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Late Add: 11/30 @ 2:30AM

MICROSOFT STOCK AFTER "NO X-BOXES AVAILABLE" NEWS HITS INVESTORS----This AM the business magazines are beginning to look too. A very few on line stores are offering only the PREMIUM model, and that for $849 with no absolute guarantee of delivery.

If you worked
in any investment firm yesterday morning you would hear the same scream: Microsoft is the worst run company since GM. Why the screaming? There are no XBox 360s to be had anywhere. This seems impossible since the demand for the upcoming product was evident as early as last Labor Day when the local discounters, Frys and Best Buy, both had signs in their windows telling people that XBoxes were not coming out til after Thanksgiving and sorry (official release date was supposed to be 11/22). Microsoft is a company whose time has past. They have literally driven an entire market over to Sony which will have their product out after the first of the year. Bill Gates, genius no more. This is worse than dumb. It is calamitous both for the company and the shareholders. You can't run a company like this.

Can you?


The guys over at Libertas love movies, as in love. They don't sit around cleverly trashing trash and today they have a post up on King Kong and its incredible producer Merian C. Cooper, a guy I met in my yoot and at first paid no attention to....BUT THEN....HOLY SHIT people got into conversations with him about his days in the Flying Tigers, doing documentary movies in God only knows where and I paid attention. I never met him again but I never forgot him. Take a jaunt over there today, you'll be glad you did. As an added opinion: the piece is further proof that the only people who should be allowed to review movies are the ones who love movies.

And Daniel Pipes reminds us all of what Muhammad Ali really stood for and what a racist Muslim he was, and is.

And Fear and Loathing in from Malkin lasering in on censorship by exclusion in the CAL Berkeley Library. As an aside, when I was a yoot the Berkeley Library was THE place in California to find ANYTHING. The best library West of Washington D.C. Now it's anything but......

No Pasaran.....has become a boring over written pretentious to the extreme quasi literate MSM blog, if all that is possible. There are people with the brain power to write 60,000 word essays (iSteve and Belmont), but No Pasaran is a cheap paper match in the universe of super novas. They lost their relevance when the Paris riots stopped.

As the whiners line up HERE AND HERE to wail and grieve over their firings at the LA Times for (fill in the blank) one wonders if these Pulitzer Prize winning fakes will hit the road and leave room for some real reporters who might report the news instead of writing opinionated novellas about alleged events. To read these guys one would think that the LA Times circulation wasn't dropping to the ground like a refs yellow flag after a personal foul.

A magazine called The American Conservative Magazine has some interesting stuff up right now. An excerpt from a good piece about how far down the road the Europeans have gone. Only question is when will they vanish from view.....
“We believe in a multicultural society as a social and political model where different cultures coexist with equal rights under the law. We do not want to assimilate and we do not want to be stuck somewhere in the middle. We want to foster our own identity and culture. Assimilation is cultural rape. It means renouncing your identity, becoming like the others.”
"The others" meaning America, France, Germany, and so on. Europe has been hit by the same Lefist broadside as the rest of us. The Left, both American and European, hate and dislike their own countries, seek to debase their own cultures and history, and the result is Paris, Brussels, cities in Denmark, all of whom tolerate a level of violence not seen anywhere ever. Police are afraid to go into the Islamic areas at all. Good magazine, good stuff. Again another link from Steve Sailer AKA isteve

ISteve has the best conservative conversation on the web. Here's a small sample of the issues he raises today:
The Tyranny of Inclusiveness: All groups defined by traditional concepts of identity must participate equally in all significant social functions. It follows that no significant institution can take traditional concepts of identity into account except to counteract any residual effect they may have. All social institutions that characteristically take such things into account, family and historical community for example, or that can’t be adequately supervised to ensure their effects are eradicated, must in effect be done away with. Since traditional concepts of identity are involved in every kind of functional human relationship other than those based wholly on money and force, world markets and universal rational bureaucracies become the only things allowed to play a significant role in social life. [More]
Go there and think a little.


Marc Cooper is no conservative, but he is a very good liberal reporter and he is acting as a sort of clearing house for the increasing likelihood of a sudden pullout in Iraq. The "word" as he reports it is that Bush has simply been informed that the entire Republican Party will go down in flames if there isn't a significant pull out before May. That's it. End of story.

No Democracy will ever support war for long. It is not mentioned enough, but the country was more than eager to let the Japanese off the hook before "finishing" the job in WWII. Faced with horrendous casualties and a war that would have lasted two more years at the very least, American moms and dads were fed up. Fed up with having their sons come home in coffins or with body parts missing if they came home at all and weren't buried in some foreign shit hole they had never heard of, somewhere.

I don't think there is a one of us in fifty that thinks these Muslim assholes won't go on killing each other the second we leave and become a dictatorship of some kind within a year. The Muslim culture is simply too debased to do anything else. Our two thousand guys and counting died for absolutely nothing, other than to prove once and for all that the only good Muslim is a dead one.

But, but, Howie, sweetheart....there are plenty of good Muslims. They are everywhere. Oh yeah? Read this one from Jihad Watch about the filth that is being distributed in the biggest mosque in SWEDEN, all without a peep from the "good Muslims."



Pimping: I'm using something that actually works. So here it is, try it if it seems right. Several really good tennis players were at Thanksgiving dinner and they were talking about an "energy patch" each was wearing. The gist of the conversation was that they wore these "patches" on a part of their bodies and their energy increased markedly; they found they could work out or practice about 25% more without getting tired. An older woman there (50 something or maybe 60) said she started using them too and she stopped napping in the afternoon and never got tired. So I went to the company website from the computer in the kids room at the party and ordered some. All I can say is go there, read the testimonials (killer---NFL guys and so on), and you might try it too. Instant energy. Not a caffene high, no tingling, just energy. Website works ten times better from MSIE than the increasingly useless Firefox. Am I making a commish on sales. No. No. A thousand times no----well a blow job from the cute owner if ten of you buy.....

Late add in response to a couple of emails: No, I don't know what will happen if you put a patch on your dick, but let me know.

Gawker is reporting about the ELEVEN DAY MARRIAGE of Kimberly Stewart and barely-legal Laguna Beach star Talan Torriero. Eleven Days??? I've had erections that lasted longer.....

And according to Perez What's his name, Mischa Barton is going to marry a fucking loser drugged out rocker who is too fucking ugly to photograph.....That ain't him in the pichur...


Shitcan the pigeons; just tell the fucking story will you please.....

Emailer B Mc sent me the Mark Styen piece about the movie business and how a single Harry Potter movie grossed more than the following ten movies combined.
When you look at the weekend numbers, ''Harry Potter's'' $101.4 million is more than the gross of the rest of the top five movies combined and doubled. Indeed, the rest of the top 10 between them managed $66 million. ''Harry Potter'' is an industry apart, and tells us nothing about Hollywood's general malaise, or alleged recovery therefrom.
Mark then makes an observation regarding the stifling Political Correctness now crippling the movie business. Stories don't get told. The guys in the 30s and 40s told stories. Ann Althouse says there is too much focus on how much money movies make. There always was, baby. That's how movies get made.

Which leads me to my own observation: Some time ago I wrote in a post or two that the dirty Commies in the 30s and 40s sure could write good stuff, and that the directors, sans phony special effects, could really direct. Their commie messages were buried in dam good stories. Now the messages ARE the stories.

A film editor told me this story about Harry Cohn, the gangster gorilla who used to run Columbia. Some Commie or other brought in a spy thriller and Cohn was to view it....Cohn always always looked at every Columbia movie before it hit the street. Now keep in mind that Cohn was a real live gangster, everybody was scared shitless of him because all believed he could have them killed if they stepped out of line (there is no record of Cohn ever killing anybody, but even then advertising worked), so all cowered before him. And everyone called him MISTER Cohn. So Cohn and the cowering commie director are sitting in the screening room. The lights dim. The movie flashes on the screen. It opens with a bunch of doves flying away from a fountain in Paris and we see them fly away in various shots accompanied by the flapping of a thousand dove wings.

Cohn: What the fuck are them pigeons doing in my movie?
Commie Director: Those are doves, Mr Cohn. Doves of Peace. And the doves of Peace are flying away from Paris as the Nazi hordes approach.....
Cohn: You mother fucker. (Yells to the projectionist to stop the fuckin' movie) What I wanna see, if I wanna see Nazis at all, which I fuckin' don't, because I hate the cocksuckers, is a thousand of them shit for brains pricks being cut to pieces by a plane machine gunning them as they march in. I like it. The audiences will like it. And we got a shit hole full of stock footage so its cheaper.

Cohn siezed the movie and had it recut by one of his guys. But the editor who was telling me the story explained that while Cohn was an uneducated animal, he knew story. He knew it inside his gut. He knew that telling the story with a pictorial slaughter would hit the audiences while a bunch of Left Wing pigeons from the Dove Extras Guild would not.

There are no Harry Cohns left to "shitcan the fuckin' pigeons and just tell the fuckin' story."


Us morons are just too stupid to understand that.....
1. Bush lied
2. We shouldn't be in Iraq
3. Everyone knows this but the morons.
4. We are losing

A poll came out yesterday and was published in Newsday that shows something really startling: the people, meaning us, don't trust what the Democrats are saying about Bush lied and the Iraq war and think that what the glorious Democratic senators are saying harms the troops.
Democrats fumed last week at Vice President Dick Cheney's suggestion that criticism of the administration's war policies was itself becoming a hindrance to the war effort.

But a new poll conducted Nov. 17-20 indicates most Americans are sympathetic to Cheney's point. Seventy percent of people said that criticism of the war by Democratic senators hurts troop morale - with 44 percent saying morale is hurt "a lot," according to a poll taken by RT Strategies. Even self-identified Democrats agree: 55 percent believe criticism hurts morale, while 21 percent say it helps morale. Seventy percent of people said that criticism of the war by Democratic senators hurts troop morale - with 44 percent saying morale is hurt "a lot," according to a poll taken by RT Strategies. Even self-identified Democrats agree: 55 percent believe criticism hurts morale.
Reminds me of a story from long long ago. I was driving a cab and made a pick up at UCLA. A thirty something woman plopped in and started a conversation with me, asking me what I really did besides being a lower than low class cab driver. I told her I was an actor and had just gotten a job as a writer for next year.

"Ohhhhh, a writer? How exciting. Would you like a two week job doing some research for us?

Well it was for a local Democrat, I was a Liberal back then and since it actually paid money I took it. It was a research job for a class being taught at UCLA, and all I had to do is research on this GOP Republican disaster of a congressman and look where they told me to look. UCLA was going to turn THEIR RESEARCH over to this Democratic canditate. Now any of us who has ever done honest research knows dam well never to look where we are told to look because that instruction always means that the sponsor is trying to load the research. Well I looked in a lot of places for info on this GOP wrecking ball and what I found was a hell of a lot different from what I was told to find. I also discovered that the "research" was being done for a prof at UCLA who was teaching one of those Commie Women's Study courses, that the class was being let out every day to do this research, and that if they found what they were told to find they were guaranteed a minimum 3.0. The "findings" by everyone but me, went this way: Where was X during the earthquake? He was in Las Vegas; Where was he during the oil spill in Santa Monica Bay? He was in Hawaii; where was he when? and it went on like this. The facts were that he was in Las Vegas for a hearing on some disease or other and was the only California congressional rep there; he was in Hawaii at a Mafia on the Docks hearing; and research revealed more and more of the same. Well, when it was over and I read in the LA Times about how bad he was, and how clueless he was, I figured it was all over; the poor slob didn't know what hit him.

Then they held a fucking election (don't you just hate those dam things?). This horrible moron actually won. Why? Well several days later a Democratic woman said that the workers in Torrance, the guys who supported their families by working in the factories and oil refineries down there, couldn't understand the subtleties of the issues, implying that they were too stupid to vote the way that the smart people in Brentwood, Pacific Palasades, Malibu, and the other citidels of smartness voted.

I learned way back then that the real people do "get it" more times than the elites would like to believe. And it's happened again.


Corrected Link from yesterday: Real Cindy Sheehan photos, not the ones with the flattering photo angles set up by the AP/DNC, are HERE AT SWEETNESS AND LIGHT. Link has been corrected. Sorry.

If this is even partly true, the U.S., Bush, Britain, and our entire Iraq venture is ruined. Reads like it's true but I'd have to see this somewhere else before I'd believe it all. Whoopsie----Google is linking the same story HERE. And here too. Bare bones story is that Iraq has given up almost 200 billion in profits to foreign oil companies. The White House once again sits on its dumb ass instead of answering this stuff, assuming it IS answerable. The charge that this war was all about oil gains traction by the nanosecond. Bush popularity could be in the teens by week's end.

Late Add: story is now in at least fifty papers world wide plus Reuters (natch), and not one denial. Shhhhhhh don't wake Bush,,,,

The Anchoress hits the massive Arab rally story, one that not a single MSM source is reporting. If twenty Lefties show up at Crawford it makes every newscast. If 200,000 Arabs show up to protest terrorism the media INCLUDING FOX, sleeps....

There is a blog/website/news place called Soldier's Angels that has so much good stuff that you cannot tour it in a few minutes. It's like going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art knowing that there are ten museums filled with other art in the annexes and cellars below the main building and that to see it all you will have to come back many times. I link you here to a terrific letter by Ben Stein that is posted there and is well worth the read. If you have the time, tour part of the site, you won't be sorry. And you may need a Kleenex or three when you read some of the things.



Pajamas: a failed attempt to corner the blogosphere and steal all the ad dollars?

Responding to fifteen (and counting) emails reacting to what many feel is my blanket smear of the bloggers on Pajamas (HERE and then HERE TOO). Malkin is great, as is Charles Johnson, and many many others, most of whom I don't read. I have overall contempt for Reynolds--his sycophants get links, those that criticize get bupkis and he surfs comments sections and blacklists those who comment negatively about him----Simon is just a pretend conservative, meaning he is a Hollywood Lefty who supports the war in Iraq because he is Jewish and sees Iraq in terrorist hands as a threat to Israel, AND he censors his comments to weed out comments that are not "responsible"---these are two of the main players in what I think is an attempt to corner the blogosphere and steal all the ad dollars. What other purpose could there possibly have been? Think about it. How many bloggers? Fifty? Seventy? All under a single banner. No, the business plan, shared only with the elite bloggers (co-conspirators??) was to create a monopoly, a creature so large that it would dominate the blogosphere and create an unrivaled advertising magnet. An "I've got mine so fuck you" project.

I do question the judgement of all people, bloggers and reporters, who joined in this effort to create an advertising goliath whose sole purpose was to suck up all the ad dollars available and leave the rest of us with nothing in our hands but our dicks (or vaginas). So on that basis, and that basis alone, we should all be glad that this thing crashed and burned.

Late add: Sondrak linked to this stuff, a Chairman Mao self flagellation revolving around problems with their logo, the appearance, etc., and all you have to do is read it to realize what a collection of assholes they are way down deep. "The problem" just happens to be that the site stinks and dopes like Brice aren't going to cure it by commenting from her "feminist perspective." Brice, who is a nothing, tries to explain. Let me explain to you, Briceepoo. You have an audience because you are a lesbian, a feminist (?), a woman; you were clever enough to wrap this unappealing package in clever paper that claims you are really a Conservative and conservatives are so stupid that they actually think this makes you an intellectual, Face it folks, she is an airhead who latched onto the conservative label because it was convenient; because the feminists got tired of her; because the last idea she had stood her up at the Gay and Lesbian Center. A guy like Reynolds, who has as plain a looking site as is possible to have, says the problem is the logo and appearance. Oh well......

The ever sweet and gentle, Debbie Schlussel, kicks some serious ass this A.M.

Don't just shrug and say, "It can't happen," because it CAN happen. What can happen? The mobs on the Left can deny a radio station their license if they "step out of line." The gory details are at Radio Equalizer.

Real Cindy Sheehan photos
, not the ones with the angles set up by the AP/DNC, are HERE AT SWEETNESS AND LIGHT.
Link has been corrected. Sorry.

Last gleeful little blast at Pajamas Media, but isn't it wonderful that the guy who started it all, Roger L Simon, is acting like he had nothing to do with it? This is the guy who tried to surgically attach himselt onto Claudia Rosett and leach oil for food stuff out of her. The same guy who rallied all the self proclaimed "top talent on the web" to get out there and make some money; the same guy who went coast to coast as the big shot from Hollywod having "meetings" (Hollywood fakes all love meetings; like the phone was never invented); making appearances; giving interviews; and raising $3.5 mil (Hollywood guys never use their own money) and now he's acting like he had nothing to do with creating a monster whose sole purpose was to make money by creating an ad supported Goliath that would corner the web ad dollars without a thought for creating quality. Just an observation. So as some of the real talent on the web wade in (Ann Althouse, a few outside websites, together with Buzz Machine, a moderate voice ,and of course humble little me), allow me a constructive POV

Is there a possibility for something like that to work? As I said in another post, all the ad guys I know tell me that the click through rate TO ACTUALLY BUY SOMETHING from blogs sucks; that a business model would have to have something really unique, something compelling, something to attract the kinds of people with real money who actually buy things. The ones with credit cards who have real jobs, not a bunch of other bloggers with far too much time on their hands. A combo of SEX, ART, and Violence

combined with the ever popular big tits (top) works real well for me. And it works real good for a lot of us.

For some success matrixes without $3.5 million start up: Defamer, which courts a libel suit every day; double ditto for Socialite's Life; then there is Perez Hilton (AKA page six six six) who outs "homos not so erectus" each day; and the interesting every week, Bad Jocks, always laying waste to the always statutory raping jock community. And then there is Gawker,an insult to everyone who thinks their shit don't stink. It didn't take three point five cents to start up any of them

Everybody there wanted to be second string. Nobody wanted to start, they just wanted to go through college on scholarship and play once in a while....

Barry Alavarez, the head football coach at Wisconsin since 1990 retires today and he leaves a program in very good shape. When he started there 15 years ago he inherited a losing tradition with a few very good starting players and the rest non-achievers. He put every position up for grabs and found nobody on the team really wanted to grab a starting job. He didn't change the inner selves of very many players, he didn't just walk in there and take a bunch of institutional losers and turn them into winners; he had to bring winners into the program. He started with coaches who had been with other winning programs, he didn't have one that hadn't either been on a conference champion or a National Champion.

His kids were such a bunch of losers that they thought they were being punished when told they had to work out. He pulled the scholarships of a ton of them and the ones that remained got strong. How strong? Well they went 1-10 during Alvarez first season, but there is a thing about that very physical game called "losing right," meaning even when you lose you keep hitting, keep trying, and don't take cheap shots when the game is out of hand.

Alvarez won the Big Ten Championship and the Rose Bowl his third year on the job with kids who wanted to win before they got there. He leaves Wisconsin with a ton of kids who want to win. A job well done.

A lesson for all of us: we have to want to win. Period.



click HERE as the USPS joins in running Christmas completely out of our lives and ask yourself if what has happened in France, where they have destroyed their own culture and made their population feel guilty about their own history, ask yourself if that destruction is almost finished happening here. Malkin links too and Ann Althouse jumps in as well. I have made up my mind to pay as many bills as I can using on line ways instead of mailing anything.


Here is a pitch for quality, something too many people forget. Pajamas Media, AKA OSM, AKA pretentions jerks, are having a Chairman Mao self examination moment at the above link. They are examining their souls to see what's wrong with them. None come up with the obvious: everybody is whoring themselves out to make a buck AND IT'S OBVIOUS. They made exactly the same mistake that the ego driven Hollywood Air America made: they were not willing to start small and not make a fucking dime, but to build from the botton. They just had to be Hollywood Simon (their Al Franken), a bullshit artist from tinseltown just like Franken and the rest of them, who knows a hustle when he sees one. Simon cleverly talked all these "ethically challenged bozos" to go into a money making venture and not into a Quality Product venture. Assholes are not only confined to the Left. Every Hollywood asshole I know, and I know a hell of a lot more than my share, will not start from the bottom. They all take their money in front from the usual suckers ($3.5 million in this case) and stick it in their pockets before one foot of film is shot. They never risk anything, ever. So they charge bloggers to post (bartering for ads), not giving a shit about anything else. OSM is typical "use other people's money," throw shit against the wall and hope some of it sticks, everyday hustle.

Nothing this time guys, but there's always another sucker or two willing to pony up $3.5 mil in order to associate with "real talent."

Wanna see what a hot product like XBox can do for a company? Go here. Microsoft would be a lot hotter if their reputation for paying chintzy dividends wasn't so wide spread. Every family I've met over the past two days just has to have one. Hot, hot, hot. Could Microsoft stock climb back into the sixty dollar range? I doubt it. The company is too big to be moved by a single product.....But I've been wrong before, like in really really wrong.

Belmont sends a warning to all of us in his piece HERE. An excerpt:
Finkielkraut was right to wonder whether the criminalization of French history, as taught to immigrants, has "dealt a decisive blow to the France I loved". Surely that was the intention, because it is impossible to understand the recent riots in France except as a joint product of the Left and of Islamism. The one point on which both are agreed is the hatefulness of the West and the program of action that flows from that. The Finkielkraut interview ends with two questions, to which he answers in despair.

And what will happen in France?

"I don't know. I'm despairing. Because of the riots and because of their accompaniment by the media. The riots will subside, but what does this mean? There won't be a return to quiet. It will be a return to regular violence. So they'll stop because there is a curfew now, and the foreigners are afraid and the drug dealers also want the usual order restored. But they'll gain support and encouragement for their anti-republican violence from the repulsive discourse of self-criticism over their slavery and colonization. So that's it: There won't be a return to quiet, but a return to routine violence."
That is exactly what is happening in our Teacher Union controlled schools: our kids are being taught to hold our own country, culture, and history in contempt. And it may be too late here as well. Then read the next several posts on his site, if you haven't already.

Notes on a Zig Zag Paper: At a huge family Thanksgiving dinner one of the guys made the following statements:

One of my clients used to be a starting lineman at (Major Division I football power). He told me within a converstation that, "I always, on every play in every game, executed my blocks exactly the way the coaches drew things up. I can't say that for the guy who played next to me."

"I asked the guy what he meant by that but it took a couple of months of knowing the guy and him trusting me before we returned to the conversation. I once again asked what he meant when he referred to the guy next to him."

"There were many times that he didn't execute. He just missed his block on a third and short near the goal line so a quarterback would get buried for a big loss or he'd miss a block on a crucial third or fourth down. He didn't do it on every play, maybe one or two a game. But it was enough to stop us from winning or fail to cover the point spread."

I asked him how many guys on his team were on the take from gamblers. He told me he didn't know. One or two linemen on the take is all that is necessary. Missing a block can't be spotted as deliberate on film; missing an assignment once out of every 70 plays isn't that abnormal. The fact was that on this powerhouse Division I team, at least one guy, the guy who played next to him, was on the take.

Q: How widespread are gambling interests in college sports? I don't know, but I have a hunch that it could be serious.

The penultimate in PC reporting: the "story" of well dressed men trashing two liquor stores with baseball bats and terrorizing the clerks----DOESN'T MENTION THAT THEY WERE BLACKS. The link to a video is now not working. But trust me: the vandals were Black and most likely Black Muslims. Gutless and in the tank Frisco News: just like France. Link LGF. There is another link HERE but their video doesn't work either. Nation of Islam terror? I report, you decide.

Details of how a town in Belgium has become the HQ for international terror and THE foothold of Wahabism in Europe. In today's Washington Post.
The phones at city hall began ringing nonstop one morning last year when several masked figures were spotted walking through the cobbled streets of this pastoral town. A small panic erupted when one of the figures, covered head to ankle in black fabric, appeared at a school and scared children to tears.

It turned out the people were not hooded criminals, but six female residents of Maaseik who were displaying their Muslim piety by wearing burqas , garments that veiled their faces, including their eyes. After calm was restored, a displeased Mayor Jan Creemers summoned the women to his office. "I said, 'Ladies, you can be dressed all in Armani black for all I care, but please do not cover your faces,' " Creemers recalled. "I tried to talk to them about it, but it was impossible. They said, 'We are the only true believers of the Koran.' "

What the city elders did not know at the time was that the women came from households in which several men had embraced radical Islam and joined a terrorist network that was setting up sleeper cells across Europe, according to Belgian federal prosecutors and court documents from Italy, Spain and France.
Read it all. Scary.

Jihad Watch also mentions.


The Thanksgiving Play, When Turkeys Take Over, has been moved to HERE

The real Thanksgiving? Well, it went down this way. Jamestown, the second colony formed in the New World, was hit with the worst drought in 400 years. Two consecutive years of zero crops combined with no water resulted in hell on earth. They began by eating their own horses and ended up by eating each other. Their "deal" with the Indians had also broken down because neither group could grow anything or hunt anything. The Pilgrims had no knowledge of droughts and weather cycles, and there was not one among them who had ever farmed; a formula for disaster, and disaster happened. Why? Well, they just thought they had sinned somehow and were being visited by God's wrath.
"If the English had tried to find a worse time to launch their settlements in the New World, they could not have done so," said Dennis B. Blanton, director of the William and Mary Center for Archaeological Research. "From 1587 to 1589, the most extreme drought in 800 years is implicated in the disappearance of the Lost Colony, and the Jamestown settlement was later plagued by the driest seven-year episode in 770 years.

More is known about the hardships at Jamestown, which was founded in 1607 but nearly failed during the period from 1609 to 1610 -- historically known as 'the starving time'-- when the colony suffered 'an appalling death rate.' According to historians, 43 percent of the 350 colonists alive in June of 1610 were dead by the end of that summer.

The Roanoke and Jamestown colonies have both been criticized for poor planning, poor support, and for a startling indifference to their own subsistence," concluded the writers in Science. "But the tree-ring reconstruction indicates that even the best planned and supported colony would have been supremely challenged by the climatic conditions of 1587-1589 and 1606-1612."

The Jamestown drought, for instance, decimated corn crops on which the colonists depended and aggravated tense relations with the native Powhatan Indians. Blanton speculated that when the Indians could not supply food to the colonists as promised, hard feelings followed and conflict erupted. The dates of at least two Anglo-Indian wars correlate perfectly with the droughts, he said.

Drought also affected the quality of the colony's critical water supply. "Poor water quality is another factor implicated in the ill health suffered at Jamestown, and water quality at Jamestown is poorest during drought," said the Science article. "The lower James River is a brackish estuary, and there are archival references to foul drinking water and associated illnesses among the settlers, particularly before 1613."

During the drought, many people starved, and some of the Jamestown colonists eventually resorted to cannibalism. Citing a staggering death toll that nearly forced abandonment of the colony, the Science article notes that "only 38 of the 104 original settlers were still alive after the first year at Jamestown, and 4,800 out of the 6,000 settlers sent to Jamestown between 1607 and 1625 died during this extraordinary period."

"The colonists were expected to live off the land and off trade and tribute from the Indians. But this subsistence system would have left the colonists extremely vulnerble to bad weather
A timeline for the desperate colony, the slaughter by the Indians, the diseases, and the failure of crops is detailed here. It is interesting to note that the "colony" was never in good shape until England sent 90 women over to marry the men there. The first Thanksgiving in 1621 coincided with the obvious end of the drought in 1618 so that for the first time the Pilgrims had an abundance of food. They had been accustomed to spend this time of the year fasting, praying for forgivness, and apologizing for sins. It was either in 1619 or 1621 that a farmer had an idea to celebrate their good fortune rather than mourn for the bad things that had been happening. So the feast, lasting four days and joined by the local Indians, became a festival of plenty. At last.......abundance to be thankful for.


Daily Pundit has all the news that's fit to read regarding CNN AND THE "X" fiasco. Byzantine.....


Accuracy in Media (AIM) takes a monster shot at the clear bias at FOX. The bias they are talking about is the LEFT bias that the awful FOX "News" Special on Global Warming displayed. The show was a disgrace from almost any POV other than for propaganda afficionados. AIM not only accuses FOX of bias but of deliberately displaying "Junk Science" in the show. The web site, Junk Science really trashed the show
Forget “fair and balanced” on global warming. FOX News has caved to the global warming crowd, agreeing to air a “documentary” more one-sided than anything I’ve seen in the entire sad history of climate change journalism.
The show, approved and sponsored by FOX honcho Ailes, is under attack from all sides. Marc Morano, a guest on FNC when he exposes the left, didn't get any invitations to go back on the network when he reported on that FNC Chairman Ailes had approved the one-sided program after Kennedy "dragged" him to a lecture by former Vice President Al Gore on the topic. When asked about this, Ailes was unavailable for comment, Morano reported.
It went from bad to worse. As noted by Dr. Michael R. Fox, who has 40 years of experience in the energy field, one of the silliest parts of the program was when FNC put forward an Indy race car driver as an energy expert.
All in all it seems that all commentators on the Right are jumping on Ailes, FOX News, and Rick Folbaum, who fronted for the fact challenged show. All in all this propaganda piece tarnishes any claim FOX makes about it being a "News" network. It's a vehicle for any propaganda that comes along.....

Marc Cooper has a terrific post up today that spells BAD NEWS for Republicans, only.....The Democratic base is even more nuttier than the Republican base which favors:
The Republican base, you will recall, favors full-time occupation of Iraq, privatization of social security, repeal of Roe, Ten Commanments in the class-room, and a 200 foot high wall on the border; and you see how politically savvy that’s been.
The Left is summarized:
"What I want this Christmas season is an antiwar Democrat to step forward to challenge Hillary Clinton in New York’s upcoming primary for senate. And I want a powerful antiwar Democrat to oppose her for the presidential nomination in 2008. Pollster John Zogby believes that a credible progressive Democrat will challenge Hillary for the presidency in 2008: "There will be an antiwar candidate," predicts Zogby. "That’s what the base demands."
Also Labor is quietly trying to find the "anti-Hillary" and a red/blue map that shows Bush leading in only three states with the rest of the country in various shades of blue. A good, and informative, read. Feel free, as I do, to ignore his pimping for OSM.

Torture for Dummies: Jesus Christ, only a moron "debates" this. Torture has been around for at least 10,000 years. During that time zero battles have been lost as a result of somebody "squealing." BUT...roughly a million wild goose chases and critical delays have resulted. Torture works on low level people who know very little.

Sleep deprivation and starvation: All you know you will get are sleepy and hungry people who are totally pissed off.

Drugs: give me a break. If drugs worked everyone would use them. The truth is that once a subconscious is opened up everything comes out in cryptic form.

What works: Line up ten guys. Shoot one in the head in front of the others and then tell your target to talk or you will kill all his pals one by one til he does; killing his friends by torture works much better. Even more successful is to get a guy's wife and kids in the same room and start torturing them to death.

Period. End of discussion.

Now let's talk about what really works: bribery, sex, and, well more sex.

And the absolutely last now: let me supply you with the usual overwritten bullshit about torture and some of the history. The Ancient Persians had it best, not that it produced direct results, but it sure helped to control the populace. They (the fucking Persians, now the fucking Iranians) would tie the target up inside a canoe like boat, making sure he was several inches from the bottom. Once the target was affixed in the proscribed manner, they would feed him. And feed him. And feed him. Naturally nature took its course and the target, who knew what was coming, started evacuating the food through his anus (ass for you Harvard grads) and the "you know what" started to pile up. Next: what is always attracted to smelly feces? Hot looking babes? Fertilizer barons? Flies? You got it everyone, it was flies. And what do flies do besides eat shit? They lay eggs. And them eggs become maggots. And them maggots finally find their way into the bowels of the target which they proceed to eat from the inside. It is reported from reliable sources that the screams from the target lasted for up to thirty days. Did it get anyone to talk? Nothing besides things like, "please let me go; OK OK I'll suck your dick," and the always popular "Please God. Save me and I'll be good from now on, I swear."

I've got more history of torture including the molten silver down the throat, impaling while the wife and kiddies watch, the double wagon pull which dismembered the target in a few agonizing minutes, and the most popular of all tortures: skinning alive; a fun method where the target was skinned until there was no flesh on the body, but the target remained alive. There are unconfirmed reports that watching Desperate Housewives for two hours will accomplish the same thing.

Republicans used this photo secretly placed on President Clinton's hard drive to lure him into sexual craving.

LATE ADD 11/23: Oh, BTW: the OSM business "model" structures that thing so that bloggers actually pay OSM (in the form of giving up Blog Ads and agreeing to place OSM ads in a sidebar) for the "right" to post. Am I to believe that people like Michael Barone, Marc Cooper (great post up today), Jane Hall assistant professor at American University, Claudia Rosett, and a host of other high profile actual reporters cough up one single dime to those hustlers? Never. The ethics of the deal are just plain bogus.
Note to OSM, Roger Simon, and the rest of the Pajama Media. Changing your name won't help circulation. Your website sucks and nobody wants to read that shit; Case in point: lead story today is the super scoop (get ready for this news fans), Merkel voted in as Chancellor with the sub head, now get really ready: Compiled by OSM Staff in Barcelona. Jesus F. Christ! This is just one of those old magazines you pick up in the doctor's office. Plain bird cage lining in byte form. Many of the most popular web pages, newspapers, movies, and books have absolutely awful names---The Da Vinci Code anybody?---. It's the content, stupid. Doing something just for the money is the dumbest thing you can ever do in your life, and there is no reason on earth for Pajamas etc. other than the almighty dollar; or in their case, almighty penny. Simon is just another Hollywood fake caught up in his own self importance and selling it to the unwary in typical Hollywood style. Change the name to "Fuck You Just in Case" (or even better, the tried and true "Teenage Sluts dot com") and it might draw a hit or two, but the content better be good or nobody will come back. Oh, the picture above? It was secretly taken at a GOP Senate Leadership meeting and has nothing --- and everything --- to do with OSM.

Latest Left Spin on the "Bush Lied People Died" lie. Let's look at just one Bush rebuttal to the Lie charge.

Bush Crowd respond to the word "lie": The head of the CIA told Bush it was a "slam dunk" that there were WMDs in Iraq.

Left Response (one size fits all): What he fails to tell us is that secret followup intel revealed THERE WERE NO WMDs in Iraq. They are covering up the follow up which contained real and truthful intel.

So the charge has evolved into super secret stuff that only the Administration and nobody else on the planet had been furnished.

"I have in my hand a list of Communists in our Government."

"Are you a witch? How long have you been in the snare of the devil? Why won't you confess?"

And on and on with this Amiraults Pre School style broadside of charges about secret things only the Left knows but cannot show. And always remember, the Amiraults were convicted and jailed on bogus testimony cooked up by zealous prosecutors and parroted by a press eager to publish any salacious charge. And don't forget the ever popular

"I know you don't beat your wife, but there are persistent rumors circulating about the web. Care to answer?"

And you are dead. The professional smear merchants are in charge right now and I don't know how this will turn out.


The Woodward vs Source flap: I do not understand how a "source" can allow innocent people to be put on trial. I do not understand how a so-called "reporter" can allow an innocent person to be put on trial when the reporter knows the truth. Where in any code of morals does it say that this is OK? It sure ain't in the Constitution. Ain't in no religion that I know about. Must be in the minds of the moral cripples in the media.


MyBad; if you haven't read Michael Yon's piece yet just go there......

Read this dispatch from France and see how once you are on the government dole nothing on this earth will get you off it. France will no longer even "think" about privatizing their money losing high wage rail system because the overpaid under-worked labor force wants even more, and mommy just can't say "no" to tantrums by baby.

One of the BEST, my fave Heather MacDonald, has this piece up today trashing Sullivan and his pals regarding OUR sadism in Iraq vs the Iraqi sadism in Iraq
For the Sunnis to ask the Americans to protect them against alleged Shiite abuse would seem to them (Sullivan) as delusional as a Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz appealing to Hitler for salvation.....

When the history of the war on terror is written, the strangest chapter will address why so many American intellectuals were so determined to believe the absolute worst about U.S. behavior. Unfortunately, their willful self-delusion has influenced American intelligence policy more than has the truth..
Sullivan was never anything but the typical Oxford Left Wing Gay "I'm Better Than You" prattler masquerading as a Conservative because being a "gay" conservative got him attention. He is the typical Left Wing Brit snob of the thirties cloned for the 21st century. Hersh has been making money hating this country for more than a decade.


The charges by the Democrats, my POV. Let me begin by saying that my disdain for the CIA goes back to the OSS and Army Intel during WWII. The OSS was a hot bed of Russian spies, was run out of the hip pocket of "Wild Bill" Donovan who I think almost blew WWII, and the miserable track record of our spy agencies continues to this day under the banner of the CIA.

We must not leave out the "torture narrative" being pissed out there by such stalwarts as Andrew ("if you're not gay you have nothing to say") Sullivan and Seymour (The Snore) Hersh who write in deathless prose that the bad old USA is responsible for a reign of terror not seen since Hitler or the Torror in the French Revolution. Both have proven in the past that their opinions are unreliable; Sullivan even got fired from the NYT. Read Heather MacDonald today about the "Torture Narrative."

There is no doubt, after looking at the evidence, that the current Democratic charges are not only false, but have been deliberately manufactured behind closed doors so that now they have The Big Lie, a libel and slander free pass; a lie with base intent that is parroted, amplified, and cheered on eagerly by all media. The only purpose the Big Lie serves is to win an election; if our troops die, the Democrats don't care. In fact they cheer every death because every death makes them "right" within their hallucinatory methane universe. And if you think "cheer" is an over the top representation of what is happening, I'll invite you to my apartment building and neighborhood and you will actually hear cheers on days in which the TV news reports four or six guys get killed. The fearless leader of the Democratic Party, Harry Reid, recently expanded on The Big Lie when he crowed about the Scooter Libby indictment, an indictment for lying about a source in the Valerie Plame case. Reid:
This case is bigger than the leak of classified information. It is about how the Bush White House manufactured and manipulated intelligence in order to bolster its case for the war in Iraq and to discredit anyone who dared to challenge the president.
The head of the CIA told Bush it was a "slam dunk" that there were WMDs in Iraq. This was an opinion shared publicly by the intelligence agencies of Britain, Germany, Russia, China, Israel and--(awe, shock, oh no not)--France. All agreed. Even more, the CIA wasn't alone within our own intel establishment. Tenet had the backing of all 15 agencies involved in gathering intel for the US. The National Intelligence Estimate of 2002, where the collective intel views were summarized, one of the conclusions that was offered with "high confidence" was that "Iraq is continuing, and in some areas expanding its chemical, biological, nuclear, and missile programs contrary to UN resolutions." Colin Powell's chief of staff, who now seems to think the State Department was "wrong" as opposed to lying, and who has been viciously attacking Bush at every turn stated:
I can't tell you why the French, the Germans, the Brits and us thought that most of the material, if not all of it, that we presented at the U.N. on 5 February 2003 was the truth. I can't. I've wrestled with it. [But] when you see a satellite photograph of all the signs of the chemical-weapons ASP--Ammunition Supply Point--with chemical weapons, and you match all those signs with your matrix on what should show a chemical ASP, and they're there, you have to conclude that it's a chemical ASP, especially when you see the next satellite photograph which shows the UN inspectors wheeling in their white vehicles with black markings on them to that same ASP, and everything is changed, everything is clean. . . . But George [Tenet] was convinced, John McLaughlin [Tenet's deputy] was convinced, that what we were presented [for Powell's UN speech] was accurate.
Wilkerson even goes so far as to admit that
People say, well, INR (State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research) dissented. That's a bunch of bull. INR dissented that the nuclear program was up and running. That's all INR dissented on. They were right there with the chems and the bios.
A key phony point in the Bush Lied tissue of lies is the aluminum tube deal. The INR did say that they had doubt:
Iraq's efforts to acquire aluminum tubes [which are] central to the argument that Baghdad is reconstituting its nuclear-weapons program. . . . INR is not persuaded that the tubes in question are intended for use as centrifuge rotors . . . in Iraq's nuclear-weapons program.
Later in the same report INR stated:
Iraq's efforts to acquire aluminum tubes [which are] central to the argument that Baghdad is reconstituting its nuclear-weapons program. . . . INR is not persuaded that the tubes in question are intended for use as centrifuge rotors . . . in Iraq's nuclear-weapons program.
But the sworn enemy of Bush qualifies that statement as well....
The French came in in the middle of my deliberations at the CIA and said, we have just spun aluminum tubes, and by God, we did it to this rpm, et cetera, et cetera, and it was all, you know, proof positive that the aluminum tubes were not for mortar casings or artillery casings, they were for centrifuges. Otherwise, why would you have such exquisite instruments?
It is this statement regarding "exquisite" instruments that directly relates to the "yellowcake" in Niger, because to convert yellowcake to plutonium and then build a plutonium bomb requires "exquisite" technology. Every fact, every inside government report and analysis concluded that Iraq had WMDs and the capacity to use them. Everyone was wrong.

Everyone did not lie

It is the Democrats, backed up by our Stalinesque fellow traveling media, that is lying. Period. And the lying is for the purpose of winning an election, not to help our country.

Were we prepared for anything at all inside Iraq? Hell no, as everyone with a brain can see. Is bad intel par for the course inside our government? Yes. A million times yes, and this pitiful track record goes all the way back to WWII when faulty intel cost us at least a million dead. Their record goes back to Sicily, Italy, Normandie, the Battle of the Bulge, island after island in the Pacific at a horrid cost, their failure to anticipate the collapse of the Soviet Union (something that super spy Herb Meyer DID predict); their track record was and is so bad that it led Senator Moynihan ("ideas have consequences") to call for the CIA to be dismantled once and for all.

But with all of this taken into account, IT IS THE DEMOCRATS WHO ARE LYING, and lying with evil intent.

Now, back to Reggie Bush and the Heisman....... And if that's where you are too, read Peggy Noonan's column of Thursday last.

Markets: careful from today through Monday. Starting around noon EST most of the big hitters will be leaving for various Thanksgiving functions and the volume will lighten up. This is the perfect time of year for a "cowboy" or three to hit markets and move them up or down. NEVER trade a thin market, but it is the perfect time to look for a buying opportunity because a short raid on a stock can always happen. Institutions do keep trading because they are on computer generated trading "signals." I pay no attention to the NASDAQ "new highs" and so on because that was the index that the dot com bubble blew sky high. The Index that is hitting 4 year highs is the S&P, BUT it is more than 200 points away from the 2,000 high, which again was driven by the dot com bubble so this high may be too artificial to consider.

Gasoline prices and conspiracies: just a local anecdote to chew on. I gased up at the cheapest station near my home on Saturday AM at a station that is known for the cheapest prices in the neighborhood. I paid $2.59 per gallon. I was going to a kids soccer game in what is known around here as "The South Bay," an area that begins about ten miles south of Beverly Hills and then runs through towns like Torrance, Redondo Beach, and Palos Verdes. The moment I got off the freeway, ten miles as the crow flies, gasoline prices were $2.49. The further south I drove the cheaper the gasoline became til I saw it at $2.41. How can prices of the same brand of gasoline be $.18 cents cheaper within the same geographic area? I don't know, but gasoline prices here have yet to drop below $2.51. Something is very wrong with all that....


This week's SITE OF THE WEEK is a vicious motherfucker who pulls no punches and gets the facts. It's called appropriately "Sweetness and Light" and is anything but. Give it a read and I'm sure you'll bookmark it. I have no idea as to whether it's a he or a she, but whatever it is you may want to bottle it. Current targets are massive assaults on Cindy Sheehan and "ABSCAM Jack" (Murtha).

Al Zarqawi update: He picked up Elvis's tickets for the UCLA vs USC game next week. Details at eleven......

And be sure to go to Jihad Watch today and start getting really familiar with what Iran is up to. This is super bad stuff that the Democrats are sure to try to dodge... Oh, and that the EU burrowers have already concealed from their view and will once again dump on us for paying attention. My view is that we let Iran wipe the Eurabian pricks off the face of the earth, AND THEN bomb them. They also have a link to Noonan's column only available to subs that ran last week. She is beginning to sound eerily prescient (meaning like she fucking knows what's going to happen and it ain't good).

Of Nanotech and consumer fraud: it's always true of something new and esoteric; people are going to tell you that they have the "latest" application. When biotech was the rage every dope that came along had invented the "cure" for something or was "on the verge" of discovering something "if only" he could raise ten or so million dollars. And so it is with nano tech. There is a site that can explain almost anything in simple language that a seventh grader can understand: It's called How Stuff Works and it's not just for kids because we are all kids when something brand new comes along. I bring this up because I was faced with a terrific sounding product yesterday and the person explaining it told me it was the "latest in nanotechnology." Why I knew nanotech was extreme miniturization I didn't really know the whats and whys, so I looked it up at HowStuff. If you're a little hazy on the topic it's a great place to go and a great place to clear away the bullshit. In my case I now know absolutely that the product I was supposed to look at was NOT nanotechnology, my brain however may be. I'll get back to you on that.

Sometimes a single site is so loaded with good stuff I can only recommend you go there. A few samples
When Churchill described some of his opponents as "decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all powerful to be impotent," he might have had the Senate Republicans in mind.
Now that reporter actually has done some reading. Then there is this from another post regarding the new PC interpretation of Shakespeare
Thus do Mr. Hall and Propeller take a play about the possibility of redemption and turn it into a play about the impossibility of redemption.
Then there are times I'm glad I went to a backwater high school that actually assigned your choice of the following books in Quarter One: The Bible (any version), The Koran, or The Torah. No fucking ACLU assholes ventured into the woods to stop it and we actually learned something. Which leads me to the following:
The cow is of the bovine ilk;
One end is moo, the other, milk.
What? You don't think that is good poetry? How about this:
Children aren't happy without something to ignore, and that's what parents were created for.
And this one:
Marriage is the alliance of two people, one of whom never remembers birthdays and the other who never forgets.
That stuff is by a guy named Ogden Nash, who was a really funny poet that it was OK to read a long time ago. All this and more are at The American Spectator this AM.

Notes on a Zig Zag Paper: Super celeb, Victoria Silverstedt, (photo) was so thrilled when she saw the new Boeing 777 that she tore out the side of her dress in her excitement. The Boeing series of sales is super news for all of us. It validates the company strategy, which was based on solid data and consumer polling, that indicated the public did not want to fly in planes with six to eight hundred of their closest friends; did not want to spend an hour boarding and another hour deplaning; and most of all did not want to spend another two hours searching for bags. The tipping point for all the sales was almost certainly the huge fuel costs savings over the EU's subsidized A-380. Boeing:
The 747-8 is a "stretched" version of our popular jumbo jet. The 747-8 Intercontinental will carry 450 passengers in three classes, compared to 416 in the 747-400. The new passenger version will be 3.6 meters (11.7 feet) longer than the 747-400, with slightly longer range. It's going to be 16% more fuel efficient than the 747-400 and 14% more fuel efficient than the A380.

One of the great things about the 747-8 Intercontinental is that with its improved fuel consumption and other efficiencies it will have the lowest seat-mile cost of any passenger airplane.
Next is the huge orders for their brand new twin engine 777 (10,000 mile range---extra fuel tanks in the fucking tail) another fuel efficient plane that has already set the world record for distance traveled without refueling. So while the EU almost gives their planes away, the reality of high fuel prices has made Boeing a winner. Buy the stock? The Boeing story has been in the market for more than a year, the stock has doubled (below). I told you about it in January, HERE.

and it was a buying op.

Another note on a Zig Zag paper: the latest version of MSIE (available through update) is superior in every way (except no tabs) to Firefox. Those of you using Foxfire should right click on any page, go to the bottom of the window and click "View this page in MISE" and you'll see the big difference.

From WSJ today:
Dennis Kozlowski stole $600 million from Tyco and got eight to 25 years in prison; Kofi Annan supervised more than $12 billion in international theft and will stay in his job.

All of which explains why allowing the United Nations to be in charge of running the Internet is a very bad idea.
The piece concludes with this dire warning that all of us better heed: When the U.S. attends those IGF meetings, our representative will surely be reminded of the repeated advice Tony Mauro, the Supreme Court correspondent for The American Lawyer, recalls receiving from Europeans at a run-up meeting of the U.N. Internet group in Budapest three years ago. Do not invoke the First Amendment in Internet discussions, he was told, for it is viewed as a sign of U.S. arrogance.

If the U.N. establishment believes free speech is arrogance, we can be confident that U.N. control of the Internet would be calamitous.
To see how France would stomp on the First, Second, Fourth, and most of the rest for that matter, GO HERE.

Zarqawi Dead??? Lots of MSM types are speculating: ABC; Houston Chronicle; etc. White House denies, but you know how Bush lies..... Blogger, Red State, is carrying late stuff, but this is one of those times that the MSM with all their resources will get it first.

The OSM continues its non-stop phony site building today with FIFTY (50) different "bloggers" weighing in on the same subject. What kinds of jerks go somewhere to read 50 differing opinions about anything? People without jobs and without lives. It may be that MSM isn't dead yet; they figured out a long time ago to hold guest opinions to three or four per day. And BTW OSM leads with a GM story that you read about here at least a month ago and in Biz Week, Auto Extremist, and in every other financial section of MSM. I suspect that their hits come only from other bloggers and not a broad surfing network.


If you are such a boob that you haven't figured out after all these years that at least 90% of women on dating services are hookers, then you are brain dead. NY Daily News posts this one. How about the men listed for women? I don't know. But I do know that Adult Friend Finders (NSFW) is posted on hundreds of porn sites, as are a few others. Now there are the usual scumbag lawyers casting nets out for class action business and lots of lawyers on the net are directing traffic to the attorneys. BTW it's a known fact that rapists frequent these sites too. WTF are people thinking?

Murtha and ABSCAM
: Link from Schultz to SWEETNESS AND LIGHT reminding us all that this guy is a fucking crook, caught red handed with taking bribes. The MSM peddling this guy as some marvelous human being is sickening, one more time.l

Proof that the GOP does have ideas.....BAD ONES. The Journal has an ed today about changing the laws regarding the "born in the USA---Citizen of the USA" that makes total sense. Any doubt you may have that the GOP is about to commit suicide should be settled by reading it. Like it or not, illegals are already here. The only way to avoid a "France" is to allow citizenship for their offspring. I don't like it, you may not like it, but if the Republicans get away with this, get ready for riots an insurrection.

Double Jeapordy in CA:
you may be chuckling about Robert Blake having to pay $30 mil because a civil jury decided to "convict" him after a jury declared him "not guilty." You will stop laughing when it might happen to you. How? Let's say you have a serious auto-accident. You are charged with reckless driving, a felony. You go to trial and a jury says you're not guilty----Not so fast Keemosabe---they'll get you in civil court in a different venue. This is dangerous stuff. Ask not for whom the Bell Tolls.......


OK, STOP THE EMAILS....Her name is Katie Price AKA Jordan. She has not made many bright career moves. She takes her clothes off at the click of a shutter and has silicones. Does not always photograph this well. She's also done porno....
And be sure you click on the pic....

Markets: we are still a long way from the old stock index highs (11,436 vs 10,865 close on 11/18), but we have broken out of the trading range we've been locked into for a year and a half. I posted back on 11/12 that the markets looked to be on the verge of a breakout. A real double bang breakout would take out all the old highs, which is what I saw on the charts.

Video of French Riots HERE.

GOP with both brains AND balls? Jesus, I thought maybe I accidentally bought some killer shit that launched me into orbit for ten hours, but when I woke up this AM I found that they'd actually put the "GTFOOI"
Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the deployment of United States forces in Iraq be terminated immediately.

Resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that the deployment of United States forces in Iraq be terminated immediately.
went to the floor and called the Dems to account. GOP 403 --- Dems 3. Now for the brains part: no PUBLIC trashing of Murtha as a person. The only PUBLIC shit tossed at him came from bloggers, which is why bloggers are blogging and not holding office. However some dippy woman (Jean Schmidt--DW (Dopey Woman), OH) called him a coward, thinking that getting a bronze star meant that he ran faster than anyone else. However it was not a Murtha resolution that was voted upon, one that called for all kinds of cut and run and Iraq taking over their own country and so on, because Murtha only made a statement, not text for a resolution.

Murtha, as well as a hell of a lot of others, sees the war as unwinable, and in terms of total victory everyone knows that. Personally, I think that the culture is so corrupt, so steeped in centuries of tyrants who violently silence opposition, that no democracy can last. Shiias will murder the Sunnis, Kurds will murder both, and in every takeover of an Arab state the guy taking over has had the army on his side. Guess who is training the Iraqi Army? And that superbly trained army will be the super thug military force in the region for years to come, a great tool for the next Saddam wannbe..

I have a new link on the left to a place called "Walker's World" it is a site well worth visiting. The guy lives and works in Paris. What does he see?
It still smells of smoke along the Rue Henri-Barbusse in the French suburb of Aubervilliers, but the skeletons of burned-out cars are cold now and look oddly like randomly parked pieces of modern sculpture in the shadow of the giant Quatre-Chemins housing estate that saw some of the worst riots in the two-week spasm of riots that swept France.

The sullen faces that gaze on the handiwork of the local rioters and sneer at the vans of the riot police are black rather than brown: Africans from Mali and Martinique rather than Arabs from Algeria and Morocco.

Dressed in expensive sneakers and track suits with designer logos, with the white wires of iPod headphones snaking from their ears, they look neither poor nor much intimidated by the police patrols that now dominate their quarter. The young blacks refuse to talk to white reporters, turning silently away to spit and talk among themselves.

'You (expletives) wouldn`t dare show your faces round here if it wasn`t for the (expletive) cops,' says one, using the slang term 'keufs' for the police.
Drop by and read his dispatches. He says clearly that it's a race riot but the race that is rioting is Black.

Integrity watch: the new Pajama Media (OSM) site has completely corrupted all bloggers involved. How? Well all posters are paid depending on the traffic they send. Reynolds this AM directs people to the Pajama site without even telling anyone he is sending them there--- FOR MONEY. So is every other blogger who directs traffic there. This is a corruption that will only get worse and worse, until the entire enterprises sinks in its own pus. An outrageous example is one I stumbled upon HERE. Were this actual commerce, as in MSM, these same bloggers would be screaming "conflict of interest" "consumer fraud" and so on.


Vatican official refutes intelligent design---school officials act

click on picture

Energy: Next support is 51.03 or thereabouts; currently trading at 55.55. Then we will see if Phil Flynn is correct and that the market is going to go much much higher. Stay tuned. Gasoline should be selling in your area for $2.06 plus tax---ho ho ha ha.

Well, here's one guy who thinks new Fed Chair, Bernanke's, past record of printing money will surface once again and.....
So, at latest by the middle of next year, I would expect the Bernanke money printing press to shift into high gear. This should lead to more consumer price inflation, a weakening US dollar and tumbling bond prices. From a longer term perspective, I expect Mr. Bernanke will be the greatest disaster that has ever hit the US bond market in the 200 years of capitalistic history.
Just one guy's opinion, but under the surface there's a lot of nervousness about Bernanke. The author of this rant is a very negative market guy, always seeing the quicksand instead of the beach, but the SOB has been right a lot of the time.


The GOP base is cracking wide open----
I had to drive around town for much of the day yesterday and had a chance to sample various talk radio shows. The Republicans are in deep doo doo. The actual anger at the Congress is all over the dial. Spending is the main topic, followed by the phony border patrol, then Bush's failure to defend himself drew more than a few phone calls. Nobody is fooled by the "Bridge to Nowhere" sleight of hand in which the funds were merely transferred to the state. This disgust with the party is real. It is happening, and more than just a few callers and hosts allowed that they didn't care at all if the Republicans lost both House and Senate----"they have forgotten what they were elected for" was the most articulated complaint.

Many hosts, agreeing with the callers, pointed to the upcoming "baby boomers" hitting retirement age and basically sacking the entire system for their final desires in life. A local pair was lambasting the pension fund wipe out as something the government will have to take care of too. As all of you know, none of the shows are known as anything other than Right Wing, and if these guys are on the hunt there's trouble.

Again, if this is what winning looks like, why play the game?

Posting the same POV: Ankle Biting Pundits; then James Lilekis is quoted
They need it. They need asbestos litigation, so that they can pack it in their jackets to make sure they don't catch on fire, from what I presume will be a base that like me, is throwing up their hands and saying what's the point?
over at Radio Blogger. Then further down John McIntyre of Real Clear Politics lays into the Republicans too. Finally this quote from Mark Steyn is to good to pass up
I would be in favor of wrapping virtually every Republican Senator in asbestos, and using them to insulate my attic.
Mark's site is Here, but he refers his asbestos commentary over to Radio Blogger. I'll stop now, but you get the picture: Everybody is fed up. Everybody.

Mama, what's a wanker?
Below are the final paragraphs of a delicious two page complaint letter. Many will save it for use in the future because I doubt that any of us can supply a letter that expresses precisely, what we all feel when shafted by a company. This guy has hit it all.....
How surprised I therefore was, when I discovered to my considerable dissatisfaction and disappointment what a useless shower of bastards you truly are. You are sputum-filled pieces of distended rectum - incompetents of the highest order. British Telecom - wankers though they are - shine like brilliant beacons of success, in the filthy puss-filled mire of your seemingly limitless inadequacy.

Suffice to say that I have now given up on my futile and foolhardy quest to receive any kind of service from you. I suggest that you do likewise, and cease any potential future attempts to extort payment from me for the services which you have so pointedly and catastrophically failed to deliver - any such activity will be greeted initially with hilarity and disbelief - although these feelings will quickly be replaced by derision, and even perhaps a small measure of bemused rage.

I enclose two small deposits, selected with great care from my cats litter tray, as an expression of my utter and complete contempt for both you, and your pointless company. I sincerely hope that they have not become desiccated during transit - they were satisfyingly moist at the time of posting, and I would feel considerable disappointment if you did not experience both their rich aroma and delicate texture. Consider them the very embodiment of my feelings towards NTL, and it’s worthless employees.

Have a nice day - may it be the last in you miserable short life, you irritatingly incompetent and infuriatingly unhelpful bunch of twats,
Accidentally found at this site to which I was directed by somebody I can't remember


Without a doubt, Barone writing in USN&WR has the best and most complete rundown of both the inside and outside of Woodward's sudden memory recall. BTW, it looks more and more that elements inside the CIA were out to get Bush and they did......

Response to more than one email asking why I relegate The Anchoress to Faith Based sites. I do it because almost all her comments relate to her religion or faith. She's interesting but not nearly as interesting as Evangelical Outpost, and especially not as thoughtful as Mark Roberts (I dare you to read his very long semi book "The Church and Politics in America" and compare it with anything Anchoress has to say about anything.). Mark's, is unviewable except in small print on MSIE. There are more, but all belong in Faith Based because of their obvious slants. As for LaShawn Barber? I think she is a near air head and if she wasn't Black, supposedly conservative, and a self proclaimed loud mouth Christian nobody would waste their time reading her. BTW she is another mediocrity on Pajamas Media.

Guess who is launching missles at Bush now? A jerkoff backroom pork receiver, a third rate Democratic pol who is being quoted in all the MSM
Murtha is a pork-barreling pol (they don't call it the Jack Murtha Highway for nothin'), the go-to guy for Democrats who want their cut of the defense budget. He is to the leadership on the war what Don Young is to highway safety: policy is secondary to keeping open the spigot from your wallet to his district. (And thanks to his tireless efforts, Tom DeLay will be able to afford some beachfront property thanks to a nice payout from the Departme
Read it all at Red State....

Truthfully now, who would you rather see on the cover of GQ, Jennifer Anniston naked or this babe with her clothes on???? And be sure you click on the pic....

I meant to link to this yesterday in my bond post; the USA Today story on the looming federal debt Tsunami. Here it is courtesy of Maxed Out Mama. There are several publications saying the same thing but Baby Boomers have dominated this economy since 1963 and they know how to form a mob and take over the political process, after all that's what the 60s were: a "gimme what I want right now or else" mob. And they always got their way.


Bill Roggio of The Fourth Rail has taken it upon himself to go to Iraq and report back what he sees, what is going on, and what he doesn't see. It's the weekend and you might want to take a look. He's good. No adjectives......

Remember Abel Danger?
WSJ does a number on the 9-11 Commission, which is still in business but now "investigating" other things. What other things? Well not Abel Danger, they're into hurricanes, nuclear weapons, the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and even the New York subway system. Funded now by the special interest group of all special interest groups: fucking lawyers.


specifically the bond market, which has been going nuts for about a week. When I trade, meaning intra day, I trade bonds or the S&P. When I do I use an intra-day charting method called Market Profile, which are the trades during the day charted on an axis that results in a bell curve chart (below). This type of chart tells you how many trades occur at each price along the axis. The letters represent each thirty minute time period, with A being the earliest. In the below example, you see that most of the trade for the day occurred at 111.17. You trade within the opening range. (CBOT has a course if you're interested; it's also called Liquidity Data Bank.) A bond chart like the one below, would show a wide range on that day, ideal for intra day trading. Most of the trades that day were at 111.17; the range of trading was between 110.24 and 111.24; a thousand dollar range in which to trade. A money making day. This was a long preface to tell you the range on the bonds plotted on this axis for a week is astonishing. It means all the players are in a panic about interest rates because Greenspan has done his best to kill the housing market; and, once again, it looks like he's succeeding. He's cleverly putting all the carpenters, sheet metal men, and so on, out of work. Remember, everyone knows the genius has caused the last three recessions by overshooting a rate rise and he keeps on making the same mistake, one that you and me pay for dearly.



Price Brackets Segmented Auction
11124 GL G L
11123 GL G |L
11122 FGKL F G | | |K |L
11121 FGHKL F G H | | |K |L
11120 DFGHKL D F G H | | |K |L
11119 DFGHKL D F G H | | |K |L
11118 DEFGHJK D E F G |H | |J |K |
11117 DEFGHIJK D E F G |H >I >J >K >
11116 DEFHIJK D E F | |H |I |J |K |
11115 DEFHIJK D E F | |H |I |J |K |
11114 DEFHIJK D E |F | |H |I |J |K |
11113 DFHIJK D |F | |H |I |J |K |
11112 zDFHJK |z D |F | |H | |J |K |
11111 zDFJK |z D | |F | | | |J |K |
11110 zD |z |D | | | | | | | |
11109 yzCD |y |z |C |D | | | | | | | |
11108 yzCD >y |z |C |D | | | | | | | |
11107 yzCD |y |z |C |D | | | | | | | |
11106 yzBCD y >z | B >C >D > > > > | | | |
11105 zBCD |z | |B |C |D | | | | | | |
11104 zBCD |z | |B |C |D | | | | |
11103 zBCD |z | |B |C |D | | | |
11102 zBD |z | |B | |D | | | |
11101 zB |z | |B | | | | | |
11100 zAB |z >A >B | | | | | |
11031 zAB z |A |B | | | | | |
11030 zAB z |A |B | | | | |
11029 zAB z |A |B | | | |
11028 zA z |A | | | |
11027 zA z |A |
11026 zA z |A |
11025 zA z |A |
11024 z z |

Another graphic is called the yield curve which compares short term rates (3 month) to the ten year rate. Naturally the 90 day note should pay you less than the long term TEN YEAR bond. (Shown below on left) As we speak we are entering into inverted yield curve territory (below on right), showing that the short term (90 day) is actually paying you more than the long term 10 year--think about that. This an almost sure sign of recession, caused by the Federal Reserve bank, again. I cannot tell you how scary this is and why people are literally ready to jump off bridges.



At No Pasaran.....The State of Emergency is prolonged for 3 months. Last night, 160 vehicles were torched, 40 arrests were made, and a church was partially destroyed by fire in Romans (Drome). The French are settling into a comfort zone of 150+ cars burned per night just to be able to say that this thing is over.Late Add: 1PM PST here's a headline and partial quote from the French press. France does not have a free press at all, even worse than our MSM, and there number of vehicles torched does not tally with other reports
PARIS, Nov 17 (AFP) - French police declared the all-clear Thursday after three weeks of civil violence that has set off a fierce debate over the country's poor and immigrant neighbourhoods. As politicians grappled with the root causes of the unrest in a bid to stop it exploding again, the national police service said there was a "return to a normal situation everywhere in France" overnight, with just 98 vehicles torched across the country.

Try this one on: all of us post links to websites that tell us in picture and prose about what went down before Iraq; all of us hope Bush will "read" what we say and show them. Why? Why do we keep telling Bush what to say?

Because we are trying to excuse our vote. Face it, we voted for a putz. We voted for an inarticulate and passionless man who is not capable of doing even the basics, the ABCs of telling the voters why we are in a war. Every president has to COMMUNICATE. Has to. So he has us in a war he can't explain and leaves it to us to tell.......what?

We all just hate to admit that we voted for a guy who is only ready for Late Night sit com re-runs," Prime Time is reserved for others. Please George, tell them........

Fuck it.

Emailer BW sent me this link to Real Clear Politics, a piece detailing another GOP Munich sell out.... It's dated yesterday in case you've been there already.

Malkin has
this piece with links; has to do with what Bush should say. My POV? If we have a president so out of the loop that he has to turn to me for direction...... I know the score so the read is just OK.

Sad to report.....The Los Angeles Times is cutting about 85 newsroom jobs, the paper said Wednesday. Some of the cuts already have come through attrition and some will come through a voluntary separation program, editor Dean Baquet wrote in a staff memo. Think they'll start telling the news straight? Not a chance.

Now here's a market that has been moving on pure speculation (not): The Chinese government is denying participation, but a Chinese metals dealer was allowed to build huge number of short positions at the LME. So what happened? He bet wrong, the market continued to go up, and what took place is known as "a short squeeze." The guy had to unwind (buy back his positions) so the market continues up, now trading over $203 per tonne. Copper used extensively in housing traded at around $60 five years ago and at $95 in Dec of '04.


The new Pajama Media (OSM)? Shrug. I'll be dammed if I'll ever read the whole thing. And I'll further be dammed if I'll click on the infinite number of links in each story. I always know when I see a blog with links galore that the blogger is just trying to build traffic. AND there is nothing there you can't see on TV or Drudge, NR, BizWeek, and so on.

Excitement reigns in Liberal Hollywood as casting begins for the movie based on Joe Wilson's book, The Politics of Truth: Inside the Lies that Led to War and Betrayed My Wife's CIA Identity: A Diplomat's Memoir. The title of the movie will be changed---stay tuned Below are the final hopefuls to be cast as super sexpot spy Valerie Plame.....

Below, a literal army of hopefuls showed up hoping to be cast as sex pot Senator Barbara Boxer


WARNING Make no mistake, The UN taking control of the internet is The Digital Munich if our clueless president and political elites stand by and do nothing. The governments of the world are about to take over the internet without one peep from our crooked pols, all of whom wish all of us would go away. They want news controlled by NBC, NYT, and Newsweek. Claudia Rosset tells it like it is.
.....the U.N. has embraced the same tyrants who in the name of helping the downtrodden are now seeking via Internet control to tread them down some more......the same U.N. that still hasn't repaid or even apologized to the people of Iraq for the billions worth of their national assets that were grafted, stolen and wasted under U.N. supervision in the Oil for Food program NOW SEEKS TO CONTROL THE long as Mr. Annan and his entourage see an opportunity for more U.N. turf, job patronage, global clout and funding (including the prospect of a "ka-ching" for the U.N. cash register every time someone logs on).... Leading the charge, with policy documents posted on the U.N. information summit site, are such terrorist-breeding blogger-jailing regimes as those of Iran and Saudi Arabia,
It's a good piece, but I've written all my congressional pimps and they are liberals, the same bunch that has been burned by bloggers. Think they care? Get involved on this quickly. The U.N. telling everyone that no censorship will happen is like Ghengis Khan telling the people of Samarkand he'll be nice to them if they surrender. Once he slaughtered every man woman and child inside the city he just moved on to the next city. Wake up!

Of course you can trust me, silly billy. I work for the U.N.

Late add: an agreement has been reached that allows the UN criminals to have a foot in the door. It seems benign but those thugs will not stop til they take over


If we needed any more proof that the entire Republican Party is in the tank, check out this Malkin download of a moronic Republican Ad that has a print set up that is unreadable. We're talking Internet 1A here and they're not up to it. The incompetent Bush appointment syndrome has taken hold at GOP HQ. Out to lunch, out of touch, and out of office. I wonder whose relative or bed mate is running things over there? The original stupid ad is here.

More Hollywood Blues as DVD rentals follow movie grosses down the tubes. Details at Libertas. I'd only add that I find that when I miss a movie in theatres I'm a lot more likely to just shine the movie completely when it hits the video stores. And the cure? Why more Left Wing movies, of course. The latest is the purchase of Joe Wilson's book. Can't wait.


In case you missed it on TV, here is a link to the GOP rebuttal to Democratic charges. Very effective, but as usual two months too late.... Late Add: lots of bloggers and reporters think the rebuttal is far better than just good. OK, so it is but to be effective it must run on TV in prime time. Does the GOP have the bucks? Malkin especially likes it but shares my view regarding the timing: too late, where was Bush a year ago? and so on.

Cartoon via Cox and Forkum.....

Economy and Markets Phil Flynn is one of the top, if not the top, energy analysts and traders in the world. You’ve seen him everywhere on TV. His projection for oil is not good for people needing a break at the pump. He thinks the charts are lying, the news people are full of crap, and that the real data show that demand has anything but slacked. He also notes, as I did right after Katrina, that the economy, spurred by rebuilding in the Gulf Coast, is going nowhere but up and that we are beginning to see it now. We have 3.8% growth in GDP and it could go to 4.5% by mid January and he says that oil prices surged last year mostly because of our economic growth.

The gloom and doomers are predicting, as they have been doing since Bush was elected, a collapse in consumer spending conveniently ignoring all the latest figures that show big retail sales gains almost everywhere from high end Nordstrom’s to low end WalMart. Further, if oil demand in China is dropping how come they tried to buy an oil company a few months ago?
And for those that thought higher prices for energy would kill manufacturing the ISM manufacturing number posted a stronger than expected number for the 23rd straight month. The ISM manufacturing number has been a strong forward indicator for future energy demand.
Everything about the economy is bullish, consumer confidence is up, the stock market is looking strong, and the Fed wouldn’t be raising rates if they saw a recession on the horizon.

All in all, the best of the best, is saying that demand for oil will bounce back, he points out that distillate supplies are down, meaning even if oil goes down the distillates (heating oil etc.) will go up because of short supply and bigger demand. He also points out that this year looks exactly like last year when the energy market “corrected” $13 and then roared to new highs.

So there.

Michael Yon has a tearjerker piece up today.....


Will the last insufferable bureaucrat leaving the room please turn out the lights.... The Watts Riots of 1965 "came out of nowhere" and spread, where exactly?

Well they didn't spread because they were real riots and real riots have no central ideas or direction. When they occurred in 1965 nobody in Los Angeles knew how to deal with them;. Race riots were not unfamiliar in this country as a whole; we had past experiences—in Detroit especially---and knew more or less that they had to be contained by force. We had the usual Black hustlers, movie stars, disc jockeys and ministers getting the usual face time on TV; the shock that paralyzed local politicians was evidenced by their meandering comments on TV; the rest of the population had the feeling that everything was out of control; that the wheels were coming off the system. Everyone was gripped in a vise of fear. Thirty people were killed, more than a thousand wounded, and the property damage was near the billion dollar class. Loss of both life and property had been restricted to Watts; the rest of the economy was shocked but mostly shrugged it off after a week or so; their only remaining feeling was a mistrust of everyone Black. Los Angeles went back to surfing, making movies, airplane and rocket parts, as well as everything else you can think of, always wary of "Them, The Creatures from the Black Ghetto."

Liberals were running things back then and California was turning Left. Race riots had broken out in Harlem a few years earlier, but there was no symbiotic revolution carried out in other cities as is happening in France right now. This was strictly local.

On the white end of things in LA, there was no matrix for “solving” stuff like this. What we had was an incendiary situation that outsiders were more than willing to toss burning matches upon. But there was no unanimity as to what the situation was, exactly.

What was "everybody" saying back in 1962? Who did our liberal media assign as the bad guy?

Believe it or not, at first most blamed a TV station (KTLA-5) for "hovering over Watts in a helicopter and showing everything." Dumb as that may sound, it was the first Liberal broadside that said in effect that white people didn't need to know about things like that and that reporters had a duty not to tell them. The Los Angeles blackout of violent gang events has not only continued to this day, it is worse, as the recent non-reporting of a huge gang fight that took place near an upper upper class neighborhood demonstrates. The blackout extends to Google, because Mickey Kaus hit on it at least twice and Google has zero links to anything. Winds of Change has a long analysis of press censorship in France that bears reading.

In many ways France today is just like the U.S. before 1962. Pre ‘62 LA Blacks were basically left to their own devices as long as they stayed on "their turf," just as Muslims in France are required to do today. Blacks were allowed to rob, rape, and murder to their heart's content within their ghetto so long as it didn't affect the affluent elites in any way. In France, Muslim youths enact honor killings; rapes by the hundreds: robberies of things like parking meters and mail boxes: and last but not least, gang beatings of anyone they don’t like. Pre ‘62 Los Angeles Blacks lived in a geographic area and were “free,” but any time one of them left the ghetto and hit out at whitey, the cops showed up in force, suddenly; and they enforced the law. It is the near unanimous opinion that the LAPD over enforced the law.

One of the major differences between 1962 America then and France now are the numbers of “rioters” involved (as well as the geographic range). Blacks are only ten percent of our population at most, and that includes the old, the infirm, and the well off. Contrast this with France: Muslims comprise at least twenty percent of the national population and because so many are undocumented the figure could be as high as thirty percent. A disproportionate number of them are very young, just the kinds of people that cause trouble. And you cannot find a successful Muslim in any capacity anywhere. A government cannot control the behavior of twenty percent of a population once the shooting starts unless they want to slaughter a few thousand. Think of Watts, Harlem, or Detroit if the armed rioters had been double or triple the numbers. Not so easy.

The rioting Blacks of 1965 had no idea why they were rioting, it was just a mob that went on a rampage on one of the hottest nights LA had seen in years. A local Black radio station had been blaring the slogan, “Burn Baby, Burn” for weeks prior to the riot, and this slogan shouted out by what seemed like thousands of Blacks, seemed to be the only unifying element in the violence. In less than a week the riot was contained within a geographic area (the now notorious South Central) by Military force. Many have observed that the rioters and their entire community had been virtually destroyed; there was no food, fire department, transportation to work, or medical care; no ambulances, mail delivery, or even electrical power in many areas. They had "succeeded" in shutting down a part of the second largest city in America and leaving the population destitute.

The liberal media eventually assigned lack of jobs, opportunity, and basic human services as the "reason" for everything, and to be honest, the lack of access to good jobs played a huge part in the anger. To solve all of it the LA suits invented the Welfare System we now have; forced busing to schools (a miserable failure that chased all affluent whites into private schools). Billions have been tossed into Watts, and people who were "stuck" there in ‘65 are still in the same condition, except that their excuses increasingly fall on deaf ears. Thirty years later, when the riot of 1992 exploded, it again had zero impact outside of Watts. This time because the rest of the Los Angeles population, which included every nationality you can think of, was riot ready, had guns--both semi-automatic and automatic-- and were more than ready to use them. Blacks were no longer the dominant minority group. Once again the rioting was basically contained by military force with the additional factor that affluent Blacks acted to stop it, an intervention that effectively limited the participants to criminal gangs.

France is faced now with three things our country did not have to confront: huge numbers of minorities nationally; a too large foreign born population that has not been assimilated into the culture, a population that hates France and the French; all mixed in a dominant religion that has been violent since 700 AD that governs the attitudes of the discontented. The religion, like skin color in our country, is a crazy glue that cannot be broken once applied; it involves everyone forever.

In America, skin color alone does not mean that Blacks or Hispanics automatically advocate violence in order to "conquer" problems; the dominant religion in 1992 Watts did not advocate violence; nor did the dominant Hip Hop sub-culture, at least in a serious way. In addition, there is plenty of obvious movement by Blacks out of poverty – by sports and music especially--- and a huge population of prosperous middle class Blacks who have "moved on up" in business, skilled labor, and some professions; in fact it is said --- by the Government stats --- that the American Black population is the fifth largest economy in the world, not a population that would start a riot. Any time a Black really challenges a white person on “poor us” they are immediately hit in the face with the CEO of Time Warner; Kenneth Chenault, the president of American Express; Myrtle Potter, the COO of Genentech; Dave Stewart---AKA the eight hundred million dollar man---who is CEO of World Wide Technology Inc., and any one of a hundred Blacks who have “made it.” In other words, Blacks are lying in their teeth if they say there is no access to top jobs. Something the French government cannot tell their isolated youth.

So why did this “happy negro” population” start another f***ing riot in 1992? Most believe it was because the the Black gangs “could” and because the gangs had become isolated from the community in which they dwelled. Every Black I’ve talked with since, and I’ve worked in a few places where I was a minority of one, tells me that it was a case of “Gangs Gone Wild,” and that they had next to no sympathy within the community. The community knew that they would burn down everything the rest of them had built. Once the National Guard showed up the riot stopped immediately.

France is dealing with a “first time it ever happened” situation and they are dealing with it in the worst way you can imagine. France is not even close to a democracy as we understand the name. It is a quasi-socialist country with the government controlling most business; all the media “news” through licencing of all radio, TV, and press; and they finally control all the labor unions because the government owns the means of production. If that weren’t enough, they control the incomes of millions of retirees who don’t dare step out of line for fear of reprisal. Step on the government and you are out of business in every part of the economy. The best you can say for France is that they are a mostly benign dictatorship.

And like all dictatorships everywhere, they only see what they want to see and tell the people what they want the people to know. Eventually France as it is now constructed is going to fall, as are the rest of the benign dictatorships of Europe. The only questions are how, and what kind of government will take their places.

Several of you have asked: if you're getting 5,000 hits per day how come there's no links on your link thingy? Because, I can't figure out for the life of me, how to work the fucking thing. If I am supposed to put a link into something myself and then do something, I cannot figure out what to do. I may have some time tomorrow to figure it out. AS OF THIS SECOND: 4:53AM, PST----
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Plus 1,127,391 visitors before joining Site Meter on October 2, 2004

And no links??? I'm in a quandry. Also I'm getting ten times more email than comments?????

Don't worry about links and stuff, Honey. I still love you......

ATTENTION: ANYONE FINDING "RIGHT TO ABORTION" IN THE CONSTITUTION CALL SENATOR TED KENNEDY IMMEDIATELY. Several people have written that it was in the original Bill of Rights but the page containing it was deliberately destroyed by some fanatical Amish woman seeking the Right to Child Support and Alimony as the Eleventh Right.


An astounding list of precious beyond price Iraqi historic treasures at various museums in France, Britain, and the U.S. Included is the first medical prescription known.... Take a look. Holy shit.....

Rumsfeld never wanted the Iraq war, a very interesting post at the Brothers Judd.....

Here come da McCarthyism charges from the Left. Watch out GOP, they're gunna get you.

The entire McCarthy era would never have happened had the spooks in the OSS (CIA) revealed the decoded VENONA cables to the Congress and the country. Their refusal to do so, not even Truman or Eisenhower knew of their existence, is actually the root cause of the entire McCarthy "era."

Any time somebody on the Right gets too close to any truth that is uncomfortable for the Left Democrats, they scream “McCarthyism,” as if this response automatically makes them correct. They then build a further story on the falsehood. When the story once again is proven false they repeat the charge of "McCarthyism and let's move on to something else.” Right now the Democrats are being called on the “Bush lied people died” lie and their response is uniformly and predictably, "McCarthyism, let's move on to the next sin." The MSM, still Left to their core, repeats the Left bugle call to all who will listen.

So what was McCarthyism, this horrible thing that Republicans are doing?

A senator, Joe McCarthy, made some charges on the floor and in committee of the U.S. Senate (thus immune from libel or slander) that certain unnamed people were communists and spies, and that these people were in every nook and cranny of Washington D.C., the newspapers, and Hollywood (The fact that Communists, both spies and party members, were at the NYT, Time Magazine and other places, still pisses off the Left). McCarthy did not name names at first. Later on he did name names, but they were mostly the wrong names. Let’s examine the truth.

1. Communists in Washington D.C.: The 3,000 deciphered cables, now called the VENONA Cables, (link is to fascinating details on the breaking of the code) sent from the Soviet diplomatic missions in the United States via commercial cable to Russia, prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Roosevelt Administration was saturated with actual Russian spies, not just Communists. The deciphered cables reveal hundreds of Americans had formal ties to Soviet intelligence services in the 1930s and 1940s. The Soviet spies included at least six people in the State Department (including Hiss); eight people at Treasury; a White House assistant; several prominent scientists in the Manhattan Project (the atomic bomb development project); at least one officer of the CIA's predecessor, the OSS (No intelligence service had so many moles); a sitting U.S. Senator (Samuel Dickstein) and many journalists. The refusal of the spy agency to release VENONA allowed a major Manhattan project spy, Harvard physicist Theodore Hall, to get away scott free.

As an added little story here, the VENONA Cables also proved that the Austrailian Communist spies leaked all Allied plans in the Pacific to the Russians because they wanted a Russian victory rather than an American one.

The nuts and bolts of the Soviet spy op inside the Manhattan Project were this: the Project had been infiltrated by Russian spies (Rosenbergs, the near genius Brit scientist Klaus Fuchs, Harry Gold, the Greenglass family, and many more). The spying operation was a shocking success for Stalin. See my post called the Rosenbergs for details.

As a side observation here, the entire McCarthy show would have been rendered moot had the spooks revealed the decoded cables to the Congress and the country. Their refusal to do so, not even Truman or Eisenhower knew of their existence, is actually the root cause of the entire McCarthy era. This is the earliest example of a spy agency making up its own rules to the eventual detriment of our country. The same VENONA cables also confirmed the infamous Cambridge-Oxford spy ring in Britain.

Before McCarthy, Richard Nixon earned the lifetime hatred of the Left when he exposed Alger Hiss, an Ivy League WASP with impeccable connections and the right looks, as a Russian spy. Any doubt was removed forty years later when the Venona Cables were made public. A guy name Whittaker Chambers, (link to a great book) former editor of Time Magazine and a long time Communist spy, blew the whistle and gave Nixon the proof. Another Communist, Elizabeth Bentley backed everything up and cinched the case and a lot of other cases too. The Hiss exposure made Nixon Vice President of the United States, which meant to many aspiring presidents that exposing communist spies was a ticket to the top.

The nuts and bolts of the infiltration of the Roosevelt Administration, confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt by the VENONA decrypts, shows a shocking story. The cables proved that Liberal and Left wing Democratic Party darling, Alger Hiss, was a Russian spy,

To be totally accurate, the complete texts of the VENONA Cables were not made available til the mid 90s, so there was no way of knowing, as in actually knowing, the extent of the Soviet penetration of our country. The ironic part of the VENONA revelations is that they also proved something else that lain unproven: that the Communist Party USA had an underground arm. This was buttressed when the Soviet free Russians opened up their archives. Our liberal Left was astounded(?) that the CPUSA was funded by the Soviet and was working under the direction of the NKVD.

So McCarthy was correct. But he had no proof, because none of this information was available to him at the time. His "fishing expedition" for Communists in governement and media could be attacked by the same Russian spies he was after, and since so many were in the media, the attacks were not only finally successful, but the media continued to build a myth around “innocent liberals smeared by the Evil One.” The Left, composed of the CPUSA members, many of their "front groups", and addled brained liberals--the ones Lenin called "useful idiots."---joined in "getting" McCarthy, mainly because "Old Joe" didn't nail anybody. It is a fact that, with the exception of a real jerk named Owen Lattimore, McCarthy just kept "throwing shit against the wall hoping some of it would stick." He never got his Whittaker Chambers, never got his ticket to the White House.

The "Hollywood Ten", (actual Hollywood Communists charged by CPUSA with writing the "right" scenes in movies) were not called by McCarthy but by the earlier HUAC headed by Republican, J. Parnell Thomas (later convicted of accepting bribes). Hollywood already hated the Republicans before McCarthy came along. There were lots of other Commies in Hollywood who were afraid that their connections to CPUSA and Stalin would be discovered, so once McCarthy was wounded they joined in the attack. McCarthy was successful enough only to get some mostly academic and country club Communists "blacklisted" from Hollywood, and as somebody not so famous once said, "Never pick a fight with an actor or a writer. You can't win and they will get you later." However, in this case it was McCarthy who "got" McCarthy; or more accurately is was the Army-McCarthy hearings that were televised live to twenty million people that “got” him.
When McCarthy insinuated that one Fred Fischer, a young lawyer at Hale & Dorr, harbored communist sympathies. Welch (the lawyer representing the Army) responded with a righteous outburst that hit all the hot buttons: "Until this moment, senator, I think I never gauged your cruelty or recklessness....Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?" When McCarthy tried to strike back, Welch cut him off and demanded the chairman "call the next witness." Pausing just a beat, the hushed gallery erupted in applause. The uncomprehending McCarthy, shot dead on live TV, turned to (Roy) Cohn and stammered, "What happened?"
What happened was that television, whose coverage of McCarthy's news conferences and addresses to the nation had earlier lent him legitimacy and power, had now precipitated his downfall. McCarthy, like Nixon, was not a good TV “face.” Nor was his high pitched tone of voice “nice sounding” to the American people, especially when compared to the incomparably good looking Brooks Brothers coiffed Alger Hiss and the other oh so correct looking Communist spies.

On a personal level McCarthy accused Secretary of the Army under Eisenhower, Bob Stevens, of being a communist sympathizer. Stevens was a close family friend. My grandfather and father knew him for years and there was no way he was a communist or communist sympathizer. While his life was not destroyed, he had difficulty getting back into the textile business unscathed even though he was a major stock holder in his family company J. P.Stevens & Co.

So we are to suppose that the charge of "McCarthyism" means accusing somebody of something without proof even if that somebody is guilty as hell. It can also mean that when you dip a rake into a pile of maggots don't be surprised that the festering corpse underneath has more friends than you thought.

SPECIAL BULLETIN: I posted in my essay yesterday that Sarah Silverman was the new Lenny Bruce, but hasn't been arrested, yet. So here come the blue noses and they are branding her a racist. She is as cutting edge as Bruce was and every bit as funny. Funnier. In the second link above, South Park and Ali "G" are included. Make no mistake, the dominant culture will try to kill her.


It seems like every two bit quasi-thinking blogger has discovered THE "root cause" for the French explosion; this is like the man asking a whore why she's doing "this." How can any American think there is a "root cause" for any of these actions? There ain't ONE. There's lots of them and all are the same no matter where the riots happen: toss a match int a combustable people angry about something, or everything, and they explode; a mob of angry people forms almost instantly and goes its merry way. The members of the dues free mob have "causes" like:

Wife left,
Girl friend shit on me,
Can't make enough money,
Want to be rich tomorrow (without working)
My feelings are hurt
I can't fuck any girls
Kill the rich
No daddy in the home,
Mommy is a drug addict,
And a thousand other reasons.

There are always a couple or three organizations ready to jump in and try to gather the rioters into their "army" as every one of us who has lived through Detroit, Harlem, or LA knows full well; these groups will always supply an excuse to the mob in order to attract them to their cause. France has groups seeking power which include Muslims and communists who will try to bring malcontents into the fold, always hoping to sponsor the revolution all absolutely know is coming.

The American answer has been our usual co-opting of parts of the actions into our media and political system: elect the pricks to something; make a movie or three about them; let them shoot their stupid mouths off on talk radio or cable news; throw money and bureaucrats at homeless shelters, battered women's shelters, fake educational help, tons of money for doing nothing, and the always reliable cops to physically restrain them. Oh, the final solution is to let the small gangs run wild inside the angry areas; a "you want freedom, we'll show you what freedom is" solution.

Are there any other ways to handle a cause that isn't known other than shooting everybody that moves? So France will do what we have done, none of which "work," so the affected people stay angry. We here in LA have spread out the public housing areas into pockets of small two story apartment complexes; the separation of the poor from each other stops them from massing for a riot, most nights. They will also make sure that the "good" areas are spared any public housing thus shoving the poor down the throats of the middle class.

Root cause? Young guys just love to fight.



Lenny Bruce is back and guess what? She's got big tits and she's Jewish. Wanna hear some great jokes about rape and dead grandmothers? No? Then stay away from a movie called "Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic," because you are going to laugh your asses off about shit you never thought you'd laugh at. I mean I bet you’re so fucking lame you never thought the fucking Holocaust can be a scream. You’re such an up tight loser that you can’t believe anyone would be so coarse as to see 9/11 as a diet joke. That’s ‘cause you just have to be Sarah Silverman to see the major league yuks in subjects like that. And once you see her in Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic you will find yourself laughing at those subjects. And more

Saturday Night Live and Politically Incorrect are both ultra-orthodox liberal shows that demand their humor fit into the straight jacket of the Left. For proof all you need to know is that SNL fired Sarah Silverman because of her jokes. Jokes which went against the New Religion: Left or Else; Don't Hurt the Feelings of any Victim group; Stay the fuck away from Holocaust jokes. You get my drift. Her firing proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that comedians who do funny are not necessarily declared good by our liberal show business elites. You have to be, first and foremost, in tune with the dominant liberal culture inside Hollywood and New York. Bush jokes get a big "yes," abortions may not be all they're cracked up to be jokes get a monster "no." So if you say clever like "Cheney is an asshole," or even better, "Bush should be assassinated," those are Hollywood Left knee slappers and the show biz suits will furnish you with their seal of approval.

Proving once again that funny doesn't count with liberals, unless it's the right kind of funny.

If you've ever wondered how Lenny Bruce affected the culture back in the 50s, just see Silverman one time. The show business biggies of the day didn't want Bruce anywhere near New York and Hollywood, and that is no shit. The only big name who gave him a shot was Steve Allen, and Allen got away with it because at the time his show was in the top three. And Bruce stayed clean. And funny. But did the suits say they liked Lenny Bruce? Oh, God yes. Did they lift a finger to hire him? You know the answer.

You cannot contain Silverman's stuff into any can of rules other than the comedy club rule: "be funny or pretend you're dead." Her stuff is cage free and nothing on the range escapes her. I mean nothing. Everything she does has an edge to it. That's why the right places that claim to be cutting edge won't hire her. Til now.

She has a movie coming out called "Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic." The title will put off the very people who might find her funnier than "Cable Guy." The Jesus thing might scare them away. Their loss.

"I tell my niece that every time she loses at tag, an angel gets AIDS," will send every sensitivity clinic into tantrum city; "The best time to have a baby is when you're a black teenager," sends Blacks up the wall; "I guarantee that if you take a shower with your boyfriend, by the time you get out of that shower, your breasts will be sparkling clean," is just plain funny. She is getting ink at last and her movie---sure to be called by the shorter "That Jesus Thing," is coming out all over just before Thanksgiving.

Trust me, she is Lenny Bruce not getting arrested, yet. And funny funny funny. Funnier.

See Schultz for more.

So what else is new? Let's see, it is announced that Tamaflu may not help at all with Bird Flu, Bush made ONE little speech, there is still no cleanup in New Orleans, Beloxi, or most other hurricane damaged areas, hurricane evacuees are being kicked out of the apartments the government was supposed to take care of------------and clueless Bush is in China. Can he possibly be any worse? Like I said, what else is new?

Reynolds is acting as a clearing house of sorts regarding opinions of "Jarhead" the non-war war movie that is crashing in flames before getting in box office orbit. While the opinions vary, all leave out the glaring fact that everyone connected with the movie is a liar. They are all draft dodgers of varying sexual orientation, they hate Bush, they are Liberals, and they hate our military. Period. This is like that collection of atheists trying to make a movie like the Passion just so they could make some money off the asshole Christians. It is next to impossible to do a truthful movie about prison life if you have spent yours in high rent luxury. This was a war movie that was supposed to appeal to all the Beverly Hills Left war haters. Doesn't work. Deserves to lose money because the movie and the movie makers are ethical fakes. Period

The almost final monies collected for the Soldier's Angel fund raiser is near $75K, enough I'm told to buy 100 voice activated computers. My thanks for contributing, and of course all the guys thank you too. Totals are here.


"Dean has taken the party from being the toy of the idle rich to the toy of the just plain idle." Good piece by Don Surber about the almost zero fund raising ability of Howard Dean. Interesting read.

Who wants a fucking hybrid? Liberals, that's who. Real men want this.....700-plus horsepower fuel-injected, all-aluminum 540-cubic-inch Merlin/Motion big-block Camaro. $4 gas? We don't give a fuck.

A new Camero built by Baldwin-Motion and Motion brands...a new, cutting edge 1969 Camaro! The new Baldwin-Motion Camaro SuperCoupe, powered by a 700-plus horsepower fuel-injected, all-aluminum 540-cubic-inch Merlin/Motion big-block, began at the SEMA Show in November, 2005.

Malkin shares my views on W's speech. At least a month late and twenty dollars short. What took him so long, she asks? I don't think the man is politically conscious, only Rove has political savvy so if Rove is out of the loop we have a floundering ex-governor of Texas who ain't ready for Prime Time on his own, and without an original idea in his head. He needs to speak every day. The old saying: "Turn the other cheek and I'll hit you with the other fist," applies here. The Democrats are lying but you have to keep pounding.

Markets: Several emails asking about "base building" on the stock market and where to see it. Click on this link to a weekly chart and reset on the left to a 3 year time period and you will see that this base, if it is a base, has been building since January '04. The inner tech signals are all bullish. And any base that lasts a year and a half or more explodes, one way or the other.

Cramer? and WTF is he doing. Well first, it's a stunt and a good one. There used to be a guy even better called, The Silver Bear, who actually did have every penny stock in his head and could answer any question about any company instantly. First, Cramer calls come through a screener who can pull the stock up, and he'll not post one Cramer cannot answer. The thing that is sad about his show is that 95% of the dopes who call in are calling about a stock that should have been sold six months ago; they are uniformly disasters before the call. How about his tips? I don't know, half the time I can't understand what he's saying. I sure wouldn't take his recommendations without doing a lot of checking because EVERYTHING he touts is already in the market. Aside from all that, he really is trying to do a service in his own loud mouthed way.

Now for some bad auto news: featured story yesterday in the Detroit papers:
GM in Dire Straits

Detroit is drowning in the saliva of drooling bankruptcy lawyers. Both papers in Detroit today had some very scary headlines that included ‘GM’ and ‘bankruptcy’ in the same breath — it’s one thing for Autoblog readers to predict these things, but to actually see it in print in the two local papers is something else entirely. Some analysts on Wall Street are talking a 40 percent likelihood that GM will file within the next two years.
I cannot tell you how bad this news is, and like the oil price rise, this administration will do nothing.



As our Republican chior of flabby sopranos, led by a bunch of partially frocked clerics, blather through another chorus of "Get me to the Church on Time" I am reminded of an executive seminar I attended back in my worthless yoot. While there we were asked the question: "What does winning look like?" in various situations. Of course my first answer was "stomp their fucking heads into the ground and jump up and down on the body." Well that's only answer number one. There was a follow up question to each answer that required us to ask ourselves whether we would begin the game if this was one of the results. Finally, after answering and discussing all the outcomes we had to answer this one; "after knowing all possible winning outcomes, would you still play the game?" I realized clearly that the more you think about what possible outcomes might result the more you realize that only in sports and phony Hollywood are there real winners and losers. Every victory has unintended consequences, every loss results in rages that make losing, and losers, dangerous (Iraq anyone?). I ask myself the "what does winning look like" question now as I watch our victorious winning Republicans sell us out for campaign contributions, continuing power, and their God given right to lie to us again. But most importantly is that they have no stomach for a fight: banning oil drilling in Anwar being the latest revolting example. Realize this: the Conservative movement is dead. The last man standing will be somebody at the Weekly Standard, The Wall Street Journal, or National Review, three places where conservative intellectuals who hold themselves above the fray can safely ponder things that amount to nothing. At Cato they will pontificate about usless subtlties, nuances, and underlying critical subtexts none of which will include cowardice.

Not only have we been sold out, but the Democrats are accumulating so much ammo to use against the clueless and wandering GOP nincompoops that they will probably grab the House (deservedly) in the next election. The list of Bush appointed incompetents running amok in various agencies is sickening. Schussel details a vile anti-Semitic FBI agent who refused to investigate what is obviously a dangerous death threat; and, you guessed it, he has been promoted. The CIA is a bureaucracy so far off the reservation that to call them a spy agency begs the follow up question: Spy Agency for who? The leaks from the CIA motivated only by hatred of Bush are traitorous and are an indicator of an out of control bureau that should be shut down and would be shut down if Bush had any balls (the leader of the castrati chorus with balls is an oxymoron). CIA has only one purpose, to stay in business in spite of their trail of incompetence stretching from Washington to Afghanistan.

The leaks from Congressional sources speak to the issue of whether these Not Ready for Prime Time players were ever fit to govern at all. I am increasingly convinced that Carl Rove is actually the President and Bush is just a battery powered robot who pretends to be a president, one who cannot lead the Republican Party anywhere but to their deserved destruction. All we hear from any of them now are the annoying soprano high notes from a pathetically bad chorus in which each untalented pot bellied member wishes he had balls.

And the White House itself. The Castrati King refuses to reply to the charge: "Bush Lied-People Died" so he depends on a not widely read guys like Podhoritz at Front Page. Total shit.

The Dems have been relatively quiet for a week or so, rightly deducing that the Republicans have already put a bullet into their bellies and are headed off into the jungle to die, and not one day too soon. Theirs is a bio-degradable corpse no self respecting maggot will touch. I am so sickened by them and the inarticulate afraid of his own shadow, George W. Bush, that I'll probably sit the next one out.

Why vote if winning looks like this?

Come on Big Boy, vote Republican just one more time and I'll do everything to you I promised last time. Honest I will. You can trust me.

Stop by Maxed Out sometime this weekend; she has some interesting stuff up. You don't have to read about that total fog bank called Mo Do, but she has some interesting stuff about riots causes and links to people that have interesting ideas too. Read down the page. Mo Do? We all know she needs to get fucked for 96 hours straight, preferably by a machine that won't talk to her, but if you're interested, Maxed Out has a take on her with interesting logical extensions.

EU control of the Web looks like this, at No Pasaran. The French wasted no time in shutting down a couple of ISPs hosting some websites critical of the government, filtering others, and rerouting Belgian ISPs to France first. Naturally they kept all Islamic, anti-Semitic, and Arab websites up and running. If this doesn't rally all of us to stop EU/UN control of the "world wide web" then nothing will.

Energy this AM: Careful when you are reading prices because most traders will now be trading the January contract and not the December. Reason is options expiration. Crude fell below $57 overnight. Techies trade charts down to the five minute type, that's why you'll see support levels much higher than on the daily chart. As I'm leaving for work at 6:55 crude is trading at 57.55. January is trading just above 58.

If you read IBD, you will read that they are looking at both the Dow and the S&P and both have been building a base for a year now. Everyone is getting ready for a blowout November December. Yesterday's action is big time bullish and we can be on the verge of a move to the upside that looks like it could be 20%, a 2.000 point move. Keep in mind that a plateau looks just like a base, meaning we could be looking at a huge fall also. Be sure your ducks are lined up..... Reasons? Interest rates, the lack of support fot the Euro, riots in sacroscant France, and the strong dollar helping to force the price of energy down. These things are part of a chain reaction that is long overdue.


Markets: OK front month crude is below $58 which was my target. Will it go lower? I don't know. Technically there is no support anywhere til it gets to the mid to low 50s. If I was trading this, and I'm not, I'd put in tight stops and stay put. The "cause" of all this? Change in long term weather forecast from a teeny tiny bit warmer to warmer. Heating Oil and Natural Gas are still ruinously high for home owners. And of course our fearless leader sits. The gap opening down this morning doesn't mean that much, other than it had to be new shorts. If you check the chart you will see no support anywhere. Let's hope.

Anybody who writes a book titled; Vile France: Fear, Duplicity, Cowardice and Cheese deserves a read when he writes an essay. So why not amble over to NRO and read his essay: You All Right, Jacques? Chirac’s strategy? Just you wait! He points out that Chirac hid in the south of France when 15,000 people died due to government neglect, and using that as a matrix for decisive action, guess what he's going to do now when nobody died? As I opined in this post
You can bet the theatres, restaurants, museums, and other places for the elites are up and running.
the elites are not touched by the riots at all. There is no motivation to do anything but talk. The Bukowski poem below is as good a POV as any.


It's interesting that more and more pundits are referencing Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations." In it he makes no bones about saying the West is toast. We've already given away our culture, which is basically Christian, and the Muslims are reclaiming theirs.
"Germany is an Islamic country. Islam is in the home, in schools. Germans will be outnumbered. We [Muslims] will say what we want. We'll live how we want. It's outrageous that Germans demand we speak their language. Our children will have our language, our laws, our culture"---Tony Blankley from his book "The West's Last Chance: Will We Win the Clash of Civilizations?"
The headline of this piece was from something by my only favorite poet, the alcoholic maniac, Charles Bukowski. The rioters in Paris HATE France. They have been saying it for weeks. Feel good Lefty politics will not calm them down.

Hate lasts forever, love's bloom is short.


the riots

I've watched this city burn twice
in my lifetime
and the most notable thing
was the arrival of the
politicians in the
proclaiming the wrongs of
the system
and demanding new
policies toward and for the

nothing was corrected last
nothing will be corrected this

the poor will remain poor.
the unemployed will remain
the homeless will remain

and the politicians,
fat upon the land, will live
very well.

Charles Bukowski

Everybody read this one from Jihad Watch.....three Al Qaeda members caught sneaking across our Southern Border-------another great job Bush. Main source article from WND here, but this was told on the floor of the House and nobody reported it.

My view on the failure of the government to act on oil prices for a year and a half? The string of magnificently ordinary party hacks to lead various critical agencies? The continuing corruption within agencies that the White House refuses to investigate, The War in Iraq that has no articulated purpose from the White House.

Men are from Mars
Women are from Venus
Bush is from a planet to be named later......

Christ, and I'm to the Right of the late General Patton, what do the rest of the people think? Nobody in the White House thought to jaw bone these oil barons to lower their profits from $33 BILLION IN A SINGLE QAUARTER to something like $8 billion, or three billion? After all, that is money that is coming from us.

But it isn't that much money saved. We use three and a half billion gallons per day. Spread over 90 days that comes to 315 billion gallons. If we got $20 billion in profits back we could only save 6.25 cents per gallon, but it might be a start, Bush could have given it a shot. He could have pushed conservation. Him? Conservation? Get back to you on that......

From DOE: (Italics mine)
The price of Crude is up - as high as $70 per barrel.
This is because worldwide supply is tight and 1) gasoline demand in the US is up despite high prices - 4.3% more than 2003. Americans simply refuse to conserve. This is not trivial considering that the US, with 5% of the world's population, consumes 45% of the gasoline produced on earth. 2) Gasoline demand is surging in China, where crude oil imports increased 30% in 2003.

From Weekly Standard; they link riots to terrorists and name names.
The French have already heard from people who claim that they can negotiate an end to the violence. Local "emirs" representing the sink estates want the French police to withdraw from the territories and allow sheikhs from the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization with ties to al Qaeda, to arbitrate an end to the riots. "All we demand is to be left alone," says Mouloud Dahmani, an "emir" who promises a return to quiet in exchange for autonomy. It is, in effect, a land-for-peace proposal aimed at the heart of France and Christendom.
Read it, it's a new POV with names. Might be the coming thing, no anonymous sources only a few anonymous sources.

Rioting seems to have abated somewhat with the addition of French Police patrols (left) into areas controlled by young men.


I'd say the Republicans lost their balls, but that would assume they ever had any. Kick the assholes out. They're not worth saving.
Republican leaders Wednesday night abandoned a measure to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling.They also jettisoned a provision to relax a long-standing ban on new energy exploration off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. However, they apparently left in the budget package a mining law provision that would permit the sale of public lands in the West for private development.
They are flat incapable of leading. "No mas" for me. Ankle Biting Pundits has the same observation, but more detailed.


Economy 101, or CA elections: First, look for the bond rating services to lower CA bond ratings to a couple of points above junk; Second, the state Democrats think the state can just go bankrupt and it will be OK; they have no intention of giving bond holders their money. They may be right, but the state will never be able to borrow money again except under draconian conditions. The labor unions poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the campaigns against all the propositions. When? Could be as early as next week. Could be one of those cases of "be careful what you wish for."

Damage to Florida consumer spending: anecdotal evidence is always suspect, but try this: I have a sister who teaches school in South Florida in a place that got smashed by the hurricane. She tells me that they had to call off a Christmas Party because the parents can't come up with the $10 per student to fund it. Everybody has minimum of $3,000 deductable policies and boy are they tight. A large number of policies are ten percent deductable and they are having to come up with as much as $30K to even start fixing their homes. Christmas spending? Not going to be much, at least in South Florida.

Energy: today is API day, and the early market indicates the "insiders" believe that the report is going to show builds in supplies. Hearings: they will be like show trials. Congress has failed to enact a real energy bill that includes building refineries, forced consumer discipline, and the control of the "boutique" gasolines around the country. Keep in mind that even if Congress and the brain dead Bush Administration gave a green light to build refineries this afternoon, it would be five years before they came on line. As an example of consumer discipline: those of you who pick up your kids from school see the car lines outside of the school that are largely composed of SUVs that pick up ONE kid. Think of the excess consumption in just that area.


While the French victims are blaming themselves for all this trouble, we better start looking here, especially at our elites.

It is clear that France has a huge immigrant population whose loyalty is not to Paris but to the God of crime, and perhaps some reference to whatever country spawned their parents. They know nothing about France and don't want to learn anything. We can go on forever going “ha ha ha” at France and Europe or we can look for similarities here. What is happening there will happen here. Again.

First, the social isolation of the Muslim population. Do I really have to write more than a sentence about the "social isolation" of most Blacks, Hispanics or Asians in this country? I thought not.

Moving right along, how about the French minister who called the rioters "scum" thus provoking instant outrage against himself, including criticism from at least one member of his own government? This governmental palsy because of words and deeds means nobody faces reality, either here or in Europe. Political Correctness jammed down everyone's throat helps in the breakdown of law and the degeneration of our culture.

Do I have to write more than one sentence about the Leftist imposed Political Correctness in our country? Of course I don't.

They are saying that European countries just opened the door to let people in, people who have no interest in being absorbed in their culture. Well, that's true except that Europe opened their doors so they could import a docile work force that would do all the grunt work. They needed a work force that would be both productive and quiet. And it worked, for a while.

Need I write more than a single sentence about the Mexicans crossing our borders? We all absolutely have to have nannys, maids, and grdeners. What would Beverly Hills be without them? Every piece of fruit and every vegetable we eat comes to us via cheap Mexican labor willing and able to work ten hour days in the hot sun.

Now the good stuff. Europe imported racist pieces of shit, many from their former colonies, people who hated France already. The imports were and are anti-Semitic in the extreme. They are at the very least intolerant of Christians; and all Muslims regard democracy as a creation of Satan. They'd like to change that. In fact if they are even partially religious they think they can change that. During the past fifty years all democracies have welcomed alien people who respect neither the cultures nor the rights of the population among whom they have settled. Need I mention the Muslim rapes, the desecrations of synagogues, the Latino street gangs?

Our gangbangers ride around in the latest fashionably refitted cars looking for trouble. Their main businesses are drug dealing, stealing whatever they can, prostitution, and random acts of violence. They rape any girls they want to rape and nobody stops them. They have the ACLU types to rescue them from any trouble; bands of college professors ready and willing to make a cause out of them and to excuse their behavior as an expression of their culture; college faculties feel it their duty to inform the oppressed that somebody else is resonsible for their repugnant deeds; forgiving them, not knowing or caring that they like going to jail because it’s a rite of passage, their version of a college degree. Nobody claims the Mexicans are Catholic gangs, but each of them will claim Catholicism if asked their religious affiliation. Nobody claims Black gangbangers are Baptist punks, that Asians punks are Buddhists running wild.

No, we refer to them as shitheads. In the finer salons, isolated from all the peasants, they are called disadvantaged, victims of our cruel system who need understanding. Many become permanent political candidates who appear on all the talk shows only because they say awful things.

As far as living in a sealed in ghetto where even the French police fear to tread? I dare any white person to try to walk the streets in South Central LA or the Mexican barrios. There are plenty of places in whatever city you reside that you don’t dare enter, just like Paris. If your car breaks down when you are adjacent to gang turf you shit your pants and hope your cell phone is working. We warn our wives and girl friends to stay the fuck out of there, as if all that solved anything.

My experience as a horrible kid tells me that these kids in France, all under 18, ain’t no religious fanatics. I’ll bet everything that they don’t bow to Mecca three times a day, attend mosque on a regular basis, or perform any of the Muslim rituals whenever they do something. They are Muslims only when it is convenient; but they do carry around with them the Muslum contempt for the West, and they are doing something about it. They rape girls because they want to, using the Muslim religion as an excuse when they get caught, playing the "different culture" card to gain sympathy from the Left. They can’t recite any part of the Koran from memory. Hell, they may not even have read it. They are gangbangers, French style. They casually rob parking meters as a docile population strolls by; assault people on the street without anybody, including the cops, trying to stop them. Now they are setting random fires, again because they can, with nobody stopping them. With all the right people--Chiraq (Jaqaues) and Villepin (Dominique de)--- trying to "understand" them. This "effort" has the support of the castrated population. Anything to avoid getting involved.

Muslim religion has almost nothing and everything to do with what is happening in France. On the sidelines you can bet some radical mosques or Saudi prince is supplying them with whatever weapons they need and cheering them on, joined by the Mulim news network that does nightly features on them. They all hate France. You can bet they all hate Germans and Americans too.

Many are of the belief that, because there have been no murders, this insurrection has a plan; a plan to intimidate the French government into granting certain sections of Paris, Muslim autonomy, Sharia Law, and literally a country within a country. Could be, I've been wondering for at least a week why there have been no killings.

We laugh at France. We're a lot better in the good old U.S.A. We are the land of opportunity for all. Anybody can get a gun, make a bomb, or join a gang and they'll write songs about you, make movies about you, and throw big parties for you in the best hotel ballrooms. We know how to keep the low life cocksuckers dreaming instead of rioting.

We are Europe West with just a little bit of self respect remaining. Stop laughing.

Jihad Watch has, as usual, an interesting post up which says in essence that the Muslims in France want an autonomous section that they can govern and rule by Sharia Law.
As some Muslim leaders have explained, what they want is autonomy in their ghettos. They seek to receive extraterritorial status from the French government, meaning that they will set their own rules based, one can assume, on Sharia law. If the militants are able to achieve this goal, even on an informal basis, then those declaring that France has fallen will be proven right.
It's a long post but well worth your time.

There is always the possibility that this is a Muslim sponsored attempt to create a Palestine on the Seine. Could be, or could evolve into it. What a coup that would be for Islam.


Latest on Red Hot Carolina Panther Lesbian action is up on Smoking Gun. Nothing very exciting but it beats the hell out of reading about France.

News from Vikingville: "Rosenhøj Mall has several nights in a row been the scene of the worst riots in Århus for years. "This area belongs to us", the youths proclaim. Sunday evening saw a new arson attack.

Their words sound like a clear declaration of war on the Danish society. Police must stay out. The area belongs to immigrants.

Four youths sit on the wall in Rosenhøj Mall sunday afternoon, calling themselves spokesmen for the groups, that three nights in a row have ravaged and tried to burn down the restaurant and other stores." All in Denmark and none of it appears in any U.S. media. Go here for a rundown on the rest of Europe. First item links to the Guardian version of what is going on. Be prepared to get pissed. Then Maxed Out has a litany of Danish stuff that will piss you off too, really bad and not known.

French leadership urges calm. "Don't worry," said Chirac. " I'm not."

Economics briefly: as I said last week, the "troubles" in France will affect currency markets. The dollar is exploding, up a full point and a half this week, and up more that six full points in the last month. The more the riots in France and Europe continue the more likely it is that the EC will go in the tank, now at two year lows against the dollar. Techies see a close under the 18-day moving averages and this is considered a warning that the longer-term trend could be turning down. The bigger deal is the downturn in the Gold market. We could be looking at major changes in markets.

Energy prices are falling, and many say that they will continue to fall in inverse proportion to the rise of the dollar. Things could get very dicey if the Arab crooks won't take Euros for their oil. Next downside target is 58.03 (where I said it could go several weeks ago). After that?

I think markets are now influenced by the problems in Europe. Period.

And how about the French Stock Market? After a steady decline the market has been rallying since the day the riots started. What does this mean? Nothing, because the cross ownership of French companies, the government ownership of large pieces of others, plus the favored lending schemes for "good" companies, make this a very poor indicator of anything. Other than that the French government may be supporting the market.


A recipe for violence toward "them."

At the beginning of my work life I toiled at a company that was suddenly seeing bad times. The reasons for the "slump" were obvious to all of us; clueless management, product that sucked when compared to the competition, and too many people in management, an overload which resulted in a bureaucracy that sedated the company.

But not to worrry. Management "solved" our problem. Who would have ever thought that our problem was actually the casual dress worn by the sales employees who basically worked the phones. Overnight we had to buy suits and ties and start wearing real shoes. Did it work? WTF do you think?

Just another way of saying that cosmetic changes mean nothing when what is under the makeup is decaying. So we get to France, a country that has at least ten coats of makeup and is about to add several more in order to "solve the problem." Get real, France.

The "problem" (and if this sounds too close to home, well it is) started about 35 years ago. Europe, and especially France, was humming. Companies were making money; so much money that they were running out of workers. Where to get them?

"We need them stupid so they don't go on strike every month. Where can we find an army of morons?"

"You know where, Mexico. No, the Americans are taking them all, and besides it's too far away. Africa? There are white people in Africa? Almost white? OK, let's get them."

So almost overnight Europe was full of Turks, Morrocans, Lybians and especially Algerians seeking and finding good jobs at what was, for them, good pay. They were doing the sweat work that the French wouldn't do (sound familiar?). The unemployment rate dropped below two percent. France made their work force full citizens, and their kids too. "Hey, join the club. Take your place in line for a lifetime of free medical care, guaranteed salary floor, paid vacations, free education for your kiddies, and affordable housing. Better than living in a tent and sniffing camel shit, no?"

Well here's a flash! About ten years ago France woke up to the fact that them great blue collar jobs done up and left. Run away to India, Koreea, and Chinkistan. Poof! Like that. But not to worry, we will fix things, and anyway we will keep paying you the same money not to work as you got when you had jobs. I have spent a lifetime looking in the help wanted ads for the one that said: "Lay around and make big money," and lucky for me I never saw that ad for my dream job. Nothing is worse than laying around doing nothing and getting paid for it. When somebody asks you what you do, how can you reply, "nothing" and live with yourself. You are declaring worthlessness. You begin to hate yourself

So the citizen children of these laid off workers are an entire generation with no skills, no interest in getting skills, and basically no interest in anything other than drugs, sex, and whatever coin they could pick up from stealing. And the government pays them to boot. When pushed they can fall back on a religion they don't practice until it is convenient.

Which brings us to the Koran, the crazy glue that welds everyone together. The Koran will excuse almost any behavior other than blasphemy. Working for a non-Muslim is bad, working to produce something that a fatwa doesn't like is bad, and so on. Digging a ditch in a Jewish neighborhood? Supplying heat to a synagogue? Working in any enterprise that supports the "Great Satan" (America), are you kidding? In other words the Muslim religion supplies many Holy reasons for not working. Their blind hatred of Jews, (link to synagogue burning) their antagonism toward any kind of government that is man made rather than God made, and lots of other things are tailor made to stir resentment. Stealing money from Jews deserves a medal. Raping some girl that has sex with somebody outside of the community simply follows custom, not French custom, but their tribal customs that are dredged up from an unknown past.

So we not only have a government subsidized indolence, but a sacred text and religion that dictates certain work to be against God. Is all this the "root" of the problem? Hell no. Nobody will ever figure out the "root cause." Blacks in America have contempt for education; Mexicans in America refuse to get health insurance because they can go to the emergency wards and get health care for free; Blacks sing and dance to a hip hop celebration of crime, rape, and drugs; Mexicans in Los Angeles are in the third generation of criminal gang membership.

While bad, we don't see a nation wide attack on our cities. Why? I don't know, I could give you a thousand currently accepted reasons, but I don't know. Why are the French Africans attacking their institutions? I don't know. And neither does anyone else. The usual liberal "solution" is to pour billions of tax dollars into the ghetto to improve things, the Left version of "throw enough shit against the wall and see what sticks." But a work force of uneducated dolts will not be able to take jobs in the government projects. Work has to be found for the unskilled AND that work has to pay big money.

Changing the French "model" economic system is not possible because the "retirees" who won't invest in the stock market are all on the government dole. Now THAT would bring down the government. Stay tuned.

See Jihad Watch for a list of "causes." All correct, and all wrong.


Not to worry, it can only happen in France....

Los Angeles has been a "sanctuary city" for at least a decade (Special Order 40) where the cops cannot ask if an evil doer is a citizen. I won't bore you with another illegal alien story, but just in case you don't know what is going on RIGHT HERE check out Heather MacDonald's now famous piece on the LA Gangs HERE. And she has written tons more. It IS happening here. Don't kid yourselves.

Statistics lie---Facts mislead

Case in point is the newspaper circulation numbers released the other day. Only the New York Times shows an increase, but..... their increase comes from out of town. Increasingly the NYT circulation is Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and most especially Washington D.C. where they can preach to their chior. Many have claimed that as much as half of the NYT circulation comes from outside of New York City. Several years ago the suits decided that the New York Times wasn't really New York but a "national" newspaper; which meant in layman's terms: screw New York. But in a city where the slogan is "fuck you just in case" New York has screwed back.

Another newspaper figure that is lying is the LA Times. They count all the free papers given out in the hotels and restaurants, the give away subscription lures that go on 24/7, and lately they have just been delivering papers to all doors and then calling on the phone to ask for money.

None of the circulation drops will force any of those Lefty bird cage liners to start telling the truth. They can't. They don't know how. Circulation will continue to fall until advertisers walk. Then it will be too late.


Bruce Thornton has written a piece that appears on Victor Hanson's site that is a marvelous explanation of media bias that is a MUST read. He explains how media bias sneaks into our brains and why. There is no end to the duplicity.... A MUST READ

BTW, there is a ton of really thoughtful stuff (that means writing a post that only uses the words "fuck" and "shit" twice per post) about the situation in France. I recommend this pair from Clive Davis; just about everything from No Pasaran; the always alert Jihad Watch always has interesting takes; as does the reliable Belmont.

And for those of you
bored up to here with France and want some hot lesbian action, there is none better than the tale of the two Carolina Panther cheerleaders who were holding up the waiting line for the ladies room because they were doing each other in one of the stalls. It gets deeper and deeper with one the "girls" pretending she was someone else. At where else?

Economics: you could see a virtual collapse of the Euro as the French demonstrate a singular weakness while the rest of their Euroweenie "allies" cower in their wine goblets, a site of unified weakness not seen since Munich in 1938. Remember, there is no Churchill in sight. This is NOT good news for them, or for us, but I hope Greenspan is ready because this Eurofada can destabilize entire economies. It is clear that the world has changed this week. As the COMEX opens for late Sunday trading, crude is down pretty big too. Remember, as the dollar goes up in value the oil cartel makes even more money, that's because they sell their oil for dollars. Something else to consider, there are an awful lot of large corporations AND COUNTRIES that are swimming in Euros and any sudden move will hurt them. Note on 11/7 @7:30 PDT The energy complex is down large, with heating oil off a full fifty cents from its highs. Problem is that it is still murderously high for people on the East Coast; consider I used to short at seventy five cents and go long at fifty two cents---current price is $1.76. People may freeze or go bankrupt.

THE WORLD HAS CHANGED make no mistake. We haven't seen angry young Muslims since 1200.

Demarche has a pretty good take on the French "disturbances" as does the always great Belmont. I'd only add to their dissertations that the World has Changed, the world, and it will never be the same. Europe is the proverbial Emperor With No Clothes, a fangless wolf, a wingless eagle; twenty percent of a population running wild cannot be contained. It's a whole new ball game. Think: if the two LA riots contained double or triple the numbers or participants what might have hapened?. BTW, unconfirmed report of car fires in Germany. This from the NY Sun
When residents in the heart of Paris are talking about being afraid to leave their building, the situation was rapidly reeling toward a major political crisis for the Fifth Republic. Mr. Chirac spoke after a security meeting of his top ministers. "The law must have the last word," Mr. Chirac said in his first public address on the violence. Those sowing "violence or fear" will be "arrested, judged, and punished."
Arrest and trials, that'll show 'em Jaques.
"What we notice is that the bands of youths are, little by little, getting more organized," arranging attacks through cell phone text messages and learning how to make gasoline bombs.

From the south of France, Leo McKinstry, writing in the London Telegraph, reports as follows:

Provence has long been regarded as one of the most idyllic regions of France. When we bought a home in the town of Carpentras about 10 miles east of Avignon three years ago we imagined that we were leaving behind us the crime-ridden, strife-torn problems of urban Britain.

But any sense of living in an earthly paradise has been shattered by the wave of anarchy spreading across France.
But with all this, the population seems cowed, afraid to fight or stand up for themselves. Ain't the Welfare State grand?


Hey, Abdul! You thinking what I'm thinking????

Very late add:
No Parisan reports that the police are now fearful because the "yoots" have guns and ammo. Wonder where they came from?

The entire world press, Marxist to their souls, cannot see the French Intifada in way other than the economic exploitation of an underclass; another shot in the endless class war. The word Muslim almost never appears til the last paragraph or the last breathless utterance in a sound byte. It's all jobs, housing, more benefits, more understanding (especially more understanding), and more tax money to be tossed to them. Here's a few snippits, the first from the always honest and clear thinking Boston Fucking Globe
Youths' poverty, despair fuel violent unrest in France --- Mahmoud Khabou, 20, the jobless son of Algerian immigrants, knows little of the world beyond the concrete housing projects that rise in bleak rows barely an hour's subway ride from the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and other grand monuments of Paris.
The super Left Guardian, in a surprisingly straight forward opening three paragraphs, lays out the facts---but not to worry, here's what follows when they try to explain why no firefighters leave their stations to fight fires
"We don't get involved unless there's a danger of the fire spreading. Otherwise we leave the vehicle or the rubbish bin to burn itself out."

"There needs to be better relations and communications between the police and the people in the banlieues."
And it goes on like that without a hint of jihad, Islam, and the private shiria laws that these people follow among themselves. Our elites don't want to face Islam either, because to do so might validate our war in Iraq.

One who watches from the sidelines and sees the clueless French governing class crawl on their bellies to various imams and sheiks cannot but be reminded of Munich, where the gutless French and Brits crawled to Hitler. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The MSM is acting as the megaphone for the Democratic Left and their purposes are clear: they are beating the drums for the eventual impeachment of Bush. This latest full court press over the false charge of "phony WMD reports" is just one more contrived charge, but when you are after impeachment nothing matters.


The guys at No Pasaran are really on top of the Eurabain Disruption and live where they can see the fires and smell the smoke. This came out in the early morning today...
The night's activity: 1295 vehicles torched, 312 arrests, and Paris hit for the first time since the riots started. In Evreux, rampaging youths armed with baseball bats directly confronted riot police.
Just how much of this would be going on if the cowering citizens of Enlightened France owned guns? Think about it; the cops won't act, the government won't act, and the people can do nothing but run ads in the newspapers and do stupid marches in safe neighborhoods. For up to the minute details about the "uprising" be sure to check No Pasaran every hour.


One of the biggest parties ever was ruined on Saturday when undefeated UCLA lost to Arizona. The entire SoCal area was waiting for a "clash of the titans" on December 3, salivating at the prospect of undefeated USC and UCLA meeting in a "battle to the death." When the second largest city in the U.S. gets excited about something, it is electric. Boo hoo, I'd have shelled out $600 bucks to see it. Oh well, there's always a "Game of the Century" happening somewhere.


WND is running a story that claims Wilson outed Valery Plame in the FOX Green Room back in 2002. The source of this story is a guy named Paul Vallely, a regular on FOX News Channel. Why this guy waited until now to come forth with a major story is very suspicious, but read the thing and make up your own mind. Threats of Law Suits abound and naturally there is not a word on the FOX website, but nothing new about that.

Retail price of unleaded gasoline is down forty five cents from its high of several weeks ago. Here in LA there are several stations selling it for $2.61 per gallon. Why did energy prices come down so hard in the futures market on Friday? It all has to do with the leaking of the API report last Wednesday that caused traders to short. Once they had made their money they "covered" their shorts and many went long, causing the market to go up almost $4. On Friday speculators (traders?) sold their long positions because nobody wants to be in this volatile market over the weekend when all markets are closed. Crude is clearly in a downward channel on the charts.


This was sent to me by a mathematician reader of this blog. He says he cannot figure out how it's done, but it works. Every time. Instructions:

1) Go to the link below and click. After reading each window click on the boy in the lower right corner of the picture

2) In the last window type in your answer in the white box using the keyboard (there is NO cursor)

It will be a puzzlement. ANYWAY, CLICK HERE

Courtesy of No Pasaran. Chirac kept France out of Iraq to keep this from happening; he coddled Arafat to keep this from happening; he kissed Saddam's ass to keep this from happening. Well it ain't happening in New York, Jaques.

"Back in the 1990s, the French sneered at America for the Los Angeles riots. As the Chicago Sun-Times reported in 1992: "the consensus of French pundits is that something on the scale of the Los Angeles riots could not happen here, mainly because France is a more humane, less racist place with a much stronger commitment to social welfare programs." President Mitterrand, the Washington Post reported in 1992, blamed the riots on the "conservative society" that Presidents Reagan and Bush had created and said France is different because it "is the country where the level of social protection is the highest in the world.""----NY Sun

There's lots of other observations about what this Francofada is about and what it portends for the future: Mark Steyn
I mean, there is a real...this, I think, is the start of a long Eurabian civil war we're witnessing here.
Mark goes on to describe the Muslim ghettos in France, the "youth," and the coverup by the entire press about what is going on. And to think these French pricks have been putting us down for years.

And Kaus is in rare form today. Regarding the NYT refusing to print retractions in their print edition and instead only posting it on their pay per view website, Kaus lets fly in a piece titled, The Art of Weaselly Semi-Corrections---
Kristof shows how it's done.
The B.S. is free. The truth you have to pay for! It's so simple and intuitive it's genius. The Mickster is loaded for bear this AM.

Robert Spencer over at Jihad Watch has a ton of opinion and analysis about the situation in France too, and as always every POV is good. You pays your money and you takes your pick. One of the themes running through many of the observations is that France, and particularly the French Media, have been covering up this situation for years, it's only now when the Muslims are in open rebellion that the French let people know.
Yet despite all the national and international headlines they occasioned, last week's disturbances were no freak occurrence. For at least 15 years, the immigrant and first-generation suburbs around France's large and medium-sized cities have been out of control. Crime rates have gone through the roof: According to the Renseignements Généraux, a division of the police, 70,000 violent crimes have been recorded in urban settings since the beginning of the year. They include the torching of more than 28,000 cars and 17,500 trash bins. According to the Interior Ministry, some 9,000 police cars have been stoned by youths this year.
Jihad Watch, go there.

BABE OF THE WEEK from NSFW Bob Coulter. Be sure to click on the image to get the full babe. I've had some Bob Coulter stuff on here before and then he vanished. He is a very unusual photographer, most noted for his "Hotel Hell" layout. He has taken pornography to an art level. Go to his site. If you click on his pictures and then click on "cover" you will see what I mean. Click on the pic below. Not safe for work. And compare MY babe of the week with this one. No contest.



I'm stuck at home awaiting UPS. There is nothing on any MSM about the French violence or the outbreaks in Denmark. Instead they prefer covering the few thousand demonstrators in Argentina that are against Bush. FOX must be considered MSM now because they are as brain dead as the rest. Fortunately the American Thinker IS reporting it:
It’s not just Paris. Successive nights of riots have rocked parts of Århus, the second largest city in Denmark. Little to nothing has appeared in the English language press about the second front in the Eurabian intifada. Århus is home to an excellent Danish university, and is a place where I have spent some time. It is usually spelled “Aarhus” in English.

Fortunately, Hendrik, The Viking Observer, has translated in his blog a press account from Jyllands-Posten, a Danish newspaper which has been the target of Muslim protests for publishing drawings of the prophet Muhammad.. A few excerpts:

Rosenhøj Mall has several nights in a row been the scene of the worst riots in Århus for years. “This area belongs to us”, the youths proclaim. Sunday evening saw a new arson attack. Their words sound like a clear declaration of war on the Danish society. Police must stay out. The area belongs to immigrants....
You can read about it there along with a very few links to other reports. There is an MSM blackout on the story, including FOX. So what else is new? There is one report in The Canadian Free Press: Denmark Moslem youth riots ignored while Paris is burning
“Nothing of it has penetrated to the English-language sections of Danish media,” laments the Viking Observer.

The Observer took the trouble to translate into English the following from Danish Jyllands-Posten:“Rosenhoj Mall has several nights in a row been the scene of the worst riots in Århus for years. “This area belongs to us,” the youths proclaim. Sunday evening saw a new arson attack.

“Their words sound like a clear declaration of war on the Danish society. Police must stay out. The area belongs to immigrants.
Tell me again that we don't belong in Iraq.

And the French stock market (CAC 40) soars, WTF? Because the rioting poor represent almost nothing in the scheme of things. They look like shit, live like shit, and smell like sewage. I'll bet most people in Paris aren't affected by the Francofada at all. It's a lot like the riots in LA where the hoodlums burned their own area and hardly ever ventured out. They couldn't bring themselves to go into Beverly Hills even though they burned two stores on the LA side of the BH-LA city limits. There is a loser mentality that develops in all losers that tells them of places where they don't belong. You can bet the theatres, restaurants, museums, and other places for the elites are up and running. This Francofada will have to spread outside the Muslim ghettos before France itself is affected. Besides, there is a lot of foreign money in the French market too.


The French so-called news services have agreed to stop reporting the violence in French cities. Go HERE to No Pasaran and then HERE for some accurate stuff coming out of that shithole. There's an interesting observation from Paris:
Here’s a tip: look at what’s actually happening first. The socialist-marxist agenda can’t actually solve anything because it was never meant to – it’s meant to perpetuate the conflict that was supposed to lead to Socialist paradise. Happiness and resolution are BAD for the leftist revolutionary cause.
This is a very important observation. The French intellectual class, just like the American one, can only view things through the confining telescope of Marxist orthodoxy. The French, as well as all of Marxist Europe, see these riots as "class struggle" riots. Contained in Marxist-Leninist orthodoxy is the "dialectic," as in "dialectic materialism." The dialectic is a struggle between them and us---the classes--- that is momentarily resolved through violence and then moves to another dialectic or class war. The end of a series of dialectics is Paradise, but Paradise Achieved means there would be no need for communism, therefore nothing is ever settled, the dialectic always continues. So in the Marxist view these riots are class riots designed to force the French government to move toward the Muslim objectives; when they do the riots will stop----only to re-emerge at a later date as the dialectic continues. This continuation of Marxist class war is something the French government understands so they will move slightly toward compromise. That is Marxism and that is what governs their thinking.

However, these riots are not Marxist, they are Muslim, which the French can't recognize. Muslims hate communism for the same reasons they have hated democracies: both are created by man and Muslims want to live in a system created by God. The secularization of Europe, the lack of a God in any part of their structure, means they cannot deal with any society based on any Supreme Being because God is not real. God is the opiate of the masses and stands in the way of real progress. They don't get it. Increasingly, our elites don't get it either. God is dead to all of them, and if he isn't dead they all want to kill Him. That's "Enlightenment" stuff, everything can be answered by logic or science.....except God, and God (Allah) is what this is all about. The Enlightened French are in for some real trouble for a long long time. No Pasaran is all over this like bird flu on a Chinese Chicken. They are calling it a "Francofada."

Econ 503: How come the stock market is up and the economy is looking good? How can it? Katrina and Wilma basically destroyed New Orleans, the entire Gulf Coast, and paralyzed the Florida economy, right?

Good question, so read carefully. There is no doubt that information moves the markets; there is no other reason for markets to move. Next question is the quality of your information. If you follow the MSM, and you know they are a bunch of Liberal Democrats who need bad news to validate themselves and you think you are getting the truth something is wrong in your head. Chances are that you are getting mis-information. The really sharp guys, the guys who pay no attention whatsoever to MSM, use two kinds of information.

One is called "market generated" information which in the futures markets is expressed in "Market Profile" type of chart watching. Market generated info is traced on a bell curve and will tell you exactly the volume of trades at a certain price; you get volume per tenth of a cent. Other market info that is invaluable is volume, most active, and the info available only at Investors Business Daily so far as I know. The sharp guys only pay attention to the information generated by the market right now. Months in profit, profits rising for a time certain, what is the mutual fund participation, earnings, leading group, what is new in the company (product or management), and so on are all generated by the market, not by TV or Newspapers. And nothing else means anything.

Other information is a little more dicey; you cannot study every stock. You cannot know about management, debt (most important), new products, and so on except in one or two stocks that you are watching every day; you then act on your opinion of the "studying" you are doing and you are still gambling.

The rest of you believe that the economy MUST be in the tank because look at the destruction, listen to the pundits, read the tout sheets. You know they misinform you on everything else because of their politics, why should you believe they are telling the truth about the economy? What the fuck is New Orleans besides whore houses, bars, drunks, and music? What normal business is hurt by the termination of that shit? Stop watching TV.

Here's what the truth almost is. We have a twelve trillion dollar economy. At most we are out a few billion, maybe twelve billion, due to the hurricanes. Twelve billion is only .1% of our total wealth. It is an ant on the moon. We hardly feel it. The shipping on the Mississippi was out for less than a week so no farming or livestock were hurt. The oil rigs being down actually create employment because they have to be fixed. The housing damage ditto. The rest of the country hasn't felt a thing.

So the "news" you get on TV and MSM is slanted toward the hate Bush crowd and is so far from the truth that it can be said to be fiction, or at best about twenty percent of the total story.

The numbers are telling you the economy is good. Don't fight the numbers. And don't pay attention to anything else.

NEWS BULLETIN: Cheerleading Coach Arrested, Accused of Giving Girls Booze, Having Them Throw Eggs and Vegetables at Ex-Mother-in-Law's Car---Story at, where else?, Bad Jocks dot Com


Go HERE to NewsMax for all the gory details....

Staunch union supporter Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) has received the Cesar Chavez Award from the United Farmworkers Union. But the $25 million Northern California vineyard she and her husband own is a non-union shop.

The hypocrisy doesn't end there. Pelosi has received more money from the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees union than any other member of Congress in recent election cycles.

But the Pelosis own a large stake in an exclusive hotel in Rutherford, Calif. It has more than 250 employees. But none of them are in a union, according to Schweizer, author of "The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty" and a regular contributor to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other periodicals.

The Pelosis are also partners in a restaurant chain called Piatti, which has 900 employees. The chain is – that's right, a non-union shop.

Check it out.


If you want to see how critics can kill a movie they like, just go here and check out the reviews for Jarhead. Is there a single one that would make you want to see it? One thing killing the movie business for sure, is the narcissistic incompetents more interested in their own opinions of themselves than they are in just reviewing movies. When hiring a loser critic, Job Requirement number one is the reviewer has to fucking love movies. Job requirement number two is nobody with an education past high school should be allowed to write them. This guy LOVES movies, and it shows. Read his stuff and then tell me you don't want to see a few of his faves.


Why we don't need another dago on the Supreme Court. Impeech that fuckin' Bush an' I'll tell you why. Does he give a shit, and I mean a teeny tiny turdlet, about the Glass Ceiling? Does he? Nooo! The prick. I've been in my company for like six months now and I'm still a fucking assistant janitor. I've got an MBA from fucking Harvard, which is why men hate me because you fuckin' pieces of shit men just can't stand a woman who is smarter than you, and smarter than you is me. Some bull dyke from advertising came into the bathroom and caught me wearing these men's jockey shorts and wouldn't you know it but two days later I found a dildo and a tube of KY Jelly in my locker with a note attached asking me to meet her at a Democratic fund raiser. So I did and now we're like buds. So now I'm supposed to feel good about this fuckin' Dago in the Supreme Court? Give me a break. An' fuck the war in Iraq. An' I'll be VP of advertising in three weeks, I guarantee it.

Thanx everyone. I couldn 't even log on to my site yesterday afternoon.... My numbers at 3:45 PM were.....

Total 1,975,516
Average Per Day 2,721
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Plus 1,127,391 visitors before joining Site Meter on October 2, 2004


This is probably a book you will want to buy. NewsMax and FOX have featured it and it has climbed 20,000 places on the Amazon best seller list in two days, currently #5 on Amazon. Title is: Do As I Say (not as I do). Not an Amazon link. Check it out.


First (or is it then), the Democrats attacked the new Supreme because he was Italian-American so he had to be connected to the mob, THEN those ever liberal Black Democrats hurl every racist slur you can imagine at Black GOP Senatorial candidate, Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele (their racist caricature below as posted and then removed from one of their websites. Carib Pundit just happened to be surfing by and busted the pricks). Why comment on this? The Democratic Party is filthy. There is no slime filled hidden cave they will not mine in order to pander to their pseudo literate hateful pack of intellectual slum dwellers.

Michelle Malkin has a detailed rundown. You know, the more I look at that picture the more I wonder about anyone who can still call themselves Democrat. These racist slurs are everywhere including the MSM. Proof? The Milwaukee Journal characterized Justice Thomas as being an inauthentic black who should have an asterisk by his name because Justice 'Thomas doesn't count as a black'.

The Democrats are aboard the Submarine to the eternal fires. May it be a hot and painful ride.

BTW: Please click on the Soldiers Angel thingy on the top of the page and donate. Best cause on the web

Long piece about a new and hopefully good way to kill snipers by using the sound of both bullet and bang. Just arrived in Iraq and let's hope the Goddam thing works. Only works with IE, at least for me.

FOX News once again proves they are the biggest bunch of phonies on the planet. O'Reilly has been doing a number on Soros for a while now, revealing where his bank accounts are (overseas, safe from U.S. taxes while he campaigns for higher taxes; BTW that is what the Kennedy's do.). The FOX News site has not a word. Not one single word about their own story.


There are reasons to believe that the American MSM learned to lie about the news from the French. The current reporting of the riots(?) (I use the question mark because real riots like we have in LA don't have scheduled starting times), never mention the "M" word even one time. These are not riots, they are a planned quasi-terrorist assault on the French "system." Muslim "youth" will continue to terrorize until the French cops do what the LA cops do: call in the National Guard and put down the rebellion with guns. For some typical Liberal chickenshit observations:
"The feeling of exclusion, illegal immigration and the high level of unemployment creates considerable problems," he said, asserting that "firmness, but also justice" was needed.
The unemployment rate in Muslim "ghettos" is 20%. The French have a "system" that won't allow any employer to fire anyone for anything so business doesn't hire anybody but relatives. Here's something that could have been stolen from the DNC playbook
"When an interior minister doesn't hesitate to use insulting terms, branding as 'rabble' communities which have the misfortune to be fragile and wanting to turn water-cannon on them, it is the image of the country that is tarnished."
And oh yeah, they blame everything on the police for insensitive enforcement of the law. On Halloween, a full ten days after the trouble started, the main police union described the riots as "guerrilla" violence, and they were excoriated for saying so. Chirac, always the tough guy, came out with this gem yesterday:
"Tempers must calm down. The law must be applied in a spirit of dialogue and respect."
Fucking liberals get what they deserve. Now for some good stuff right from the source via the always gritty No Pasaran. The "rioters" all have web sites and the web sites that talk trash like:
"screw the cops"; "too many brothers who did not live their life are in the cemetery;" "the cops will pay for this. If you need us in Clichy [suburb where the current riots started] we can come over. Gagny [which is another Muslim shithole suburb] is just next door;" "Clichy guy needs help to screw the cops;" "May God bless France because the war has begun."
These are not riots. These are not random poverty Blacks who can't read, write, talk, or chew gum. These are motivated soldiers. Be sure to check out No Pasaran, they have the goods and they identify what is going on as "The French Intifada."
French Intifada update: BTW, the "rioters" used real bullets against the cops last night


In case you actually believe there is NOT a conspiricy among the news media to "report" only certain events, try this on. Kaus is reporting about a major gang battle that took place right next to Brentwood, a part of LA that is not just rich, it's filthy rich. This is where OJ did his dastardly deed; this is where the homes can run to ten million dollars and food markets charge $28 per pound for beef and God Knows What for truffles (Yeah, truffles straight from Belgium). Trendy high end jeans can go for $500 per pair. A gang fight here?

Sure, and they take place in all the best neighborhoods not infrequently....BUT nobody ever knows about them. Why? Because the Los Angeles Times, in a conspiracy with the local TV stations and other local media, agreed a long time ago NEVER to report gang violence unless somebody visible was either killed or injured by it. You will search the web and find nothing anywhere, other than at Kaus.

That's our honest news media. Deal with it. Oh, how do I know? I was working in local media about ten years ago when this came down.

Matt Welch used to be one of my favorite weekly stops before he disappeared. Well he's been back for a while and for those of you in the LA/Vegas loop it's just as good as ever. You denizens LA or Vegas can go there; the rest of you will find it just too too local. For more wide ranging Matt try the libertarian Reason site. He writes good stuff.


Perez Hilton is more than just hinting that the movie Jarhead is just a little gay. I don't know about you, but every time I read about these draft dodging Lefty chickenshits working out so they can pretend to be brave I want to puke.

And here's a site you'll almost certainly bookmark. It's a betting info site with a spin and a half. Sample post below.
Don’t tell the Democrats but by the latest Tradesports futures markets trading activity it appears that Judge Samuel Alito is pretty much a lock to win confirmation for the U.S. Supreme Court. Trading has stabilized in the last two days and is still sitting at a lofty 78-80 buy price for his confirmation. Even though there hasn’t been many negative reports about his confirmation, conservatives and centrists alike seem to be pleased with the choice and it seems like everyone in the Senate is wary of prolonging the process anymore than possible. So, buy now at 80 for a miniscule pay-off before this goes up anymore.
So there. Go.

I may have erred in consigning Chaffee to the automatically opposed to Alito camp. Barone, a long time student of American politics, points out that there is the "Italian" factor, one which the asshole left has already alienated. Italian Americans are "fed up to here" with being labeled or accused of being connected at birth to the Mafia. Democrats have already tried to smear Alioti with failing to prosecute the Genovese crime family, hinting that the failure was because he is Italian and obviously mob connected; this is a smear that has already blown up in their faces. But the Italian issue is now so hot that Senators living and running in states with large Italian American populations have been driven into the Alito camp. This includes especially Lincoln Chaffee from the well known Mafia hang out of Rhode Island; Barone says Chaffee votes for Alito or he sleeps with the fishes. Susan Collins, ever the chickenshit, will be totally afraid to be the only one of two Republicans to oppose (the other being the Lefty bitch, Snowe) especially when you consider how many Democrats owe their elections to their state Italian American voting blocks and will not vote against Alioti no matter what. Read Barone's piece here.

Energy today: API report comes out around 1PM PST and it will tell us the amounts of various fuels in storage. It has always been my experience that this info is "leaked" and this leak causes energy prices to move one way or the other before the release. Has the "leak" been wrong sometimes? Yes, but not very often. There is a "rule" in the biz that states: never hold a spec position before a report. Nobody knows what will be in the API report or the more reliable DOE report due out tomorrow. Late Add: U.S. government released data that showed rising supplies of oil and gasoline, but hinted that a recent decline in gasoline demand was tapering off. U.S. crude inventories rose by 2.7 million barrels last week to 319.1 million barrels, or 12 percent above year ago levels. Gasoline inventories grew by 1 million barrels to 196.9 million barrels, or 3 percent below year ago levels. Demand for gasoline is nearly back to normal. 64 percent of daily oil production and 50 percent of natural gas production in the Gulf of Mexico remained off-line.

Housing Warning: people with adjustable rate mortgages who have poor credit are likely to get blown out of their homes because of Greenspan's latest "genius" move. It's always the weak who get hurt most by high rates but if you think Ivy Leaguers give a fuck about real people you must think that government could have stopped Katrina

Stocks: I'm reminded again about something William O'Niel has said about stocks, and William O'Niel is as close to being always right as there is. "It is one of the great paradoxes of the stock market that what seems too high usually goes higher and what seems too low usually goes lower." This does not hold as true for commodities, but it is mostly true in those markets as well.

LATE ADD: I'm leaving my house at 10AM PST and the energies are down big time. I'd say the APIs have already been leaked and when published will show a big increase in supply on hand.

Prince Charles: talk about a useless piece of shit. He and his wife shouldn't be allowed into the White House without either a tourist pass or a mop and bucket of water. I've always taken the position that because Washington didn't kill every last "royal" left in the country after the Revolution he cannot be called a great man. These two useless people who have never done anything and never will do anything other than to swindle the Brit taxpayers should stay in a hotel and eat at MacDonalds.

Democrats Today or WTF? Here are their plans for the country, besides calling closed sessions in the Senate

Gas prices: Get rid of Bush
Heating Oil prices: Get rid of Bush
The crises facing the auto biz: Crises?
Crumbling infrastructure: Raise gasoline taxes.
War in Iraq: complain about it
Possible flu pandemic: blame the drug companies
Inflation: Inflation is good, it gives people more money

You get my drift. The party that stands for absolutely nothing, has not a single idea about anything, lectures us on morality, complains about the last election and the one before that, hurls accusations, etc., etc., etc. Total assholes.

Lots of reviews about movies you probably have never heard of posted by a Samurai movie buff. Go there, it's a treat. He is strictly a fan, not some nose up his ass critic. I also like him because, like me, he knows there is no such thing as an "important" movie. Important is finding a vaccine for bird flu, a way to save the American automobile business, or getting laid on a Friday night without spending any money.



Went into a Victoria's Secret to buy some sexy shit for my bitch and-----shock shock shock. All of the displays (pictures) in the front and inside are totally dyke.

And I mean totally.

Female manniquins fondling each other, crawling toward each other, you name it. No rug munching or dildos. Don't think their customers haven't noticed, even the frothing at the mouth Lefty "women" at Pendragon have noticed.

Two bikers, claiming to be modeling Victoria's Secret hot leather jackets, light up a joint outside a Victoria's Secret in Death Valley, CA. "Victoria's Secret" ain't no secret no more," said one.


Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, and Julia Roberts Photographed leaving an exclusive Beverly Hills dress shoppe clothed responsibly for the eventual confirmation of Alito to the Supreme Court....

Below, Paris Hilton reacts to the sure imprisonment that will result from the appointment of Alito to the Supreme Court

Ain't it about time we demanded that Novak reveal his source? The more you read what this asshole has written and said and not written and said the more one has to come to the conclusion that he has lost it. If he ever had it. He has changed his story(s) more times than Clinton in heat and it's about time everybody demand he come clean.


OMGFG, there's birdy flu in Canadia.....Well, not exactly....
"These findings do not indicate that we are dealing with a virus strain capable of causing significant illness. The evidence we've observed strongly indicates that these healthy birds were not infected with the same virus that is currently present in Asia," Clark said during a press
So there....


Alito: one thing is dead certain, this nomination has fixed all the leaks in the boat called Conservatism. But we should all remember the RINOs who will find ways to jump once and for all. Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Lincoln Chaffee. Chaffee has already considered jumping to the Democrats, and publicly said so right after the last election; he refused to vote for Bush in the presidential election; and he issued a statement questioning Alito's abortion opinions. Snowe, in a typically gutless statement, said she will "evalutate" his record. Collins, the supreme RINO who got that pathetic Myers woman through her committee, has said zilch.

Meanwhile, the Left is launching a stealth anti-Christian and anti-Catholic campain by reminding everyone that Alito will mean there will be five Catholics on the court. CBS dot com assured one and all that the "foaming at the mouth" Conservatives supports Alito.

So stay tuned. Fifty Five minus three still leaves 52, and my bet is that if the "Mob of Three" see they can't block the nomination they will support it, although Chaffee is really really a left Democrat.

Fifth Catholic on SC

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