GIs called in a MedVac helicopter to take her and her mother to the nearest field hospital. The Iraqis watched it all, and there hasn't been a problem inthat neighborhood since. How many such stories, and there are hundreds of them, never get reported in the fair and balanced press? You know, nada.
The civilians who have figured it out faster than anyone are the local teenagers.
They watch the GIs and try to talk to them and ask questions about America and Now wear wrap-around sunglasses, GAP T- shirts, Dockers (or even better Levis with the red tags) and Nikes (or Egyptian knock-offs, but with the "swoosh") and love to listen to AFN when the GIs play it on their radios.
They participate less and less in the demonstrations and help keep us informed when a wannabe bad-ass shows up in the neighborhood.
The younger kids are going back to school again, don't have to listen to some mullah rant about the Koran ten hours a day, and they get a hot meal.
They see the same GIs who man the corner checkpoint, helping clear the playground, install new swingsets and create soccer fields. I watched a bunch of kids playing baseball in one playground, under the supervision of a couple of GIs from Oklahoma. They weren't very good but were having fun, probably more than most Little Leaguers
The place is still a mess but most of it has been for years. But the Hospitals are open and are in the process of being brought into the 21stCentury. The MOs and visiting surgeons from home are teaching their docs new techniques and One American pharmaceutical company (you know, the kind that all the hippies like to scream about as greedy) donated enough medicine to stock 45 hospital pharmacies for a year.
Really good stuff here and here, and lots of places linked by same. We are NOT getting the truth from Iraq by the Media.


While you sleep, PBS airs this Commie News Network every single night paid for by you and me. Every contribution to PBS is tax deductable and they get Federal funding as well. Want to help stop it? Write your congress rep and let PBS know you won't contribute. Will that do any good? Do you get AIDS from eating ice cream?



At least in many letters to the black papers in town many (actually most) writers are not siding with Bryant at all. Many are bringing up the fact of adultery (most of the women writers). Unfortunately most are racist as hell, blasting him for chasing white women, marrying a Hispanic woman, and chasing a white woman before that. Many bring up the OJ case declaring that OJ got away with murder and no white jury will ever let that happen again.

Some are criticizing the coddling of black athletes from grammar school on. The talk radio is still "poor Kobe", and the white media is busy trying to trash the woman. That sports slut Jim Rome is slobbering all over himself trying to make Kobe as innocent as possible. It's the rich white liberals, as usual, that are playing the race card here (he needs blacks on the jury, whites will hang him, the DA is small time and out of his element, etc.).

Now the money: Kobe has more money in his pocket than the entire budget of the country DA's office. The DA has $2 million total budget for the entire department and Bryant makes
$14 million per YEAR with the Lakers plus his $45 million dollar endorsement deal. You can bet that the internet publishing of the accuser's picture yesterday didn't just "happen" and neither did the "revelation" of the lady's drug overdose. Bryant has so much money in fact that the DA is searching other counties as well as his own for more money to try this case. The fact is that Bryant can absolutely overwealm the county and break the DA's office. The way the smart guys see it, if the DA can't get more money the case goes in the toilet. Bryant will just spend and spend and spend and the "reporters" will report what he wants and the case will go in the toilet. Along with the woman.

To those cynics out there who think money always wins? Money always wins.


Things may be slowly changing among Muslim Intellectuals London-based Arabic-language daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat published a series of articles authored by an Arab diplomat writing under the name Abu Ahmad Mustafa addressing the leadership crisis in the Arab world. He asked the following questions:

"I am astounded by our religious leaders, who deafen us with words about the Jihad against Israel and who are preoccupied with struggling and competing with each other to issue religious legal rulings [Fatwas justifying] the suicides but do not prod the people to wage Jihad against their [own] evil inclinations. [3] Would this not better serve the nation… [which is] now facing [another] catastrophe at the hands of some of its Ulema [i.e. scholars]. I mean of course the scholars of religion, and not the scholars of physics, medicine, and engineering. They instill fear and horror, and it is enough for one of them to accuse you of apostasy for you to retreat to a distant corner, looking around fearfully lest some madman lay his hands on you. Isn't there a glimmer of hope in this Arab nation for which we can live?"
Another question:
What would have happened if, from 1948 onwards, every Arab country had dedicated itself to domestic construction and not made the Palestinian problem its main preoccupation and relentless concern?
And then another:
"Why don't these officials hasten to protest the terrible state (indeed, the absence) of basic services in their countries, which have no health, education, or [social] services. [These countries] are below the poverty line (and beyond disgrace). They are all preoccupied with Palestine, and with the slogan 'No voice is higher than the voice of battle'…"
There's lots more. Read the whole thing if you like HERE. It's long but while we in The West have asked these questions for years, it's nice to see a Muslim ask them too.

It goes without saying that it isn't published in a Muslim country and the writer is so fearful that he uses a false name. But he surely isn't alone or they wouldn't print a series of articles. This may mean a major shift in that part of the world.




The world is embracing religion. Hinduism, Muslim, Christianity, and to a limited extent Buddhism is seeing a rise. In corners of the world old tribes are rearing their heads and embracing religions and practices thought to be dead for two thousand years.

Only in the "West", most particularly "Old Europe" has religion fallen in the number of participants. Islam has exploded as has Hindu. Here are the numbers since 1920 and they should make everybody think. Western religions have gone from 48 per cent of the world's population to ten percent; Islam from 2.4 percent to 18% including Bosnia etc.; Hindu from .03 to more than sixteen percent. Even the African tribal religions have risen from near zero to nearly 10%. No accurate figures for Orthodox Church are available but churches just in the city of Moscow have increased in number from under 50 in 1988 to 250 by 1993 with 30 percent of people under the age of 25 asserting their religion, up from zero in 1988. The number of mosques in Central Asia rose from 150 to 10,000 in the same period.

The U.S. is attacking expressions of religions here (except Blacks and Islamic), manning our government agencies with atheists, while we try to deal with societies that are becoming more and more religious by the minute. People of "anti-faith" cannot deal with people of faith; by definition they have contempt for those who believe in God and in a divinity. Atheists believe that the people who believe in God are stupid by definition. So all populations of Islam, India, South East Asia, Latin America, and much of Africa is "stupid" to them. They look down on them as inferiors on the basis that others believe in God and they do not. The attacks on Ashcroft are based purely on his religion and Bush's belief in God is a subject for literati ridicule.

Now we are involved in "nation building" in Iraq, a Muslim country that has a glorious 4,000 year history with not one microsecond of democracy. Why should they change? We can assert change if we "shove it up their asses", meaning we have the guns and we can force them to do what we say or we kill everybody who crosses the line. We did that in both Germany and Japan after WWII, but under vastly different circumstances.

The other way is if Muslim Iraq wants what we have. We have superior technology, superior material things, and a superior army. We claim to have a better way of life. We have something called "freedom". What we also have is despicable displays of women on TV and movies whose sole purpose in life seems to be to let all men know that they are a great piece of ass. We offer homosexual relationships lifted to the divine sacrament of marriage. We offer a culture of drug addiction and alcohol abuse, songs that glorify incest and murder, corrupt business practices, movies with men kissing each other, women in lesbian sex relationships, and a Godless legal system. All that is on display for them to see.

In a world that is tilting toward religion in every continent but Old Europe we bring in a Godless culture and Godlessness. And something called Democracy. This is a system where people get to vote for their own governments. So they had this election in Algeria and the Muslims won the election; the ruling class cancelled the election and didn't let the Muslims serve. The same thing happened in Turkey, but the Military let the election stand, for now. The fundamentalist Muslims won the election in Jordan. Muslims won in Pakistan too. That's a democratic outcome we don't like, can't understand because we don't believe in God, and believe we have to stop. Democracy doesn't mean you elect representatives of a God that doesn't exist. Smart, huh?

I report, you decide and how many of our guys are going to die this week?.



A major question is, does authoritarian government kill culture or create it? A question that the Left always knows the answer to but never explains and an answer Conservatives don't want to face.

I mean by that, the over all culture of a society. Did Hitler kill or assist German culture? How about Mussolini? In the case of Hitler, the Germans have long believed that civilization and culture are separate. No other country embraced this concept. Hitler's anti-Semitism was a part of German culture. He took advantage of a collapse of German civilization after WWI, a collapse that saw inflation running at more than 20,000 percent per DAY. It can be said that Hitler was able to impose a new culture of militarism and racial superiority upon the civilization of Germany by reaching into the German past. Mussolini said he was re-creating Rome, simply bringing a culture up to date without changing the civilization of Italy.
That's what they said. The results were that these "cultural re-creations" were wiped out and the dominant culture of the West; capitalism (sort of), democracy, and freedom were made dominant once again. As far as "democracy" working, China has had two great civilizing periods both autocratic, Islam once ruled half the world and was totally autocratic, India before the Brits did beautifully before democracy, not to mention Ancient Egypt, all of Europe before 1793, and most other sub-cultures.

So what about Saddam Hussein? The culture of Iraq goes back thousands of years before Europe. Most refer to Iraq as the actual birthplace of civilization itself. But what is their culture? Is it Islamic? Now it is, but what was it before Mohammed? Who were the original Iraqis and what influences from way back when still obtain there? It can be said that they invented the farm collective, a necessity because of the flooding of Tigress and Euphrates Rivers. The Iraqis were known as Sumerians. Sumerians invented writing, double entry accounting, private property (even the King was held to contracts); they invented both the wheel and the plow, as well as the first mathematics system (based on 60). Their society was "matriarchal" meaning women had rights. They, not the much later Arabs or Greeks, invented banking. It was the ancient Iraqis and not the Greeks who invented the long narrative, they wrote stories down; their most famous narrative includes Noah building a boat to save himself and civilization from a flood, before the Jews and before the Bible. They invented an alphabet and the first calendars. We know they invented bureaucracy and that they had a yearning for some order. We know they had arts, statues, tall buildings called ziggurats, and that they traded with others.

Well the Sumerians got knocked off by the Akkadians, a Semitic people said to be descended from Noah (you know where this will lead, eventually) spread all the way to Lebanon and then got knocked off by a Sumerian revolution. By this time the transfer of power by war was fully in place. So Mesopotamia took over. Everybody agreed that The Garden of Eden was in Mesopotamia and it just so happens that the most war like people at this time were the Assyrians (like in Syria) who lived there too so all hell broke loose forever. So it came to pass that the country was united by a guy named Hammurabi (a hostile takeover), the empire was known as Babylon and he invented law, known as the Hammurabi Code. The Code is considered the earliest legal comprehensive code of laws known in history. A copy of the code is engraved on a block of black diorite. A team of French archaeologists dug up this block and it is now in the Louvre Museum in Paris. The good old French have taken one of the great prizes of ancient Iraq.

I could go on with the Hanging Gardens, Nebuchadnezzar, Solomon's Temple, The Assyrian takeover (war again), then Cyrus the Great (war) Alexander the Great who died there (war), and lots of others tramped around Iraq. Persia (Iran) took over til the Arabs (Muslims) marched in and took over.

Baghdad become the seat of the first Muslim Caliphate and the city became the center of Islamic civilization. Baghdad was important both commercially and culturally as well as a famous center of learning in the Middle Ages. It was regarded in the tenth century as the intellectual center of the world, the cultural capital of the Islamic world, and a center of power in the world. It was where Arab and Persian cultures mingled to produce a blaze of philosophical, scientific, and literary glory. This era is remembered throughout the Arab world, and by the Iraqis in particular, as the pinnacle of the Islamic past.

If all that weren't enough, mathematics was invented there too. Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khawarizmi (680-750 AD), discovered algebraic equations, and some credit him with the invention of zero (before the Mayans). He introduced Hindu numbers to the Arab world. "Abu Ja'far" wrote a math book so influential that the title Abu Ja'far gives us the word "algebra". His books were translated into Latin and hit renaissance Italy like tactical nuclear culture shock. They couldn't speak Arabic, of course, so his name came out as "Algorismus". His name (misspelled again!) has gone into mathematics and computerspeak as Algorithm; for a step by step process for performing computations.

So there you have it, 4,000 years of hostile takeovers for one of the most creative people who have ever hit the planet. Yet democracy is nowhere in their culture. Nowhere in their civilization. Saddam imposed himself after the Shah, promising "better things". He seized power by force, normal in that part of the world so there was nothing culturally different from what they had been used to, and made a lot of the country more or less western in so far as streets, sewage, electricity, and TV goes. He, like Tito in Yugoslavia, suppressed all tribal (cultural) wars by killing anybody who crossed the line, which was nothing different from Cyrus or Alexander, and he tried to impose his will on his neighbors, Iran and Kuwait, not unlike the great Hammurabi or other leaders in that part of the world.

The big question for us right now is: How can Iraq embrace what they know nothing about? How can they embrace "democracy"? Especially since autocratic systems produced one of the greatest and most creative civilizations in the History of the World. Something for all of us to think about. Not that it can't be done, Europe had nothing but thousands of years of Kings and they did it, but it ain't easy. Suppose they DON'T WANT DEMOCRACY?

4,000 years of Iraqi culture is against it. Put another way, "if it ain't broke don't fix it".
Very late add News:
BAGHDAD (AP) - Iraq's US-installed administration failed in its first week to choose a president, abandoning that mission in favour of a three-man rotating leadership.

They don't get it. Everybody wants to run things, wants to be a king. Compromise, working with others who disagree with you for the greater good is not a concept there.

Markets and Economy

Markets & Economy

Not much of a week but the Market is the same. Unemployment is what everyone will watch, along with Bush popularity.

The only number that counts when it comes to the economy is Unemployment. My Wednesday post regarding what Sandy Weill thinks was only what he thinks. Unemployment is everything. Stay sane. Get out on your rules. Market looks strong but if Bush continues to weaken, watch out.

Bad Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday due mostly to options expiration. Options expired Friday. The lack of volume on those down days had to tell you BUY or stay the course. Friday up volume was not very good either and may have had more to do with options "roll over" than actual new buying. Also understand that put option buyers lost their asses over the past two months so be alert to the put/call ratio. I think most of the put action Friday was deep out of the money, people protecting against a crash. Guys I know in Chicago are telling me that covered call writing is coming back in style but people no longer do a shit load as they did in the 90's.

The market in general seems to have been favorable to the high risk speculators in the tech area, but a closer look will tell you that the speculation was on PROFITABLE companies. Here's some staggering stats: EBAY has given 100% in a year; Yahoo has tripled; United Online (who's ever heard of them) went from 10 to 27 in one quarter; FindWhat has gone from 5 to 21; DoubleClick from 5 to 10; and three Chinese??? portals are up from under a dollar to $25 plus.

All these companies and more are PROFITABLE, a huge change from the speculation in the late 90's. Add to that the fundamentals, which are critical now. Internet users will rise from 141.3 million in 2001 to 218.6 million by 2007 and Americans are switching to expensive broadband by a rate of 50% over a year ago. I'd say tech is no longer undervalued. You better own stocks with PROFITABLE companies. And to sound like a broken record, buy stocks that pay dividends. Get out on rules not news or emotions. Market still looks like a Bull-----BUT. As a tech observation, foreign tech is getting killed by the cheap dollar.

Mortgage rates rose for the third straight week. They are now more than 5%, and lots of "experts" say this is good news. The M&A activity is good for markets even if you are not involved. If institutional investor percentage is not a part of your buy in strategy, you might want to rethink. Be aware of Mutual Fund participation in the stocks you own and be sure when you buy with at least 10 Mutual Funds participating as a criteria, you sell on technicals because when they sell you absolutely have to get out. The Mutual Fund business is coming under increasing scrutiny by regulators because of their hidden fees and lots of investors may begin to shun them because of their miserable performance. Watch this participation figure like a hawk; Investors Business Daily is the only paper that reveals these critical numbers.

The other thing you have to know is that there is still three TRILLION investor dollars on the sidelines. This is dumb money, scared money, or what is called "case money" (meaning it's in old granny's suitcase in the attic). This kind of money has a tendency to move all at once. When it comes back in you will make a score. THEN you will see a sell off because all the dopes waited far too long. And I say "dopes" because who has money in the bank at 1% but a dope or a coward.

Weekend Trivia Report

I've been inhaling and holding my breath for forty years so, like you know, like I'm, you know, sort of, you know, well FOR it. Sort of. So this report out of Canaidia is surprising only because it's from our pals to the North. All of us heads know dam well the medical claims are bogus. Pot doesn't fix anything other than the desire to get fucking wasted. Canada says:

Marijuana smoke contains many of the same respiratory irritants and carcinogens found in tobacco smoke -- many in higher concentrations.
Like nobody knew this. But since they are legalizing it the PC crowd is having a problem with warning labels. Like telling people they'll get cancer, it won't work for medical, and that they can't sue the government.
Will marijuana smokers be warned of both the known harmful effects and the risk of further harmful effects that continue to be found as research progresses? Will Health Canada be liable for the lung damage that will be caused by breathing marijuana smoke, whether directly or as second-hand smoke?
And then they lay this one on everybody:
It is ironic that although McLellan claims to have taken this step for compassionate reasons, she has begun the process of normalization of marijuana smoking, which has an incredible potential for damage to the respiratory health of Canadians.
Great irony here: "Rank Hypocrisy Meets Political Correctness". All for a bunch of people who won't admit they just want to get loaded.

BAD DMV DAY An 85-year-old North Hollywood man's driver's license was revoked Friday after he crashed his car into the Department of Motor Vehicles office in Van Nuys just before he was set to take a road test. Story Here

Deep Doo Doo COUNT 1: that on or about the 30th day of June, 2003 in the said County of Eagle, State of Colorado KOBE BEAN BRYANT, unlawfully, feloniously, and knowingly inflicted sexual intrusion or sexual penetration on (blank) causing submission against victim's will.

Further the defendant caused submission of the victim through the actual application of
physical force or physical violence, in violation of section 1.8-3-402(l)(a),(4)(a), C.R.S.
Against the peace and dignity of the People of the State of Colorado, in violation of
C.R.S. 18-3-402(1)(a), (4)(a), as amended, (F3). SEXUAL ASSAULT-OVERCOME
VICTIM'S WILL. Penalty 4 years up to life in the Department of Corrections, 20 years
up to life if Probation imposed pursuant to 18-1.3-1004 C.R.S. And possible fine of $3,000 to $750,00.

You've heard about the race card? Get ready for the race deck on this one. Only those of us who live in LA get the total racism here. The victim is a blonde white bitch and poor Kobe another black man that whitey wants to bring down. Spike Lee will direct, Denzell Washington will star and Disney Miramax will distirbute along with Buffalo Soldiers. BTW have you noticed that all the Lefties are claiming white juries are prejudiced while denying the prejucide of black juries? Thought I'd point it out.

la examiner.com------This is classic LA Flake, Phony Hollywood, and Surfer Madness. Rarely posting and when they do the posts contain nothing everybody living here doesn't already know. What started out really cool has become a zero. I don't think they'll ever publish.



I know this is hard to believe but Tony Blair's speech is what the American Liberals used to say and believe as a matter of course. America stands for something. That something is freedom. And God, or Destiny, or whatever put us in this place and this time to lead the world, and like it or not we have to do it. We were not put here to get rich, to make smart stock market decisions, or to prey upon one another sexually and economically.

Liberals stood for a social agenda we might not agree with but by God they knew what America was and could be. Listening to Blair made me sick, sick about the decline of the Democrsatic Party in this country. Listening to the Democrats after the speech made me even sicker. They are a party selling out the culture of the West, a culture that has as its core Democracy and Freedom. They are selling out to a culture of African tribal interests and Latin American welfare state socialism both of which have no values beyond petty self interest.

American Blacks don't care if Mugabe slaughters half a million blacks who want freedom. They don't care if Taylor slaughters a few hundred thousand in Liberia. Freedom is a "white man's concept". The Mexicans in our southwest don't care about anything other than the next buck. Government to them has always been "white Mexican/Spanish" and their enemy. They just want to receive. The Democrats don't want them to assimilate as Americans. They want them as a separate group they can bribe in exchange for votes and they will say whatever it takes to do this. The white European as Mr. Evil suits them to a tee.

Blair was "what used to be", believe it or not.



There, I've said what every human being in the country knows. The Democrats get 95% of the Black vote and lose. The Black voters marginalize themselves and the Democratic Party. The Democratic leaders should know that it's not worth kissing their asses with promises of welfare, reparations, and more hand outs like Affirmative Action. The rest of the voters don't like it. And besides it's wrong, as if that makes any difference in politics.

So while most of the Democratic hopefuls prostrate themselves before the NAACP Castro lovers and Jessie Jackson and blackmailing gangsters, Bush and the Republicans pay no attention. After all they know, "Who Needs Them?"


Note: Written several months ago and reposted today because issue is now on front burner.

It comes from the question, "What is the purpose of sex?"

Children. This is a classical view. One that began hundreds of thousands of years ago. A man and a woman sharing the raising of children is the purpose of sex. Sex is an activity for married people. The purpose of marriage is to create and protect family, care for it, nurture it, and hope the children will make greater contributions to the world than their parents were able to do. Marriage is a social contract as well as a LEGAL contract. "Legal" to protect the various family interests; children and spousal.

There is no purpose in the homosexual relationship other than ejaculation and climax. The means to this end include oral and anal sex, sado masochism, bondage, and homosexual rape together with practices best left unsaid. You can forget the individual worldly accomplishments of the individual homosexual, there is no further improvement of the world because of their relationship. Some deviant sex is enjoyed by a very few heterosexual couples, who also have children in most cases. The homosexual relationship represents a deterioration of society by depriving the society a result of their copulations. Carried to the extreme, homosexual society means the population ceases to exist. A complete destruction of a country or society because no children will be born.

For the reasons of child and spousal rights, but especially children's economic and social rights, marriage in some form has been a male female legal bond in every society. To include homosexuals in this contract debases the contract to one of pure copulation rights. We don't want to lift relationships that have no purpose other than self gratification so they enjoy equality with family relationships. Families build schools. Families create protection like courts and police. Families support most of the business activities. Families create our country; every country on the face of the earth. Think about that. How many businesses would exist if their were no families? How many activities?

Today society faces the real issue of same sex "couples" who have no purpose in life other than to ejaculate, receiving the same legal stamp of approval reserved for those whose purpose in life is family. Our challenge in dealing with this homosexual marriage campaign is that from the beginning of time much of the world's populations have engaged in sex just to have sex; or more precisely, men had the sex and women had the result. Old time wars meant the victors raped the women of the vanquished. Men have always been sexual predators. Men have looked to get laid from the time they could get it up til the time they can't get it up any more. Much of the ethos of philosophy and religion has to do with reining in male sexual rampage.

Homosexual marriage is an attack on the entire concept of family. They have no interest in family, family issues, or supporting families. I live in a largely homosexual community. They have no parks for kids (one pocket size county funded park and another that is adult tennis); no baseball, football or any other league activity for the kids here, and we have a growing immigrant family population who have nothing for their kids. All community projects exclude family concerns. This is fact. Schools here are supported by the county, police are county, fire is county, a library no bigger than many living rooms is county; the community has used homosexual victimology to pressure county government to pay for the "family" things they detest. Homosexuals build nightclubs, restaurants, and parking lots for same; they can "afford" those things. But parks? Libraries? Schools? You have to be kidding. Not them.

That is it. They truly are degenerate. We oppose homosexual marriage, the lifting of these relationships to "normal" status, because we know that homosexual marriage is an attack on all family values. Their marriages, even their relationships, legitimize their individual carnal purpose in life and denigrate all family life. Within their little society they make those with families outcasts and debase the entire society.

The day we decide they are "normal" is the day society based on family ceases to exist.



86 year old man driving at 60 mph, plows length of a farmers market killing nine.

Wonder how an 86 year old guy gets a license? Here's how. I was in line at the DMV. The guy in front of me was so old he had one of his sons with him. The pair step up to the eye exam window. He can't read the chart at all. His son reads it for him. He passes. His son helps him out to the parking lot.

The AARP and other lobbying groups for completely out of it old people, like those incompetents in Florida who couldn't even read a ballot, are at least as much at fault as anyone. Of course laying down for a huge voting block is also to blame, but this gang of old farts will throw people out of office who don't go along.


There are some days, the days that Andrew Sullivan doesn't devote his site to the gay agenda, that his site is what made him one of the daily visiting points for many of us. Today is such a day. LINK HERE. He's pretty good .



I've been writing on morale for a long time. HERE and HERE and HERE

I only am sensitive to this because after Korea I was in Japan as an occupier and believe me the bullshit was unbelievable, but at least we had wall to wall whores who we could get drunk with. My recurring theme is that nobody in the Bush administration is anything but a draft dodger or a person who missed out on serving. Nobody gets the problems that can arise among the enlisted ranks. The story from ABC, widely attacked because the reporter is "Canadian" is shocking. Consider that the grunts identified themselves before attacking Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and co. They are telling one and all they prefer courts martial and a dishonorable discharge rather than stay in Iraq and listen to lies for one more minute.

As I have said over and over again, this is bad and Bush is going to pay for it. This ain't the phony Democratic charges about the State of the Union. This is real.

late add Interviews full face and with ID are now on FOX News too. They are pissed and are talking. Trust me, the sub text is "Fuck You. Go ahead and courts martial me. Anything is better than being here and being lied to."
Later Add Reports are that the soldiers who spoke out will be disciplined. But they knew that before speaking, that is what makes this a story.



Poor Maurice Claret. He's in college, see. And he has this "black thing": he can't read and he can't write. So the black teachers in the black studies department decided he deserves special treatment.

Ohio State football star Maurice Clarett reportedly received some unusual academic assistance that allowed him to pass a class before the Fiesta Bowl
And what was this "unusual academic assistance"? Why the poor baby was seen walking out of a test before it could be completed and the teacher in the "African Studies Department" (only high IQ people there) used unconventional means to test his knowledge. Meaning she gave him "oral" exams, with no record of either questions or answers.

So let's assume that Claret is a moron and shouldn't be near a school that has any grade above the fourth. Would any non-athlete be given "unconventional" tests, even in the joke black studies department? Would any whites be given "unusual assistance" in any department?

What is really dis-heartening to me, a former player, is that those dam playbooks are hard as hell to learn. I was always amazed at the way the morons I played with could learn the playbook but just "couldn't" pass their courses. I have always felt that athletes are just lazy. The intellectually lazy ones can bet that if they don't make the big time they assure themselves of the small time for the rest of their lives. Programs like Ohio State simply enable this class. But of course we don't want Jessie Jackson on our case so just turn the morons loose with worthless degrees and go on with our lives.

NEW YORK TIMES HAS ANOTHER AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BLACK "REPORTER" WRITING FICTION Not like the old joke about hiring a black 70 year old Puerto Rican lesbian in a wheelchair so you can have numbers in six victim groups when the bean counters come around, but they're getting close.

Lynette Holloway, the author of the latest fabricated hit piece to appear in the New York Times, is not only female but black too. This story is a mirage from beginning to end. Wonder if they will vet her stuff before somebody on the web Fiskes her. Read the correction. Total fiction. But this is a diversity/affirmative action double: black AND female. Wonder if she parks in the handicapped parking places too.


Sears out of CC biz; Citigroup doubles dividend: Revolution at hand

This is huge news. The doubling of dividends is going to sweep through all companies, those that don't follow will see their stocks hammered. This has been coming since the tax bill was passed and now it's here. If you have neglected dividends you are going to be whacked. Watch your stops and get out. Democrats still don't get this. If you still don't understand that stocks won't increase in price 40% but will yield 5% and grow another 5% you are in hazeville. Companies not paying dividends or reducing dividends will be confessing they are in big trouble. Watch yourselves.

Citygroup has purchased Sears Credit (Discover) and other banks will be buying the few remaining independent credit card companies. This means these big banks see an economic turn around that we do not see. They wouldn't be buying consumer debt if they thought for a moment that the consumer was headed toward bankruptcy. Sandy Weill, Citygroup head, is widely regarded as the best financial manager in the world and when he sees recovery and buys a consumer debt company, you are hearing from the best there is.

This doesn't negate my last post, but obviously business sees a recovery that the data doesn't show.


Zacarias Moussaoui is now a useless terrorist. The damage he can do is over; "timed out" in the parlance of the spy guys. The government is using his current uselessness to make a statement. The statement: it is impossible to try a terrorist in our court system. The demands by the defense that a terrorist be allowed to confront his terrorist accusers and pals is so obviously a death warrant for any accuser that the government cannot allow it to happen. The little play will end with Moussaoui getting off and the stage being set that no terrorist will ever again be tried in Federal Court. Liberals will scream, be made to look like the stupid terrorist sympathizers they unconsciously are, and terrorists will be tried by Military Tribunals.

Were the government to allow Moussaoui near a terrorist we'd never get info again, which may be the purpose of our patriotic Left.



French secret service 'kept CIA in the dark over Iraq and uranium' says Telegraph

Think about this. Democrats and their media lapdogs jump all over Bush for sixteen words that clearly implied that Iraq had been shopping for uranium. The exact quote, misquoted by every Lefty this side of Chomsky, clearly stated Brit Intel as the source.

BUT Tony Blair, not anybody's lapdog least of all Bush's, doesn't back off the claim. In fact he re-asserts the claim. To anybody with brains this should be a warning, but not to our Media and Left elites.

The thought had crossed my feeble brain that the French had the goods. I had, and have, no hard evidence of this. BUT NOW it is coming out. In a world of leaks somebody, a mysterious unknown somebody, has leaked a story to the Telegraph of London that the French Intel have the goods, had the goods, and let the Brits see their intel.

The French secret service is believed to have refused to allow MI6 to give the Americans "credible" intelligence showing that Iraq was trying to buy uranium ore from Niger, US intelligence sources said yesterday.

MI6 had more than one "different and credible" piece of intelligence to show that Iraq was attempting to buy the ore, known as yellowcake, British officials insisted. But it was given to them by at least one and possibly two intelligence services and, under the rules governing cooperation, it could not be shared with anyone else without the originator's permission.
The paper points out the French opposition to the war and leaves no doubt that the brave and true French won't share anything. The paper further trashes OUR guy who went to Niger as a basic flunky who was lazy.
They dismissed a report from a former US diplomat who was sent to Niger to investigate the claims and rejected them. "He seems to have asked a few people if it was true and when they said 'no' he accepted it all," one official said. "We see no reason at all to change our assessment."

The fake documents were not behind that assessment and were not seen by MI6 until after they were denounced by the IAEA. If MI6 had seen them earlier, it would have immediately advised the Americans that they were fakes.
This story has the peculiar motivation of everybody in the Intel World rallying to rescue George Tenant because he is being the best soldier of the lot and taking the blame for something the French are doing.
Add, Wed July 16 Front Page has a larger article today with sources.

This to me is another proof that you don't mess with "W" on the truth of things. He is a Twelve Step guy (12 Steps of AA) and one of the primary tools of recovery is to "put things out there and turn results over to God" something most of us would like to do but find terrible difficulty doing all the time. Bush seems to live this.




"Buffalo Soldiers" has nothing to do with the famous black regiment formed by an act of Congress in 1866. That unit was composed of former slaves and black soldiers who fought as volunteers in the Civil War. The current film "Buffalo Soldiers" due out soon has nothing to do with the famous regiment. In this new Disney Miramax attack on America, Black MPs are shown beating people with clubs and behaving sadistically. There are no trailers for this so it is a basically unknown (til now) liberal hatchet job on the Military, especially the Black Military DRUDGE.

The movie is about a FICTIONAL high-level cover-up of drug running, illegal arms sales, and murder in the U.S. military. The movie is distrustful of the American military, pure and simple. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Harris, Scott Glenn and Anna Paquin, the film was shown at the Toronto Film Festival and purchased by Miramax on the evening of Sept. 10, 2001. The movie tells an uplifting story (at least to the Hate America crowd) that depicts the arms-dealing, heroin-cooking American soldiers occupying West Germany in 1989, just as the Berlin Wall came down. It is fiction, not a trace of documentation, just a hit job on the Military for the sake of doing it. Liberal Left business as usual.

The United States army is called in the movie an organization that appeals only to criminals. There is a wonderfully liberal scene showing U.S. soldiers killing a coked-up comrade while playing football, throwing his body off a roof and then claiming that he fell "while making technical repairs to the antenna that we use to guard against the enemy."

If you're not sick enough yet, the movie was written and directed by an Australian by the name of Trevor Gordon who obviously has a big future in Leftytown on the Pacific. This movie is widely touted as an attack on the Bush administration and his statements about the purchasing of uranium by Iraq, even though this movie has been in the can for two years and can't possibly be anything but a "Hate America and All it Stands For" movie.

The best way to react to this movie is not to go. And you stop owning Disney stock, patronizing Disney movies unless your kids really want to go, stop going to DisneyWorld etc., no big deal.

What is a big deal is the union busting activities of Harvey Weinstein, the megamillionaire far Left honcho of Miramx and the hypocrisy of the Left (see my post below)

I am too pissed to write much more right now.