Front Page has re-discovered DDT and malaria. I ran this piece back in July referencing another Front Page piece and laid it all out. The greens are murdering millions, one African described the carnage from malaria as loading up a 747 every day and crashing it into a mountain. All for junk science. DDT would save the lives of millions. Read my piece, it's now commercial.

hundreds of thousands of children and parents die every year who would live, if their countries could also use DDT – spraying it in tiny quantities on the inside walls of homes, just once or twice a year, to repel, incapacitate and exterminate mosquitoes.
Read it all.

Terpsboy links to this, a terrific read

Sports fans, parents of athletes of any age and athletes better take a look at BadJocks today. The entire culture is not only out of hand but is becoming criminal in nature. Part of a general deterioration, defining deviancy down, and just horrible behavior by adults. What young people better understand is that even if adults lead you to the doors of hell there are consequences for enteringthose doors

The deficit; another POV on spending, but we should be paying for this NOW, not running into debt. At Simmins. Another terrific piece is here. A copy of the 1998 letter to President Clinton regarding Iraq. It signed by GUESS WHO:

Carl Levin, Joe Lieberman, Frank R. Lautenberg, Dick Lugar, Kit Bond, Jon Kyl, Chris Dodd, John McCain, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Alfonse D'Amato, Bob Kerrey, Pete V. Domenici, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara A. Mikulski. Thomas Daschle, John Breaux, Tim Johnson, Daniel K. Inouye, Arlen Specter, James Inhofe, Strom Thurmond, Mary L. Landrieu, Wendell Ford, John F. Kerry, Chuck Grassley, Jesse Helms, Rick Santorum.
Just check out the chickenshit liberals pretending to be hawks when they knew they had a president who wouldn't do anything. This piece was also on Terpsboy a while back, but I missed it. This will be in the GOP hit pieces for sure. Be sure you read all of the Simmins site because he has a terrific wrap up on the WMD "thing", very long but sourced from all over the place. Simmins has a really good site, but because he never says things like fuck, shit, asshole, and so on, nobody seems to quote him. He is very good. Better than me? Yes.

Zayed promises to keep us up to date on the "Oil for Blood" program set up by Iraq and Iraq's "special friends". Keep checking over there. Right now the list includes 51 countries including:

Numbers next to names are in crude oil barrels.
1-Abdul Majid Al-Attar/ 6 million
2-Abdul Kadir bin Musa/ 6 million
1-Hans Kugler/ 3 million
2-Arabian Austrian Association/ 1 million
1-George Gallaway/Fawaz Rzeiqat/ 19 million
2-Mujahiden-e Khalq/ 36.5 million
China: (our pals)
1-Mr. Juan/ 39.1 million
2-NoresCo/ 17.5 million
3-Zing Rong/ 13 million
4-Byorg/ 13.5 million
France: (shock, surprise)
1-Adax/ 8.3 million
2-Trafigura (Patrick Maugain)/ 25 million
3-Michel Gremard (Iraqi-French Export Co.)/ 1 million
4-French Arab Friendship Association/ 15.1 million
5-Ibex/ 47.2 million
6-Charle Pasqua (former Interior minister)/ 12 million
7-Elias Al-Gharzali/ 14.6 million
8-ALTC (Claude Caspert)/ 4 million
9-Bernarde Merime (French UN ambassador)/ 3 million
10-Bernarde Merime/ 8 million
11-De Suza/ 11 million
5-South Hulcan/ 1 million


1-Shakir Al-Khafaji/7 million (has donated to Kerry, tip via Terpsboy)
Left Wing ABC has changed his name by removing the hyphen after "Al" so that it doesn't cross reference as a Kerry contributor. Al-Khafaji is the pro-Saddam chairman of the 17th conference of Iraqi expatriates.) Use this link to "Commentariat" for a rundown on folks. Site also known as hathaby. Has something on Samir Vincent too.
2-Samir Vincent/10.5 million

Brittany Spears
3 barrels (just Kidding)
The complete list is HERE, yes there are a lot more. Like I said, keep checking. Germany ain't there, yet. Also the Weekly Standard has a more complete "story" regarding the dispicable Congressional Democrats who were also bribed, hat tip to Reynolds if you haven't already been there. It is A MUST READ.

Kim duToit got me thinking about a guy I did some research on in school.

"To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, asssesed, licensed, authrised, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the public interest, to be placed under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolised, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harrassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonoured. That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality."
Now this might sound like Tom Paine, Jefferson, or even Lincoln. Wrong! Written back in the 19th century by an anarchist/socialist named Pierre-Joseph Proudhon who is most famous for the slogan "all property is theft". He is now the darling of the anarchist "movement". He was one of the prime movers of the 1848 revolt in France. I think I got a fucking C- on my paper from the Commie professor who said that Marx wrote papers that destroyed Proudhon and he had no validity. Vive le Communiste.....


Or more precisely, information will finally move markets. Today was the day that everyone seemed to wake up to three facts: 1. The budget deficit is out of control, 2. The Republican Party doesn't give a shit, and 3. the fact that food and energy are causing runaway inflation that isn't being reported. A report from a proprietary analyst today

......with rising monthly home mortgage payments by those homeowners who can still afford those APR's and we have another dent in disposable income. That, in conjunction with rising energy prices and food and service costs, and the stage is set for economic slowdown as consumers are forced to cut back on spending or go further into debt in order to maintain their current lifestyles especially when one considers the loss of high paying quality jobs for lower paying temp or retail positions, many of which carry no benefits of any kind.
Finally some financial guys are waking up. The deficit has been covered by The WSJ; others have been hammering the deficit spending for months, but today was the day that everybody got pissed off at the same time. Finally even the stupid Republicrats got it. The stock market sold off on much weaker economic news caused in part by the siphoning of purchasing power due to food and energy inflation. My Thursday post is here.

Even worse, and I have commented on this before, is the "Cost of Hire". These are the costs that large corporations must bear if they hire someone. Healthcare costs are now out of sight. There is a report today in the Financial Times that spells it out. Costs per hire are killing the economy. I posted on this back in September using the only data I had which was circa 1999. You figure the costs must be at least 25% higher now. My data then as posted:
The cost per hire in a corporation of 10,000 to 25,000 is in excess of $15,000 per hire. Hire 150 people and you are out of pocket before you start two and a half million dollars. That is why the smaller companies lead a recovery even though their cost per hire is almost $12,000. Why so much? Regulations, benefits, training costs; benefits alone run 30% of salary added on; then there are the threats of law suits, women are a law suit waiting to happen, all kinds of weird discrimination suits and so on act to stop the hiring process til it is absolutely necessary to hire. That is why the independent contractors have become so common. We may be seeing employment growth through the 193,000 growth in this area for the last jobs report. And WORKERS COMPENSATION costs in a state like California can add $2,000 to the cost of a hire. That is why we may see a "jobless recovery" for a few more months yet.
Well it has been lots more that a few months and this "crises" needs to be solved by our peerless leader. When, you ask? I have my money on 8 o'clock next summer. Want to play the overs on that one?? The guy is another sleepy head, just like his old man.

Still, small investors should just watch your numbers and pay no attention to the above, which is published so you are cautious.

If you doubt that Kerry is a near total asshole think about this. He says that terrorism is a "police and intelligence" problem. I speak only of LA, the place I live. We have a street gang problem that has been around for 15 years and it cannot be managed. Crips, Bloods, 18th street gang (perhaps the largest in the west; membership 18,000) have left a string of murders, robberies, kidnappings, and drive bys numbering in the thousand plus. Arrest them? Not in ACLU territory. We are living under the gun every night around here. The police can do nothing. Liberal judges, the ACLU, and the Left Los Angeles Times feel sorry for them and attack the police. The Left city council has passed Special Order #40 that stops police for even asking a gang member if he is here illegally.

The police to handle terrorists? Kerry is an asshole. I can't wait to see the GOP hit piece on that remark.


Martha Stewart made $45,000 Let's kill the old bitch. If you can't steal at least $200 mil in this great country of ours you don't deserve to live.

Dean and his (ho ho that's rich) $40 mil Tons of webbies are beginning to suspect what I suspected a long time ago: he never had $40 mil. You have to be in either the mail order business or the web business to realize how flaky the goddam web really is. Sullivan who claims to have 750,000 regulars only raises $75,000 from them (his numbers, not audited). That is far far below the normal low-end mail order response of 1%; I assume people give more than $1. For Dean to have raised $40,000,000 seems preposterous. But that's the media reporting business at its finest.


Fred Barnes (on Fox) and Sullivan agree on the way for Bush to beat Kerrry (assuming Bush doesn't commit suicide with more spending). I'm just fed up with him, the deficit spending, the failure to fire Minetta and Tenet and and and. Now he refuses to face the intel failure. A pox on him, and I'm so far to the Right I think Rush is a pinko. I keep thinking about 2000 and my feeling then that we had two mediocre politicians running for president and neither one of them were any good. Late add Even the WSJ is pissing and moaning about it today. They say that Republicans are revolting. Avoiding the Groucho Marx response: "they certainly are and so is your wife", I simply say to the Journal, "name ten". "OK, name five."


BBC...I'VE GOT A FLASH for all the bloggers, webbies, and other posters on the net. I get the BBC here, both the U.S. version and the feed from Britain.. They were on tonight. They attacked the Brit government, called Blair a liar, said nobody trusted him and they were insufferably arrogant. This is a partisan operation. They are not sorry. The lies will continue.

KERRY AND TERESA Here's a link to a very old profile of the couple before he formally declared. Will give you a feel for her especially


Biggest one day move I can remember and I don't think it will end til gold hits $390 or lower. Today's collapse came because the gold funds bailed. You always have to know the details of fund participation because, just like in stocks, if they bail before you do you will get killed. Now it depends on whether the dollar keeps rallying. I think it will for at least a few weeks. Then we will see. What I'd like to know is how many of these funds shorted gold overseas before dumping. I'll bet anything they were short in Asia and Europe and many also shorted mining stocks too. Shorting calls, buying puts, or shorting futures should be looked at. These guys are as corrupt as you can imagine. Then see if they report the losses on gold without telling anyone about the profits on the shorts.

All this has zippo to do with stocks.

The pit bull of the Right strikes again, and this time she draws big blood.

For over 30 years, Kerry's primary occupation has been stalking lonely heiresses. Not to get back to his combat experience, but Kerry sees a room full of wealthy widows as "a target-rich environment." This is a guy whose experience dealing with tax problems is based on spending his entire adult life being supported by rich women. What does a kept man know about taxes?
Then she really lets him have it.
Kerry is like some character in a Balzac novel, an adventurer twirling the end of his mustache and preying on rich women. This low-born poseur with his threadbare pseudo-Brahmin family bought a political career with one rich woman's money, dumped her, and made off with another heiress to enable him to run for president.
I have a new respect for Kerry. All of us should. The last woman I knew with real money made me use the servants entrance.

How can Dean be out of money? Could it be that he never raised the amounts credited? $40 million over the internet was always suspicious to me, as I posted once or twice. The internet has always been flake city, myself included; meaning never spend a dollar when a dime will do.


Inflation is here with a vengeance and none of the media bozos will report it. The CPI is always published "excluding food and energy" and they tell us the core rate is .1% or some such shit. Anybody who is shopping for food knows that prices are out of sight. Just on the shit I buy stuff is up at least 50% in a year. People in the Greenspan economic bracket send their illegal alien help to do the shopping so they don't know. If any of them did shop they would be shitting at the prices. They are high high high. $3.39 for eggs that used to cost less than $2.75; artichokes over $3 that used to be $1.99; tomatoes are $2 a pound minimum and they used to be less than a dollar; meat is out of sight (bacon at $4.99???), and on and on and on.

The entire economic community is lying. Inflation index excluding food and energy??? Are we all stupid? Natural gas is four times the usual price and heating oil is almost 80% higher, Bush doesn't pay the bills in the White House. Inflation is here and it's hitting middle and low income people the hardest (what else is new?). I know from trading futures that food is at or near all time highs but the suits pay no attention. You better. These high food and energy prices are holding back recovery, stealing money from everyone's paycheck, the government just keeps fighting the demons of terrorists (while ignoring the terrible terror of local gangs), spending money on illegals so big business can hire even cheaper labor, and other works of good. BE CAREFUL OF YOUR INVESTMENTS, when this dog finally bites you are going to bleed.


More on Maria Teresa Thierstein Simnoes-Ferreira Heinz (or is it Del Monte?) Kerry and her horrible conflicts of interest, outright corruption, and her money. I said it before and I'll say it again: She will kill Kerry's chances. We have had one Clinton too many already. She sits on "philanthropic" boards that only contribute to Leftist causes and propaganda outlets. Bad. At NRO if you haven't read it.

Aliens painted and carpeted my apartment The painter was a Russian who couldn't speak more than three words of English. The carpet guys were Latino, one spoke some American and the other not a word. Don't tell me that Americans don't want these jobs, it's just that in the area in which I reside the store signs are all in Russian there are so many of them, and I presume they are here legally. I guess I mean that an American painted at the lowest wage possible to pay anyone. If my landlord could have shipped my apartment over to China to have the work done by children making $1.50 per day he'd have done so.

A time saver Kerry won, blah blah blah. Dean came in a distant second, blah, blah, blah. Now they all go to SC where they face the awsome Al Sharpton. When will the Democrats wake up and realize that 11% of the population costs them elections, that the GOP wins without them? People win elections because they run better campaigns. Period. End of story. Let's talk about things that matter: football. New England and Carolina in a game of really tough guys. Look for some hitting like we rarely see in Super Bowls. As the old high school cheer goes: "Blood makes the grass grow". I look for Carolina to cover. I actually think their running game is so good they will win. Stop me before I bet again.

Dan Drezner, a econ with the usual PhD pontificates that outsourcing is really a good thing for us stupid bastards who sweat (not perspire) while we work and that if we'll just be patient those dirty sweaty jobs he claims all of us hate will be replaced with computer jobs. What would guys like him say if suddenly all the professorial "jobs" suddenly went overseas? These PhDs are real great at seeing benefits for US when we lose jobs. Sweat guys have a temperament that doesn't fit at all with the corporate and academic bullshit. Most would punch out the average MBA if the piece of shit told them something. And listening to the feminist assholes is just out of the question; let the bitches try working the North Sea oil rigs. It's funny you don't see them suing for "equal rights" on the tough jobs. I think we men who work in sewers, oil rigs, heavy construction should sue and demand that half the really tough jobs be done by these bitching bitches. Equal my ass. The NFL has to be half women. Would be a good way to thin out their population.

I've got news for Drezner and the rest of the elite: outsourcing of a skilled job that pays good wages is robbery. The robbery is committed by the unions, managements, and governments. There is anger out there to stop all this and unless there is a way to retrain people who work with their backs and hands so they can do other jobs and make more money without being cooped up in some chickenshit corporate office this election is up for grabs. BTW, the spell checker on this system (Blogger) doesn't "learn" words like fuck, shit, asshole, and other wonderful expressions including "blog". I'm sure a tool and die man would love a job creating a better one. At $10 per hour til some ditto head does it for less.


Can't blog today. Recarpeting my crash pad.


If you are not a reader of Front Page go there for one time and read this really shocking article by Frank Gaffney. It is long. It is scary but well documentd.

Can any woman who looks as good as Martha Stewart possibly be guilty? NO.


I speak now as a twenty five year career actor in TV and movies Most who read me know that I ain't no Dean guy.....BUT. The media has assassinated the guy, pounding him like nobody since Nixon, a guy who they hated because he busted their darling, the Ivy League communist spy Alger Hiss. The Democrat Party is the media's party and the media doesn't want to get wiped out. The party is theirs. The big media anti-Dean thing now is "the concession speech"; derided as a rave, over the top, "Dean Goes Nuts" and so on. Another rap that is off the mark.

TV is known in the trade as "a HOT media". Actors compare it in temperature to the "cool" stage, the media where all actors learn their craft. The theater audience is at least 100 feet from the actor and distances can be as much as 150 feet to the back of the theater; in outdoor parks it can be 300 feet or more. Think goal line to the opponent fifty and goal line to goal line. In that medium an actor must be "larger than life". Gestures, voice, movements have to be communicated across a great distance. TV and movies are far different. In those two media the actor is close; the TV audience is three feet away from the actor; in a movie the actor's face is 40 feet high on the screen making him/her very very close. An actor in film and TV has to MINIMIZE gestures and movement; an eye blink can convey everything; the slow movement of eyes, the slight parting of the lips, a grunt can move an entire script forward. Dean was on stage (cool media) talking to his audience in the back of a room while he was simultaneously on "hot" media TV. His appearance was distorted.

Does he need a TV advisor? Yes. Is he nuts? No. This attack on him is vicious and wrong. Vote against him for what he stands for. The mistake was of a man who isn't a phony. He isn't the kind of guy who hires TV manipulators so he'll look good. That's it and nothing else. BTW do you think that "Botox Teresa" would be a good First Lady? She is the "Nightmare on Elm Street" in person.

After a weekend of watching endless college basketball games (I like college better than the ho-hum NBA), games that were complete blowouts from the five minute mark in the first half, I have come to the following conclusion: There are only three really good teams in the entire country, the rest are mediocre at best. The three top: Duke, Stanford, and Arizona which has now been coached to superiority. And Stanford? Them slow white guys with 1500 SATs? Not this year. Fast and quick white guys with fast and quick black guys, and a Hispanic who is fast, quick, and who shoots the lights out. Interesting that two schools that demand academic excellence have top teams. Nothing against Arizona but how smart are you if you go to the fucking desert to do anything? Bottom line is that most games have no tension at all. All the top three are totally blowing out everyone they play and the rest just bumble around. Not good for TV ratings.

Bill Safire, no slouch opines in the NYT that a Kerry Edwards ticket is more likely than many believe. He makes very good points. NYT has new LA Times like registration, so you may want to link to a reprint somewhere else. My POV is that they want this info for marketing, telemarketing, and junk email purposes only.


Sullivan links to this feature article in the World Trib that is worth reading. But my question is: Do any of us believe our intelligence reports any more? After the fiasco in Iraq, 9/11, everything else?

Click HERE for cool Mars pics


I was wary last week that the dollar rally was a fake out that occurred because the Japanese bought $60 billion over a holiday when New York trading was thin. The dollar headed down this week but once again TALK about a European rate hike caused it to spike. I think this shows we are very near, or at, a bottom in the dollar. Talk shouldn't move markets like this. Gold's failure to rally with the dollar is also a tip off, keeping in mind that Germany is going to flood the market with $6 BILLION worth of gold over the next four years. That amount is fifteen million ounces of gold or a million and a half gold contracts on the futures market. A huge amount.

Keep in mind that $5 billion went into mutuals last week. This means that the dopes are beginning to get brave again, not a real good sign. The JOBS numbers is the only thing that matters and we better see some big jobs numbers very very soon. Don't confuse the weekly employment data with the truth. JOBS is what matters. The next report is February 6th.

The political risk with Dean out of the Democratic mix is much less. Don't believe all the stuff you will be reading about "socialist" Kerry, his totally crazed botoxed bitch, or anything else. When he looks like a threat the market will tell you to get out, don't think about it. Just watch your numbers, particularly the indexes. The Dow will not be the main index from now on. Watch the S&P 600, the NASDAQ 100, and the Russell. Also keep an eye on the sectors. The economy looks very good.

FHA giving no down payment home loans to flakes could be a very bad thing in the housing market in a year or two. They will be making loans to people who cannot make even a one or two percent down payment; their families are unstable or headed by "single moms" (a special interest group to the feminists). All will be horrid credit risks. The people who will "buy" these homes have no money, bad jobs, and will tend to let their housing become run down because they will lack the money to keep them up. When they have to sell the homes the market will be flooded with run down used homes. Watch the unsold inventory of used homes in about a year.

Things are looking good. Have tried and true signals to sell or buy.

BTW, many emails have asked me why I am not posted on Carnival of the Capitalists. I am not posted because the entire sight is total bullshit. They asked me to send them stuff to post. They are posting everything under the sun. The worst thing a small investor can do (or any investor for that matter) is to listen to everybody. Get ONE system and stay with it. Carnival of the Capitalists should be an investors suicide watch. I guarantee you that nobody who is successful in the markets reads it more than once.

One other thing. The inflation numbers DO NOT include the retail cost of food. As any shopper will tell you, food prices are soaring. I think the watchers are lying like hell. Wheat prices, corn prices, beef prices, soybean prices, all are near all time highs. I think we are having inflation right now and the good old government is not reporting it. Sooner or later some lazy asshole in a news department might spot this, and will be fired; nobody in the news business wants facts.

Watching Barbarian Week on the History Channel I learned that the chickenshit French tried to bribe the Vikings to leave Paris alone in 885. It didn't work then but the French have continued to hope the power of bribery will prevail. Just look at that culture. A nice story HERE about the party the Vikings had. For a terrific read on the French/Euro economy go HERE. I believe this was linked by Reynolds or somebody about a week ago.


Super Patriot Gwyneth Paltrow speaks out for the Blue States here. Go to her movies.


Conservatives in SoCal are calling President George W. Bush "George W. Davis" after our recently deposed governor, the guy who gave illegals drivers licenses. This Bush "amnesty" bullshit may cost Bush Arizona, New Mexico, and even Texas; he has no chance in California anyway. People are pissed out here. The City Council of Los Angeles has a law called Special Order #40 that allows illegal aliens in the notorious 18th Street Gang to get off scott free if caught because any cop who asks for proof of citizenship will be fired. Most in LA feel that the real terrorist threat here IS the 18th Street Gang, as well as a few others. Everybody living within their turf is scared shitless. None of them have even heard of al Qaeda; they know who the real terrorists are and nobody in government gives a fat fuck. Civil Rights for the people living in 18th Street territory??? Ho Ho that's rich. On the positive side there was a major raid on ONE gang sanctuary this week, but it was not 18th Street Territory.

There is a flood of illegals coming across the border so they can qualify for the "amnesty". The Border Patrol was effectively muzzled by the Administration but because their union contract allows the union president to speak out, HE HAS in this link from (believe it or not the Left Wing LA Times). You will read here that the entire force is up in arms. Keep in mind that if the LA Times could find even two BPs who supported the amnesty they would have headlined the story "Most Endorse Amnesty, but there are dissenters." All Border Patrol agents were given a printed page to read to any newsman daring to inquire. I'd vote for ANY Democrat who I didn't feel was basically a traitor; meaning I'd vote for Joe Lieberman in an eye blink.

Bill Quick has a dam good piece today.

Blogging from a friend's house Overheard at dinner last night. An eight year old girl tells me that she"HAD to take a test today because of George W. Bush." Great teachers we have. BTW she goes to a very good public school and is being taught by the Commie Teachers Union teachers. My House still being redone.


The Hollywood Left will stuport somebody in the Dem Party whether he likes it or not. Laurie David (never heard of her OK, she's an envornomentalist whack job of insane proportions.), Michael Douglas, Michael Moore, Meryl Streep, Harvey Weinstein, Jann Wenner and Viacom exec Tom Freston are meeting at (get this one) The Ethical Culture Society to rally for the Dems. I guess they forgot that everyone they "supported" in Iowa lost. The event at the Ethical Culture Society will feature former ethical President Bill Clinton, and his ever honest aide Harold Ickes. This bunch istrying to raise $140 million for anti-Bush media. Were I a politician I would shit if a Hollywood asshole supported me. Rich, arrogant, and insufferable, a bunch of political losers every one.

A note from inside stacked furniture Be sure to drop by some other blogs once a week. Of particular interest is Zayed's Blog called Healing Iraq. I think he writes from his heart and he tells it like he sees it. What he sees ain't all that great. Take a look if you don't go there. His warning about Civil War in Iraq is shared by the Pentagon. These people hate each other.




The Kaus Man asks "Am I crazy or did Mrs. Kerry look decidedly unhappy during her husband's Iowa victory speech? ..." My answer is that she is even weirder than Mrs. Dean. We are talking first string rich, over protected, born to the purple, don't need to worry about anything, I want it now rich. She is a nut case. Below is a post I wrote months ago.
"Botox-Woman" Magazine centerfold, Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry Tells it Like it Ain't
Posted 7:12 AM by Howard
Old "Botox Puss" gives a boring speech to Dems in Mass and never mentions "What's His Name" one time.

She may be the centerfold for the"Botox Woman" Magazine for July. This truly unlovely old broad needed a grant from the billion dollar Heinz Foundation, which she administrates, to cover her own treatments. Her hubby, John Kerry, will die because his loser nothing wife will kill his chances. What she needs is mouth surgery to shut her up.

Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry (rumors that she will change the name Heinz, to Del Monte), the lady of the $550 million net worth (of which she earned zero, as in nothing) and the administrator of the Heinz philanthropic operations with more than $1 billion in assets (of which she earned nothing), is one of the most boringly liberal lady of absolutely no personal accomplishment to hit the political trail, ever. Her father had money, she married money, and now is the "wife" of a presidential candidate. She will personally kill his chances. A feminist icon? A person who has never done anything in her life but inherit money? Get real. Mrs. Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes_Ferreira Heinz Kerry (the Dakota Sioux call her "Seven Names") is the prototypical Trust Fund Baby who has never worked a day in her life, and full of liberal bullshit mainly about the "poor in Africa.

She recently did a boring 30 minute speech in Massachusetts and didn't mention the guy running for president, who happens to be her goddam husband for Christ sakes, ONE TIME. With this bitch, it's all about her. Typical of the left elite. She will kill Kerry's chances because her moronic ego won't allow her to just shut up. READ THE GORY DETAILS of her speech (no longer available at NY Post), look at her Botxed Puss, and remember that money can't buy the impossible. She is old and in her case trying to hide it makes her actually ugly. A few quotes from this nut case. On using the name "Kerry":

campaign staffers have made her take her husband's name. "Now, politically, it's going to be Teresa Heinz Kerry, but I don't give a shit you know?" she said
Her quiet lifestyle:
Mrs Heinz - a fiery 64-year-old who inherited ?350 million from her late husband - is not just very rich indeed. She dresses almost exclusively in Chanel, has a private jet, the Flying Squirrel, and owns a collection of Dutch Old Master paintings so valuable that her insurance company will not allow them to be photographed. Some Washington wits have dubbed her and her husband Cash and Kerry.
She trusts Kerry with her money
Elle's interviewer asked if Mrs Heinz secured a prenuptial agreement from Mr Kerry when they married to secure her fortune. "You have to have a prenup," she replied. "You could be as generous or as sensitive as you want, but you have to have a prenup."
She is so out of control in her intemperate remarks that she has a "handler" to keep her from the press. What a First Lady she will be.



It will be either Kerry or Edwards and either can win. Edwards is the trial lawyer's candidate and Kerry is more of a centerist Democrat. Edwards campaigns well. Bush will really have a tough time debating him; really tough. The markets will realize that if jobs are not forthcoming in the next two months that Bush's tax cuts are a failure. The Democrats can rightly say that Bush gave the rich what they wanted and they shipped jobs overseas while raking in record profits. This will be a potent attack. Tax the rich will work and the stock markets will take a major hit. Be ready as hell, because you will not have a chance to escape if you don't have tried and true methods of spotting tops. Mutual Fund scandals, stock scandals, business scandals will be on the front burner. Right now JOBS is everything or the Republicans will lose House, Senate, and the White House. Taxes will go up to fund a mass of social programs. Hillary will kill herself.


Late re-write of last nights post I loved Dean's impersonation of Fidel Castro on late nite TV. What a guy. Keeps his sense of humor even when he loses. Link via Allah.

Dean takes it in his rear end and I can't help but think that this is a repudiation of the hard Left, MoveOn.org and the countless horrid Democratic websites, blogs, and fringe articles. Iowa represents next to nothing but it is a shakedown cruise for an election campaign, and the Dean campaign was internet based. My personal opinion about those of us who dwell too much on the web is that we are a bunch of flakes. The very fact that we sit and write instead of getting off of our butts and going to work says volumes about us. Dean had the support of web flakes.

Jerry Brown, who tells more truth than any politician out there, said a long time ago that too dam many of us just throw money at a cause and stick our heads back into the sand. We turn our lives over to "professionals" and remain removed from life and that is why government bureaucracies grow. Dean's "movement" is purely an internet movement. Nobody actually heard him and they coughed up money. Young kids, who haven't yet been conned by Nigerian Biz Ops, pyramid marketing schemes, and fake Viagra, were mobilized and they worked hard. From the limited data available it looks like the "young" went to Edwards and Kerry. Susan Estrich made a funny comment on FOX about the 1980 election where she worked for Carter and ended up transporting Reagan voters to the polls. She meant that if a candidate hasn't the message "his people" won't vote for him.

My second observation comes from growing up in a very small town. One of our recreations was to give out of towners a bad time; wrong directions, deliberately false answers to questions, and so on. We lived to make fools of "outsiders". The "out of town" Dean people had to piss the small town Iowans off. Had to. Dean ain't dead but he's badly hurt. Now he's in a real election in New Hampshire.

The other big loser is Big Labor. They can't deliver. The union leaders are totally unplugged from their membership.

BTW, the polls were wrong again but they showed the Dean slippage. Those young voters with cells switched to "what's his name".

The New York Times has it wrong AGAIN. In a widely circulated story (LINK here to ABC News) they claimed that Atkins had changed the diet and now say you shouldn't eat steak so much etc. Atkins just published their refutation. It is here. It just goes to show how pervasive these liars at the New York Times are. All they had to do is call Atkins and they would hanve known. It also shows how utterly lazy the rest of the "news" organizations are.


I get some good emails. Here's one of them

Subject: Arab humor

Who says the Muslims aren't funny? Here are some jokes from that ka-RAY-zee Muslim standup comic..... ladies and gentlemen please give it up for....

Goffaq Yussef!

Good evening gentlemen, and get out, ladies. You have no right to be having a good time.
You, sir, in the front row. Is that a scud missile under your toga or are you just happy to see me?

On my flight to New York there must have been a Jew in the bathroom the entire time. There was a sign on the door that said "occupied."

What do you say to a Muslim woman with two black eyes? Nothing! You told her twice already!

How many Muslims does it take to change a light bulb. None! They sit in the dark forever and blame the Jews for it!

Did you hear about the Broadway play, The Palestinians ? It bombed!

What do you call a first-time offender in Saudi Arabia? Lefty!

Did you hear about the Muslim strip club? It features full facial nudity!

How come it's so hard to circumcize a Muslim? Because there's no end to those pricks!

Why do Palestinians find it convenient to live on the West Bank? Because it's just a stone's throw from Israel!

Why are Palestinian boys luckier than American boys? Because every Palestinian boy will get to join a rock group!

What has 24 legs and 48 teeth? Twelve Muslim women!

A small plane carrying Yassir Arafat and all his top lieutenants crashes and all aboard are killed. Who is saved? The Palestinian people!

Who won the Muslim beauty contest? No one!

Two Israelis are in an elevator when the doors open and a Palestinian gets on. After the doors close, the Palestinian lets out a huge, noisy fart. The doors open again and the Palestinian gets off. One Jew looks at the other, wipes his brow and says, "Thank God! Must have been a dud!"

A Palestinian suspect was being grilled by Israeli police. "Honest, I'm not a suicide bomber," he said. "I didn't say I wanted to blow myself up so I could sleep with 72 virgins. All I said was I'm dying to get laid!"

What does the sign say above the nursery in a Palestinian maternity ward? "Live ammunition."

A Palestinian girl says to her mommy, "After Abdul blows up, can I have his room?"

Thank you very much, gentlemen.


More on "Brave" Hollywood making pictures about fucking and sucking instead of terrorism, Islamofascism, French corruption etc. First, we have the first cocksucking cowboy western, from a novel written by a man hating feminist bitch. The movie and its description is all over the web. Do a Google for other links. Then we have Ridley Scott doing a straight Terrorist propaganda film, if we are to believe everything being published. Even the Telegraph is blasting him. I think Sullivan did a take too. These gutless so-called "artists" need to go broke. LGF is all over this and will hopefully stay all over it. And check out this satirical poster before the suits sue him.

Republicans pissing and moaning about the deficit is bogus as can be. Forget the pork. The way you get out of a recession is to flood the zone with money. Tax breaks, tax rebates, low interest rates, the Fed balloons the money supply and the government spends money that create instant jobs. Any president would have done what Bush did or risk losing the next election due to "the economy, stupid". The economy better recover, that's all; meaning "it's jobs, stupid".

Roger Simon caused me to check out a blog called Allah is in the House. Check it out. Sample

after they saw the women dancing in video clips. Some men demanded a female beauty contest where all girls would have figures like current female singers like Ruby, Alissa, Haifa, and Nancy Ajram.
Because Allah's is a family blog, he will not go into detail here. But he must tell you, kufr: Whenever he sees a photo of this woman, he is seized with the most violent desire to throw her down, feed her an electrolyte sports drink, attach electrodes to the inside of her ankles, and zap the shit out of her.
This Allah rules.

Simon is loaded up today

I got a ton of emails (well ten) regarding my take on the 14 year old girl beating all those so-called men "athletes". Hey! If women are equal how come there is women's pool, women's chess, women's tennis and so on? Golf is not a sport. Pool is not a sport. Ping pong is not a sport. Archery is not a sport. They are all recreational activities that slobs like me can do well.

Getting election returns from bloggers or the web in general is like getting your gourmet dinner from the trash in back of the restaurant. TV will have it first. Period. End of discussion.

The New England vs Manning game was so boring that I cleaned the kitchen while my girl friend got drunk on the couch. New England will be favored in the Super Bowl but that Carolina no name team is very very good. Over/under will probably be something like 35, which means the score might be 55-49 in overtime. The public is always wrong. Especially me.

Something Bush ought to read regarding ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION in today's WSJ by the always better than good Victor Davis Hanson.

Instead of squabbling over piecemeal legislation in an election year, rolling amnesties or a return of braceros, we might as well bite the bullet and reconsider an immigration policy that worked well enough for some 200 years for people from all over the world. Reasonable advocates can set a realistic figure for legal immigration from Mexico. Then we must enforce our border controls; consider a one-time citizenship process for current residents who have been here for two or three decades; apply stiff employer sanctions; deport those who now break the law--and return to social and cultural protocols that promote national unity through assimilation and integration.
Makes way too much sense.

Sullivan opines that Dean's sudden momentum stop in voter rich Iowa (4 fucking electoral votes; four) is due to the Gore endorsement. Novak opines that it turned the day Dean lashed out at the Republican citizen who dared criticize him.>

when a Republican heckler called Dean ''pompous,'' accused him of ''mean mouthing'' and then interrupted him. Dean erupted, shouting: ''You sit down! You had your say! Now, I'm going to have my say!''
Not true either. It reversed the day the movie stars Rob Reiner and Martin Sheen came into Iowa. The Hollywood endorsements are the kiss of death. Kucinish, the guy who put Cleveland into bankruptcy, has the support of a ton of lefties from Hollywood; Ed Asner, Ed Begley Jr. and Linda Blair plus some writers nobody has ever heard of. BTW I still don't trust polls that don't track cell phones. To top it all off, all the attention focused on one of the phoniest setups in any country anywhere is too stupid to consider. Kaus has the longest and most detailed explanation the whole setup if you want to take the thirty minutes necessary to read it (I didn't, I just scanned. I hate to cloud my opinions with facts.).


A Terrific piece on Corruption in France is here with link to another terrific piece. Sample:

It ought to be more widely understood in the United States how much European corruption -- and French corruption in particular -- damages the trans-Atlantic relationship. Kickbacks and bribes play an especially large role in Europe's trade with the Middle East. Much of the European loathing for those Americans who want to change the Middle East is pretty directly traceable to the fear that change in the region will threaten the livelihood of powerful Europeans and the funding of European political parties.
They give an incorrect link to Prospect Mag in Britain so here is the right one. The article starts like this:
The business of uncovering corruption is not for the faint-hearted. In France, Eva Joly, the country's best known magistrate, lived under 24-hour police protection for six years: six years spent in the knowledge that someone out there was being paid to track her and, given the opportunity, kill her. Joly didn't investigate Colombian drug barons or mafia networks - her work took place in a country which is one of the world's most civilised. She was investigating corruption among French politicians, lawyers and company directors.
Quite a read.

Today's games Who knows? Great time of year and two really good games coming up. I ain't betting.

I'm a Deaniac anybody who leaves that stupid NYT bitch Maureen Dowd waiting on a line til she hangs up is OK with me.

Free Loader Alert AARP (American Association of Rapacious Old Pricks) lost 45,000 members over their support of the new Medicare Bill. This group is hell bent on looting the young. Their numbers are staggering and getting more so as the "boomers" get older. Bend over or Stand up.

Victor Davis Hanson on Pride

So even our dealings with a more sophisticated Europe are not exempt from such awakened reptilian instincts. Revelations of recent German and French arms sales, French unilateral intervention in the Ivory Coast, the thousands who perished in the August heat wave in Paris, the spooky election-rhetoric in Germany, the holocaust in the Balkans, the oil deals with Saddam Hussein, the wave of anti-Semitism across Europe, or the callous policy toward Israel — all manifestly reveal Old Europe to be hardly a moral place, but in fact one that narrowly protects its own interests, falls back on bias and hate, and indulges in petty nationalism.
The whole article is good


Suspend all preconceptions of what a 320 pound girl looks like. LINK HERE and be ready. The tallest woman in the world is from Holland. She is over 7'4" and weighs 320 pounds. BEFORE you open these, get your mental picture of what you'd think a woman with these kinds of numbers would look like, AND THEN open them.

A shocker, courtesy of Simmins:In the United States, you are 10 times more likely to die by homicide -- to be murdered -- on the day you are born than at any other time during your life, according to a study just released by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC). Full story here. Simmins link is here. He references another story too.

The "latest" Clark message from the nut ward is HERE. This guy is toast when the rest of the pack chew on him.

I hear there is a "contest" for best blog I think the winner is clearly and unarguably Terpsboy.com. This guy is light years ahead of all of us in presentation, content, and concept. He is the wave of the future. Problem is none of us have the time to do what he is doing. Even if you are on the Left side of the political debate, he will entertain you. Check him out. I am jealous.

Reynolds has a good take on interim judicial appointments today.

Name a sport where a 14 year old girl can beat 27 of the best grown men in the game. There are none. Golf is not a sport. It is a recreational activity. A game. Those 27 men are not athletes. Neither are all the men who finished ahead of them.


The entire state is on handouts from the government: and the government is us. Tens of billions in farm subsidies that benefit huge corn farms (and small), huge corporations (ADM, and Carghill mainly), and every part of their economy. A pretty short, but accurate, essay that covers it can be found HERE. Left Iowa is the ultimate Welfare State, depending on handouts from us in order to survive. Kerry was right when he said there are more Agriculture Employees than farmers, and a hell of a lot of them are in Iowa. Farming is a tough business. It's the only business where your inventory is left out in the open air for eight months of the year where it is vulnerable to every kind of disaster. It can't be protected and we do need cheap food (Again, see the essay). But the farm states are on welfare and they will not vote for anybody who won't give them more.


The dollar rally could be a fake. Gold: I doubt that the gold slide is over ($406.30 in Asia last nite; high was $426 just a week ago). Question about gold is basically, "What good is it?". Look at gold as a reserve currency, a commodity that can always be used to buy something no matter what. The standard gold "hustle" usually goes, "Back in the twenties you could give a grocer a $20 gold piece and fill your station wagon with groceries; today you can give the grocer a Gold Eagle and still fill the car with groceries." As the dollar has fallen and the EC risen people looked at EU economies and got sick. Their unemployment hovers around the 10% mark and there us no growth. Consequently gold became a currency that retained value, actually increased in value more than the EC. All were measured against the dollar. The dollar is the world's reserve currency. There are $100 bills in every mattress in the world. There is a vested interest around the world in having a "strong" dollar. OPEC trades oil for them, South Americans trade for them, as does Africa and Asia. It is the reserve currency of choice for the "little guy". This slide has not been good for them. It has been good for us.

The Bush Administration has clearly sent the message to Europe and Asia that we will NOT be the sole engine for the world's economies; we will not continue to rescue them. They must have growth and increase employment. The EuroTrash has finally gotten the message. They have drastically cut benefits and taxes; they have installed the Bush tax cuts. Even so, they are staring deflation right in the eye and don't seem to know it

So is the dollar slide over? It is, for a while. The problem could be gold. Another $50 slide and you are going to see some trouble around the world, so keep your eyes open. Stay away from it.

Next, all the EuroTrash is waiting to jump into our stock market if the Euro is headed back down. When will they jump? Who knows, but the stock market is the place to be in order to benefit from this combo gold fall and dollar rise. Keep in mind that the dollar has moved on "talk" alone, no actions from EU bankers. It is "rumored" that Japan bought $60 billion dollars on Thursday and Friday in order to stop the Yen Dollar imbalance, if this is true then the "dollar rally" could be a fake. Keep in mind that the "rally" took place almost exclusively in New York on two days before a holiday when trading was thin. Wait til Monday.

Don't make any of this your business. Stay with stocks. Keep looking at raw numbers, keep your stops correctly and buy when you see the right opportunities. Things look good, especially good if it looks like the Socialist side of the Democratic Party gets blown out in the primaries.

Cattle prices rebound because we only export 10% of our total cattle, so if Bumfuckistan says we have to inspect every cow before they's buy any we can say fuck off. Americans recognize that the danger is miniscule. We eat burgers and steak. Period. BTW the rumor that bacon will cure mad cow disease is false. Probably started by the French.


No blogging today Go HERE and HERE for stuff on Dean from the Left. Most polls now show a dead heat in meaningless Iowa. What else is there? Oh yeah, Bush now digging himself a hole.


The absolute end of Wesley Clark from Drudge if you haven't linked already. A fake. A consumate liar. An historical figure.

For once in her life Ann Coulter litters a column with facts. A fucking ton of them. A good read today HERE. Don't let the first two paragraphs put you off, Coulter wouldn't be Coulter if she didn't call people names. How would like to tell her to vaccuum the fucking house?

GOLD.......don't say I haven't been telling you

New Hampshire -40 degrees; LA +75 degrees. I knew there were reasons I live here. 115 reasons.

If Dean becomes toast will the toaster be the obscenity laden haters at MoveOn.org or will it be the Liberal Media Elite that has jumped on him day after day for almost a month now. Can anyone not be destroyed by constant media attack? We'll see if the polling techniques that cannot poll cell phones are accurate. But Kerry ahead in Iowa? Kerry? And then there is Mrs Dean?? What is with this feminist bullshit? The guy ain't running for secretary of the local country club. He's running for president of the most powerful country in the world. One would think there are priorities, even for some feminist bitches. What is she going to do if he's president? Abortions in the Oval Office? We have a right to know about her and what kind of "First Lady" she would be and what her priorities are. Will she have more important things to do when Mrs. Putin comes to town? Too busy to meet with the Chinese Premier and his wife? They are too weird. Sorry. MORE ON HITS Go to News Max HERE if you haven't already done so from Terpsboy. Makes tons of sense. I haven't seen dirt thrown at somebody like this since............well since the Clintons were in power. Very good piece


Kobe and the anti-depressants taken by the girl I take a ton of them for acute depression sometimes matched by manic periods. The banter about the girl "popping" psycotropic pills and losing sense of reality is hokum. All the drugs used today take two to four weeks to work. She may be bi-polar, a disease or condition that can be easily controlled by drugs, but pill popping doesn't do it. Her behavior indicates that she is one filthy cunt, either manic or depressed and if she had sex with someone AFTER Kobe, experts say she probably made up the story. I'm betting the prosecutors are wishing they'd never brought charges without all the DNA being in. And we all know what would happen to some street black guy with zero bucks. The key would have been thrown away months ago. This is a time when being rich serves a broader purpose; it's called justice.

Almost since I have been blogging I have stated the opinion that the Republican party has become the "Liberal" party in the U.S. Add to all the reasons: isolationism on the Left. Every Democrat is now against NAFTA, free trade, and in support of tariffs; exactly what the "reactionary" Republicans were in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Democrats are the reactionary party now. BTW I was "shocked, shocked", at the language used at the MoveOn.org "awards" show. Think the Republicans and Roosevelt in the 30s. Read some old editorials in the Library.

If you have purchased gold in any form you are about to get whacked. The dollar slide is OVER, or nearly so, and gold has risen solely because of the slide. Right now every two bit hustler on the planet is touting gold and FOREX as "sure things". I'd bail on futures right now because markets go down much faster than they go up. Gold stocks?, set tight stops because many of the mines cannot be profitable under $400 per ounce. Targets: Gold at $390 or lower, the EC at 115 or lower.

Response to emails asking about oil reserves at Shell. Shell stated as PROVEN reserves, oil that might be there (unproven reserves). Analogy: you go deep sea fishing and see a bunch of shadows below the boat that you just "know" are marlin. You ain't got a "proven" marlin til you hook it and pull it up to the boat. As all of us who fish know, them shadows are seaweed, sewage, bait fish, or whales. Proven reserves mean you have drilled and actually confirmed the presence of a certain quantity of oil. Shell cheated in a major way, shrinking the world's proven reserves by nearly 15%. Caution As we have all learned from other business scandals, no case is isolated. Look for cheating by other countries and companies. This is not an isolated case. Bet on it.


"Oil prices hit highest price since Iraq War" $35 per barrel and nobody knows why. But you know if you read my piece yesterday. And it is still not reported anywhere except by Kudlow and Cramer on CNBC. Oh that Liberal Media.....

MONEY SUPPLY IS STARTING TO FALL and this means the dollar slide is over. Check the ten year note out to Dec or Sep. Way way down. I'd be very leery of gold, just as all the dopes are buying it.


The same bunch of Hollywood hypocrites who won't make a movie that even mentions Islamic terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism, or anything about Islamofascism; the same bunch who never mention slavery in the Sudan and elsewhere, ignores the deliberate starvation of a country by Mugabe, or the slave labor camps that is now China; that bunch is now going to release a movie called "The Dreamers". They call this movie brave. Brave because it has graphic sex scenes just like the porno stuff we've been seeing for twenty years, frontal nudity ditto, and "steamy relationships". Hooray for these "brave artists". How long do the rest of us say nothing about these gutless chickenshits who confuse the exhibition of sexual depravity with courage? Say what you want about the Commie Left in the 30s, at least they had the balls to speak out about something besides fucking and sucking.


Would Marriage counseling have worked? So here's the deal: A Marine's wife and another woman were arrested with the deadly poison ricin, and authorities said the pair planned to kill the husband to get insurance money.

Highway patrol officers said they found the ricin in a bag in a car the two women were riding in Sunday near Winterhaven, about 150 miles east of San Diego. Gets good now The officers also found a pistol, a handwritten recipe for the poison and a container of castor beans, and authorities said the women were wearing clothing -- with sales tags still attached -- they had shoplifted from a department store. The two dykes were being held in a federal detention center in San Diego on charges of attempted murder. It was not immediately clear whether they had lawyers. Tepatti's husband is a Marine at Camp Pendleton, authorities said.
Now the Really Good Part Authorities said it was not the first effort to kill Tepatti's husband. Earlier Sunday, they said, Tepatti, with Wood's help, fired a handgun equipped with a potato silencer at him but he was not hurt. It gets better In late 2003, according to the FBI, Tepatti conspired with Wood to kill him by luring him to the beach and stabbing him in the neck.

Somebody is going to get at least a week of sensitivity training for this. Story is here

MARKETS A huge scandal not being reported today because "it's too complicated????"concerning Royal Dutch Shell deliberately overstating their "proven reserves" by 3.9 billion barrels. They've been doing this since at least 1996. This is really a shock to all markets because Royal Dutch Shell is a huge player. Oil prices could go to $40 or higher. This is "old Europe" where Lords, and Counts, and Barons run big companies; the head of Shell go to FT:

Sir Philip Watts, chairman, infuriated many shareholders by failing to turn up to answer analysts' and investors' questions on one of the company's most damaging admissions in years, leaving this to underlings.
.So what happens here happens there. Again. Shell has over $1.6 billion in companies and all of them are being downgraded by Moody's as I write this. Following by Forbes and FT
......the Aa1 issuer rating and long-term debt ratings of Shell Oil Company, as well as the Aa2 rating for global senior notes of wholly-owned subsidiary Pennzoil-Quaker State; the Aa3 rating for auction preferred stock of Shell Frontier Oil & Gas, Inc.; and the A1 issuer rating of Coral Energy Holding LP, an energy trading subsidiary owned 91% by Shell Oil Company.
Also under review for downgrade are Motiva Enterprises LLC's A1 and Prime-1 ratings for global bonds, industrial revenue bonds, and commercial paper; and Deer Park Refining LP's A1 senior note and Prime-1 commercial paper ratings. Both entities are joint-ventures owned 50% by Shell Oil.
This gives the OPEC thugs even more clout. It seems that businesses all over the world have been cheating, not just here. Keep in mind that there is only a form of Free Enterprise in Europe. Old Europe is cartels and old line huge labor unions and they cover for each other. You may find that the government knew about this for a long time and did nothing.
And another juicy one in Europe but it also involves---tadaaa---Arthur Anderson as their bookkeeper.
Adecco, the world's leading recruitment company, added its name yesterday to Europe's growing list of accounting scandals when it revealed that chaotic auditing had stopped it from completing its annual bookkeeping.

The Swiss-based company, which used to use Arthur Andersen, Enron's auditor, before switching to Ernst & Young in 2001, said it had uncovered "material weaknesses" in the internal controls of the company's North American operations during a routine audit of the company's finances.
And the hits just keep on coming.

Kim DuToit has been on a tear lately but none better (or wiser) than this one:

Let's see: who's in favor of laxer immigration controls, amnesty and more open borders?

* The Mexican government
* Liberal Democrats
* The Wall Street Journal
* Illegal aliens
* People who despise American culture and think we should just be a nation of many different cultures.

Who favors tighter immigration control?
Go there for the whole thing

Belmont Club is a must must must read todayThere ain't no "money quote" because the whole fucking thing is a money quote.

The Terp has a good take today

.....The people in the Blue states are basically good, decent people, not unlike Mexicans or Afghanis. They don't share my appreciation for freedom and democracy, but still, they deserve to be treated with civility, and their tourist dollars are as good as any.
He's a very clever guy.

Much more to NAFTA besides jobs and money as the WSJ remined me today. It's easy to bash Mexican "cheap labor", job stealing (they are losing jobs to slave economies now), and immigration. Just a reminder, and a good one.

Why having no appeal for Blacks is good was put on disgusting display at the "Black and Brown" debate yesterday. The GOP doesn't have to pander to these total assholes. My opinion that not having Black support is good.

Why blog networks are losing clout is nowhere more obvious than HERE. A link supplied by Sullivan if you haven't gone there yet. It's so over the top I couldn't even get pissed off. very late add Original Link now corrected.

The Hollywood Left campaigns for Dean in Iowa. Movie stars are the kiss of death, particularly Sheen and Meathead. This can only mean that Dean is faltering. You will know he's toast when Baldwin, Barbra, Tim Robbins and Susan What'sHerName jump in. I hear Ken Lay is thinking of endorsing.


A really interesting story about a kid who designed a watch to keep Mars Time, a task that the "great watchmakers" in the world said couldn't be done. A kid. Pretty neat. At Synthstuff dot com, a site for people who think deep things. Like the Global Warming assholes warning about the upcoming ice age 35 years ago.

Muslims condem polio------shots that is, claiming an Ameridcan plot. Posted HERE at Solomonia who links to today's Hanson piece at NRO which is well worth reading. Isn't he always? Sometimes I fail to link to him because I feel all of you who read me must read him because he is so much smarter than me.

Polls among young people and why they are bogus. Again, young people are cell phone people, many using only cells and beepers. No poll works. Can you imagine some poll taker phoning you on your dime? I doubt that Dean's true strength is going to show through conventional polling, and that is why they have elections. Progress.

Payroll Tax break is another sinister idea and here's why. The "payroll tax" is Medicare, Social Security, Unemployment, Disability etc. and the Democrats are now advocating the withdrawal of funds from these programs, some of which are facing bankruptcy anyway. The biggest reason is that this is a typical "Big Government" idea. Government can cancel the tax cut at any time with the stroke of a pen, and as SS and Medicare run out of money almost immediately you can bet the tax cut will last two months. This is a "temporary" scheme put forth by the people who have one idea in mind: funding the Welfare State with somebody else's money.

All your troubles pale when compared to anyone who had Carolina plus seven. The motherfuckers score a TD and are allowed to leave the field. Of course that never happened because the Rams were favored by 7, but there is no way I can write anything after the fourth quarter and two overtimes of what had been a horrible game. Jesus, what a soap opera. Great.....


ENTIRE article on Dakota vote fraud is up at NRO.

The Latest in SoCal fashion: female circumcision...

Bertrang boasted to an undercover FBI agent that he had performed more female circumcisions than "anyone else in the Western Hemisphere," according to the affidavit.

Faulkinbury was identified to the agent as Bertrang's "slave" who assisted him in the procedures.
Only question in my mind is are they Dean voters or Clark voters?


I know, like I give a fuck. BUT there is a serious threat to your investment money out there. Every stock and commodity thug banned from either business is now on the phone "selling" FOREX (foreign exchange trading in money). These people are the criminal element of our society just as much or worse than the street thugs mugging old ladies and cripples. They belong in jail but because they are "white collar" they roam free. You are defenseless against them unless you hang up the phone right away. Keep in mind that all have lost their licenses and are forbidden to trade commodities or stocks. Go HERE for a CFTC primer on foreign currency trading. Remember they will tell you anything and "prove it" with fake documents. Other explanations and links are HERE

Here's just a few links to this type of criminal and what they are capable of doing. This case is typical of what these crooks do. While this guy was fined, no money has been collected. His victims are out there broke.

......APs in the Los Angeles office to falsely introduce him to their new customers as a vice-president who was in the office for a short period time and had taken a special interest in the customer's account. After being so introduced, XXXXX would attempt to "reload" a customer,......
1998 to 2000, XXXXXX opened 107 customer accounts. Over ninety-nine percent (99%) of these accounts suffered net losses, and only one customer account made a profit. Total profits in XXXXX one profitable account for this time period were approximately $869.28, while total net losses in his unprofitable accounts exceeded $1,337,579.
16. While virtually all of XXXXXX customers were losing money, he was making money from the commissions he charged to handle their accounts. XXXXXX commissions for 1999, for example, were $1,225,215.35.
And keep in mind that this guy was not the biggest earner around.
Here's a link to a series judgements against a company widely regarded as THE training ground for commodities criminals on the West Coast. This company is FINALLY out of business after more than twenty years of swindling probably 200,000 "customers". All their permanently barred brokers are selling FOREX. I could link you to a thousand cases and guarantee you that all are now selling either fake gold or FOREX.

The "don't call list" means nothing if people have your account from another company, bank, or union member list. Pass this to your friends. There is no defense when total criminality is involved other than hanging up the phone. By the time the "regulators" wake up you will be broke with no way of collecting anything. DON'T answer print or TV ads either.


No indicators, studies, or analysis changes the monthly Jobs Numbers and their affect on the market. No Jobs no economy. Period. Outsourcing will become more and more the topic as the campaign moves along and it will have major traction if Jobs aren't better. Most of you don't watch Lou Dobbs (I rarely do) but he is basing most of his analysis each day on the exportation of jobs. Dobbs is no fool and he's not a Lefty, he just sees what he sees. Just watch your numbers and pay no attention to the chatter. Be aware that there are negative forces out there, and Jobs is everything. Pretty good NYT take HERE.

In case you haven't noticed, most of the lesser watched sector indexes are at ALL TIME HIGHS which indicates a strong economy. The IMF raising hell with our debt comes from the org that has wrecked more economies than Communism. However, watch for some subtle moves from the Fed; increasing reserve requirements, the withdrawal of liquidity (shows up in the M1, M2 numbers), increasing the broker loan rate an eighth of a point, and even limiting the amount banks can borrow overnight. The downward move of the dollar is over. If you check the bond futures market you will see that it is screaming at you that rates will rise in June. The EU? France is actually cutting back on unemployment benefits, lowering taxes for upper income earners, and talking free markets. Of course the free loader class is whining

unemployment benefits will be limited to 22 months instead of 30. This change will effect nearly 200,000 people. Evelyne Zylbermann is one of those hit by the reforms. Until now, she received EC1,400 ($1,780) of unemployment benefits per month. Starting this month that will be cut to EC400 per month in emergency benefits.

"I don't know what I should do," Zylbermann told Deutsche Welle. "I have rent and insurance to pay and a child to feed. What am I supposed to do, I don't know."
Gettting a job never crossed her mind, which is the point of ending the huge handout. These "reforms", if they stick, will boost French Markets and our own. Things look good but it's "Jobs stupid" and nothing else matters.

What to make of the hit pieces on Dean? It's a comfort to watch the lynching from a position of disinterest. I don't care about Dean. What I get to see is the process without any emotion. The Liberal Media is in a feeding frenzy because they see Dean as an unelectable candidate who will wreck "their" Democratic Party. They will dig and dig and dig til every parking ticket is exposed, every condom purchase analyzed, and every fee he ever charged while practicing medicine is examined. All of us Righties can watch with dispassion the destruction, or the attempted destruction, of a man who offends the Left Media daring to run for President. Clark is their guy, as McCain was their guy back in 2000. We'll see if the attacks bother Dean's base at all. For the rest of us it's a lesson. Like throwing the Christians to the Lions. File this under Oh those Lefty News outlets: The NYT is hitting Sharpton, another whose base will pay no attention. Blacks are hopeless Democrats.

Besides disclosing a history of staying in expensive hotels, flying first class and relying on limousine services, though, such records also reveal a series of judgments, lawsuits and tax debts.
Yawn..... Black Power, what a deal.


I'm no Dean man but see if the following quote of what he really said about the caucus system is what you see on TV when they edit him. And isn't he right as rain?

“If you look at the caucuses system, they are dominated by the special interests in both parties,” he said. “[And] the special interests don't represent the centrist tendencies of the American people. They represent the extremes. And then you get a president who is beholden to either one extreme or the other, and where the average person is in the middle.”

He added, “Here's what happens: Say I'm a guy who's got to work for a living, and I've got kids and so forth. On a Saturday, is it easy for me to go cast a ballot and spend 15 minutes doing it, or do I have to sit in a caucus for eight hours? … I can’t stand there and listen to everyone else’s opinion for eight hours about how to fix the world.”
I mean, "no shit Sherlock", me either.

WOW! If you want to read the GOP attack on the Dems all you need to do is go here. Of course nobody in the GOP wrote it. I'm beginning to wonder if everybody is asleep over there.

The charges against Dean that echo across the landscape do not ring true to me. I grew up in a small town that was a part of a network of small towns. There is simply no way you can "sneak" an outsider into a small meeting. Everybody knows everybody. Maybe in Des Moines or Cedar Rapids or something. However, one only has to look at the garbage coming out of MoveOn.org to realize that some horrid people have fastened themselves on to the Democratic Party. I just doubt that Dean would pull something like this. Doesn't ring true. Then there is this, the MSNBC leak if you haven't linked to it already from Drudge, which has to help him enormously. It's a must read. I think Reynolds is losing it; he calls this a hatchet job--without bothering to read it of course. It is very good for him. Very good.


Um, let's see with 6% of the country unemployed we need to import guest workers. OK, I get it.

Kim du Toit is pissed, which isn't news. What he's pissed about is worth reading. I agree. You probably will too. Free Speech Zones to protect Bush.

My take on Clark is that he is a creation of the press, much like John McCain was in 2000. The liberal press has decided that if Dean wins it will be bad for "the party", which is them. They see Bush cleaning his clock. The NYT has done a series of hit pieces on him and the WaPo has jumped on him too. Only the elite read these papers but it is the Democrtatic elite, the people with the really big money; Hollywood and Manhattan especially. Power is in numbers and we'll see what the numbers actually do pretty soon. On my end I am surprised that Dean is caving on some of his key pronouncements. Really surprised. I thought he had more balls than that.

Remember "Read my lips: No new taxes?" When Bush the Oneth went back on that pledge he was a candidate for toast. Dean has now gone back on some very serious statements he has made: Cancelling the tax cut is now completely out; removing all troops from Iraq is completely out; he has abandoned his multi-lateral foreign policy statements. Most significant is that he has brought God into the campaign, something his God hating supporters are sure to be angry about. These were key in his fund raising and support. You are who you are until you aren't anymore. Dean One meet Bush One. We could be seeing a comet crossing the sky. If he didn't have $40 million to spend. One last comment on God and politics: Al Sharpton is campaigning INSIDE of churches in the south. Nobody says anything because he's the right color and he's a Democrat

CORRECTION Simmins, a site I linked to and said might be against the war but was dam good anyway. He lets me know in no uncertain terms that he supports the war in Iraq.

FACT: Thirty five percent of Mexicans who are here LEGALLY are on welfare. It's even worse than that, go HERE for details.

The bitchgirls link to a little post that encapsulates the hostility toward the Public Schools that many parents develop early on. Just one of the endless thousands of PC assignments that are shoved down the throats of our kids, many of whom are not taught to read.


The Ghandi joke backlash is too stupid to comprehend until you think about Hillary and the people she represents, PC to their Ivy cores. "Negatively Stereotyping" a person as owning a small business is negative only to the pompous over educated elites; people who would never stoop so low as to actually dirty their hands running a gas station. To call a person a "gas station owner" is a slur to them. Only in the superior Blue States do shitheads think like this. It's interesting that stupid Right Wing thugs like me, Hannity, and other Hillary opponents are telling everyone to back off. We think owning a gas station is a dam good thing. Ghandi represented people who WANTED to own a gas station. Cut Hillary some slack and save your stuff for things that matter.

The Latino vote doesn't exist as the LAT points out in a long winded editorial this morning. The Davis effort to grant illegals driver licenses had only some support and the Latino vote narrowly voted to boot Davis out of office. Bush's move may be all air that is tossed to Congress to figure out knowing they won't ever allow an amnesty bill to pass.


I don't like Andrew Sullivan all that much the endless gay bullshit just doesn't interest me. But he is a very good writer, meaning he is clear about everything, almost never making the mistake of fuzzy thinking. He's clear and clean. How the hell can Roger Simon, Glenn Reynolds, and a ton of others construe his writing about Dean yesterday as an endorsement. He clearly thinks that the country needs an "airing" of the issues and Dean offers us the best chance. Period. He ain't voting for him and he couldn't have been more clear. I guess people see what they want to see, clear writing not withstanding.

A terrific historical background for the movie "Cold Mountain". Stuff I didn't know. Take a look.

For those interested here is a link to a truly good Christian site. Funny, serious, and insightful; no bullshit. Go there, you might become a regular. They may or may not be against the war in Iraq, still a terrific site. A sample

Anyway, here's my list of things that COULD happen in 2004:

* Paris Hilton will sell digital video equipment on the Home Shopping Network.
* Canada will disolve its armed forces in favor of defense by junior hockey leagues.
* Wesley Clark will announce he is a lesbian.
* Cats will be revealed to be the Illuminati.
* The FBI will change its name to the Federal Bureau of Indecision.
* Bacon will be proven to prevent "mad cow".
Plenty more and all of it pretty good.

OH SHIT With all the neo con and gayo con Republicans now deciding that a Dean candidate "will be good for the country" (Sullivan, Kristol, Goldberg) just as Clark is closing the gap one might suspect......

I disagree on the "good for the country" bullshit. Why were the rioting McGovernites "good for the country"? The asshole element that is rallying to the Dean banner are all the fascists and anti-Semites this country can produce. To top it off all the racists, other than whites who hate black people, will be on board. What debate will it produce? How will cleaning the clocks of this element help the country, assuming Dean gets his clock cleaned which I think is far from a certain proposition. Huey Long was not good for the country. Father Coughlin was not good for the country. These kinds of people are only "good for the country" if they can't get enough votes to carry Bum Fuck Wyoming. I agree that it looks like Dean right now, but good for the country???? Like forest fires are good for the woods. Dean is a really good infighter and backs away from nothing. I'm going to do a piece where I'll present ads the Democrats can run against Bush, then see if you think Dean can't win.

GUARANTEE that you haven't read this wonderful story about the Bush family just before Christmas. Any more than you read that Sen Ted Kennedy was the only political figure from either party to show up at the funeral of a soldier from MA who was killed in Iraq. No pics of either deed.

Dean Under Attack in Liberal Media

LA Times is reporting the following anti-Dean spot: reequires insane registration.

"The ad features hubby/spouse. Starts with an announcer asking, 'What do you think about Howard Dean's proposal to raise your taxes by $1,900 a year?'"
HUSBAND: 'Well, I think Howard Dean should take his tax-hiking, government-expanding, latte-drinking, sushi-eating, Volvo-driving, New York Times -reading … '"
"WIFE INTERRUPTING:..... 'Body-piercing, Hollywood-loving, left-wing freak show back to Vermont where it belongs."
Steve Moore, president of the Club for Growth, said of the ad: "What we're trying to show is Dean is supported by the cultural elite and not by anyone with middle-American values and finances."
Sounds good to me. BTW all polls show Clark gaining big time and more and more Dems uncomfortable with Dean. Several more writers think Dean could lose in Iowa. Worse for Dean: Arianna Huffington is supporting him. He may be doomed.

For those of us who have criticized the FBI and other security agencies for "missing" the obvious clues, this piece in World Net Daily should be a must read. A whistle blower blows the whistle on Middle Easterners deliberately mistranslating messages, openly hostile remarks about the U.S., and so on. This will probably be big news later on today.

Hillary and Ghandi Jesus Christ, lighten up. This PC shit is totally out of control. It was a harmless statement. Just like her cracks about Jews. Glad she grew up in white suburbs. She was just kidding when she attacked Senator D'Amato as Senator Tomato. She's funny. If we don't develop a sense of humor about polictics we are all losers.

Democrats really begin to zero in on the outsourcing of jobs. This is a bigger hot button than many of you realize. They will attack "free trade" as a shipment of our jobs overseas and the only benefit is to the execs with the $50 million pay packages. This means things like runaway production in Hollywood, importation of music, as well as every piece of clothing you wear, every car made, etc., etc., etc. If they can make it simple by attacking WalMart and rich execs this will have big traction. Stay tuned. "The only beneficiary from "outsourcing of jobs" (free trade) is the fat cats with the $10 million pay package who make it by firing U.S. workers." Red meat stuff. And the awful WalMart pay and benefits packages coupled with firing workers who are on the company health care program so departments can lower expenses will be big too. Lou Dobbs at CNN is running point on this right now. Dobbs is very smart, he's no radical lefty, and he sees "free trade" as simply a looting of our creative output by foreigners. This election will about far more than Iraq and Dean is the ideal guy to carry these messages. Wake up GOP, you got what you wished for. Of course seniors (how the hell do you tell?) will want to buy drugs in Canada or some other place; music will be downloaded; the Hollywood big shots will evade in cooperation with the scab actors; then software companies will use the tried and true "reverse engineering" to get around the barriers; Toyotas will be banned; the GOP could have real problems with this.


The NYT is doing an "expose" or inquiry into the "Not for Profit Orgs"; or as the Hi IQ set calls them: NonGovernment Organizations. Important here is that it appears in the NYT. I'll just add my personal experiences. I have worked for two and been semi-involved in ten to twenty others. All were totally corrupt. The two I worked for were insane. One was a top radio station in the hey day of the Top-40 air play. The salary structure there looted the revenue and salaries were declared after every quarterly inflow of ad dollars. The other was a documentary film company that had "contracts" with government agencies and public television. Again, they not only put every dime into owner salaries they took commission kick backs and everything. NGOs MUST be audited and made accountable. There are 13,000 of them in Israel alone. They are spy agencies in Indonesia and are serving on city councils in the Phillippines. There is more HERE in the San Jose Mercury. One last add, an overwealming number of them do needed charity work, many like the local Missions probably keep no books at all, others hire recovering drunks and crazy people. Keep that in mind. THEY DO FANTASIC WORK.

When Hollywood Commies Fight is told in this NYT expose of the Writers Guild. To say that any of these Hollywood groups are Labor Unions is a farce anyway. Millionaires pretending they are just "like you". These commies lie cheat and steal then they write scripts that tell everyone that only the "artists" are honest and it is the rest of us that lie cheat and steal.

The Right is just as capable of posturing intellectuosity as is The Left. Today's WSJ supposedly rebuts Dean's comments on rising local tax rates. The response is probably accurate, but is so complex, filled with links to other mathematical sources, and so decorated with self admiration that it reduces itself to pompously useless drivel. If this is how the GOP intends to deal with Dean you better get ready for President Howie. Read my post below for how this campaign is shaping up. Dean is a populist gut puncher and he can win. Wake up everybody.

An ethical question concerning one Dr. Mengele, the Nazi doctor called "The Angel of Death", who tortured untold thousands as he "experimented" on live humans. His experiments included the dissection of live infants; the castration of boys and men without the use of an anesthetic; and the administering of high-voltage electric shocks to women inmates under the auspices of testing their endurance. He kept meticulous records. The question is, if Mengele had discovered the cancer cure as a result of his torture experiments and the results were buried in those records of horror should we have used it? A thought provoking essay right here.

Phony Polls, Vol XXII, Chap 33 from the always reliable Congressional Black Caucus which polled delegates to their conference to tell America what Blacks really are "concerned" about (read want government money to address these "concerns")

A September survey of 570 voters attending the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Legislative Weekend found "African American voters expressed a prevailing sense of despair that jobs 70%, the quality of public education 67%, health care 67%, the availability of affordable housing 61% and civil liberties 59% have gotten worse.
What a surprise. Dean will give them money (yours), don't worry for a minute.

NYT continues to vet Dean, this time on some contracts in Vermont. The only reason to look at this is that the main stream Left NYT is doing a number on Dean. Will it hurt him? Did anti-Semitism hurt Hitler? Dean is like Hillary, nothing will disturb their bases.

The 1993 audit, by Edward S. Flanagan, pointed out that a $900,000 contract to administer health claims for the state's 17,000 workers had been awarded to Community Health Plan at a time when Dr. Dean's secretary of administration, the top official in the cabinet, was David Wilson, a lawyer and lobbyist who had counted the H.M.O. among his top clients.

Also, the audit concluded, Mr. Wilson played a substantive role in the awarding of the contract, despite having vowed to recuse himself from any state business involving former clients.
In the Clinton days the response would have been "old news". The Dean response now is to ignore it.